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The parody me and my roommate want to make.

So my roommate has worked in the gaming industry for years. It is something I aspire to do some day. We came up with this idea for a parody of The sims. But it is more dark, and more adult. The concept is that you can choose and make choices. But that every choice has consequences. Also you can choose to be good and evil. But if you are good you have to watch out for the other bad characters. But you can create total chaos. I don’t want to give to much always but if you where to play another game similar to the sims, but a parody version, what would you desire from the game?


  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 2,142 Member
    Ild want it to be a sandbox game. Or at least with a lot of outcomes. That's the most important to me in life simulators. Freedom and possibilities.
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