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How do I share images on the forums?

SystemSystem Posts: 4,173 Member
edited July 2020 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
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  • DerianDerian Posts: 223 Member
    edited July 2020
    I am not new to sims.. But sims 4 is so very different from 2 and 3.. I still don't understand some of the build tools, but I am sure I will learn.. anyway, my origin id is mama_scarletblue hope you check out some of my creations!! I do have one question right now, not build related.. I only seem to be able to share images with imgur.. is there a way to share directly to the forums, or is there a better photo hosting site than imgur?
  • LibertyTheFreeLibertyTheFree Posts: 234 Member
    @Derian Pretty sure you've seen this Share Your Newest the Sims 4 Creations Here Folks are welcomed to share theirs there... Most would use imgur when it comes to hosting images.
    If you're having troubles to get your pictures to be embedded in the forums, try making sure the formatting stuff was correctly done for. Then you'll need the direct link to the image, and the file extension right after the url (i.e. usually .png .jpg). If you right click open a image it should take you directly to the picture itself.
    Pictures can actually be uploaded to most social medias, FB, Twitter etc. and their links will work too, albeit inconvenient. There are a handful other image sites but I rarely use them :neutral:
    Anyhow I'm no geek but I hope that had been of any help :smile:
  • DerianDerian Posts: 223 Member
    @LibertyTheFree yes that was helpful. Thank-you
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