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TSR Addiction:

Yes, fellow Simmers, It's June 27, 2020 at 3:21 in the morning Pacific...and Nikkei_Simmer is on TSR AGAIN.

...and he is trying to locate some "casual outfits" for his sim-ladies that he has lined up in his saves.



Now as an XY chromosome'd ignorant male...I have no clue as to what "fashion" is. The only way that I dress my sims is one of the following:

"AM I drooling?" (Females all go... "You misogynist pig") OK...I'm getting somewhere
"Is that outfit meh..." (Find something else)

What would you as the XX- much more intelligent gender advise me to locate as creators on TSR? Or other sites where I might be able to find something "appropriate". I tend to frequent BillSims stuff (his stuff is awesome) wayyyyy too much.
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,549 Member
    I'm quite sure that @CravenLestat will tell you that there's not need for CC clothing and that EA clothes can look great with the right patterns added :D
  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 982 Member
    edited June 27
    Speaking as an "XX'er" casual clothing can mean different things. Casual for business isn't the same as Casual for hanging out with friends, isn't the same as Casual for hanging out alone. Just as Monday-Friday casual isn't the same as Saturday casual. Have I confused you? Good! ;)!

    When it comes to Simmies, I tend to choose 'casual' clothing based on a mix of their personality, lifestyle, profession and what they have planned for that day. TSR has a lot of great content creators, here's a few of the ones I use. Hopefully, you will find something useful in their catalogs.

    Margeh-75, Sims2fanbg, altea127, ShojoAngel, ekinege & Saliwa

    NataliS (for jewelry to accent the outfit)
    PralineSims (make-up to balance the look),
    Leah Lillith, Wings, Cazy, NightCrawler (for hairstyles to complete the look)

    .....just to name a few!

    Happy 'clothes' hunting and Good Luck in the search.
    In times of Darkness, Turn on you Light of Love and Let it Shine!
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