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You Are Stuck [Game]



  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 444 Member
    Hmm, an interesting dilemma... Using my telekinetic powers, I burst out of the telephone booth then scoop up the group of one-eyed monsters. I lob one at the pterodactyl, who, on seeing a nice juicy monster flying towards it, drops the civilian into the sea.
    I lob the other monsters into the sea towards the kracken, then also telekinetically throw the pterodactyl to it. While the Kracken is busy having a nice feast, I then I instruct the crew on the cruise ship to help me rescue the civilian still in the sea.
    I then move the entire cruise ship out of harm's way. By now the kracken has eaten all the other monsters so I proceed to lift it from the water and throw it into the nearest active volcano. Problem solved! 😁

    You are stuck inside one of those arcade toy machines with lots of cuddly toys (sorry I've slightly ripped off a film for this!) They mistake you for a prophet and beg you to tell them of the outside world and what the great all-seeing Claw has in store for them. Do you tell them the truth? Or do you let them go on believing they will all be chosen for a sacred journey to the neighbouring lands of Guitar Heroes and Whack-a-mole?
  • daydreamsdaydreams Posts: 105 Member
    Even if I didn't deem myself as a prophet, the fact that I am suddenly there must mean I am a being of importance to them. I suppose my purpose there is to tell them a mixture of the truth and provide them with a shimmer of hope. There's more to life and they'll soon find out what it is outside the secluded glass container. It's important to give realistic expectations to prepare them for the life ahead, though I don't want to scare these cuddly toys into thinking their endgame is somewhere in a donation box or beat up by a 7 year old with a toy bat. I want to let them know that not everyday will be sunshine and rainbows; however every journey is unique and special and they'll meet new people that just want to cuddle with their stuffed toy at night and one day they may let you go, but it gives you opportunity to see new places and set foot into another journey of keeping someone safe and giving comfort. That is what matters. They have their own individual purpose to serve, as mine was to land in that arcade toy machine to lead (and now I've apparently accepted my duty as prophet) and they can serve theirs well. One day they'll reach their final form and become one with the sky. Feathers will fly. It will be beautiful.

    It's Freaky Friday. You are stuck in the body of a person that looks like you, but it isn't you. Their life is perfect. In fact, it's too perfect. Successful career, great love life, wealthy possessions. Are you going to try to look for your counterpart in an attempt to switch back, or are you going to proceed to live on under this new life?
    “And he smiled a smile to shame the sun.”
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,177 Member
    edited July 31
    Switch back first, be friends with the person, find a way that we can switch anytime
    Just out of curiosity, what's in the bath?
    It's him
    You're the world's No.1 big eater, now you're stuck in a room. Valentin Vicious forces you to choose one to eat
    - A Pound of incendiarybombs
    - A pound of automatic rifle bullets
    - A pound of plastique explosives
    If choose none, he'll feed you to Jiuquan Xiao; if choose all, you can kiss Valentin. What'll you do?
    Entrance to the abyss
  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 444 Member
    edited July 31
    Since eating any of those will probably kill me, I submit defeat and prepare to be Jiuquan Xiao's dinner. I have one last request before being eaten, and that is to be drenched from head to toe in the following concoction: raw eggs, mouldy mayonnaise, pepper, vindaloo, the juice from raw poultry and the hottest spiciest chilli sauce on the planet. I may be about to be your meal, Jiuquan Xiao, but I'm going to make sure you suffer just as much! Mwahahahaha!

    @daydreams regarding the merman, all three occults are actually Sims I've made. The merman in question is rather paranoid and has an irrational fear that any strangers he meets might be pirates in disguise. It's highly likely he would run away and hide if you approached him. Spellcaster is very clever but a lot of her spells and potions go wrong. The vampire is completely harmless and will cook you a very nice breakfast. 🙂

    You are stuck in a nursery and the kids are running riot. One toddler is pulling another one's hair. Outside you see a toddler about to go down the slide on a skateboard. Another toddler has discovered the art supplies and, having painted themselves, is now munching on the glitter. If that wasn't bad enough there is a really noxious smell coming from one of the babies, who is screaming. What do you do?
  • VamprisVampris Posts: 1,045 Member
    Suffer cause apparently I'm in hell
    Alright, I guess help glitter toddler and stop the hair puller. Skateboard kid is probably gonna fall and die before I can get to 'em and I don't do well with poop. Afterwards I'm gonna jump out of the window, I don't care If I'm not on the first floor.

    Alright now for my form of torture
    A psychopath locked you in a room and has given you two ways of going free;
    1. Getting shot with tasers. It's not at the same time and is instead one after the other, it's only 10 tasers.
    2. Getting a dose of rads. Basically only affecting the bone marrow and causing you to feel ill for a couple of weeks.
    Both aren't lethal, but it's gonna suck
  • daydreamsdaydreams Posts: 105 Member
    edited August 2
    You’re right about that last part—yup, it’s not gonna be fun. If I had to choose, maybe option one? I’ll have you know that I nearly changed my mind because getting it once is enough so what more with ten, that’s awful. I ultimately went with this ‘cause I don’t want to feel ill for a couple of weeks, and suppose that the first option is like... ripping off a bandaid? 10 and done. Even though I’m sure I’ll still be having nightmares/trauma/uncomfortable after effects with 10 tasers. But well, guess it’s good I will live.

    @WhatCobblers Aw, I admire those characters of yours. I suppose I was on the right track, sort of—when I thought that I could’ve been seen as an enemy :D I just happened to choose to approach the one with that false idea about me. Wish I could approach that merman sometime and prove I’m not so bad ‘cause now I’m invested in his story, got me thinking he’s got a troubled past with pirates. And hey, knowing what I know now, I’d be delighted to befriend both the spellcaster and vampire :)

    You are stuck in a house of mirrors. Every reflection is a different version of ‘you’. You don’t recognize any of these figures staring back at you, though you have to reach into the glass and select a version of yourself to ‘merge’ with—meaning you’ll gain those qualities, in order to exit the house. The versions of yourself that you see:
    1. You’re ten years younger. You only wear the color magenta, no other shades. You faint at the smell of your favorite food. You’ll always look younger than you are when you get older.
    2. You’re the same age. You always sing on key and have a beautiful range, but your speaking voice is robotic. You are passionate about trees; in fact, you talk to everyone about greenery and the earth all the time. (All. The. Time.) You cannot cook because 9 out of 10 times you will set a fire.
    3. You’re ten years older. You are a superb listener. However, people tend to refute what you say. It’s ironic because you have great wit and know how to get out of tricky situations at any time. You despise pens that click and when people click their pen even once, it sets you over the edge.

    Which hand of yours are you grabbing through the reflection?
    “And he smiled a smile to shame the sun.”
  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 444 Member
    Is there a taller version of me in any of these mirrors? 😆
    I'm grabbing the hand of the reflection the same age. I'm happy to eat out more often to avoid starting fires, and if the talking gets annoying then I can always write down what I want to say instead. A fantastic singing voice sounds great! I could sing what I want to say.

    You are stuck on the ceiling, after waking up one morning to find you can float. However, staying on the ground is difficult- you have to either hold on to objects or wear heavy weights. What do you do with your new found gift?
  • daydreamsdaydreams Posts: 105 Member
    The first thing I thought about after reading that was the Pixar short animation, Float.
    What to do with my newfound gift...well, I think I'd develop fashionable pieces I could wear that would help me stay closer to the ground. Sometimes I can be on the ground, but I believe I'll be okay if I'm inches away from the floor and still floating. My concerns with wearing heavier attire would be 1) I picture it being a challenge to wash my wardrobe, and 2) I can float but it doesn't mean I have more strength, I'd be tired of pulling myself all day. My final thoughts: I can make some fashion choices that include (somewhat) heavy weights, but majority of the time I'd be happy in the air. I don't want to restrict myself all the time, I want to be free. My life would center around a career in fashion for myself (could there be more out there with my unique ability? if not, I could still develop cool styles for everyone) and design clothing and accessories for non-floating folk to feel confident and make them feel like they can be on top of the world, too.

    You are a scientist stuck in a Cowplant after being fed to it by your favorite sim (gasp). The Cowplant's traits are Evil, Glutton, and Self-Absorbed. The Cowplant communicates with you in a way you understand since you previously gave it speaking abilities with your handy SimRay (which is no longer with you, it's outside.) The Cowplant offers you a deal: You can live and you'll be ejected, but you must turn it into a PlantSim permanently. Deal or no deal?
    “And he smiled a smile to shame the sun.”
  • CoffeecrumblecakeCoffeecrumblecake Posts: 5,371 Member
    Deal! Why not? Sure, they won't be the most virtuous Sim being, but the Sim world is already full of less than perfect Sims. Plus, things are better when diversity makes them a little more interesting. Besides, I certainly do not want to spend the rest of my life inside a pool of digestive acid, thank you very much o:)

    You are stuck inside a band room during lunch time at school when a band-room-stuck-people centered serial killer breaks in. You only have a split second to choose between hiding inside of a drum or hiding inside of a piano to survive. Keep in mind that you would have to stay stuck inside this instrument for the rest of the school day, potentially holed up inside of it while someone from the next class actually plays it. Which one do you choose?
  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 444 Member
    The piano. I could have fun plunking the keys from the inside and pretending to be a ghost.

    You are stuck as a piano/human hybrid after a strange comet falls on your music class in school. Do you seek a cure? Seek others who are half musical instrument, half human or make the most of your amazing new performing skills?
  • ButterfreeguyButterfreeguy Posts: 574 Member
    I'd like to test my new abilities, marry a trumpet-hybrid girlfriend and make drum-hybrid children.

    You are stuck with Knox Greenburg (from TS4 Eco Lifestyle) who is locked up in your storage room forever. Your bedroom is located next to the storage room and you can hear Knox talking about neighborhood action plans through the walls.

    What will you do to be able to sleep during the night?

    (I have no idea how I thought of this.)
  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 4,888 Member
    @ShadowAssassin I'd eat the lb. of bullets, since they are easy to swallow whole, there aren't that many of them to make a lb, they aren't likely to go off before coming out the other end...and then I'd bite Valentin Vicious' face off, while kissing him, for making me do that.
    Unless he's a good enough kisser that he changes my mind, in which case he'd still get bitten but...he might like it.

    @Butterfreeguy if I were stuck with Knox, I'd find a way to free him, but if the conditions of your "stuck" challenge are that I can't do that, I think a coup de grâce would become inevitable...first of all, who could live stuck in a storage room forever, and secondly, who could live with an imprisoned and increasingly crazed Knox?

    You're stuck: political forces of the worst kind are rising and if people don't rise up en masse and quickly, everyone faces a life of veritable slavery to the new world order. The loss of life, and the suffering, will be immense in daring to confront the forces even now usurping power, but the suffering if no one resists, will be great if the regime successfully solidifies its hold on your country's government, also. But you have kids. Do you risk your life fighting for their future, or do you play it safe and risk handing them over to a bleak and hopeless future, and live with the lifelong regrets of cowardice?
    Nush: u like sushi /nuʃ/: they/them Like a pretzel, twisted and salty, and you can bite me. XD

  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 444 Member
    I'd fight for the future, whilst trying to keep my kids safe at the same time (I don't actually have any but if I did, I'd want a decent future for them). Some sort of undercover work would be in order, possibly at night while they are sleeping. Maybe I could find a safe house for them somewhere, if a team if us could get together.

    You are stuck inside your own body; a mishap with a time machine, a shrinking ray and a birthday party has resulted in your ten year old self accidentally snorting the present you up their nose.
    What's your next move?
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