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Lost access to forum account after merging EA accounts

SystemSystem Posts: 3,490 Member
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  • MagsIsAwkwardMagsIsAwkward Posts: 1 New Member
    Recently I had my origin account merge with an account I created maybe a decade ago to play the Sims 3 on. Ever since then I have lost access to my main account here on the Sims Forum (@MagsIsAwkward). Does anyone know a fix to merge forum accounts or to regain access to the old one?
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 225 Member
    @hipotonix Wow that's a really odd case. Your forum profile's still there. I'm rather dry on what to do, but you can bet on messaging a EA Community Manager or see if there's support on

    It's all generic, but could help :neutral:
  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
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