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Morgana & Yanzi's Story


Hello Simmers!

This thread records the correspondence between two princesses from the East and West -- Morgana Pendragon from the Kingdom of Camelot and Yanzi Shui from the Huang Dynasty of Shang Simla.

Checkout @_sims_Yimi's original Tales of Camelot story to know more about our Medieval princess.

We hope you enjoy their budding friendship!

Happy Simming!
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    Letter Index:

    (Click to navigate directly to the letter)

    1 - Letter to Morgana
    2 - Leap of Faith
    3 - The Legends of Shang Simla
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    Letter to Morgana - 1
    The melodies of the night carries with it the blossoms of spring.
    Along with it the possibility of a friend from distant shores.

    Message begins:

    Last night I had a dream of a pretty girl in a grand castle. She stood before a king and commanded a servant. She’s confident, determined, intelligent, compassionate but most of all, she seemed to want a friend.

    In the dream, I sensed her powers, she wields magic. Niang (mother) says I am blessed with the Spirit of Wind and Water. Perhaps the touch of these elements enabled me to find her.

    If you are willing, I would love to befriend you. I have many questions to ask you. How does it feel to be the only female high ranked noble in a beautiful palace? How do your duties differ among other nobles of your rank or gender? What do you do for fun? How often do you get to talk to commoners? What restrictions do you have?

    For this purpose I have penned this letter to you. My name is Yanzi Shui from Shang Simla. I hope this message finds you well.


    Next Letter: (Click to navigate directly)
    2 - Leap of Faith
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    Ooh I love that you guys are turning this miniseries to a spinoff of its own! I highly approve :)
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    @mercuryfoam I feel like this is going to be a lot of fun. :smiley:

    2 - Leap of Faith



    My dreams are visited by a girl sometimes. A child like me, yet slightly different, with raven-black hair and a laugh as pure as water. I reach out, yet I can never see her face. When I reach her, the dreams fade, and I wake up alone.

    Is it you?

    Forgive me. It took me a week before I found the courage to respond. And I still dare not give you my name, as I live in a kingdom where all forms of magic are banned.

    Yet I will take a leap of faith, and answer your questions as best I can. As princess of a kingdom, my duties are simple and very complicated at the same time.

    I was raised to understand…




    And listen.


    When my father passes, my brother will take over the throne. My purpose as a noblewoman is to give a son to my husband… eventually. But until then, I want to watch over my brother, and protect him.


    He doesn’t need another soldier. He needs someone to stand beside him, and watch his back among enemies. My father says that a lady can open doors that a gentleman cannot. As long as they can entertain their opponents, understand their games, and know what to listen for.


    The older I get, the more I start to understand that game, and the more I begin to like it.


    You speak of your mother. I do not know mine. Is she the one who taught you magic? I have to admit I’m woefully ignorant of the subject. What does “spirit of wind and water” mean?

    If you are out there, I hope that this letter reaches you. I have never transported something to another continent before.

    It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Yanzi Shui.

    Yours sincerely,
    A friend


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    This is great and so creative! I love the collaboration! <3
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    @_sims_Yimi I think so! :smiley: I don't know what to expect so it's thrilling!

    An Eastern Lore:
    Each Celestial beast guards a quadrant of the sky, granting harmony between elements and energies of Shang Simla:

    The Azure Dragon of the East
    Season: Spring, Element: Wood

    The Vermilion Bird of the South
    Season: Summer, Element: Fire

    The White Tiger of the West
    Season: Autumn, Element: Metal

    The Black Tortoise of the North
    Season: Winter, Element: Water
    **More accurately a Chimera**

    3 - The Legends of Shang Simla
    Dear Princess,


    Your gift and letter has reached me safely. General Bear is now my most favourite toy and constant reminder of my special friend from a distant land.

    Though we are continents apart, your purpose and mine are alike -- to ensure the continuity of our families.


    I am not of Imperial blood, but the emperor has awarded my father a great prestige for his service to the Court…



    ... a betrothal between the fifth prince and his subject’s only daughter.


    Though noblewoman have no need for commoner skills, mother insists that I master music and literature before my fourteenth Winter.


    Father tries to impart his knowledge too, though I must confess my struggle in this regard. My education greatly contradicts our Elder's preachings, who declare a virtuous woman as one of ignorance.


    Perhaps my education is Father’s silent objection against His Majesty’s 'award’..



    Your kingdom is strange to forbid magic. Some do regard it as witchcraft here, but Niang believes it a blessing bestowed by the Celestial Guardians. When I was growing inside her, she claims she was visited by the North Guardian.


    No words were exchanged, but she believes my magic to be his doing. He revealed his true form as he returned to the skies. What about you? Perhaps your magic is a gift too!




    Please accept this snow rabbit as my thanks for General Bear and as a token of our friendship. I’d love to know more about you and your magic. May we continue to exchange stories of our livelihood for years to come.



    Yours truly,

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    @lone_cat Thanks! I hope you enjoy the cute bear and rabbit :smile:
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    4 - Change

    "To my dearest Yanzi,

    Forgive me for not responding to you in a timely manner. Over the last month, there were changes within the castle that prevented me from contacting you until now.

    My father has assigned a second maid servant to me. The girl is adamant in making herself as useful as possible. An admirable trait, were it not for the fact that she refuses to leave me alone. Even when I explicitly send her away, she still ropes other servants into standing at the ready for me. As you can imagine, it has made transporting letters via magic circle a bit of a tall order.

    How have you been? Has life in Shang Simla treated you kindly? We have had a harsh winter here, and last year’s bad harvest has made many a commoner grow hungry. We’ve done what we can, but even then, there’s only so much one can do when at the mercy of mother nature.

    The King has been working on improving relationships with the other kingdoms. There is talk of betrothing my brother to one of the neighbouring princesses, and both crown princes have expressed interest in a future union with our family.

    In response to their negotiations, or perhaps as an incentive... gifts have started arriving almost weekly. Most of it is jewelry. A shame, too – some are truly beautiful, but I cannot give the impression of attachment to either one of them, and so all go unworn.
    I’ve snuck most of the sweets to my brother, but there was one gift that I thought might interest you. They are cacao beans, brought to Camelot as treasure from a distant land called Selvadorada. The prince was quite detailed in his explanation. They are bitter to the taste, but are said to become sweet when ground into a paste mixed with water, vanilla, honey and pepper.

    He called it an “invigorating drink, a natural mood enhancer... and a mild aphrodisiac.” The latter of which came accompanied by a wink, that ended up in him getting escorted out of the ballroom.
    At any rate - apparently, the indigenous people of Selvadorada believed that the beans possess mystical and spiritual qualities. I do not know if that is true, but if it is, then I wish for them to bring you good fortune.
    Do not worry – they are not poisoned. One of the advantages of a natural healing ability is that you do not need to consume something to test it.

    I must hurry with my letter. Guinevere could return at any moment, and the girl is too perceptive for her own good. I hope that you are safe and well, and our correspondence can continue as it was, very soon.

    I wish you well.

    Yours sincerely,

    A friend"

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    A little sneak peek of Morgana as a teen! I love these letters between the two of you. Will Yanzi get her own story too or is it just the letters?
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    Ooh a little preview, and a new character, intriguing! I'm trying to decide if I'm ready for all this talk of betrothal already, if only they could stay so precious forever. But the neat thing about a few years having passed is that I bet both Morgana and Yantzi are becoming pretty strong in their own ways, at least as much as we can tell from their early letters :)

    Edit: I just noticed the banner - that is beautiful! :o<3
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    @Duvelina Initially I only planned to do letters, but I think I need to give Yanzi her own story to provide more cultural context. It'll be a good side story too as I prepare for season 2.

    @ThePlumbob :# .. I think you might 'enjoy' Yanzi's first chapter. I'll let you know when I get around to it.
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    5 - Dreams


    "Dearest friend,

    I understand your frustration with your maid servant. One of mine is just as dedicated as yours. She is my constant companion and my shadow. The lack of privacy aggravates me sometimes, but Minxi has grown on me, especially when I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a sibling.

    Healing magic is extraordinary. You have a powerful and blessed gift. How disappointing that your kingdom regard magic with such disdain. You would be revered here, even deified by the common people.


    Speaking of magic, I am learning more about mine. My ability to manipulate water has proven useful to avoid unwanted... circumstances.


    Over the past months, I have experienced a great upheaval that has left me in deep sorrow, for I am no longer betrothed to my beloved Fifth Prince.


    Instead, I now serve His Majesty directly.




    Many would chide me for taking this opportunity for granted. They see it as a blessing, while I, a curse. My dream of marrying Fifth Prince, though childish and idealistic, is not one I am willing to let go.

    The lavish gifts and jewelery from your neighbors speak of their intention to unite your kingdoms under one banner. Does your King have a preference among them as your suitor? Do you?


    I hope your Father will truly listen to and honor your voice, unlike mine.


    I’m ashamed to say I did not bring much of my possessions with me when I entered the Forbidden City. I do not have anything worthy to return your generous gift. Perhaps one day I will learn the ways to transport my magic to you - it could prove useful for your harvests.

    Until then, may we grow and unlock the mysteries of our magic together.

    Yours truly,



    I'll be releasing what happened to Yanzi in a moment so this makes more sense. :)
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