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How do I add more holiday icons for Season Events?

sketchessketches Posts: 251 Member
Hi, community —

I've just got Seasons recently, and looked up some guides for creating holidays. In the guides, they had icons that I don't have. See an example here:

They have these icons that my game doesn't:
- A brown bag with a gold star on it
- Balloons with confetti
- A foam hand / foam finger
- A piñata
- Gardening tools (hand rake and spade)
- A single present (yellow with green ribbon)
- Red high-heel shoes
- Earth with "people" (Sim?) icons standing on it, connected
- DIFFERENT balloons with confetti
- A single leaf

Now, I've found the holiday icons lacking:

(Here's my screen of icons.)

So... How did this person get these icons?

Is there a folder in my game files that I could just plop some JPG images into?

OK, after writing up this entire post, I found a couple of packs that offer zillions of holiday icons. The problem is: a LOT of those icons are gray llamas. ;) (missing files.)

For example, these packs have missing files:

(Here is my screen of icons with the LittleMsSam pack.)

How do I just implement my own icons?


P.S. Loving that gray llamas indicate missing images. Keep it going, Maxis and Wright.
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  • sketchessketches Posts: 251 Member
    Eh.... Alright: So, I've just downloaded the Sims 4 Studio, and loaded in the LittleMsSam's icon package. I don't plan to edit it for the public. It looks like it has a lot of codes for the icons.

    How can we find out which code connects to which icon?


    Origin ID: sketchur
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  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,263 Member
    edited July 2
    Do you own all the packs, or are you missing some? Because they are only unlocking existing icons in those files. If you are missing some packs they will show the llama.

    The instance (third column) is what each item in the game goes by, it's the "name" of the item. If you want to add existing icons to the packs that LMS and Zerbu haven't done, you need to open Game Cruiser by going to Tools at the top left, then select it. Filter by DST, sort by size (icons are small), and then find what you're missing. You can filter by pack as well in the box directly under the filters. Type in the pack type, and then the number. Example is EP06.

    Once you've found the icon you want and checked for the instance, just copy one of the image rows in that SimData, go to the next line and paste (do not break the format, it must be clean), and then change the last and longest number to the instance of the image you found (notice how the first 2 number sets are the exact same).

    You can also use this image program.
  • susannesimssusannesims Posts: 30 Member
    I use Zerbu's more selectable club and holiday icons. Maybe the person you're referring to is also using that mod?
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