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Male CC and Ear,Tail, and Wing CC Search Help

ChaoticDuskChaoticDusk Posts: 23 Member
I hope I'm in the right category for this and if not I'm really really sorry I'm not used to actually making posts. Onto what I'm looking for I'm trying to recreate some of my friend and I's characters but can't seem to find anything that I need for it so I was hoping someone else might have seen something close to what I'm looking for.
Striped shirt and jacket that's got either a white and black, white and purple, or white and blue swatch.Something where just the jacket was stripped with a solid shirt is also fine as long as it has one of those options for the palate. Cat ears and tail are also something I'm looking for folded Angel wings though they aren't high on my priority list. Any help finding this stuff would be appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this!
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