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Game fixes that are needed

Game fixes that are needed
• in University why do sim replace items with random clutter like kitchen condiments or five different lamps in one room it makes no sense they should specific university items or skill items.
• In sims time, if each second equal a minute then either action need to be faster than a minute or being able to do a certain amount of action before time changes e.g. if it take 10 seconds to go up stairs then for every 10 seconds in sim time a sim minutes goes by. This is so you can do mare actions before your sim get to tired, hungry, dirty etc throughout the sim day
• Randomisation overhaul:
• Randomly generated sim should wear styled looks, so they look coherent in world
• No randomise accessories or makeup as they look out place on generated Sims
• Kitchen be allowed and not forbidden in university housing. (It doesn’t have to be a requirement, but it shouldn’t be a restriction)
• When uni Sims move in no missing object like desk and sinks
• The column system is broken they don’t work properly you can’t pull column up on edges and when column snap to a build they snap in one position so you can’t change the direction. Even when you stack column, they don’t align up because of them snapping to a build
• Curved/hexagonal Roofs don’t align properly with build they are either scale to big or to small they don’t fit edge shape of a builds ceiling roof.
• Being able to edit gallery information box without having to upload the same thing twice
• Being able to walk over pet beds
• Being to mop under pet beds
• Trash and mess like water should not be put under or by objects as the footprint won’t allow you to get near them to clean them up
• Footprints need to be smaller for you to get to object and put objects closer together.
• Being able turn off footprint for certain interaction like cooking, walking, bathroom utilities, ladders,
• No box line around ladders
• For mods and script being able to better organise content by having categories in mod folder (so you can go more folders down) e.g. in mod folder have: CC Folder, SCRIPT folder etc and then from then onward you can have subcategories like in CC folder have: CAS folder, BUILD/BUY folder, Collection folder ( at least be able to go 5 folders down).


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