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Gardening and Pets Disappearing

Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,482 Member
I've been in here every day checking to see if anyone has come up with mods to help with the two biggest bugs I have right now. My pets just disappear off my home lots, their portrait goes gray and my Sims can't call them to come home. My Sim has to travel to another lot, after choosing the pet to go with my Sim, then the pet will show up and they can travel together to go home. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or how much attention that pet just had. Just 'poof' and off they go. None of these pets have the traits that allow them to explore or go on adventures alone. And these little furries have no respect for locked doors right now. The not-so-funny thing about this is I never see them leave. They take off as soon as my Sims are busy doing something.

My plants won't stop reverting back to their just planted state. I tried Scarlet's mods, but those don't work for me for some reason, and I have no other gardening mods. It is nearly impossible to get my plants to evolve past the nice stage because they always revert back into a mound of dirt just before they're ready to level up in quality. I am not a happy camper since these plants are needed by my Master Crafters as ingredients for the fizzy juices. I pulled every mod I use out of the game but this problem just won't go away no matter what I try. And the new vertical gardens are wonky. My Sims can't evolve more than one plant before all of the gardens become unusable, with all the options greyed out. I have reported these through the Me,too' section, but I need all the help I can get right now. :(


  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 18 New Member
    You're going to have to remove all your mods and 50/50 it which means add your mods back in in small groups until you find the group with the problem, then add them in one at a time until you find the problem mod. You start this with half your mods, if that half has the issue you try with the other half just to be sure it's not more than one. You leave the ok mods in and add in half at a time until you narrow it down to the problem.

    If this is happening with no mods at all you're going to want to do a refresh. You might also like MCCC to help figure out last exceptions and also Better Exceptions mod can really help too. If you use Deaderpools discord channel they will help you through it but really it's a huge pain in the behind but it's the ONLY way you will figure out the cause so you have to suck it up and do it.

    When I do mine I test first without the mods, and when that's clean I add back in my CAS stuff, my Build stuff, and only leave game mods out. Once that's clear I add my game mods back by folder and delete the cache each new reload and play for a day or so to see if my error happens again. It's good to have your mods folders organised it makes updating easier and finding issues too. Also note with this latest update a LOT of mods are busted so you do have to update basically everything.
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,771 Member
    edited July 1
    Yea the vertical garden has issues. I prefer the new hydroponic planters, had better experience with these personally. My plants only revert to dirt mounds if I move the planter. The plants then go to my Sim’s household inventory and I have to drag them back into the planter. As long as I don’t move them, they continue to grow, evolve, all that good stuff.

    Oh and I use Scarlet’s “All Year Plants” mod so my plants can grow in all seasons.
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  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,482 Member
    @Alunny I take all my mods out then add them back in one at a time. I don't like the 50/50 method. And MCCC and I are old friends. lol I don't know what I would do without it. My CC is handled the same way, especially if it is older than a year. The bad part is the fact I am not getting any LEs from MCCC that tell me anything is conflicting, outdated or generally fluffing with my game in any way. So I guess if I play without mods and CC, and still experience pets disappearing while my Sims are interacting with them, that has to be a bug of some kind that did not start until I downloaded the second hot fix. I was finally able to watch the disappearing act yesterday while my main female Sim was petting her cat then the cat just disappeared and my Sim jumped back a couple of squares as if she had been reset at the same time.

    @Chazzzy Those planters are so cool looking, and we can't use them. What a shame, right? I was finally able to get my plants going with Scarlett's AllYearPlants mod only after moving my plants away from the house foundations. It wasn't her mod that was the problem, it was where the plants were placed; which is odd since I almost always have harvestables growing close to foundations in my other worlds. And this seems to be a problem only in the new world. Something to do with the trash, perhaps? Plus the basil and sage fix from Bienchen works with Scarlett's mod so all is good there. Finally.

    Thanks to both of you for responding and giving some pointers. But for now I will be playing without pets until I get that all sorted out. Your kindness is what makes this forum a special place. Everyone is always so helpful when someone has a question or problem. <3
  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 18 New Member
    Unfortunately not all bugs/errors create LE's so please don't wait for that to let you know <3. If your sim is resetting though there's definitely something causing an error that's messing with your garden. I'd probably start with any gardening mods or traits or careers and see if removing those helps any. When you find out please post here so anyone else with the same issue can solve it too.
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