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Sim 66


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    Sim 66, part 44

    "I'll see you later, darling" said Jeremy Saint, kissing Barbara Dubois on the cheek before she headed for work. She was staying over at Jeremy's house more and more these days and he loved it. She was such a sweet, joyful girl who brought out so much more of him when they were together. He felt less uptight, more confident and, well, the woohoo was incredible.

    As he waved Barbara goodbye, he noticed a woman...a policewoman no less judging by her prominently displayed SCPD badge on her belt...hanging around at the end of the road he lived on. He'd seen her a couple of times before, usually here to meet John Action before their work shift. Jeremy grabbed his briefcase and headed off to work but along the way he stopped and chatted with the policewoman.

    "Are you here for Action?" said Jeremy.

    "And what's that supposed to mean?" said the lady with a scowl.

    "Oh, sorry, I meant are you here to meet John Action? I assume you're a colleague" said Jeremy, correcting himself.

    "Ah, I see, yes, I'm here to meet John Action"

    "Well he's running a bit late this morning you see he didn't get in from his date until late last night and...well....she's still there with him so...."

    "OK, buddy, spare me the details" she said, putting up her hand to stop him from saying more.

    And the noises they were making! Good grief you could hear them.... "OK STOP RIGHT THERE, PAL!"

    Jeremy looked back towards Action's house and he saw the front door open and out stepped Action, in uniform, and his girlfriend. They too kissed and walked off in separate directions. Yes, Jeremy thought, love was in the air around Foundry Cove these days.

    Jeremy made it in to Dewey, Cheathem & Howe's offices on time and he went to his desk, where his colleagues were gathered having a conspiratorial chat.

    "Hey, Jeremy" said one of them. "Have you checked out J.J. Gotcha's new secretary yet?"

    "No I haven' she nice?" Jeremy replied.

    "Oh man.....nice doesn't begin to describe her. She's F.A.B. hot!" said his colleague, enthusiastically.

    "What I wouldn't give to go on a date with her!" said another.

    "Hubba hubba!" said a third. "You should DEFINITELY check her out!"

    "Alright, alright...settle down guys! She's probably nearly 60, weighing 250lbs and eats junior staff for breakfast and you're setting me up for a joke. Now I've got to get these reports to Gotcha so, ha, I'll be prepared for anything his new secretary has got." Jeremy picked up the files and shook his head in disbelief at how his workmates had tried to fool him about Gotcha's secretary.

    But he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

    Hello Jeremy

    "Bianca?" said an incredulous Jeremy.

    "Yes Jeremy...or should I say, Mr Saint?" she replied. She was wearing a blue skirt suit which hugged the contours of her wonder his colleagues were all ga-ga for her.

    "Erm...what? Do you work here now?"

    "Yes. I responded to an ad I saw in the newspaper and landed the job" she replied matter of factly.

    "But you knew I worked here?"

    "Yes. Is that a problem? I thought we were both level with each other now...unless?" she asked, probing him.

    "No unless....I'm just surprised at seeing you here, that's all. You made it clear how you felt about me and I told you I'd moved on"

    "And are you still seeing her? This new woman?"

    "Yes, as a matter of fact...we're doing great, thank you" he said, a little defensively.

    "I'm glad. But I want to let you know I'm approaching things here strictly professionally. So there should be no awkwardness from either of us."

    "Agreed. Erm...this is for Mr Gotcha" he said, indicating the file. She walked to him to take the file...her perfume wafted intoxicatingly towards him and her hands brushed against his as she took the file. Jeremy cursed under his breath...she said she was being "strictly professional" but he suspected she was acting provocatively towards him.

    He went back to his office where his friends were all having a laugh. "So" said one of them. "250lbs and nearing 60, eh?"

    "You're welcome to her" said Jeremy, sitting down at his desk.

    "C'mon man, you can't turn your nose up on that goddess upstairs, can you?"

    "I can...remember, I've got a steady girlfriend way, way hotter than Bianca"

    "Wooo, you're on first name terms with her now?" said his colleague, teasing him. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸...why did Bianca have to come and work here?

    He put Bianca out of his head for the rest of his work day and was relieved when it was time to leave. He had a date with Barbara at one of their favourite events...the Spice Festival. He raced to San Myshuno as he wanted to spend as much time with her as he could.


    "Hmmm so good to see you!" said Barbara, giving him a big hug. She didn't want to let go.

    "You too" he said, grateful to be in her arms. "Let's get some food!" he said, enthusiastically.

    They headed off to the festival and tried out various dishes. "How was work?" asked Barbara.

    Jeremy froze for a moment...he'd forgotten about Bianca's presence at the office until now but he didn't want to bring her name up at this point.

    "Oh, same old stuff...and you?"

    "Busy...we had a kid's party to cater for today....oh boy, the cleaning up we had to do afterwards but the kids were so happy and joyous so I didn't mind that much" she said, smiling. Jeremy looked at Barbara and thought "there's no contest here....Barbara is the best!"

    Find someone who looks at you like Barbara looks at Jeremy

    They ate, talked and laughed...then Jeremy said, "hey, let's have a sing-song! I've been practicing..."

    "Oh no, what is it now?" said Barbara, then she yawned. "It's been a long day and I don't think my voice is up to it tonight but you go ahead...I'll watch and cheer you on"

    Music cue 1:


    Jeremy belted out the song with gusto, but he was no Frank Sinatra. "I thank you" he said at the end and he looked to Barbara...who had fallen asleep.


    He looked at her laid out on the couch, looking so peaceful there, that he didn't resent her falling asleep during his performance. As a matter of fact, he wasn't great but he didn't appreciate how tired she was. He sat down next to her and stroked her hair as she dozed until a couple burst in to the room.

    "Oh sorry, man" said a trendily dressed young man in the company of his hippie girlfriend. "Are you using this room as we'd like to have a sing?"

    "Oh sure, go ahead, we were just resting and need to get going....Darling" he said to Barbara "we need to go. These people want to sing now"

    "What? Wait...oh no, I missed you singing!" said a disappointed Barbara as she woke up.

    "No matter...let's get you home" said Jeremy.

    "No....I feel so bad! Let me make it up to you" she insisted.

    "But you're tired"

    "I feel better now I've had a little fact, good enough for this night not to end....yet" she said, coquettishly.

    "Did you have anything in mind?" said Jeremy, taking the bait.

    "Well....I think I left my earrings at your place last night...maybe we could go and look for them?"

    "I think I saw them next to our bed...." he stopped himself. He'd said "our" bed. His mind was projecting. Barbara picked up on this.

    "Oh it's our bed, is it?" she said, putting her arms around him.

    "Let's go look for your earrings" he said, taking her by the hand and taking her back home with him.


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    Sim 66, part 45


    "Why do the Landgraabs think this tree is more important than any of the others around here? What mysteries are contained here?" Suzy Kent thought to herself, while she looked at the tree that stood at the end of the road she lived on. The other day she felt this sudden compulsion to sing and dance whenever she was near it and again, looking at it today she could feel something emanating from it that went straight to her soul. This tree was alive in more ways than one.

    She shrugged, thinking it all silly that a tree could be somehow mystical or magical. Time was marching on and she had a date....more accurately...a meet up with her new friend, Neil Humphries.


    Music cue 1:

    They met up outside the Casbah Gallery. Neil had offered to take Suzy on a personal tour of the place as it was one of his favourite locations in Sim City and Suzy was keen to see the place and spend time with him. She was growing fonder of this shy, sometimes awkward artist who she suspected had hidden depths to him.

    "Hello great. I like your...ahm...dress" said Neil, awkwardly.

    "Thank you, and thank you for inviting me here today; I'm looking forward to it" she said, graciously.

    "Well, let me be your guide" he said, breaking into a smile.


    "Now this is something I find fascinating..." said Neil, showing Suzy a large canvass showing a pop art scene. "I've not worked on such a canvass as large as this but I'm always impressed by the scale."

    "Would you one day want to try something like this?" asked Suzy.

    " the moment I prefer painting landscapes and my studio's not that's more a spare room in my apartment at the moment" he chuckled. "I think we should move upstairs and check out the sculptures" he added.

    And you're looking statuesque if I may say so

    They walked through the gallery, looking at the modern and classical pieces on show. Neil gave commentary along the way but at one point said "I hope I'm not boring you"

    "Not at all" Suzy replied, warmly. "Shall we sit and enjoy this gallery for a while?" she added, indicating a couple of soft benches. Neil agreed and they sat down next to each other. Suzy noticed that Neil had shed his gawkiness the longer they chatted.

    As they were chatting, a fashionably dressed and heavily made up blonde girl in her late teens approached them.


    "Allo" she said in a heavy French accent. "I 'ope I'm not disturbing you but are you ze Suzy Kent from 'Ey Wow' magazine?"

    "I am" replied Suzy. "I didn't know I was well known to be recognised"

    "Oh for sure" replied the French girl. "I and my friends, we all love your column on ze fashion and ze muzeek. I particularly like your article on Bella Goth...will you be doing more interviews with famous people?"

    "Oh yes!" said Suzy, thinking about her expose series. "I'm glad you like my work"

    "My name is Michelle and can I send you some of my fashion ideas to you?"

    "Of course....address them to the magazine but put 'For Suzy Kent's Attention' on the evelope"

    The girl giggled in excitement and said farewell.

    "I didn't know I was in the company of someone so famous" joked Neil

    "Neither did I" said Suzy.

    They walked on, up another level, where they found a music room complete with pianos, violins and guitars. Suzy picked up an acoustic 6 string and began to strum it.

    "Do you play?" asked Neil.

    "A little" replied Suzy...their eyes met and held their gaze...the first time that had happened today. Suzy checked to see if the guitar was in tune and began to play a song she knew.

    Music cue 2:



    "I'm impressed" said Neil.

    "I'm still learning really" said Suzy, self-deprecatingly.

    They toured the rest of the gallery and then stepped outside to get some food.

    "Thank you for agreeing to come down here with me" said Neil.

    "It was great; I've had a lovely time" said Suzy. "So...."

    "So would you like to meet again sometime soon?" asked Neil.

    "I'd love to"

    Neil checked his watch. "Dang it, I have to get to work now...let's get together sooner rather than later" he said. As he got up to go, his hand brushed Suzy's accidentally but both felt a little zing of excitement as it happened. He took one last look at her before he left and smiled. Suzy thought Neil had melted and really liked her, but couldn't put his feelings into words yet. Patience is the key here, she thought.


    As Neil headed off, Suzy wasn't alone for long as Bakko Jang came along to say hello.

    "Well hello there Suzy" said Bakko. "Was that the artist cat we met at the Romance Festival not that long ago?"

    "It sure is" she replied.

    "Now look at you, Miss Kent...the last time we spoke you said you couldn't find a nice guy to go out with and yet here you are" he said, teasing her.


    "Yes, here I am" she sighed. "I like him"

    "Good for you...I told you to have some faith" said Bakko

    As the sun was setting, Suzy now felt her personal life had taken a turn for the better.

    PK4DMpg.png be continued in a second part
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    Sim 66, part 46


    "Hey, mister!" said the little boy to John Action one morning "is it true you're a cop?"

    "Well yes I am, little man" said Action.

    "Cool! Can I see your gun?"

    "Not's against police, do you want to become a policeman when you grow up?"

    "Yeah....either a cop or an astronaut; I haven't made up my mind yet"

    "Well that's a good couple of choices get along to school; it's important you listen and learn if you want to be either" said Action, smiling that at least this kid had a good opinion of the police; unlike a lot of teenagers and young people these days.

    When Action arrived at 13th Precinct headquarters a little while later he was irritated that no one had made any further progress on the art robbery case.


    "What's going on here? We've got fingerprints, witness statements, a partial description of the suspects....why are you lot sitting around here for? Let's get out there and nail this perp?" said Action, pointing straight at the case board.

    "But Action, we can't because it hasn't been authorised by the Chief, the Commissioner and the D.A. We need back up for this assignment...and we need back up for the back up, and paperwork...." said his colleagues.

    "To heck with paperwork and backup! I'm going after this way!" said an angry Action, storming off.

    Municipal Muses, Crawdad Quarter, Willow Creek....9:50am


    Action sauntered into the garden area of the museum...he figured that he'd scout around the outside first; the perp might want to steal something at the museum and make their way out of the rear entrance. He was looking for a suspect, male, 20s, red hair, T-shirt and shorts. That was a very detailed description, courtesy of his three lovely witnesses, and he was sure to find someone who matched that description.

    Staying in the garden paid off for through one of the entrance arches strode an effete looking young man who matched the description....he walked in a slightly feminine manner...which went against the description of a fast moving, gun wielding art theif.

    "Excuse me, sir" said Action, stopping him in his tracks.

    "Could you tell me where you were on the 19th of this month? Around 2pm?" said Action.

    "Hmmm....let's see....I might need a little reminding, if you know what I mean" said the man, flirtatiously.


    "Cut that out, pal" said Action "you're wasting your time...I tell you what, how about we continue this conversation down at the station?"

    "Will you escort me, personally?" said the man, posing provocatively.

    "Just get in the squad car"

    Back at headquarters, the suspect was booked and led to a cell for a short time whilst Action filed his report with Sergeant Kitchen. When he returned to the cell to check on the suspect, he found a changed man from the flirt he had encountered.

    "Oh man....this is real, isn't it?" said the suspect.

    "It certainly is...come on, it's time to ask some questions" said Action.

    "You know....will you hold my flirting with you against me?" said the man, nervously.

    "That is the least of your worries right now" Action replied.


    In the interrogation room, Action turned the lamp into the suspect's face.

    "So you like art, then?" he said.

    "It's a hobby" replied the suspect.

    "Enough to steal some? We have your fingerprints on the frames of some pieces that were stolen from the Solar Flare club on the 19th"

    "I did touch the frames but I didn't steal anything"

    "And we have three witnesses who saw you escape and can identify of them described how you pointed a gun straight at them."

    "Impossible...I was wearing a ski mask! Oops!" the suspect fell into the trap and then slumped his shoulders in resignation.


    Action smiled and said "You'd better call your lawyer now".

    He got praise from his superiors on a job well done but he didn't want to rub it in that he didn't wait for higher approval before going out and arresting the suspect. The rest of the shift was an anti-climax as he had to deal with stuck kittens up trees, minor domestic strife and a report of a flasher in Newcrest.


    The end of the shift came and Action wasted no time in heading down to the Blue Velvet to meet his girlfriend, Katherine.

    Music cue 1:

    "Busy day at the office?" she asked.

    "A wild one....I caught the Oasis Springs art thief today...he was an interesting character; he tried hitting on me to get off a charge"

    "Was he your type?" joked Katherine.

    "I didn't like his hair or legs" said Action, smiling.


    "So are we just going to sit here or are you going to show me some of your groovy moves?" said Katherine, standing up.

    "If you put it like that...let's do it!" said Action.

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    Sim 66, part


    Always a restless soul in search of self-improvement, Julia Epstein decided that a bit of high culture was in order so, on a recommendation from Suzy Kent, she decided to spend her day at the Casbah Gallery.

    Modern art was something she wanted to appreciate more but had often struggled to. Her tastes were generally classical in music, literature and art but she was impressed by the scale of some of the canvasses on display in the main gallery...even if she couldn't understand much of the subject matter.

    Flowers....they're just WHY?

    She was taken aback by what she found on the 3rd floor...a music room complete with a grand piano. Julia loved playing the piano and as well as classical pieces, recently she'd been learning some modern, progressive jazz. If she made a concession to popular culture, it was an appreciation for jazz. She sat down at the piano, and with no one around to bother her, she let rip with a piece she'd just learned.

    Music cue 1:

    " can't just play that in here, lady!" said a voice from behind her. She turned and saw it was an older gentleman who was pointing an accusatory finger at her.

    "And why ever not?" replied an indignant Julia.

    "Because Roy Reece and his Ragtime Rascals practice here every Sunday, that's what!"

    "And who is Roy Reece?" Julia asked, getting bothered by this man's tone.

    "I'M Roy Reece! And here are my Ragtime Rascals band" he said, pointing to a group of older people who had entered the room and were now taking up the various instruments lying around the room.


    "Well how was I to know this was your special practice time?" said Julia, standing up and offering the piano to Mr Reece.

    "It's tradition. We're always here. You young people don't know what it's all about these days...I fought in two foreign wars for you!"

    "I don't think I had much to say in either matter" said Julia, indignantly, as she left.

    As she wandered through the galleries she was approached by someone who looked familiar to her.

    "Pranksters dolis ludere vestri usque in sempiternum" said the familiar lady.

    "iocus est ne vincat nec divinos" replied Julia, recognising the greeting. "I see you're a Prankster too" she said.

    "My husband is but I remember seeing you at some of the Prankster Lodge meetings" said the lady. "I'm Nancy Landgraab"

    "Of course, Geoffrey's wife" said Julia, finally recognising her.


    "It's good to see young people joining the Dishonourable Company of Pranksters; you know we can do wonders for people's careers...especially those who are just starting out" said Nancy.

    "I sometimes think I need a little help getting through to my boss" Julia joked. Nancy's face was serious.

    "Oh I'm sure we can pull some strings in that direction" she said, with a mischievous smile.

    Nancy Landgraab said her goodbyes and Julia was left to wonder just how a fellow Prankster could influence the Sim City Hospital Chief Surgeon but she didn't have time to ponder the matter before when someone called to her.

    "Sandor 21, repeat" said a man, looking straight at her.

    "What?" said Julia.

    "Sandor 21...repeat the phrase. Then we can proceed to the next level"

    "Sandor 21?" said a puzzled Julia.

    "Sandor 21, confirmed. Next level, Sandor 22...repeat"

    "Wait, what?"


    "Do you not understand your instructions?" said the man.

    "I have no idea what you're talking about" said Julia.

    "Oh...wait....sorry, wrong person" and with that the man left the gallery leaving Julia confused.

    Julia decided that the gallery was host to too many odd people today so she decided to leave. Stuck for an idea she browsed the notice boards in the main food and market quarter until she saw a sign for free entry at the Narwhal Arms. "Oh what the heck...I should get with the zeitgeist once in a while" she thought to herself.

    Music cue 2

    "So this song is interesting...a syncopated beat with judicious use of a Hammond B3 organ, I think" she said to the man dancing next to her.

    "Yeah, whatever" he replied.


    "I must make an effort to learn some of these dance moves" she said, but the man wasn't listening. As she did more of an indifferent bop she recognised one of the dancers...Candy Behr, sister of her patient Yuki Behr.


    "Excuse me, is your sister here tonight?" asked Julia. "I know her a little"

    "No...she's at home. This place is strictly over 21s" replied Candy.

    "And is she doing well? The last time I saw her she was a bit upset about things in general...I wondered how she was doing?"

    "She mopes a bit...who are you?"

    "Oh, I'm Julia Epstein. You can ask her about me...I helped her out recently. Listen, give her my regards when you see her"

    "Sure...look, I'd like to get back to the dance floor if that's OK" said Candy.

    Julia sighed. She didn't seem to care about her kid sister all that much. The music was too loud and Julia felt she should leave. She made ehr way to a cafe and flopped down in a chair to have a coffee. Soon she was joined by a man she didn't recognise.

    "Oh no...look...I'm not interested in dancing right now, I don't want to move along for some Ragtime Jazz band, I have no idea what Sandor 21 means and I don't want to start a joke war either" she said, sighing.

    "Actually there's no available seats here except this one and I was just going to ask if I could sit look like it's been a frustrating day for you"

    Julia laughed "I'm sorry...too much randomness in one day for my tastes" she said, offering the seat to the man.

    "My name's Beau"


    "I'm not going to ask you what any of that stuff you said means but if it were me that had to deal with all that I think I'd want to run away from it all" he joked.

    "Sometimes I feel like the world is just that little bit crazy...not in a scary, cataclysmic way but just offbeat and oddball"

    "If you ask me it's all this drop out culture" he said.

    "Exactly! You would think people would be grateful for all the good things we have right now...instead they just fill their heads with pop art, pop music, weird buzzwords..."

    "...popping strange pills"

    "That too. Why can't people just have a nice cup of coffee and a chat?"

    "My thoughts exactly" said Beau. "Look, it gets crazy these days and I don't pretend to understand the youth of today compared with what I was like 10 years ago and I think all it takes is for someone to say 'no, slow down everyone'"

    "I like the way you think, Beau" she said, raising her glass to him.

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    Sim 66, part 48


    "Oh no, sweetheart....that's terrible! Here, sit down and tell me what happened" said Jeremy to his very distraught girlfriend, Barbara.

    "The building where my apartment is, in San Myshuno, has been condemned....faulty electrics, structurally unsound and now an infestation of rats. The city has ordered it shut down, effective immediately. I've got 2 days to move all my stuff out, find somewhere to store it and somewhere to live!" Barbara's voice was cracking through stress.

    "And you have nothing lined up?" said Jeremy, reaching out to touch her hand, reassuringly.

    "No...I've spoken to my parents looks like I'll store my stuff in Sim City in a facility for now and move back to Montreal."

    Jeremy's heart sank. Just at the point where he and Barbara had declared their love for each other, when everything in their lives looked upbeat, this had to happen and she would probably have to move back to Canada.

    "I've very little in the way of savings as well...when I go home, I'll have to build up my money again so it might be years before I can return to America and here." she said, close to tears.

    Jeremy stood up and paced around his kitchen. He looked around his house and then back at Barbara. "How much stuff do you have?" he asked her.

    "Not much. You've seen my place; it's pretty small. The furniture I mostly rented...other than that there's really only personal effects and my clothes."

    Jeremy paced up and down some more...getting faster with each turn. "Well...Barbara..." he began, trying to string together his thoughts coherently. "Now we're pretty steady as a couple....we're not married....but we're steady.'s like this...I want to help you with all my heart. We...that is, you and I, have formed a very strong emotional attachment and...well...I do love you, you know that" he said, barely making much sense.

    Barbara nodded but had little idea where he was going with this.

    "No I'm a pretty traditional kind of guy, as you know, but I'm not a total square...I mean...we've...well, 'done it' and multiple times so I guess I'm not that much of a traditionalist now that I think of it. But I'm a gentleman and a gentleman stands by his fair maiden through thick and thin and does the honourable thing..."

    "Oh Jeremy..." said Barbara, fearing that he would suddenly drop to one knee and produce a ring " don't have to do that; I am legally permitted to reside in the United States."

    "I meant I....would like....for you to consider my house here to be....your new home. What I mean is, you can live here...with me"

    Barbara said nothing for a few seconds...he wasn't going to propose; and although she loved him she was worried that was moving too fast. But this offer to live with him? She leapt to her feet and gave him a hug so strong it nearly suffocated him.


    "Oh thank you, thank you!" said Barbara.

    " spend most nights here anyway, it makes sense that we do this on a more permanent basis" he said.

    They spent the weekend moving her stuff out of the soon to be condemned apartment and to his house. They purchased a second dresser for her stuff plus decided on where to put her yucca plant, Wayne, her artwork and personal stuff. Soon Jeremy's once sparse home filled with a woman's presence; from the smell of perfume around the place, the softening of the décor and the sight of her wet bras and tights hanging out to dry in the bathroom.


    "I can't thank you enough, darling, for being my white knight" she said, cradling his arm as they looked around the house. "So, I've only ever really been here in the evenings, visiting you...what are the neighbours like?"

    "Oh you'll LOVE them!" said Jeremy.

    Soon enough, Jeremy phoned them all to invite them over to his place to meet Barbara and to celebrate her moving in.


    "Hello fellow new resident to Foundry Cove!" said Julia Epstein, in a rare jolly mood. "We met once before at the Hijinks Festival...well, I say met; you spent most of the time making out with this fella here!" she said with a snorting laugh.

    "And I lay claim to having introduced you in the first place!" said Travis Scott, smiling broadly as he properly met Barbara. "You might not remember, but it was me who goaded Jeremy into saying hello to you at the Waterside Warble!"

    "I remember you now, Travis" said Barbara. "I have you to thank for bringing me this wonderful man into my life"

    "The name's Action..." said Action, greeting Barbara firmly. "If there's any trouble from him..." pointing to Jeremy "...just let me know and I'll sort him out" he said, breaking out of his serious demeanour to smile warmly at her.

    "Action here is our policeman in residence" said Jeremy.


    "Barbara, this is fantastic news that you're moving in" said Suzy Kent. "We're going to be neighbours!"

    "I know! We must meet up for coffee soon...I want to know what to wear and where to go with my wonderful boyfriend!"

    "It's a date!" replied Suzy.


    Before long the gathering divided into guys in one room and the girls in another and Barbara got to meet Summer and Liberty as well.

    "Finally, we girls outnumber the boys on this street!" said Julia.

    "Oh man, do you have a groovy chick there!" said Action, slapping Jeremy on the back.

    "Speaking of chicks...when are we going to meet your girlfriend, Action?" asked Travis.

    " doubt. And when are you going to get around to making things official with one of your two beauties, Travis?" replied Action.

    Everyone was having a fantastic time and it was like a welcome wagon all over again....however, one person had surreptitiously arrived on Jeremy's doorstep without being noticed.


    Bianca Gregory peered in the door window, saw the gathering and there, in the middle of it, the centre of attention: This new girlfriend of Jeremy's. The one that had taken Bianca's place. She had turned Jeremy down, initially, but wondered if that would strengthen his resolve to pursue her. He hadn't, and that was eating away at her inside. He was the path she didn't take, and how was she going to deal with that? She thought about making a grand entrance here, but decided otherwise. She observed Barbara's body language for a while, saw how she looked at Jeremy and then, mulling over what she had seen, she left as silently as she arrived.
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    Sim 66, part 49

    "Rejected!" said the editor.

    "Rejected? But how? You wanted more facts, I got you them. You wanted more depth, I gave you you're saying the article on Malcolm Landgraab is rejected again?" said an incredulous Suzy Kent to her editor at 'Hey, Wow!' Magazine.

    "Look...this is a fine piece of writing" said the editor, holding up a copy of Suzy's expose on the Landgraab heir. "But this is a fashion and style magazine, not an investigative journalism one"

    "But Malcolm Landgraab is well known in teen circles; he's a youth icon, a style leader...shouldn't our readers know a bit more about what he gets up to?"

    Her editor sighed. "You make a good point, but this rejection comes from a source higher up than me, Suzy"

    "Who pulled this?" she demanded to know.

    "The owners" came the reply.

    Suzy was fuming all the way home...near her house she met her opposite number over at Smogue, Davis Goode and decided to see if the grass was greener on the other side at that magazine.

    "Hello's life at Smogue?" she said.


    "How do you know my name and where I work?" he replied.

    "Don't be silly; we've met a couple of times and chatted about our respective magazines...I'm over at 'Hey, Wow!'"

    "I am never silly...'Hey Wow!' is a derivative sub-standard copy of Smogue. There can be no practical purpose in talking with you any further" and with that he walked on.


    "Grrr, I need a break!" seethed Suzy.

    Music cue 1:


    She headed down to the Perfect Balance Spa for a much needed de-stress. A soak in a soft mineral hot bath, followed by a turn in the sauna soon got her to stop worrying about her frustrations with her job.


    She realised that she was a very junior writer/reporter at the magazine and that she'd never done any form of investigative journalism in her life before. Plus, the Landgraabs, Fengs and Goths were all aware that she was probing them for information about their less than wholesome personal and business lives and they had shut her down at every turn. No, she should put her pride to one side and focus on the upcoming fashion festival happening in Sim City next month.

    Suzy had booked herself into a yoga session at the spa and went to change out of her bathrobe and into an exercise leotard instead. Heading up to the session, she bumped into her next door neighbour; Julia Epstein.


    "Julia...I didn't know you're a member here" said Suzy.

    "Oh beats running" Julia replied.

    "Are you going to the yoga class as well?" said Suzy, indicating her almost identical black exercise leotard and tights to Suzy's.

    "'s something I've just got into. I tell you, they have us junior doctors rushing around at the hospital and I have to stay lithe and agile!"

    The two neighbours plus a couple of middle aged women who wore tennis skirts joined in the class and proceeded to bend, stretch and meditate for the next half an hour.


    Suzy felt all the stress leave her body... and whilst lying down letting her chakra's balance, she had a moment of clarity: She would put the scandal story to one side and concentrate on what she'd been hired to do for the magazine. Once that decision had been taken, she felt relieved.

    After the session, Suzy and Julia changed back into their regular clothes and decided to head off to get a coffee. But as Suzy was checking her handbag, she was accosted by Geoffrey Landgraab.


    "Ah, Miss Kent...sorry to hear that your latest 'extravaganza' had to be cancelled by your magazine" he said.

    "Sorry? I would have thought you would have been relieved" said a sarcastic Suzy.

    "I was never really that bothered. You see, to get to where I am you have to have..."

    "The legacy of your ancestors?" she replied, cutting him off.

    "Connections, Miss Kent. I am connected to every one of notice in Sim City. One of those connections happens to be the owner of your magazine"

    "And you used your pull on them? All because little Malcolm's been a disappointment lately"

    "Malcolm needs time and space to realise where his priorities should lay" said an ice cold Geoffrey. "You won't get in the way of that"

    "I would have thought running a drug ring at his expensive private school was a matter for the law, not one of priorities"

    "You've got no proof, no backing and no idea...Miss Kent. Now I have a massage booked in 5 minutes and I believe you're leaving" he said, walking off upstairs.

    Suzy watched him leave. She now had a new resolve...keep going! If 'Hey, Wow!' didn't want her article, she'd find someone who would!
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    Sim 66, part 50

    "OK, guy, no funny business...just spread your legs apart and put your arms up there!....The longer you draw this out, the worse it will get for you!"


    "Geez...what the hell is this and what was it doing in there?"

    One of the worst aspects of Action's job was frisking suspects. This guy was a joker...making life deliberately awkward for Action trying to search him for incriminating evidence. Well, somehow, he had managed to hide a child's toy on him. Oh ha-ha-ha, thought Action.

    "Action...there's a civilian at the front desk wanting to report a crime" said Officer Datta, Action's partner. "I'll take over here if you like"

    "Be my out, he probably has a whoopee cushion hidden on him" said Action.

    Out in the front office a bearded man stood there, waiting for someone to take a statement from him.

    "Officer! I saw some kids over at Foundry Cove lighting old cans of gas, spraying graffiti and harassing some locals."

    Foundry Cove! That's where Action lived.


    "OK, thanks for the report...we'll get a squad down there to check things out" he said to the man. Action knew that if they got there quickly they had a chance to apprehend these vandals. He got a car, 2 other colleagues and headed down to Foundry Cove.


    When they got there, there was no one to been seen. However Action recognised that his neighbour's house...Summer, Liberty and Travis' house had been broken into.

    "Looks like vandalism, Action" said one of the cops. "Spray paint everywhere, things thrown about...they've left the TV, the record player and haven't touched any artwork."


    "Any witnesses?" asked Action.

    "Yes, a Miss Dyble...she was walking past the house and saw the door smashed in. She called us from a payphone around the corner. She's waiting down the hall there"

    Action walked over to the witness and recognised her. She'd also witnessed the art theft over at the Solar Flare Lounge last week.

    "Miss Dyble, we have to stop meeting like this" he said to her.


    "Ah must think I'm some kind of crime magnet" she replied.

    "Or going through an unlucky tell me what you saw"

    "Not much, I'm afraid" she said. "Like I said to your colleagues, I noticed the door off its hinges and when I went for a closer look I saw the graffiti and the mess...I didn't see anyone suspicious in the area at all."

    Action took a statement and started looking around the property for more clues. As he was doing so, a young woman with bright red hair approached him.

    "Officer...I believe you're in charge of this crime scene" she said. "Allow me to introduce name is Daphne Blake"

    "Did you see anything, Miss Blake?" he replied.

    "Oh no, I'm not a witness...I'm here to help with your investigation"

    "In what way?"

    "Well me and my associates investigate mysterious crimes...the strange, the bizarre, the ones that have no obvious explanation" she said, enthusiastically. She seemed very young for this kind of detective work, very trendy and svelte rather than hard boiled.

    "Nothing strange about this case, Miss Blake...we had a report it was local punks"

    "No one saw anyone break in or leave" said Daphne. "No one heard anything. Whoever did this entered and exited without anyone noticing...that's a mystery. We'd like to help you solve this one if you've got no leads"


    "Who's we?" said an unimpressed Action.

    "There are four of us...well, actually five if you include our dog"

    "Oh you have a dog? I'm impressed...maybe he can smell out your strange and mysterious criminal"

    "Here's my card if you're interested" she said, handing him a green business card with purple lettering: MYSTERY, INC.

    "If we see any ghosts or ghouls, we'll call you" said Action.

    Daphne left the room and Action turned to his fellow policeman. "Right, you make sure you keep her, her friends and their dog off this you hear?"

    "I hear, Action...say, she's pretty cute though" said his partner.

    "Pretty soft in the head if you ask me!" said Action.

    Outside the bedroom Action could hear raised voices.

    "I'm telling you I did NOT see any mysterious, ghostly figure...I didn't see anything move of its own free will nor were there any strange noises or breezes! I've told the police what I know!"

    Miss Dyble had been cornered by Daphne, who was asking her a series of questions, and did not like it one bit.

    "OK ladies, break it up...we've got this covered. Miss Dyble, we'll be in touch. Miss Blake...just leave, please"


    Back at the station, Action and his team logged their findings and then it was the end of shift. Action was glad to be home but he stopped by his neighbours' house to see how they were doing.

    "Look, we've got an APB put out on these guys...I'm sure we'll get them soon" he said to Travis.

    "Yeah, we'll get the cleaners in soon....fortunately they didn't take anything" replied Travis.

    "Well, if you notice anything gone just give me a call...don't worry, guys, we've got this"

    Action left to go home but on the way he bumped into Jeremy Saint, who was out for a run.


    "Jeremy...congratulations on you and Barbara getting together" said Action.

    "Well, she's just moved in to my's not wedding bells at the moment" replied Jeremy.

    "I can tell she's having a positive effect on you, man" said Action, smiling.

    "That she is, Action, that she is"

    "Listen...the guys down the road are pretty shaken up by that breaking and'd be good if all of us on this street worked together and kept an eye out for one another"

    "Agreed" said Jeremy.

    "Oh...and out of interest. Do you know of anything strange or mysterious around here?" asked Action.

    "No....well, except for that tree over there" said Jeremy, pointing to the big, fungus covered tree by the fishing spot. "Suzy says that it's weird"

    Action shrugged his shoulders and went home.
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    Sim 66, part 51

    "Look at them, George! On second thoughts, DON'T look at them! Ugh, disgusting! That Alan Cuffe should be arrested!" said a disgusted Mrs Edna Sneedly of Bedrock Strait, Oasis Springs to her husband, George.


    "What's he done now?" said a rather bored George Sneedly, who was trying to read his newspaper in peace.

    "He's having another one of those parties of his, that's what! All those young women wearing next to nothing!"

    "Next to nothing?" George lowered his newspaper.

    "It's shameful! They've just all piled out of a taxi, 4 women and a man...and what the women are wearing is absolutely scandalous!" Edna's rage was intensifying.

    "Let's have a look..." said George.

    "No, George! I don't want you getting one of your turns! Suffice to say that the women of 'The Kitten Club' do not conform to a realistic depiction of cats but are just young, shameless women parading around in underwear with a pair of fake cat ears on their heads"


    "Perhaps we need to take some photographs for evidence?" said George, meekly.

    "All in good time, George. I rue the day Alan Cuffe bought that house next door to us...what we need, George, is a moral crusade. It is our duty to start up a League Of Decency! We will campaign against the permissive society, we will fight the fight for sensible hair, modest hemlines, no intoxication of any sort and the eradication of smut from our fair land! What we need is to find willing recruits to our cause...sensible, serious young people who don't let it all 'hang out'"


    "What have we got today, Nurse Griffith?" said Dr Julia Epstein to her friend and colleague, Francesca Griffith.

    "Well, we have someone new starting today...Nurse Harper Newell" said Francesca, introducing the new member of the team.

    "Pleased to meet you, Doctor?..." said Nurse Newell.

    "Doctor Epstein, but I'm very junior around here...we'll introduce you to the head of department, Dr Murakami and she'll show you what goes on around here."


    "Here's the notes for your first patient of the day...Prisha Datta in room 3" said Francesca, handing over the file to Julia.

    "Hmmm, dog related injury...a bite?" mused Julia.

    "No, Miss Datta tripped over a Great Dane and had a nasty fall" replied Francesca, smiling.

    Julia sauntered off to see her patient, who seemed vaguely familiar to her. "Hello Miss Datta, I'm Dr Epstein and I'm here to make an initial assessment of your condition. I believe you tripped over a Great Dane dog?"

    "Yes...a big clumsy oaf of a pet. I'm a policewoman and I was investigating a break in and vandalism case when some private investigator and their dog got in the way and I stumbled over it...landed hard on my shoulder." said Datta.


    "Now I remember where I've seen you before....this break in happened right across from where I live" said Julia. "You were investigating along with another neighbour of mine, John Action"

    "Oh you know Action, do you?"

    "A little...I've only just moved in to that area. What's he like to work with?"

    "Action is....well he makes his own rules up, let's put it that way" said Datta, smirking.

    "Why can't people stick to the rules?" mused Julia. At that moment, Dr Murakami entered the room.

    "Ah, Dr Epstein...I trust you've amended those notes and performed an assessment?"

    "Just about to, Dr Murakami" said Julia, sounding keen and eager.

    "Good, then I'll me through your assessment of the patient"


    Julia did so, being careful to be methodical and precise...not leaving anything out. Dr Murakami asked a few prompting questions along the way but mostly sat silent, nodding along. When she said "that's good enough, Dr Epstein" Julia let out a little sigh of relief.

    At the end of Julia's shift, Dr Murakami pulled her to one side. "Dr Epstein, you've impressed me get on with your job well, show an above average aptitude for diagnosis and patients seem to trust you. I'm elevating you one rank and relieving you of the more onerous chores around here. Well done."

    Julia respectfully said thanks and nodded, but as soon as she met up with Francesca she let out a little squeal of joy in celebration.

    "Normally I'd take you out for drinks to celebrate" said Francesca "but I promised Rod and Stefanie I'd stay home tonight for a special dinner and games"

    "No worries...I just want to go home, catch up on some reading and having a quiet night in to celebrate instead" replied Julia.

    After dinner and a change into her everyday clothes, Julia felt a little bit smug about herself....she had progressed one stage along the career ladder at last, and made a good impression on her superior.


    Outside her home she saw a familiar figure; Yuki Behr...she had come to know Yuki a little better since their chance encounter at Desert Bloom Park and was concerned about the girl's negative attitude towards herself and always comparing herself to her sister, Candy.


    "Hello Yuki, are you well?" asked Julia, a little formally.

    "Oh, Dr Epstein...nice to see you" came the reply.

    "Call me Julia, we're not in the hospital"

    "I'm doing work's keeping me busy and that hasn't left much time for anything else"

    "That's a good thing" said Julia. "Keep yourself occupied and you'll do well" Julia was about to say more but she noticed someone standing outside of her house, knocking at the door. "Excuse me...I have a visitor" said Julia, walking back to her house. When she saw who it was, she had mixed feelings, however.

    "Aunt Elle, what are you doing here?" asked Julia.

    "I need to talk with you, Julia!" said a frantic sounding Aunt Elle.

    "Come inside" said Julia, reaching for her keys. The two women went into Julia's house but Elle kept staring out of the windows. "What's the matter, Aunt Elle?" Julia asked.

    "A man...I'm sure he's following me?" said Elle.

    "What man?"

    "This man I met at the last Humour And Hijinks Festival...which, I noticed, you didn't attend"

    "I was rostered to work that night" said Julia. "So why's this man following you?"

    "I don't know! Why do any of them follow me?" said Elle, exasperatedly.


    "Are you still taking your medication?" said Julia.

    " don't know! If a man knocks on this door, don't let him in!" said Elle.

    "The man who lives over the road is a policeman, Aunt Elle. If there's any trouble I can give him a sit down and let's talk about you taking care of yourself"

    Elle sat down and started to talk a stream of between tales of meeting this man and that and losing track of the days she berated Julia for not being more helpful.

    "Aunt Elle...I'll make up a spare bed for you for tonight and you can stay here where it's safe if you don't want to walk home now"


    "Make sure you double lock the door!" said Elle.

    "I will...I'll also give mom a call to let her know you're safe. She'll help you as well"

    "But she's not a doctor, like you!"

    "I'm a doctor but I'm not your doctor and I'm not a specialist in your condition...but I will help you now"

    Julia went to get some blankets and a pillow for Elle. The Epstein clan took their familial duties and responsibilities very seriously and Aunt Elle was the most difficult member of it. Julia was bound not just by Hippocratic Oath, but by blood to help her sick aunt.
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    loving the way the stories intertwine - more please !! :)
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    Sim 66, part 52

    "Do I look alright? Is my tie straight?" said Jeremy Saint to his new, live-in girlfriend, Barbara Dubois.

    "You look very smart and VERY handsome" she replied, smoothing out his tie. "Now don't let me hold you up"

    "But you're irresistible ..." said Jeremy, giving her a kiss. "What have you got on today?"

    "I have a day off and I thought I'd get to know this neighbourhood a little better" she replied.

    "It's a nice little area" said Jeremy. "I will see you this more kiss!" He said, smooching her. She gave him a little pat on the bottom as a way of sending him off to work.


    After she left she took a look around her new home. It was all heady stuff: Leaving home, leaving Canada, settling in a new city in another country and on top of it all landing a boyfriend and moving into his home with him. She was so lucky to have met Jeremy, she thought, and she wanted to be a good companion for him.

    However, she had time on her hands and a neighbourhood to explore. Her one other good friend in Sim City was their next door neighbour; Suzy Kent. Barbara knew that Suzy worked from home a lot and decided to pop next door to visit her. Suzy was indeed at home, and she'd just finished a fashion article.

    "Well how's life in Foundry Cove working out for you?" said Suzy, pleased to see Barbara.

    "It's good...very good" replied Barbara. "I can't believe I've moved in with Jeremy! Every morning I wake up and he's there....I love it"

    "He's a good one, Jeremy. If you ask me, a keeper"


    Barbara smiled. "But a little nervous around women, would you say?" she asked.

    "Oh yes...when I met him he could hardly say a sentence to me, Summer or Liberty" said Suzy, with a little chuckle.

    "I think that's a good'll stop him talking with other women!" joked Barbara.

    "Say..." said Suzy. "How about you and me head over to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar and hang out there for a bit? I'm done with my assignment for today and we can catch up in detail over there...I fancy getting out of the house!"

    The two young women caught a taxi down to Oasis Springs and found themselves in an unusually quiet Rattlesnake Juice Bar.


    Music cue 1:

    "'s usually more busy in here" said Suzy, heading to the bar.

    "Well, that's a good thing surely...we'll get served quicker! What would you like?" said Barbara.

    "They do a very good Sweet n' Spicy here"

    "Bartender! Two Sweet n' Spicies please"

    The drinks duly arrived and the girls began to drink...and gossip.

    "So..." said Barbara "how come it's taken you so long to find a boyfriend? How's it going with Neil?"

    "Neil's not my boyfriend...yet" replied Suzy.


    "Here's the thing...." said Barbara "by the way, how many of these have I had?"

    "That's your second" said Suzy.

    "Anyway, Neil, right? Don't you think he looks a little like Jeremy?" said Barbara, with a mischievous smile.

    "Neil and Jeremy? No! I mean...well, they've got similar short blonde eyes....a round, gentle face....and they both get tongue tied around women but apart from that..."

    "Oh totally different!" said Barbara, sarcastically. "That's OK, Suz. It just shows you have excellent taste in men"

    "Oh my gosh! Now that you mention it they are VERY similar!" said a shocked Suzy. She playfully shoved Barbara. "Thanks for giving me that thought you tease! Now I don't know exactly where I stand with Neil...we've been on one date so far and that went well but he does take things very slowly! I like him, but I want to know whether he truly likes me."

    "I understand. I'm sorry for teasing you but I hope it works out with you and Neil. I've met him a couple of times and he seems a good man."

    "I hope so too" replied Suzy.

    " you're properly one of 'us' in the community, what do you want to do?"

    "Me? I don't know...I came to America to see and try new things. I envy your style, Suzy. You know, back home is pretty conservative and I wish I had your confidence with fashion. I try..."

    "You've got the total look...which if fab" said Suzy. "And if you need advice, just call on me. I tell you, Jeremy will have eyes for no one but you if you follow my fashion tips!"

    The afternoon passed quickly with the chat and the drinks flowing but eventually Barbara had to return home if she were to greet Jeremy on time.
    She decided to cook him a meal herself, although her culinary skills were very basic and she made a mess in the kitchen.


    "Hi honey, I'm home!" came the cry from Jeremy. "You know, I've always wanted to say that" he added.

    "Mwah!" Barbara gave him a welcome home kiss. "How was your day?"

    "The usual dullness and counting down the minutes to my return to you!" he said.


    "I've made you dinner....sorry if it's a bit basic"

    "That's fine...I could eat anything right now and this does look good. Did you have a good day?"

    "I hung out with Suzy...we went to that bar in Oasis Springs" said Barbara. Jeremy recoiled slightly at the memory of the last time he was there...with Bianca.

    "That's nice" replied Jeremy, not wanting to give anything away. "She's a good friend, Suzy. Everyone's nice in this street. Now that was a tasty dinner but I'm in the mood for.....A TICKLE FIGHT!"

    "Jeremy! Stop! You know I'm ticklish right THERE!"


    The fun and games didn't end there and after a particularly playful bit under the covers Jeremy fell fast asleep but Barbara was too excited to to settle down just yet. She sat there next to him, once again feeling very fortunate to have him as part of her life, when she heard a knock at the door. Carefully walking down the hall to the front door, she was curious to find out who it was at this time of night.


    "Hi, my name is Kerry Fry and I'm a Friend of Gaea" said a man in vaguely hippy garb.

    "I'm sorry but I've never heard of her" replied a confused Barbara.

    "No, Gaea...the Earth...the mother of creation" Kerry explained.

    "Excuse me for asking, but what do you want?" asked Barbara

    "What we want is world peace, an end to fuel, and a revolution in the way we live our lives on this precious, endangered world"

    "OK....but still, what do you want from us?" said Barbara, none for wiser.


    "Yes, my boyfriend and me"

    "Oh you have a boyfriend....erm...can I just leave you this pamphlet then? Sorry to disturb you but...bye. Don't kill the whale!" and with that, Kerry Fry skulked off into the night and Barbara was left holding a brown paper leaflet and questions as to who was that guy and what was he up to?

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    Sim 66, part 53


    Today Suzy Kent's heart beat a little faster. Only a couple of days previously, she'd received a phone call from her love interest, Neil, asking her out on a date. Being Neil he'd spent 10 minutes in general conversation first before getting around to actually asking Suzy out. But she was excited to meet up with him and to see if there was anything more in this fledgling relationship.

    He'd picked a pretty nice spot for their date: The Stargazer Lounge in Oasis Springs. It was one of the newest hot spots in the city and although only been open for a few months it'd recently been the scene for an audacious art robbery. Nevertheless, the place had re-opened for business and it was to be the venue for the date.


    Neil was punctual, as usual, and he and Suzy made their way up the stairs to the main lounge area. It wasn't particularly busy that day...mostly senior citizens propping up the bar, but there was an entertainer present...singing songs and telling the name of Elle Stephenson. Her act veered from the soulful to the risqué, shifting in tone but her set was not long and after it there was time for Suzy and Neil to talk and enjoy each other's company.


    Music cue 1:

    Neil was good company; he asked the right questions, listened well and was enthusiastic enough about his art and about culture in general...but something was holding him back from truly relaxing in Suzy's company, and she knew it.

    "Do I make you nervous, Neil?" she coyly asked him.

    "Me, nervous?" he said. "Well...I want everything to be just right for our....for our...."

    "Date?" she said. She quarter turned on the sofa they shared and crossed her legs, smoothing out a wrinkle in her dress. Neil shifted nervously on his half of the sofa.


    "I see what you're doing" said Neil, gulping.

    "And what would that be?" said Suzy, her voice more sultry.

    "I think you're a....very beautiful woman" said Neil.

    "Nice of you to say so....I like you a lot as well. I think you're a good looking guy...have you considered growing your hair a bit?" she said, remembering her recent conversation with Barbara about how similar Neil and Jeremy Saint looked.

    "Do you think that would look good?" he said.

    "It'd be interesting" she said. " don't have to be tense around me"

    "I'm not...well, maybe a little but that's because I want everything to be just right today...let's get a drink" he said, standing up and ushering Suzy towards the bar.


    They knocked back a couple of glasses of good quality red wine and talked some more. Suzy rubbed the rim of her wineglass with her index finger. "Neil...where do you see us going?" she asked.

    " in...."

    "as in you and me?"

    "I really like you, Suzy. You're beautiful, smart, you have a great eye for art and style and I find myself thinking about you more and more each day"

    She smiled. "I'm glad....I was worried you didn't like me. I think a lot about you as well...I want to get to the heart of Neil Humphries."

    "Oh no, I've liked you since the first time I met you" said Neil.

    "So what's holding you back?" she said, looking into his eyes.

    "Not you, that's for sure" he replied. "I think if I lose control....well...."

    "Anything could happen?" she said, guessing that's how he felt.

    "Yes....anything could happen. And that makes me stop in my tracks from time to time"

    "Well, whatever happens am I going to be part of it in your mind?"

    "I'd like you to be"

    "Then let go, Neil...go with it"

    Neil smiled, and finished the last drop of his wine. "Look at that, the bottle's empty, so's my glass and it's a lovely sunset out there across the water"

    "My glass is empty as well" said Suzy.

    "Shall we take a walk down by the water? Far from the madding crowd?"

    Neil took Suzy by her hand and together they walked to the embankment for an early evening stroll.

    "Suzy...there's nowhere I'd rather be right now than here with you" he said. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment before he said "OK...letting go of control now...."

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    Sim 66, part 54

    On occasion John Action got up early at the crack of dawn and travelled down to The Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs as they did a pretty good breakfast for those who didn't fancy cooking themselves. He could also avail himself of unlimited refills of coffee while he was there.


    But today was a full working day and he was keen to get to the bottom of the graffiti vandal mystery before those pesky kids and their stupid dog could crack the case. Just after his 3rd cup of coffee, Action headed to 13th Precinct HQ. Almost as soon as he arrived, he had been summoned to see the Chief.

    "Ah Action, glad you could join us. Now I've called you and Detective Schuster in to give me the latest on that vandalism case. Schuster, what have you got?"

    "Well, sir, I believe this was the work of neighbourhood kids who took the opportunity to get in the house when no one was there and just wreak havoc with their spray paints. We're currently working with the Juvenile Crime Unit to see if the witnesses recognise any repeat offenders." said Schuster, who was precise with his report.

    "And you Action?" asked the Chief.

    "I disagree with Detective Schuster, sir" Action began. "For starters sir, the front door was expertly picked, not forced open indicating someone who's precise. It's the same with the graffiti; the handiwork is not random or chaotic...there's form to it. I think we're dealing with maybe a solo or a small team of pros here."


    "And what are you doing about this, Action?" asked the Chief.

    "Well sir, I intend to go through the files to see if any similar crimes have been committed and by whom" replied Action.

    "OK you two....keep following your leads and report back to me when there's been a breakthrough. Dismissed."

    Action knew he was facing hours of painstaking research down in the records department and he was on his way there when Desk Sergeant Kitchen called him over.

    "Action...this gentleman wants to speak with you" said Sergeant Kitchen, indicating a largely built black man.

    "I'm busy on a case right now" said Action, trying to get away.

    "You'll be interested in this's another vandalism case"

    "OK, show the gentlemen to the interview area, Sarge" said a suddenly interested Action.


    "My name is Eric Lewis and I live over at Cypress Terrace, Sage Estates. Well, last night I and my family went out to the movies and when we returned we'd discovered our house had been broken into, the electrics all messed up and spray graffiti was all over the place."

    "I see" said Action, taking notes. "Was this graffiti made by someone proficient or was it all just random squiggles?"

    "It looked pretty professional...for graffiti art" said Mr Lewis.

    "And nothing was taken?"

    "Well, my wife noticed one thing missing....a pair of her shoes. They're expensive imported ones, black leather...but they didn't touch anything else except for mucking around with the electrical fuse box."

    "That is interesting..." mused Action. "Well, Mr Lewis, we've had a similar break in occur in two days so this might be a serial offender. We'll be over with a team to investigate in more detail shortly"

    Graffiti...sabotaged fuse box...stolen shoes. What did this all add up to? Action gathered up a couple of his fellow beat cops and headed over to the most expensive bit of real estate in Willow Creek: Sage Estates.

    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Estate, 11:05am


    "Impressive place you've got here, Mr Lewis" said Action, on arriving at the house.

    " wife and I designed it utilising the latest in ultra-modern and minimalist decor" replied Lewis.

    Action got on with photographing the vandalised parts of the house and noticing that the central electrical control device for the whole house had been expertly tampered with. To what end, Action couldn't be sure other than it was meant to disrupt any security devices on the premises. One of Action's colleagues approached him. "We've got a couple of witnesses for you" they said.

    The first witness was someone Action was already familiar with. "Well, well, well...if it isn't Fatima Steele. The last time I saw you was down in Oasis Springs where you were having a bad acid trip. Don't tell me you're mixed up in this as well?"


    "I'm clean, Action!" said Fatima. "I went on that recovery programme the judge sent me to and I haven't had a tab since"

    "So what did you see here?" said Action.

    "Well...nothing much. I was walking past the place and it was pretty quiet, except for this one guy who was pacing up and down outside the house."

    "Did you recognise him?"

    "No. I remember he had tight, curly hair, was overweight and was wearing shorts but that's all"

    "Did you speak to him?"

    "I asked him for the time and he said he didn't know and why was I bothering him with such trivialities...his words"

    "Hmmm, thanks Fatima....stay cool" said Action. The second witness was a more prim and respectable looking young lady.


    "Well, officer, I didn't notice any man standing around the house or inside it for that matter" the witness said. "I saw a woman leave the house though."

    "What did she look like? Like Mrs Kim-Lewis?"

    "No, not at all...she was a plump lady in a shapeless maroon dress, wearing a matching floppy hat but I did notice she had these really expensive black leather shoes on...they didn't go with the outfit."

    "Hmmm, very interesting" said Action.

    On the ride home to 13th Precinct HQ Action mulled over the information...yes, this was definitely the same person who turned over Travis' house but now some little details became apparent to Action. The way they got in and out was the key...people saw one person hanging around but then they vanished and another person would be seen leaving. Was this Mystery Inc's "ghost" or a more mundane explanation? He had a hunch.

    "OK, I want an APB put out on a young, overweight man...or woman...curly hair. Short tempered person as well. They're either wearing a sweater top and shorts or a baggy maroon dress and hat....but with expensive women's shoes." he said to the squad. Pretty soon, a report came in that someone matching that description was seen at the Willow Creek archive.

    Willow Creek Archive, 4:50pm

    When Action entered the library, he found his suspect right away.


    It was a young, plump man with curly hair and wearing a blue sweater and white shorts...but what gave him away were the shoes he was wearing.

    "You couldn't bear to take them off, eh?" said Action, sitting opposite him.

    "I don't know what you mean, officer" said the man.

    "Such lovely just had to have them. You broke your pattern, chum. You like to break in places and spray your 'art' but not take anything but this time you had to have those shoes...the ones you're wearing now. Now if you were fully dragged up as your other persona, you might have got away with it but a man wearing a pair of expensive women's slingbacks is a bit of a giveaway"

    "How did you know I dragged up?" said the man, inquisitively.

    "It makes sense...people see you, the man, hanging around the property you vandalise but they never see you leave...they see a woman instead. I ruled out an accomplice because the descriptions of you and the woman overlap too much. But what I haven't figured out is why you do this?"

    "It's simple, officer" said the man with some glee at being able to reveal all "I am an artist. I see other peoples' houses as canvasses. I take drab, ugly modernist houses and make them more flamboyant...I enter as Myron, destructo-artist and leave as Myra, the artiste!"

    "Well, you'll find prison shoes a lot less exciting as those ones your wearing. You're under do not have to say anything but anything you say...."
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    Sim 66, part 55


    "Good morning, Nurse are you liking it here?" asked Dr Julia Epstein of her new colleague, Nurse Harper Newell.

    "Fine, Dr Epstein...just to let you know we've had a lot of patients admitted overnight. It seems there was this party and a food bug hit a lot of the guests." Nurse Newell replied.

    "Well, just point me in the direction of one of the cases and I'll get to work" said Julia, who was keen to get started.

    Case number 1: Abram Montanez, age 16...admitted with acute stomach pains. Diagnosis; food poisoning.

    "Doctor...I think I'm going to hurl!" said Abram.

    "Here, I'll get you a bowl" said Julia, passing him a stainless steel dish.

    "I'm now going to cry out for an imaginary long lost brother who drowned in the river....HUEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY! HUEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!" He said, chucking up his stomach contents. "Oh, oh comes another one....RALPH! CHUCK! HUEY!"

    "Triplets, eh?" smirked Julia. "Well, good news is that we have some medication for you. Take this 3 times a day after meals..."

    "After meals? I'm never eating again!" said Abram, collapsing back on the bed.

    "Drink this now, and then another after dinner" said Julia, handing him a cup of the medicine.


    Julia went around visiting all the other patients. Most had been to this party it seemed and they all displayed similar symptoms of food poisoning. Julia found it hard to get them to eat any hospital food either.


    Julia went out front to sign off on some papers concerning Abram Montanez's discharge, which was due to happen some time that afternoon. However, she found herself the centre of some unwelcome attention.

    "Hey...hey you!" said a young, but harsh, voice. "Are you a doctor or something? I need treatment! I need attention! Gimme now!" The voice belonged to a boy of about 10...but a brash, loud boy of 10 who didn't like to be kept waiting.


    "Nurse...admit this boy....what's your name?" asked Julia

    "Villareal...Max Villareal. My dad's important!" said the boy, prodding Julia in the chest with his index finger.

    "I'm sure he is but the nurse here will take you to an examination room and I'll be along in a few minutes to find out what's wrong with you"

    "Well, make it snappy!" said Max, indignantly.

    A little later Julia was good to her word and came along to check what was wrong with the boy.


    "Ow! Be careful! That really hurts my ear!" he cried out, as Julia shone a light into it.

    "I'm not's very inflamed. Now, when did the pain start to come on?" she asked.

    "This morning...Last night I had this massive ball of wax buried well deep inside it so I tried to scoop it out with a tissue, but part of the tissue got stuck inside my ear, then I used the lid of a ballpoint pen to try and get the tissue and the wax out but that was too scratchy so I ended up using the end of a dessert spoon...."

    "OK I get the picture" said Julia. "I'm not surprised your ear's become infected. Well, I'll give you some antibiotics but you must never use implements lying around to clean out your ears...use eardrops or even a drop of olive oil in future."

    Her shift over, Julia headed over to the Blue Velvet where it was Amateur Night...a chance for locals to play on the piano, sing or do some stand up comedy. She had some piano tunes she wanted to try out but when she got there she saw her Auntie Elle run out of the club and down the street.


    "Auntie Elle! Auntie Elle! It's me, Julia! Where are you going?" she cried out but to no avail. Her aunt had run right down the street and onto a passing tram. Julia was worried about her...she hadn't been taking her meds and was suffering from big mood swings. She made a note to give her a call tomorrow but in the meantime, the club beckoned.

    Music cue 1


    Julia played 3 songs...House of the Rising Sun, In With The In Crowd and Yeah, Yeah. They seemed to go down well and she was invited to share drinks with some of the patrons...including an acquaintance from the Prankster Association, Nancy Landgraab.

    "Intelligent, musical and humorous there no end to your abilities?" said Nancy.

    "Well, I merely dabble, Mrs Landgraab" replied Julia.

    "Oh please call me Nancy. Now let me introduce you to this fine specimen...Paulo. Paulo, this is Julia."

    "Pleased to meet you, Julia" said Paulo...would you care to dance?" he said, with a devil-may-care smile. Julia froze for a moment.


    "Erm...I'm OK for now." she said, nervously. "I've been on my feet at the hospital all day and could do with a rest" she added.

    "Now, now" said Nancy "all work and no play makes a dull life...let me get you all another drink" she said, getting up to go to the bar. Paulo smiled at Julia again "If you change your mind...." he said, dancing.

    Julia let out a nervous breath. "Nancy playing matchmaker again?" came a voice from the table next to her.

    "Hi, I'm Brent" said the man at the table. "Nancy keeps trying that with me...'oh why can't a nice young man like you meet a nice young girl?' she says" Brent let out a little chuckle.

    "I take it you're not available?" asked Julia.

    "Well, not anymore...but I can't say too much about it" he said with a wink. Julia wasn't sure what he meant. "I take it Paulo's not your type"

    "Why do I have to have a type?" Julia responded. "Everyone thinks I have to have a boyfriend...I just want to focus on my work for now"

    "Oh a modern woman, that makes a change around here" said Brent. "Everyone's looking to score these days except us"

    "Are you focussed on your career as well?" asked Julia, somewhat naively. Brent shook his head.

    "No, it's not that...I have someone in my life already but I don't think everyone here would understand. I have a friend who is more than a friend but to the outside world we're just friends."

    "That sounds complicated" said Julia.

    "It really isn't" replied Brent. "It's just the sensibilities of others can be"

    "Forbidden love?" asked Julia.

    "Frowned certain circles"

    Julia pondered what that might mean...a class divide, perhaps? She thought it best not to pry.

    "Well, here's to those who aren't playing the dating game" she said, raising her glass.

    "At least not by the official rules" responded Brent.
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    Sim 66, part 56


    Liberty Lee woke up and could smell grilling coming from down the hall. Was the place on fire? That's all she needed after the house was broken into and vandalised last weekend. She put on her clothes and went to investigate the source of the she got closer to the back garden gate, she could see her housemate, Travis Scott, flipping chicken drumsticks and sweetcorn cobs on the BBQ.

    "Seriously, Travis? A full on BBQ grill for breakfast?" she said, stepping outside.

    "🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 straight...if breakfast is the most important meal of the day then it should be the best, and I love the smell of grilling in the morning. Is Summer up yet?"

    "I haven't heard a stirring from her room" said Liberty. "I must admit, that smells it up!"


    "Here you go" said Travis. "An old Scott family recipe"

    "I hope it's better than the Scott family fruitcake" said Liberty. "I must admit this tastes good"

    "So what have you got on today?" asked Travis.

    "It's going to be a manic kind of day today and for the next two weeks. We're go for launch on the 16th and we're working around the clock to get things ready for then" said Liberty, referring to her job at NASA.

    "Which one are we up to now....Gemini?" asked Travis.

    "Eight. This is a big one...well, they all are really but this one's going to be the first docking of two spacecraft"

    "I thought we'd already done that?" asked Travis.

    "No...Gemini 6 and 7 rendezvoused in space, but didn't dock. This time Armstrong and Scott are going to dock with an unmanned craft called Agena and that's never been done before"

    "And why is that important?"

    "Because if we can dock two craft together, we can dock the planned command module and lunar module on Apollo and make the moon landing possible." Liberty rolled her eyes at the idea that Travis couldn't grasp this concept.

    "Well, remember, some of my circuit boards and wiring will be in those spaceships you fly" said Travis.

    "They're space CRAFT, not spaceships. This isn't Forbidden Planet. And if your handiwork is in our capsules, heaven help the astronauts!" she joked.

    "Anyway, speaking of circuit boards...I've just got to finish soldering some...let's continue our conversation in my workspace" said Travis, getting up.

    "You've left all the dishes behind...again!" said Liberty.

    "Details, details!"


    "I hear Action caught the person who vandalised our house, that's good news" said Liberty.

    "Did he? I haven't seen him lately...well that's good news at least. Wow, the amount of time we spent cleaning the place up...we lost a whole weekend."

    "Well hello sleepyhead!" said Liberty as Summer Holliday entered the room.

    "Morning...hmmm, this is really tasty, did you cook this Travis?" said Summer, sitting down on Travis' bed.


    "I did. Did you have a late night, Summer?"

    "Very...there was a huge amount of damage and mess that we missed tidying up so I stayed up to 2am getting rid of it."

    "Guys...I think we need a cleaner" said Liberty. "We spent so much time cleaning this house...I don't mean the damage but just every day there's so much to do and I work long hours, Summer does as well and Travis...well, you never tidy up after yourself"

    "Can we afford it?" said Summer.

    "Three incomes...we should be able to comfortably"

    "OK, I'll put the call in. I know a good cleaning agency" said Summer.

    "Well, I can't hang around here chatting...I've got space to conquer!" said Liberty getting up and leaving.

    "Yep, I've got to go soon as well" said Travis.

    Summer looked at Travis and for a brief moment their eyes met. Summer took a breath. " you ever think about...."

    "Think about what?" he said, looking away suddenly and trying to find a bag to put his soldered circuits in.

    "Well, you know...about settling down"

    "I've got no one to settle down with...ah, that bag will do"

    "But if you DID have someone...someone you perhaps know already...would you?"

    "That's a bit hypothetical. When are you home this evening?"

    "Six pm...will you be here?"

    "No, I'm working 'till 7."

    "Do you fancy going out somewhere this evening?"

    Travis' eyes widened...was he being manoeuvred into a date with Summer? "Do you mean....just you and me?"

    Summer paused but baulked. "Oh no...I was going to invite the whole street to check out the new Orange Peel club. You know, all us friends"

    "Oh I'd be up for that" said Travis, relieved. Summer chided herself for weakening by making it a group event. Travis grabbed his bag and said "until then, have a good day"

    After Travis left, Summer flopped on his bed and ruminated on this latest missed opportunity. "Every. Single. Time I blow it" she thought. "Maybe I should put Travis out of my mind and find someone else who I'm not going to self-sabotage my chances with"

    All three went off to work but Summer was the first one home. She rang around all the other houses in Foundry Cove and to her joy everyone was up for going to visit the Orange Peel club.


    "Wow, this place is great!" said their newest neighbour, Barbara Dubois.

    "I must admit even I'm impressed" said Julia Epstein.

    "It'll do" said John Action.

    Music cue 1

    The friends all hit the dance floor but it was Summer who impressed the most with her groovy moves. As she was holding court in the middle, Travis walked in and his jaw hit the floor. She was terrific!


    Summer beckoned Travis over and, dutifully, he went right to the middle where he did his favourite dance...the indifferent bop. "I'll get the drinks in" he said after one dance.

    The friends stayed for around 3 hours until tiredness, at least, overcame Travis and Summer. Most of them, except Action, came home as well and the group shared a taxi home to the street. Once inside, Summer and Travis grabbed a bite to eat.

    "I didn't know you were a good dancer" said Travis.

    "I did junior ballet" she replied. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

    "I did...we should go again" he said. Summer's eyes widened. "...with Liberty next time"


    "Yes...always with others" said Summer to herself. Maybe it was that Travis preferred Liberty to her? What will she do?
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    Sim 66, part 57


    It was the early shift for Barbara Dubois and after donning her uniform, she kissed Jeremy Saint goodbye and trotted out the front door. Jeremy watched her leave...even in a fast food restaurant uniform, one that wasn't meant to look flattering, he thought she looked cute.

    "Jeremy my lad" he said to himself as he poured himself a glass of water "you are blessed to have that girl in your life...cheers" and he raised a glass to the great almighty. As soon as he took his first sip, the faucet on his kitchen sink fell off and water started to spurt out all over the floor.

    "Oh that's all I need!" said Jeremy. "I could phone up that really good woman plumber..." but he paused "or I can do it myself...that'll make me look more manly and more capable in Barbara's eyes!"

    Jeremy looked in a box in his spare room and found a basic tool kit of wrenches, hammers and pliers. He also found some rubber washers that would fit the faucet. "I can do does Dad fix a sink?"


    Jeremy set to it and managed to replaced the cracked and broken washers with new ones mere minutes before he had to get to work. He washed his hands, threw on his suit, fastened his tie and made it out the door at 1 minute past his usual departure time.

    Barbara had made it back from her shift at 10am and went to the bedroom to change out of her uniform. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and began to think about bigger issues. "'s a job, I suppose. I should start thinking of moving on to something boyfriend's got a good job at Dewey's and I should have one at a better place. Hamburgerman is OK, it's given me a start but I think I should start looking around for something else"


    She changed out of her Hamburgerman uniform and into her regular clothes and headed downtown to Magnolia Crescent for a bit of window shopping and hoping to get some inspiration....working in a shop, a nice one, would be a step up. The first shop she went into was high fashion haute couture. She found a top and hat that was straight out of Carnaby Street, London, and she just had to try it on.


    "Hmmm, if only..." she said, looking at the price tag. A woman approached her "excuse me, I just love your outfit" she said to Barbara. "Where did you get it?"

    "Well, erm, from all over the place really. I found the top in a market, the skirt was from J.C. Penney and my shoes and tights I got from a small boutique in San Myshuno called "Miss Right...after I bought the top I colour matched it to go for the Total Look"

    "You see, I need to get with these new styles" said the woman. "You see I have a date coming up and I need to impress this guy..."


    As Barbara began to explain the basics of mod fashion to the lady, another woman entered the shop and walked over to them.


    "Would you happen to be Jeremy Saint's new girlfriend?" said the woman.

    " you know him?" said Barbara

    "Yes I do...I know him well. Very well." the lady said

    "Well I am Jeremy's girlfriend but I'm not new...we've been together for over a month. So how do you know him?"

    "We work together and.....well, he was really into me before he met you" said the woman, matter of factly. "My name's Bianca...has he not mentioned me?"

    "No!" said Barbara firmly. "Why are you telling me this?"

    "Oh, I saw you and thought I'd touch to speak."

    "How did you recognise me?" asked a very suspicious Barbara.

    "Isn't Jeremy such a cutie? Ahhh, he has so many sweet, funny ways about him..."

    "HOW DID YOU RECOGNISE ME!" Barbara found herself shouting now, much to her surprise.


    Bianca recoiled but soon composed herself. "My, you're a firey one...Jeremy doesn't usually go for aggressive women"

    Barbara started feel shortness of breath and ran out of the shop and back home. She was so upset and wanted to talk to someone, anyone friendly who could explain who this horrible woman was. Arriving back home, and knowing that it would be a couple of hours before Jeremy got home, she knocked on the door of the 3 friends at the end of the street. Summer Holiday greeted her.

    "Hey've been crying, what's up?"

    "Oh my make up running? I'm sorry to bother you but can we speak?"

    "Sure, hon, come inside...hey, Travis, is your room free so Barbara and I can have a chat?"

    "Sure" said Travis. "I'm going to hit the shower anyway"

    Summer ushered Barbara into Travis' room...which also served as the house office. "So what's the matter?"

    "Summer....who's Bianca?"

    Summer took a deep breath. "Well, that's a name I didn't expect to hear again. Hasn't Jeremy mentioned her? I don't suppose he would. Bianca was a girl Jeremy was interested in before he met you. They went on a date and soon afterwards she dumped him."

    "Were they close? How long were they together?"


    "About two weeks. I only met her the once but it was definitely she who turned him down. I don't think they were ever serious...I know Jeremy's an old romantic and he felt really let down but then he met you."

    "She said she works with Jeremy" said Barbara, wiping her tears.

    " that's news" said a surprised Summer.

    "Why didn't he tell me?" said Barbara

    "You'll have to ask him but he's not the two-timing sort, I've known him for months and he's the most honest, most caring and nicest guy I know."

    "That's what I thought" said a disconsolate Barbara.

    "Give him a chance, that's my advice. Bianca sounds like a troublemaker...remember, she led him on and then dumped him"

    Barbara took a deep breath and looked at her watch. "Thanks, Summer, but I've got another shift at Hamburgerman starting soon. I'll talk with him when he gets home and you're right...I should give him some benefit of the doubt"

    She left and went home to change again into her uniform. Meanwhile while she was gone Jeremy returned home and flopped on the couch to watch some TV after a hard and boring day's work. Eventually, before he went to bed, Barbara returned home.

    "Hello gorgeous, how was work" asked Jeremy.

    " are you?"

    " look upset"

    "Jeremy....I met Bianca today"

    "Oh" There was some silence. "What did she have to say?" he added, eventually. Barbara sat down next to him.

    "She said you and her work together...she also mentioned that you and her were close"


    Jeremy nodded. "Both are true, although I wouldn't describe her and me as close. We went on one date and met up a few times."

    "But she still works with you?"

    "THAT came as a shock when I found out. She's my boss' secretary so I don't have day to day contact with her but she's around...I keep my distance. Listen, did she say something nasty to you?"

    "It was her tone...she saw me in town and recognised me and then started talking about you and's as if she was deliberately trying to upset me"

    "I'm so, so sorry you had to go through that" said Jeremy. "I'm not going to allow that to happen! She needs to be told to back right off!"

    "No...don't make a scene. Don't go out of your way to confront her" said Barbara.

    "Barbara...there is nothing between her and me. We briefly dated but she ended it and I moved on....and found you; since that moment I've never thought about another woman that way. You are everything I ever wanted in a a friend, a companion, a lover".

    Barbara looked at him and saw his eyes filled with nothing but affection and compassion. She smiled and reached out her hands to his. "I know you love me...I trust you"

    Nothing more was said, they moved closer and kissed.

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    Sim 66, Part 58


    "Barkeep! One beer"

    "Sure thing, Mr Cuffe...." said the bartender to one of his favourite regulars, Alan Cuffe. He poured the ice cold beer out and handed it to Cuffe who put it on his tab.

    "Excuse me, Mr Cuffe....can I ask you a question?" said the bartender.

    "Sure thing, David, fire away" said Cuffe.

    "Is it true that you keep a dozen naked women in your house?"

    Cuffe laughed. "No.....they're not naked" he said, with a wink. "Do you read 'Lothario' magazine, David?"

    "Oh yes...but only for the articles" said a sheepish David.

    "That's what they all say" said Cuffe, smiling. He took a sip of his beer and sighed with satisfaction but then his attention was taken with someone who had just walked into the Rattlesnake Juice Bar.


    "Cuffe" said the man in a gruff manner.

    "Sneedly" replied Cuffe. "I didn't know you drank here"

    "I don't...usually...but I tried looking for you at your home but you weren't in. One of those ladies of dubious character you keep around your house told me you'd be here"

    "If you're referring to Tasha she's a very intelligent and caring person" said Cuffe, nonchalantly. "Can I buy you a drink?"

    "You may not" said George Sneedly, with a huff. He sat down on the bar stool next to Cuffe and glared at him. "Now Edna, my wife, and I must object to those wild parties you have in your house"

    "Are they keeping you awake?" said Cuffe.

    "That is not the issue....we feel that they lower the tone of the neighbourhood. The sight of those scantily clad women entering and exiting your house is a disgrace" George snorted in derision at the thought.

    "Then don't look at them" said Cuffe, with a shrug.


    "Don't be flippant with me, Cuffe!" said an indignant George. "If these debauched parties and gatherings continue then me and the League of Decency will have no choice..."

    "I'm sorry, the League of what?" said Cuffe, cutting George off suddenly.

    "The League of Decency: A group of concerned citizens of moral character which you are not"

    "I've broken no laws"

    "There are laws of the land and then there are moral laws" said George, pointing straight at Cuffe.

    "The courts only recognise one kind...look, Sneedly, until I've actually broken a law you can just put up with what goes on at my private property. My club promotes self-confidence, beauty and magazine provides mental stimulation and visual appeal designed for the with-it, hip, swinging mood of the world right now"

    "Oh spare me the advertising propaganda!" said George. "I...I mean we at the League will be writing to our city'll be shut down!" and with that George Sneedly abruptly left the bar.

    He went straight home to report of his meeting with Alan Cuffe to his wife, Edna.


    "Ugh! Who does that man think he is? Thinks he's above the law does he? Well, we'll show him!" said Edna, in a rage. "We will set the League of Decency upon Alan Cuffe...we will lobby our local city representatives to run him out of town!"

    "Edna....may I point out one potential stumbling block to your plan" said George, almost reluctantly.

    "What is it?" said Edna, not liking being interrupted.

    "There are currently only the two of us in the League of Decency"

    Edna paused for what seemed like an hour but was in fact only 30 seconds. "We will have to recruit new members, that's all there is to it. And when we do we will rise up like an army!"


    "We're coming for you...Alan Cuffe!
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    Sim 66, Part 59


    Suzy Kent staggered home at 6am on a Sunday morning from 'Hey, Wow!" magazine's annual awards ceremony. Stepping out of the taxi, she smoothed her black velvet dress and wearily walked up the stairs....bed was calling. She was disappointed that she didn't win the "New Writer of the Year" award but, frankly, relations between her, her editor and her publisher were strained at the moment. But the free food and drink plus the company and special guest stars; Welsh singing sensation Tom Power and top singer-dancer Nancy Fontana were headline guests.

    Suzy trudged up the steps to her home and put the key into the lock of her front door...within seconds she stumbled into her bedroom and crashed out on her bed.


    At around 11am she awoke with the realisation that she'd arranged to meet her love interest, Neil Humphries, in just under an hour...not only that, he was due to come around to her place. In a panic, she shot out of bed, whipped off her evening dress and underclothes, hit the shower and scrambled around trying to choose and outfit to impress Neil with. She really wanted to wear her green, leaf pattern dress but was fretting over whether it was too short and would put a nervous fellow like him off...but on the other hand he had seen her in it before and on that occasion the date went REALLY well. She risked it and chose the green dress.

    In the nick of time, she was washed, dressed and made up just as he was arriving. At first she didn't quite recognise him.

    "Do you like it?" he said, as a way of greeting.

    "Like it?" she replied, desperately trying to work out what he was referring to.

    "I grew it a little, like you suggested" he continued. Then the penny dropped...his hair, Neil had let his hair grow a bit.

    "I really like it" said Suzy, impressed. The new hairstyle suited him. "Come on inside...I'll get some coffee on, fresh brewed. Would you like some?"

    "I'd love some" said Neil. Suzy went to gently pat him on the arm as a way of greeting but Neil recoiled, as he was often wont to do. Suzy looked a little upset at this, but Neil blushed with embarrassment. "I'm sorry, nervous reaction" he said as a way of apology.

    "I don't bite" said Suzy, with a coquettish smile. She put the coffee in the machine and they went to sit on the couch together.


    "I do like your hair, Neil" she said.

    "Thank you look really nice as well. I remember that dress from our trip to the Casbah Gallery. Nice" he said, drumming his fingers on his knees. He could smell Suzy's perfume; it intoxicated him and he found himself shuffling closer to her, quite instinctively. Suzy, taking the cue, shuffled towards him as well until they were touching, side by side.

    "Well, this is nice" said Suzy, looking into Neil's eyes.

    "Very" he replied. He shifted slightly to make himself more comfortable but his right hand accidentally touched Suzy's thigh. He withdrew it almost immediately. Suzy took his hand and placed it back on her leg.

    "I like it" she said, softly. Neil began to stroke her silky soft leg and liked the sensation...Suzy was smiling as well. They gazed into each other's eyes with Neil's heart beating 10 to the dozen but, conversely, he was feeling bolder now.

    "Does that feel nice?" he asked her, as he gently stroked her leg.

    "Hmmmm" said Suzy, shutting her eyes and enjoying his touch. "More" she added.

    Neil duly obliged and found himself feeling less nervous. "I'm wondering..." he said, "are you wearing stockings or pantyhose?"

    "That's for me to know..." she said, gazing longingly at him as her faced inched closer to his "...and you to find out"


    At that moment, the coffee maker went PING! Neil was suddenly distracted and the sexual tension dissipated for the moment.

    "I tell you what" he said "I'll make the coffee" and with that he stood up and went into the kitchen. Suzy smiled wryly and silently cursed the coffee machine's complete lack of romance but she too stood up and followed Neil into the kitchen.

    "Forget about that" she said, grabbing him by the hand "What do you want right now? I bet you it's not coffee"

    "No..." he said "I really want...I really!"


    The kiss was everything both of them wanted. They completely forgot about the coffee, went back to the couch and made out. When they did pause for air, Neil was feeling bold and asked her "shall we make this official? Boyfriend and girlfriend?"

    "I thought you'd never ask" she replied, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him some more. The next couple of hours went like a blur and Suzy was thinking that at this rate they might reconvene in the bedroom but a buzzer alarm on Neil's wristwatch went off.

    "Darn" he said. "I've got work in an hour"

    "Take a day off!" said Suzy, clenching him around the waist.

    "I can't...but I'm so, so glad we've had this time together. We'll do this again...and again...and it'll be brilliant!" He gave her one last, big kiss that lasted all the way from the living room to the front door as they shuffled towards it without breaking contact.

    After saying their goodbyes, Suzy shut the door and almost fell faint. "Wow!" she said. Finally, she had breached the romantic defences of Neil! "That guy has the most AMAZING hands!" she said, fanning herself in all the excitement.

    But there was no time to take it all in; there was another knock on the door. Maybe it was Neil, changing his mind and wanting to stay with her? Alas, no, but it was a nice thing nonetheless...the visitor was Summer Holiday.

    "Oh my gosh, Summer, come in quickly....I've got amazing news!" she said, excitedly.

    "What is it? Did I see Neil walking down the road? Are you and he?"

    "YES! He and I are an's official. And, well, it got a bit steamy in here just now!"


    "It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for!" said Summer. "Barbara says that about Jeremy"

    The two girls gossiped for a bit but then Suzy had an idea she wanted to put past Summer. "Neil's got a work shift now and I've got free would you like to go out for some drinks and a girly catch up whilst helping me with my story?" she said.

    "OK, who are we trying to track down now?" said Summer, knowing what "helping with a story" meant.

    "Malcolm Landgraab...I want to find out where he is; we're not going to confront him but I do want to observe him with his school friends...he's up to something, I'm sure"

    "I know where we're going" said Summer. "The Bowl-O-Rama"


    "That was one uncomfortable cab ride" said Summer, practically hunched over when they arrived at the Bowl-O-Rama.

    "Tell me about it" replied Suzy. "Let's take our places in our usual spot and we can spot Malcolm approaching"

    Music cue 1:

    The girls went to the upstairs bar area, took their seats at the bar and ordered drinks and snacks. Popcorn was on offer and Suzy grabbed a bowl.


    "Right...what we're looking for is Malcolm dealing with other high schoolers in illegal substances...narcotics, mainly" said Suzy.

    "WHAT?" Replied Summer. "We're doing the Vice Squad's job for them?"

    "Just a little investigative journalism." said Suzy. "I'll turn over whatever I find to the police, don't worry, and we won't be confronting him. I just want to see what he does and get some pictures" she said, pulling out a small camera from her handbag.

    The girls spent half their time looking out the window, trying to spot Malcolm Landgraab, but he hadn't shown by the time of their second glasses of wine. A well dressed man in a suit sat next to Summer.

    "Now let me guess your name" he began. "It's a song upon the night air. The syllables trip off the tongue effortlessly and it conjures up images of symphonies and sonnets"

    "It's Summer, actually" she replied.

    "Summer...well that's just perfect" he said, smiling. "My name is J.J."

    "Which stands for?"

    "Just Jealous of the man who has stolen your heart" said J.J.

    Summer chuckled. "Nice try, J.J....really, I hadn't heard that one before"

    "Well, fortune favours the bold as they say" he said, raising a glass in cheers at hers.

    "J.J....if you were ten years younger, maybe. Plus I don't think your wife would appreciate our conversation" she said, noticing his wedding ring.


    "Ah the giveaway" said J.J., wistfully. "Well, may I buy you and your friend a purely platonic drink?"

    "We wouldn't turn down such generosity" said Summer and her and Suzy enjoyed a third glass of wine.

    It was getting near dark and Malcolm hadn't shown up yet. Summer got to her feet but felt a bit tipsy. "Whoa, this stuff really goes to your head!" she said. "I need to get home...are you going to be OK if I go?"

    "Sure" said Suzy. "I don't think he's coming...most of the teens here are already heading home."

    "Tell you go one way, I'll go the other and we'll do one last loop of the place to see if he's hanging around the back or something"

    "Agreed. I'll check the front, you check the back...and either of us see him, just signal" said Suzy.


    The girls split up and Summer realised just how many hidden niches there were around this part of Newcrest. If Malcolm Landgraab wanted to conduct an illegal drug trade, he could easily do it out of sight around here. After a 10 minute search, neither girl had spotted him...he had got away, this time.
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    Sim 66, part 60


    "How you doin', Jeremy? Can you handle the pace?"

    "I...*puff*....can...*puff*...keep....up..., Action, *puff*...don't...worry"

    The two neighbours, Jeremy Saint and John Action, did another lap of their street and once past the old, big tree they came to a stop in between their houses.

    "I've got to hand it to you, Jeremy" said Action. "You're not bad...for a civilian"

    "I bet you do a lot of running in the police force and the Marines" said Jeremy, hunched over with his hands on his aching thighs.

    "In the police, I've got to be fast to catch the bad the Marines I had to stay fast to avoid the VC bullets"

    Jeremy waved a hand at him and stood up. "Man...I'm going to hit the shower now...thanks for the run, I enjoy the company and the challenge" he said.

    "No worries, stay loose, man" said Action taking a deep breath. Jeremy staggered back to his house and Action was just about to move on when he heard a voice call out.

    "You're in my way, Officer" It was Nancy Landgraab.

    "Actually it's Detective now" said Action. "Sorry to get in your way, Mrs Landgraab" he continued, stepping off the footpath.


    "You seem to make a habit of that" said a very terse Nancy Landgraab.

    "Do I? Does it disrupt your activities?"

    "You know nothing of them" she replied with a sneer.

    "Oh don't count on that" Action said. "I know more than you think"

    "You only suspect, Detective, but be warned...I can disrupt your life quicker than you realise. I won't put up with your intrusions or insinuations any longer...cross me again and you will feel the brunt"

    "Fighting words there, Mrs Landgraab" said a defiant Action.

    "There are fiercer fighters out there than the Viet Cong, Detective" and with that, she started her run again. Action followed her with his gaze until she went out of sight.

    Action went home, showered, and headed off to 13th Precinct headquarters...this time in civilian clothes, not a uniform as befitting a detective. As he entered he spotted a tall, beautiful brunette at the front desk. His colleague, Officer Cole Michaels, gave him a rundown on the young lady.

    "She gave her name as Francoise Erdee, she's French. I struggled to make out what she was saying, her accent's that thick. Hey, don't you speak a little French, Action."

    "Un petit peu. Picked some up in Saigon when I was there. Mind you, the kind of French I learned isn't suitable for general conversation but I'll give it a go"

    Action approached Miss Erdee. "Bonjour, Madamoiselle. Quel est le probleme?"

    "Au secours, Gendarme! My...'ow you zay, concierge...erm...landlord...'e is gone...erm...'e left this letter. I do not understand all of eet"


    Action took the letter and read it.

    Dear ladies
    By the time you read this letter, I'll be dead. I cannot give you the details of what has befallen me but my past has finally caught up with me. I have instructed my attorney to handle your rental of my property in future. Please do not try to find me, I have to atone for my sins and this is the only way I can think of settling them that best suits all concerned. Do not involve the police, I have gone forever. I apologise for the distress I have caused you with this letter and state of affairs; you are all wonderful human beings and I wish you all the best for your futures.

    Yours sincerely

    Jacques Villareal

    "Please, what does eet mean?" asked Francoise.

    "It's something to look into right away" said Action. "He addresses this to 'ladies' and refers to them a few times"

    "Oh zat is myself and my two 'ousemates...we are all from France and we are doing...'ow you experience"

    Action's mind was suddenly filled with an image of tree gorgeous French women all living together....he assumed the other two must be very attractive based purely on the example stood before him. He struggled to think of a more beautiful woman he had met. He suddenly composed himself.

    "And do you know anything about these activities and 'sins' as Mr Villareal put it?"

    "No, notzing at all" she said, shaking her head.

    "Alright, leave me some details about Mr Villareal's home and....well, contact details for yourself and your friends." he said, putting away his notebook and taking one admiring look at Miss Erdee. He had a girlfriend who he was very keen on...but in Action's mind it didn't hurt to look at the menu of life.

    Action wasted no time in heading down to Jacques Villareal's home on the Crumbling Isle, Windenburg. It was an exclusive, difficult to reach place and home to some of the wealthiest people of Sim City. Action arrived there in one of the city's water taxis to find a very attractive, but also very quiet neighbourhood.


    Action walked over to the residence of Jacques Villareal; the Von Windenburg estate. He was surprised to find a man matching Mr Villareal's description swimming in the house pool.

    "Mr Villareal, I presume?" said Action.

    "What do you want?" said the man.

    "I want to speak with Mr Villareal. My name's Action: Sim City PD"

    Without saying another word, the man swam to the edge of the pool and lifted himself out.


    He walked over to Action, slowly, and said "I'm Jacques Villareal. What's this about?"

    Action held up the letter. "This letter was apparently written by you and it talks about you doing self-harm and atoning for your sins. Do you recognise it?"

    Villareal took a look at it. "Nope. I didn't write that although whoever did made a nice job faking my signature"

    "And who would write a fake suicide letter and go to the trouble of faking your signature?"

    "There are a lot of cranks in the world; you're the detective, you work it out. Out of interest, how did you come by this letter?"

    "Your 3 French you think they could have faked this?"

    "Those three? Nah, they're sweeties....they wouldn't do anything that would get them deported. Besides, none of them could string out aa grammatically correct sentence in English by themselves."

    Action looked around him and took a deep breath. "Do you have any enemies who would want to trouble you, Mr Villareal?"

    "Not any more" said Villareal. "Now if that's all, Detective, I want you off my property so I can get back to my swim"


    Action took the letter and without saying another word took a quick look around the island to see if anything was amiss but there was nothing. A couple of joggers, a man fishing by the beach but other than that...just the birds, trees and lots of saying don't walk here or no littering. Action waited for a river taxi and departed empty handed.

    Back at the station, Action had his routine tasks to of them was his usual fingerprinting and photographing from serial pickpocket, Kabir Joyson.

    "Mr Action...always a pleasure to be processed by you" said Joyson.

    "Must be my charm or your ineptitude at escaping from the cops that keeps you coming back here" said Action.

    "Oh Mr Action...that's cruel. If your colleagues weren't so jumpy at bringing me in when there's no evidence on me then we wouldn't keep meeting like this"

    Action had a thought. "Hey, Kabir, I could make this whole process a lot easier for you; starting with bringing in some decent chow and having a word with the judge that I don't think you're a serious flight risk if he posts bail."

    "OK, I'm interested..." said a cautious Joyson. "What's the deal?"


    "A bit of information...but let me tell you a story about my day. So I had a run in with Nancy Landgraab this morning...I've been closing some cases lately and her name keeps getting linked to the perps I'm bringing down. So she gives a me a "warning" that I should back off from her affairs. Then, this morning, I'm sent on a wild goose chase...this gorgeous French chick tells me her landlord has committed suicide because of something he did in his past. Only when I go and check the story out, the landlord is alive and well...BUT he has a very hostile manner about him when the police are around."

    "And this landlord's name is?" asked Joyson

    "Jacques Villareal"

    Joyson smiled and drew a deep breath. "Well, well, well're caught between the Landgraabs and the Villareals. I wouldn't want to be you right now"

    "Who's this Villareal?"

    "He's wealthy, no one's quite sure how he comes by his money though...word on the street is he's as crooked at Nancy Landgraab but, like her, no one's got any dirt on him. But he's more dangerous than her, that's for sure"

    "Why?" asked Action, suddenly engrossed in what Joyson had to say.

    "Rumour had it he murdered his wife!"


    "Yeah, I remember the case...I was lead detective on it" said the Chief, when Action went to visit him after his conversation with Joyson.


    "And had he murdered her?" asked Action.

    "I believe did most of my team. He had motive, means and opportunity but we never found the body...I mean, not one trace. According to him, and his family, she just 'disappeared' without trace and the case is still open". The Chief looked wistfully out of his office window. "So now Jacques Villareal has appeared on your best be careful. Like his wife, a couple of good cops have 'disappeared' when they've tried to go after him."

    "What of his other criminal activities?"

    "We can't tie him to anything!" said the Chief, suppressing his annoyance. "Oh we've what do you make of this fake suicide letter?"

    "My hunch is that someone wants me to take a closer look at him and this was a way of an introduction" said Action, tapping his fingers together.

    "Who would do that? An ally?"

    Action shook his head. "The opposite...someone who wants me to stop taking a closer look at them: Nancy Landgraab"

    "Now come on, we've talked about this before Action...the Landgraab's are donors to the Police Benevolent Fund and are upstanding members of the community!"

    "I don't know, Chief...their names keep coming up on my recent cases"

    " with whatever leads you have but don't go on any wild goose chases with the Landgraabs and be careful around Villareal!"

    Action got up, did a casual salute to the Chief and went about his duties. At the end of the shift he felt restless so he gave his girlfriend, Katherine, a call and invited her over.

    She arrived, tense and angry.

    "Hey, baby, what's the matter?" asked Action.

    "Oh I've just had a horrific day!" said Katherine. "One of the charities I'm involved in got its funding cut! We've been dependent on one single, big donor these last couple of years and, with no advance warning, they completely cut their donations to us! We've now got a massive shortfall in our accounts"


    Action pondered this bit of news...on a hunch he asked a question. "Who was the donor?"

    "Oh it was the Landgraab Foundation" came Katherine's reply. Action nodded to it was becoming clearer. "And was this charity your Anti-Crime one? The Neighbourhood Watch?" he asked as a follow up.

    "Why yes? Do you know something about it?" she asked.

    "Law enforcement and prevention of crime aren't flavours of the month with the Landgraabs right now. Tell me, do you know if Nancy Landgraab knows about us?"

    "Erm...yes, I mentioned it in passing at a banquet we both attended last week"

    Action nodded. "I'm afraid that you knowing me...intimately...has cost you. I'm sorry"

    Katherine turned to Action and looked at him with a mixture of confusion and hurt. "Is this an act of petty revenge on her part? Hmmm, I wouldn't put it past her...the evil old witch!"

    "Well, I'm glad to hear you and I are on the same page about her" said Action, smiling to diffuse the tension. Katherine saw his face and broke into a smile as well.

    "Oh John....all this has made me incredibly tense" she said with a sigh.

    "Well, let the healing hands of John Action do their magic work" he replied.

    "Oh you have 'magic hands' now?"

    "They've never known to disappoint" he said, seductively.

    "Prove it then" replied Katherine, also seductively.

    "Turn around and let them get to work" said Action. Katherine duly obliged and Action got to work massaging her neck and shoulders.


    "Hmmmm that's good. Ooooh, that's the spot. Say, this couch isn't the best spot to do this...maybe we could move this into the bedroom?"
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    Sim 66, part 61


    Julia Epstein had a long standing invitation to go and visit her best friend, Francesca Griffith, at her home in Windenburg. As this was a day off for Julia, and she was feeling bored at home with her medical textbooks, she decided to take Francesca up on her offer and go across town to visit her.

    It was a bright, sunny day and the wide open spaces, the trees and the often rural feel of Windenburg too her back to her childhood. She'd grown up here, but her parents had moved to a bigger house just outside of Sim City so she hadn't been back to this part of town since she was 12. Francesca and her family lived in a modest sized house in Windslar...and when Julia arrived she saw her friend playing catch with a little girl outside the house.

    "Francesca! Hello, how are you?" said Julia, going up to her friend.

    "Julia, how nice to see you? Have you met my daughter, Stefanie?" said Francesca, pointing to the little girl.

    "Very briefly and only nice to meet you, Stefanie" said Julia.

    The little girl smiled "Are you mommy's friend from the hospital?" she asked.

    "I am, well remembered" said Julia, noting how pleasant the girl was in her manner.

    "Come inside and I'll make us all drinks...Rod's home so you can get to meet him too" said Francesca.

    They went inside and there Julia got to meet Francesca's often talked about, but hitherto never met, husband Rod.


    "So you're the new doctor who my wife has kindly taken under her wing?" said Rod, a very outgoing man with a warm, easy charm about him.

    "I am...your wife's been amazing at helping me settle in" said Julia.

    "Yep, she's a pretty amazing woman all round" said Rod, looking proudly at his wife.

    "Daddy" said Stefanie "will you tell us all one of your stories?"

    "Now which one would you like? Funny, true or SCARY?" he replied, pretending to look mysterious.

    "Ooh one of your scary ones! I know, tell us the story about the old Von Haunt estate!" said the little girl, enthusiastically

    "Not....the story of the Von Haunt estate!" said Rod, hamming it up by pretending to sound shocked. "Very well....but be warned, what I'm about to tell you is a tale of terror, a story of suspense and a saga of sadness....well it all began one hundred years ago at the old Von Haunt see they say that behind every window on the old Von Haunt estate are secrets....signs....and....threats!"

    Everyone was started to get a bit creeped out at the way Rod could tell a scary story, complete with sinister voices and elaborate hand gestures and facial expressions. Even Julia was starting to feel rattled.


    "And they do say..." continued Rod, warming to his theme "they do say that on a certain night, when the moon is full and the 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 crows 13, that something terrible lurks in the very walls of the Von Haunt estate! So do you know what I did? On one night...when the moon was full and the 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 crowed 13 times I went to the oooolllllldddd Von Haunt estate, I went into the oooooollllld Von Haunt estate and DID YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW AT THE OOOOOOOLLLLLD VON HAUNT ESTATE?"

    "What did you see?" said a now terrified Julia, who noticed that Stefanie was biting her knuckles in anticipation.

    "Absolutely nothing" said Rod, in a plain, matter of fact voice. Stefanie burst out laughing and Julia didn't know what to say or where to look. Rod slapped his thigh and laughed too.

    "He does that" said Francesca, whispering in Julia's ear. "I apologise for my husband's strange sense of humour"


    "My dad's so funny, did he fool you too?" said Stefanie.

    "Yes he did....and I must warn you, Rod, that I am a member of the Dishonourable Company of Pranksters so watch out in future!" said Julia.

    Rod made everyone a coffee and provided Stefanie with some milk and cookies. Julia enjoyed the company of the Griffiths and when Rod went outside to play with Stefanie for a bit, it gave her and Francesca a chance to talk.

    "You've a lovely family, Francesca" said Julia, watching Rod and Stefanie play from the window.

    "Thank you. Do you ever think you'll one day have a family of your own?"

    "I don't know" said Julia with a shrug. "That would mean having to find a husband first and I don't think I have the time or inclination"

    "No one on the horizon, then?" asked Francesca.

    "None whatsoever" replied Julia. She looked out the window again and saw Rod, a fine figure of a man and ideal husband material. "Have you and Rod been together long?"

    "Childhood sweethearts...we married after he graduated from College and then little Stefanie came along 18 months later"

    "You're very fortunate" said Julia. "I wouldn't know where to start to look for a man...well, one that would want to be with me anyway"

    "Don't put yourself down, Julia" said Francesca "you're a catch"

    "I'm a nerd" said Julia. "Plus...well, I'm building a career and I don't want to have to quit to settle down and have babies just when I've got started"

    "You're the type of person with the drive to make anything a success...if you want to be a top doctor, I've no doubt you'll do it. Likewise, if you want to find yourself a husband I'm sure you could achieve that as well"

    Julia stayed for lunch with the Griffiths but then decided to head home. But she had an idea....she knew the Von Haunt estate was nearby so she went and had a look at the place for herself...she hadn't done so since she was a little girl. The place had been restored beautifully and looked better than she remembered. Walking around, she saw a fine carved chess set and a frantic looking man standing nearby.


    "Excuse me, you haven't seen a little girl around here? She's my daughter...she's and orange and red playsuit and her hair's in braids" said the man.

    "No I haven't" replied Julia "did she run off?"

    "I don't think so...she likes playing hide and seek but this time she's doing too good a job"

    Julia helped the man search for his daughter when, all of a sudden, they felt a sharp prong in their backs. Julia spun around in an instant and saw a little girl who matched the description of the man's daughter

    "You little scamp!" said the man, hugging his daughter in gladness. "Thank you, Miss, for helping me track this little minx down!"


    "Your welcome" said Julia, who went back to contemplating her game of chess. Soon she saw a familiar face approaching her: Yuki Behr.

    "Yuki, how are you doing?" said Julia, pleased to see the young teenager who had been going through a rough time personally.

    "OK....actually, are you using this chess table because I'm supposed to be playing a game with a friend soon?" replied Yuki.


    "Oh, no, I was just musing, go ahead. So who's this friend?"

    "I can't really talk about it because it's part of this club I'm in and I'm not supposed to talk about it"

    "Sounds mysterious..." said Julia, as a rather intense looking blonde haired teenager approached Yuki.

    "Hey there...shall we play?" he said, diffidently.

    "Yeah, sure....well, it's nice seeing you again, Doctor Julia" said Yuki in a tone that suggested dismissiveness. Julia got the hint and walked on, noticing that Yuki was taking a keen interest in her opponent. Love in the air? Julia thought that such speculation was pointless and moved on. Maybe it was time to widen her social circle? She headed off to the Blue Velvet to see who was in.


    Music cue 1

    The music was playing, but not from over the speakers....there was a double act at the microphone and at the piano. The woman was a statuesque blonde lady with her hair worn in a very long ponytail but the man playing the piano she recognised...that publisher and editor of the titillation magazine, Lothario...Alan Cuffe.


    They finished the song to a warm round of applause and Cuffe went over to the girl and gave her a firm kiss on the lips. Julia recoiled in disgust but as she did so Cuffe noticed her and turned to talk to Julia.

    "Now I never forget a pretty're the Dishy Doctor, aren't you?" he said, with a smile.

    "It's Doctor Epstein" replied a cool Julia. "And is she one of your 'kittens'?" said Julia, indicating Cuffe's musical partner.

    "Jolene? Why yes....A very talented girl in many ways. Now I take it you're not married, are you Doctor?"

    "Not that it's any of your business but no, I'm not" said Julia.

    "Well, any attractive single woman is eligible to join the Kitten Club...have you considered becoming a member? Let your hair down, lose the glasses, I think you'd certainly be an asset" he said, emphasising the first syllable of 'asset'.

    "Mr Cuffe...not only am I NOT interested in joining your Kitten Club, I will NEVER be interested in doing so" said Julia, indignantly.

    Cuffe shrugged his shoulder and headed off towards the bar where with his friend...whereupon he met another attractive young woman he seemed to know well and bought everyone at the bar drinks. Julia saw a man sitting on his own at a table and, her empathic side kicking in again, she sat down next to him.


    "Hello" she said "may I sit here?"

    "It's a free country" the man replied. "Unless you've just been kicked in the teeth by your work and your girlfriend in the same day, then it isn't!"

    Oh boy, Julia thought to herself, this is going to turn into a long evening!
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    Sim 66, part 62


    "Good morning, sleepy head" said Summer Holiday to her housemate, Liberty Lee. Summer and the third roommate, Travis Scott, had been up for an hour already and were finishing their breakfasts when Liberty emerged, still in her sleepwear.

    "It was a long session at the space centre" replied Liberty. "Just 10 days before the launch". "What's for breakfast?"

    "I did us grilled fruit" said Summer. "Actually I did too much...and I didn't know that Travis had cooked a load of grilled chicken as well so do help yourself; there's so much and everything must go"

    Liberty grabbed a plate of the grilled fruit and sat down to eat. "Hmmm, this is good, what have we got on for today? Fancy going somewhere?"

    "I don't mind" said Travis.

    "We could....or, I know, we could throw a party!" said an enthusiastic Summer.

    "Why?" said Travis.

    "Oh it'll be fun!" continued Summer. "We'll invite all our friends and it could be a street party"

    "But have we enough food and drink for a party?" said Travis, still unsure.

    "Hello? Look at all this food we've already cooked...and we have plenty of snacks and have you seen the bar lately? We could keep a small army happy with our stocks" said Summer.

    Travis thought. "Well, I don't have any objections. Do you, Libs?"

    Liberty finished a mouthful of fruit. "Nope. A party sounds good...I need a complete break from work"

    "Then a party we shall have! go and let everyone know there's going to be a party at our place this afternoon and evening...I'll make sure we've got all our food, snacks and drinks ready and Liberty...."

    "I'll smarten the place up" said Liberty, finishing Summer's sentence.

    Travis went and told the neighbours that there would be a party at their house starting at 4pm. As it was a Sunday, everyone had a day off and could come. Liberty cleaned the house up and rearranged some furniture to make it more of a party place. Summer laid the food and drink out. Afterwards they went to their rooms to change into party clothes which gave them time to think about their hopes for their party.

    Summer opened up her closet to see which outfit she wanted to wear. She had a blue strappy dress which was one she'd had for over a year now but it was made of silk and felt so nice to wear and was flattering for her figure so even though it wasn't the height of fashion, it made her feel good. She was hoping to make a good impression on Travis as well...and not knowing exactly where he was in terms of dating and what he was looking for in a woman...she thought he might like this blue dress.

    Meanwhile Travis was putting the finishing touches to his outfit. He had recently purchased a black, military style Nehru jacket which was all the rage. He liked its smartness and thought about the people who were coming to the party: Jeremy, his best friend. John Action, the man he wanted to be more like. Suzy, waaaay out of his league. Barbara, Jeremy's cute girlfriend and Julia, the rather serious girl from across the road who he hadn't got to know very well. Travis would never hit on Barbara, Suzy was rumoured to have a boyfriend now and Julia? Travis hadn't worked out in his mind whether she was cute or not.

    Liberty was very excited about the party. She had been working so hard in a job which was male dominated...she spent so much time around male engineers, scientists and astronauts that she had forgotten how to unwind and feel more feminine. This party was a great chance to do just that. She put on a brand new pink minidress, purple tights and white knee boots which she matched with a pair of brilliant white plastic shades. She looked every inch a mod girl; which was contrary to her everyday image. She then styled her hair to be more funky. Looking in the mirror she was very satisfied with her appearance.

    They emerged from their rooms and Travis did a few last minute checks to see if everything was alright for the party. Liberty and Summer sat down to have a chat.


    "Liberty, oh my gosh, you look amazing!" said Summer.

    "I'm glad you like's not my normal thing but, hey, I like it too" replied Liberty.

    "Now I've realised I've not invited any cute, single guys...I mean, is it going to be awkward between you and Action?"

    "Oh no!" said Liberty, calmly. "Action and I went on a couple of dates and, well, we slept together once but we both knew it was a fleeting bit of fun and not the start of anything serious. He's got the new girlfriend and he seems happy with her"

    "Phew! Glad to hear it. I only realised about Action after we agreed to throw the party. Well, we won't worry about the guy situation then"

    But both girls knew there was an elephant in the room...Travis. Both fancied him, Summer especially so, but nothing had happened and he didn't seem keen on either of them romantically. But Liberty and Summer never talked about their feelings towards Travis and did everything they could to avoid talking about it.

    The guests had started to arrive and Summer rushed to turn their new stereo system on as Liberty answered the door to greet the guests.

    Music cue 1

    The first to arrive were Jeremy and Barbara. They said their greetings to the girls but went to seek out Travis, who was lurking in his room.


    Travis smiled enthusiastically at them when they arrived. "Hey, shirt!" he said.

    "Barbara chose it for you like?" replied Jeremy.

    "Yeah, man, it's cool. Barbara...are you going to get our main man here to loosen up and get with it?" said Travis.

    "That's my plan" said Barbara, smiling at her nattily dressed boyfriend.

    Summer entered the room. "Isn't it a bit cramped in here? The others are here and we're doing the first round of drinks" she said.

    They left Travis' room and headed to the open plan kitchen/lounge area where, indeed, the party was starting to swing. Action was there, as well as Suzy. and they were all grabbing a bite to eat and something to drink.


    Then menfolk all congregated on the sofa in the living room. "Cool pad you've got here" said Action.

    "Thanks" replied Travis. "We've recently made improvements since that break in..."

    "What the hell's wrong with you, man?" interrupted Action.

    "What?" replied Travis.

    "You live with those two and you haven't made a move on either of them? Back me up here, Jeremy, my man Travis here is a fool!"


    "You're a fool, Travis" said Jeremy.

    "Hey! That's not fair! You know, well, Summer and Liberty are....Summer and Liberty, man! I...I...can't!"

    "Why not? Are you related to them?" said Action.


    "Then what's the matter with you?" said Jeremy. "Look at me; I'm the biggest square around and look at Barbara over there. How did a guy like me land a girl like her?"

    "I've wondered that myself" said Action. "But Jezza's right. You're always talking to us about how you like to play it cool with the ladies and how much of a chick magnet you are and look at you: No date and you live with two hot chicks."

    "But if I were to make a move..." replied a very defensive Travis "...that would be like crossing the Rubicon. It might upset the delicate balance of the cosmos! But, look, I will prove to you that I'm not a fool."

    Music cue 2


    The party continued and people were starting to hit the dance floor when it was noticed that Julia Epstein had arrived at some point but didn't announce herself, thus her presence caught everyone by surprise.

    "Julia! I'm so glad you're here!" said Suzy, pumped up on adrenaline and the spicy punch that Barbara and Summer had concocted earlier. She ran over to the new arrival and gave her a big hug. Julia, unsure of how to respond, awkwardly gave Suzy a hug in return.


    "You look great!" said Suzy "Doesn't she look great, Travis?"

    Travis had a look of a rabbit trapped in a car's headlights. "Erm...yes." he replied.

    Julia looked around the room, looking stiff and uncomfortable. "That food looks good...I'll grab a plate" she said. Julia looked at all the different social groupings at the party...the boys were in one corner, the girls were mostly at the bar having a gossip about people and places she was unfamiliar with.


    She took her plate and sat down on the couch. Travis soon flopped down next to her. There was an awkward silence.

    "Hi" said Travis.

    "Hello" said Julia.

    "'s work?"

    "It's fine. And yours?"

    "Yeah, good" Travis' eyes darted around the room. He looked into Julia's face but he found it intimidating in a strange way: He noticed that it was a beautiful one...which surprised him because he always thought of her pigtails and big glasses but her eyes, that pouty mouth, the cheekbones...she was actually quite hot! So he glanced down to avoid having to make eye contact with her and becoming a gibbering fool and noticed that her dress revealed a nice cleavage...again, he was used to her wearing thick sweaters. And then her legs were nice, her figure was nice....he felt nervous so instead he looked around the room.


    "Did you get the recipe right?" asked Liberty to Barbara. "The punch is a bit strong"

    "Yeah, 1 part pineapple juice, 3 parts vodka..." replied Barbara.

    "NO! It's the other way around!"



    "No wonder I'm feeling so light headed!" said Liberty.

    "You're my best friend, Jeremy" said a tipsy Travis.

    "'re MY best friend" replied an even tipsier Jeremy.

    "I tell you what...this punch goes down so easily...I think I'll have another one" said Barbara.

    "Let's all dance!" said Suzy.


    Travis went to get another drink and Liberty, spotting him, decided to sit down next to him. She was feeling very light headed and threw caution to the wind.

    "Hello handsome" she said, giving him a little flirtatious wave.

    "Hi there" said Travis, too drunk to care about upsetting the cosmos.

    "I saw you there...looking at me" said Liberty. "Would you like to dance?"

    Travis smiled and said "I promised Summer...." and at that he looked around and noticed that Summer was standing right next to them and she'd seen and heard it all.


    "Oh...Summer. No, you and Travis go ahead" said Liberty, suddenly back peddling when she saw how hurt Summer looked.

    "No....that's alright...I'll just....tidy up! *sob*" and with that Summer suddenly left.

    "Hey guys..." said Jeremy. "I'd better get Barbara home...she's on the point of collapsing". Jeremy was propping up a very drunk Barbara and was trying to escort her out the door. "Great party"

    "Yeah, it was groovy" said Action, who looked none the worse for wear even though he'd drunk as much as everyone else"

    "I...enjoyed myself" said Julia, honestly. Despite her social awkwardness she had enjoyed herself, in her own way, and was pleased the group accepted her as a friend. As she departed she looked back at Travis, and gave him a little smile.

    "The headache I'm going to have tomorrow...." said Suzy, grabbing her handbag. "Still, wouldn't have missed this for the world."

    Summer had already gone to bed. Travis was staggering towards his. Liberty was left, still buzzing. She went to her room and took a look at herself in the mirror.


    "You know...if I wanted Travis I could" she thought to herself. "He'd make a good boyfriend. But at what cost? Do I like him more than Summer does? Does he like me in that way? Do I risk my friendship with both of them? Is it worth it?"

    She thought some more. "Do I believe in fate, or working towards an outcome because at this moment if I went for Travis it wouldn't be'd be me working at making him my boyfriend. We'd go on a date, move things along, take it to the next level. That's how I work...that's how I've always done everything. Or do I not pursue the easy, workable option and trust to fate, something I've never done before? Do I abandon any ideas of getting together with Travis and seeing what random men come into my life? Which path?"

    Liberty sighed and went to take out the trash. She brushed her dress and reflected on how many compliments she'd received about her outfit. After putting the trash in the bin, she turned around to see a young, well dressed man looking completely lost.

    "Excuse me, can I help you?" she asked.

    The man turned around and took one look at Liberty...he was paralysed for a moment before speaking. "Oh, yes, sorry to bother you but I'm looking for the Stovall hotel"

    "Oh you're not far from it at all" she said. "You turn right here, go down to the end of the road where you'll see a path and continue down that for a quarter mile and you'll see it on your right" Liberty noticed that there were quite a few very smartly dressed people doing in that direction; some of the women in fancy evening gowns.

    "Is there a big event going on at the Stovall?" she asked the young man.

    "Oh yes, a prizegiving event for a charity" he replied. "I'm representing my company. I'm dreading it a bit because I don't know anyone"

    "Well...that could be an opportunity to meet someone interesting" said Liberty.

    "Could be...are you going to this thing as well? I notice you're dressed very nicely, for a smart occasion"

    "No...I've just had a party with some friends." said Liberty.

    " look lovely if I may say so" said the young man.

    "You may say the way, my name's Liberty"

    "That's a lovely name's Gary. Say, do you believe in fate?"

    Liberty paused. "I'm starting to warm to the idea" she replied.

    "Because if I hadn't stopped here to wonder what direction I should be going in at precisely the same time you stepped out of your house then I would still be lost and we wouldn't have met."

    "Very true" said Liberty, smiling.

    "Would you like to meet me one day for coffee?" said Gary.

    "I'd like that a lot" she replied.

    "OK then...well, I guess I'd better get to this event. When would it be OK to call around?"

    "This time next week" said Liberty.

    "I'll see you then, Liberty"

    "I look forward to it, Gary"


    Gary waved goodbye and Liberty watched him walk off for a bit before heading indoors. "Fate" she thought. "Could be...."
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    Sim 66, part 62 Coda

    It was 4am and Summer was awakened by a desperate need to go to the bathroom. She got up and left her room but right outside in the hall, she bumped into Travis.

    "Oh, hi" she said, bashfully. She had cried and went to her room when she saw him and Liberty flirting at the party. She hadn't realised she liked him so much and what made things worse is that she saw him every day, week after week, month after month and she could barely contain her feelings about him.

    "Hey there, are you OK?" asked a concerned Travis. She saw the hurt in Summer's eyes and remembered how sad she looked earlier when he and Liberty were being playful with each other. So she really did like him, he thought. Sure, Liberty was flirting with him but that was mostly the alcohol talking...Summer seemed to have genuine romantic feelings for him. Now things were different, in his mind. This beautiful, generous, lovely girl he took for granted liked him! He now saw her in a new light.

    "Oh yes, I'm fine...actually I really need the bathroom" she said, with a forced smile.

    "Of course...sorry, I'm in the way" he replied, awkwardly. "By the way, great party...wasn't it?" he added.

    "Sure. Everyone seemed to have a good time"

    "And it was because of you. You're a great host and...." he paused momentarily before finishing his thought "...a great person. So much good stuff happens because of you. I want you to know that...and I'm sorry if it seems like I take you for granted." Travis smiled.

    Summer nodded. "Thanks, Travis. I really appreciate what you just said"

    "No problem. I won't hold you up anymore" he said.


    "Goodnight, Summer"

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    Sim 66, part 63


    "I think....I may have had too much to drink" said a very woozy Barbara Dubois. She and her boyfriend, Jeremy Saint, had just staggered home from a party at their friend's house. Even though the party was just at the end of their very short street, the tipsy journey home seemed like an epic. Barbara could hardly stand on her feet....the problem was that she got the measurements for the punch recipe wrong and too much vodka had ended up in it. Everyone who was there was feeling worse for wear...everyone except John Action, their policeman friend, who seemed none the worse for wear.


    Jeremy and Barbara helped each other up the porch steps, open the door and stumble to the bedroom.

    "Oh Jeremy, I know we agreed to have a little fun time on our own this evening but I'm really feeling too tired and...well....out of it" said Barbara.

    "I've got to give a presentation tomorrow and I know I'm going to have a thumping hangover" said Jeremy. "Let's take a rain cheque on that fun time"

    They managed to take off their shoes and boots, Barbara her skirt but they didn't bother to finish changing before crashing out in their bed. The next morning, Jeremy hit the showers early whilst Barbara made the most simple of breakfasts. Both of them had hangovers. As they sat down to eat Jeremy asked Barbara if she was working as well today.

    "I looked at my roster and I'm not on today...thank goodness. It's a shame you haven't got a day off as well; are you feeling well enough to go in?" she said.

    "I can't justify not going in when all I have is a headache. I'll be fine...I've already got my notes and after a few cups of Dewey, Cheathem & Howe's worst caffeinated sludge I should be good to go. What will you do?"

    "I don't know yet...I've got some ideas of what I'd like to do long term...I can't see myself at Hamburgerman for long; I need something more challenging and rewarding. Today, however, I will probably visit some of my old haunts down in San Myshuno"

    And so it was that Barbara headed to the bright lights of the big city centre but when she got there she wasn't prepared for what she saw. There were crowds of people all gathered around some kind of open air exhibition, many of them dressed in costume. "What is going on here?" As she drew closer, intrigued by what she saw, she could hear music coming over some speakers.

    Llama Man!
    Llama Man!
    Does whatever a Llama can
    He can bleat
    He can trot
    Got everything that a llama's got
    Look out!
    Here comes Llama Man!"

    "Llama Man?" said a confused Barbara, but all around she could see big posters for some kind of TV show called Llama Man, banners with "GO LLAMA MAN!" written on them in big, colourful lettering and people dressed in superhero costumes based on the motif of a Llama.

    Barbara had to take a seat and wonder at this character, who seemed very popular judging by the size of the crowd. A woman sat next to her...but she was wearing a Llama Man costume.

    "Phew! This place is really swinging today? I have to take a break; this headgear is VERY hot to wear!" said the woman.


    "Don't tell've come dressed as Llama Man?" said Barbara, introducing herself.

    "Llama Man? No! I'm dressed as Llama Girl!" said the woman, indignantly.

    "There's a Llama Girl as well?" asked Barbara.

    "Of course; she's Llama Man's sidekick. Have you never seen the show?"

    "No...I didn't know it existed"

    "Oh you must watch it! It's only the number one rated TV show in Sim Nation! This is a special convention for the fans...the first one of its kind."

    "I do you play Llama Man in the show?"

    "No, I'm a dedicated fan...the real Llama Man, that is actor Tab Strong, will be along later to sign autographs and speak with the fans. I'm part of the fan club and we members have come dressed as some of the characters. So I'm Llama Girl, over there we have The Poker, The Cormorant, Diddly D and Feline Fatale."

    "And who are they?" asked Barbara, still none the wiser.

    "The villains of the show, of course! You really must watch it"

    After chatting to this fan of the show, Barbara took a look around this convention. One of the biggest, most impressive exhibits there was a massive rocket engine. She wondered if it was from the Llama Man TV show but a sign, plus a voiceover from a speaker, indicated it wasn't.



    A young man was looking excitedly at this rocket engine. "Wow! That's so awesome!" he said, turning to face Barbara. Once he saw her, his face turned white and suddenly he started mumbling. "Fnargh laghargle blahrgh flargh mwagh". He couldn't bear to look at her any longer and soon ran off. She wondered what his problem was.

    The weirdness continued when she went to get something to eat from one of the vendors. As seating was limited, she asked to sit at the same table as someone else, a young man, and he could barely speak to her before he mumbled and ran off.


    "What is going on?" she said out loud. "I showered this morning, it can't be body odour..."

    "Allow me to explain" said a deep, resonant voice from behind her. Barbara turned around to see a well built man and curvaceous young woman both wearing Llama superhero outfits standing behind her.


    "You see, young lady" said the man. "These are fans of science fiction and comic books...commonly known as 'nerds'. They often have difficulty relating to attractive young women such as yourself."

    "Oh I see...that's funny because I often think I'm a nerd too." Replied Barbara. "I'm into all kinds of things people don't think are trendy. I must say your costumes look very authentic"

    "That's because they are genuine costumes from the show. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Tab Strong, I play Llama Man on the show. This is my co-star, Raquel Furnish." The woman waved to Barbara but said nothing. "I hope you enjoy the show" said Tab Strong.

    "I've never seen it before, in fact I didn't know it existed until today" replied Barbara.

    "WHAT?" said Tab. "Well, here, have this signed photo of Raquel and myself...compliments of Llama Man and Llama Girl. Remember, Llama Man is on every 8pm, Wednesday evening on SBC 12." and with that he handed over the photo to her.

    Once the event was over, Barbara made her way home...still processing what she'd experienced. An entire exhibition and convention based around a single fantasy and science fiction TV show? It seemed a preposterous idea and she wondered if the idea would ever catch on. Once home she could catch up with Jeremy, who had just got back.


    "Hey there, sweetheart" he said, as she entered the house. "Did you head off into town?"

    "Yes...there was some strange kind of show there; all about this crazy TV show called Llama Man. I met the stars of it and they gave me a signed photo..." she said, showing him the picture of the two actors in costume.

    "You got a signed photo of Llama Man and Llama Girl! No way!" said an excited Jeremy, barely able to contain himself.

    "What? You know this show?" she asked, shaking her head.

    "I never miss an episode!" said Jeremy. " met Tab Strong and Raquel Furnish! Tell me, what's she like in real life?"

    "Oh so you like Raquel Furnish do you?" said Barbara, looking cross at him.

    "Oops...sorry. I mean, she's a fine actress but nowhere near as beautiful and as lovely as you, of course"

    "That's better" said Barbara, smiling again.

    Later on, as they retired to bed Barbara remembered something "'s your hangover?"

    "Oh's gone, I'm fine now" he said. "And yours?"

    "Gone as well....I did promise you a treat last night, I'd like to keep it"

    "Oh what did you have in mind?" said an inquisitive Jeremy.

    "Why not come to bed and find out?" said a coquettish Barbara.

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    Sim 66, part 64


    Suzy Kent was determined to move her investigations along. Since getting knocked back by her editor over her recent articles about the Landgraabs, she had been struggling to find a new avenue of enquiry. She pulled out a folder filled with notes she'd made coupled with some documents her contact, Burr DeBenning, had given her some weeks back. She went through them looking for a clue that she had hitherto had missed.

    The line of investigation concerning Malcolm Landgraab had hit a dead end: His alleged criminal activities around his school could not be proven: The combination of him being a slippery customer and his parent's protection had led to nothing being learned. Likewise, her enquiries about Bella Goth's disappearance a few years ago had hit a brick wall: Mortimer Goth had seen to that. The Fengs? Well, Suzy found nothing on them so far. Looking at other documents she looked at the leaked development plans of the Landgraab Corporation to redevelop large parts of Willow Creek...including the street she lived on. There were proposals for a large industrial facility on this site but what made the document strange was that it kept referencing the large and colourful tree that grew just by Jeremy Saint's house. Under no circumstances was this tree to be cut down or damaged, the report said. But why? Suzy asked herself.

    She went through some other documents attached to the proposal and what caught her eye was a handwritten note, attached by paper clip to the builder's plans. The note contained some cryptic instructions about the tree. It seemed like something a child would write for a creative writing assignment at school but the handwriting was definitely that of an adult. What could it mean and why was it attached to these building plans?

    Suzy made a few phone calls...she was going to need some help!


    Within the hour Neil, Jeremy and Summer had arrived at Suzy's house. She welcomed them in and talked over her plans.

    "Thanks for coming" she said. "I've invited you all here because you've been very helpful to me, one way or another, during my investigation into this strange story involving the Landgraabs and their plans to bulldoze this street and build a factory here."

    "Have you made a breakthrough?" asked Summer.

    "Well....maybe" said Suzy. "The plans I've got here keep mentioning that big tree at the end of the road. And there's a note that refers to it as well. Here, take a look everyone" she said, passing the note around the group.

    "It sounds like a nursery rhyme" said Jeremy.

    "Yeah, are you sure this is serious?" said Neil, handing the note back to Suzy.

    "At this point I have no idea about we do what the note says? We'll go over to that tree and follow these instructions. Let's see what happens" she said to her friends.

    There was a pause as Neil, Jeremy and Summer looked at each other, unsure of what to say. "Well, I guess so..." said Summer, eventually.

    They grabbed a watering can and a flashlight and ran over to the large tree in question. Suzy stood right next to the tree and asked "Neil, what's the first instruction?"

    Neil said, sceptically "The first instruction is...'water the base of the tree'"

    "Water....a tree?" said an incredulous Jeremy. Suzy picked up the watering can and began to water near the roots. She emptied the can of its contents and waited to see if anything had happened. It didn't appear to have had any effect.


    "OK, what's next?" asked Suzy.

    Neil took a deep breath. "It says we have to praise the tree for its wonderful leaves"

    Jeremy looked askance at Suzy "You want us to talk to a tree?"

    "If that's what the note says, that's what I'm going to do" she replied. Suzy looked up and began to speak "Oh tree...oh beautiful tree with your magnificent foliage..."

    Jeremy put his hands up to his face. "No...I'm not doing this!" he said.

    Summer lightly punched him on the arm. "It looks weird but maybe something will happen?" she said.

    "Yeah, they'll haul us away to the madhouse" said Jeremy.

    "Your leaves are wonderful!" said Summer, joining in with Suzy.

    "And every Spring the blossoms must be...erm....great" said Neil


    Still nothing seemed to change so Neil read out the next instruction. "Now praise the roots" he said.

    So the friends did the same thing again, but this time talking to the ground where the main roots buried themselves. Jeremy kept looking over his shoulder to see if anyone could see them doing this.

    "I don't see any changes" said Summer, looking up and down the tree.

    "We've been conned" said Jeremy.

    Suzy walked all the way around the tree, touching the trunk and looking for the tiniest sign of something significant. Then, pulling back some creeper foliage, she saw a cavity in the tree trunk...a cavity she'd never noticed before when looking at the tree. "I've found something!" she exclaimed.


    "Wait! That wasn't there before!" said Jeremy, excited.

    "It's some kind of hollow in the tree that....leads into it" said Suzy, shining a flashlight into the hollow. "Wait...I can't see the back or the sides of the's like some kind of tunnel"

    "How can that be?" said Summer.

    "I don't know...but I'm going in to explore" said Suzy.

    "Wait! Let me go first!" said Neil, trying to get in front of his girlfriend but he was too late...she had stepped inside the hollow and all he could do was follow her. Jeremy and Summer stayed outside.

    Suzy's flashlight didn't reveal much...they were in some kind of tunnel, perhaps running underground but they couldn't detect any downwards slope. They walked on another 20 or so feet when Suzy heard the sound of the wind far off in the distance and could see a small light coming from a different direction. Thinking that the light was the exit point, Suzy and Neil walked towards it...but instead it led back to where they came from.

    "Oh" said Suzy, re-emerging into the sunlight where she had just been. "We looped around on ourselves"

    "How can that be?" said Jeremy. "I mean, that tree can barely hold two people in it and yet you were in there for...what, 5 minutes, and we couldn't see you at all. Did the passage lead underground?"

    "I'm not sure" Suzy replied. "Let's talk about this over at the gardens"

    The group went over to the communal garden to have a chat about what they'd seen and experienced. Suzy looked disappointed. "I thought they'd be more to it than that" she said.


    "Well, that's a lot more than you expected before we went and checked that tree out" said Neil, trying to be helpful. "Now we know there's a hollow and an underground path in that tree. And I'm sure there was another path we could have taken. Maybe next time we'll try that?"

    "Well, until then, I have to get to work. Chin up, Suzy" said Jeremy. Summer too had to leave but Neil remained behind.

    "I think we should try again...but go better prepared." said Neil.

    "Thanks for your help, Neil, I really appreciated it. You backed me up all the way and it was sweet the way you tried to go first and protect me" said Suzy, reaching out and hugging him. Neil only slightly recoiled at being spontaneously hugged.


    To be continued...
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    Sim 66, part 65


    Back at her house, Suzy began to type up her notes of what she'd found whilst Neil brewed some coffee and acted as a sounding board for her ideas. Soon they were joined by Barbara Dubois from next door.

    "Hey...Jeremy said you'd found something in that old tree. It sounds exiting" she said.

    "I wouldn't say 'exciting'" said Neil, handing Barbara a cup of coffee. "But there's something more to that tree than meets the eye. Suzy wants to check it out again another day."


    Suzy stopped typing and got up. "Well, whatever's in that tree the Landgraabs probably know about it. Say, all this speculation is getting to be a about we go and have some fun?" she said.

    "Great! What do you suggest?" said Barbara.

    "We could catch a movie or go bowling?" suggested Neil.

    "If we went to the Bowl-o-Rama we could do both!" said Suzy. So it was agreed; a bowl then a movie afterwards.

    The Bowl-O-Rama, 6pm


    When they arrived at the place, Suzy couldn't believe her luck. "That's....Malcolm Landgraab and he's here!" she exclaimed.

    "Is that significant?" asked Neil.

    "Yes! I've been trying to track him down for weeks now and here he is" said Suzy.

    "It looks like he's wearing one of those specialty bowling shirts" said Barbara. "Maybe he's part of a team?"

    "Of course...let's follow him in. I'll book us an adjacent lane so I can keep tabs on his movements" said Suzy. Her friends shrugged their shoulders and followed along.


    They checked in, got a bowling land and changed their shoes. Then they went to have a game but Suzy, all the while, was keeping tabs on Malcolm. He indeed was in team along with a fellow teen and an older lady. Malcolm had this special handshake with his team mate which they used every time one of them got a strike or a spare. Suzy noticed that some money and a small envelope would change hands when they did this.

    About halfway through the game Suzy was surprised to see Bella Goth arrive, not wearing anything suitable to go bowling, and approach Malcolm. They seemed to be having a quiet conversation which Suzy couldn't overhear.


    " need to be more discrete" said Bella, quietly, to Malcolm.

    "Why? I'm making some good money tonight Mrs Goth" he replied.

    Bella smiled and 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 her head slightly towards Suzy "A journalist" she said.

    Malcolm took the hint and nodded. He then returned to playing the game. Meanwhile Bella approached Suzy, Neil and Barbara. "Suzy, nice to see you"

    "And you too, Bella" Suzy replied. She noticed that Mrs Goth was wearing her stiletto heels instead of bowling shoes. "Are you not going to have a game, Bella?"

    Bella paused before answering "No. Just a flying visit really to see Malcolm. He and Cassandra are study partners at school and he had forgotten something which Cassandra had wished to pass on. I'm just the messenger."

    "Oh I see" said Suzy, only half believing her. "I don't think I've met Malcolm yet...would you introduce us?" she continued. Bella took a deep breath and nodded.

    "Malcolm...this is Suzy Kent from 'Hey Wow' magazine, I trust you've heard of it" said Bella.

    "I have indeed. I also hear that you've been wanting to interview me for some time" said Malcolm to Suzy.

    "That's true; I've spoken with both your parents but you've been very elusive of late" she replied.

    "Got to stay ahead of the game, I'm sure you understand" said a cool, collected Malcolm.

    "Hey, Malcolm...are you going to finish this game and give out the...prizes?" said the fair haired older lady.


    "Prizes?" said an intrigued Suzy. "Are you in some kind of competition?"

    "Private members only, Miss Kent" replied Malcolm. "Listen, babe" said Malcolm to the lady "all in good time. Well I mustn't keep my team mates waiting, Miss Kent, and I can see your friends are ready for you as well" he said, indicating Barbara and Neil. He turned away and continued to bowl. Suzy went back to her lane.

    "I know he's up to something!" said a defiant Suzy.
  • JestTruJestTru Posts: 1,744 Member
    I tell ya, I've read this over probably a few times... but this part still gets me everytime.
    Jeremy and Geoffrey... LOL I swear
    I'm still exploring the your wife with you?" said Jeremy, looking around.
    "Erm no....she's got an important work do this evening?" said Geoffrey, sheepishly.
    "Sorry to hear that"
    "It's not uncommon for her to work late. Very late's a safe job"
    "Regular pay, benefits?" said Jeremy.
    "No, an actual safe job, like in a bank"
    "Erm....the opposite" said Geoffrey, nervously.
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