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Vertical Gardening list of plants & Splicing suggestions

delphydelphy Posts: 44 Member
So I was bored yesterday and so I made a list of all the plants including ones that can't and can go in vertical gardens alone and splice suggestions for the ones that can't. This is based assuming you have all plants though. But the can and can't are still listed so you could work out something.
I have put almost all of these together in my game to test also. () are the splice suggestions. I should add that to splice you do have to do it outside of a vertical garden and then once done drag it back in, and the base plant has to be a VG compatible plant.

Fruit, Can (splice suggestion) - Strawberry (Snapdragon = Dragonfruit) / Blackberry (Cherry, could also add strawberry) /Grape (Dragonfruit) /Tomato (Garlic)
Fruit Can'ts - Apple / Pear / Cherry / Coconut / Pomegranate/ Avocado - All Season - (Pear) / Lemon - All Season - (Apple) / Dragonfruit / Pineapple

Veggie & Herb, Can (splice suggestion) - Spinach (Potato) / Green Bean (onion) / Green Peas (Carrots) / Green Peppers ( Taro Root) / Black Beans (Kava) / Sage (Basil = Parsley)
Veggie Can'ts - Potato / Onion / Carrots / Taro Roots / Kava / Plantain tree (Coconut)

Flowers - Can (splice suggestions) - Bluebells (Valerian root) / Daisy (Lily) / Christmas Rose (Crocus) / Holly (Snowdrop) / Begonia (Orchids) / Chrysanthemum (Bird of Paradise(can) = Tulip (Can't)) / Rose (Wolfsbane) / Dahlia (Mandrake) / Bird of paradise

Flower Can't - Snapdragon / Lily / Crocus / Death Flower / Orchid / Tulip / Snowdrop

Outdoor retreat plants - Elderberry/ Toxic (Chamomile/Toxic) / Huckleberry/muckle (Fireleaf/poison FL)
ORp can't - Morel mushrooms (False morel mushrooms) These can be spliced together) / Chamomile/toxic / Fireleaf/Poison

All 4 catnip variations do work in VGs I suggest just splicing 2 together so they only use one VG.

these are remaining plants that can't go in the VGs but could either be spliced together or used alone
Money tree (Glow tree (not tested yet) / Forbidden Fruit tree (Emotion fruit tree -This may only produce the specific Emotion fruit used) /
Mushrooms/ Bonsai bush/ UFO plant / Trash Plant / Bizarre Fruit plant / Sixam Mosquito Trap / Plasma fruit tree/ Fang flower (tentacle) tree /
Quill fruit plant / Glow orb plant.

I hope this helps some people.
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  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,315 Member
    Thanks for the list. Vertical gardens was on my list of things in the pack that I was excited about since gardening is usually a big thing in most of my games. It's really nice of you to put in all that work and share.☺️
  • delphydelphy Posts: 44 Member
    @davina1221 Your welcome! I figured since I'm a list making person I should share. I am sure I am not the only one lol. And All my homes have gardens too so I understand. :)
  • emiliajane1971emiliajane1971 Posts: 100 Member
    If you know about gardening (I'm just learning ..) Do you know why in the notebook after you have researched it, the cherry tree says .. used for simeloeons ? It's puzzling me ! thanks
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,215 Member
    Maybe it's because there aren't many recipes that call for cherries? Other than the ones where you can use "any fruit" at least.
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  • delphydelphy Posts: 44 Member
    I guess I have never noticed anything like that. But I don't pay much attention to the notebook beyond trying to avoid researching a plant I don't need too.
  • gothiclolitaplgothiclolitapl Posts: 74 Member
    does the vertical gardening affect how many fruits/veggies you get out of plant?
    cause if a plant is growing outside and is naturally in season you can usually get like 10 out of the common one, and if its growing indoors the number goes down to like 5-6 if I remember correctly
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  • delphydelphy Posts: 44 Member
    @gothiclolitapl I have almost all spliced so I don't really see normal totals. I think I get 3-5 crops at a time.
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