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My Mega Build Is Available- Updated W/More Pictures

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Someone once asked me if any of my 18th century builds were available. This after I shared a photo of an old castle. :open_mouth: So, today, I took the plunge and placed my Hawkins Complex in the Gallery. I will remind everyone that it's a Mega Build. It's not in any sense a small building. Nor was it fully based on a description (since I have none) of my seventh (7X) great-grandfather's farmstead. Location: was olde Frederick County, which was merged into the Shenandoah County, in the Northern Neck of the great Colony of Virginia. I'll post a picture of it a bit later, to further entice you. ;) I'm in the midst of playing my game at the moment.

I removed the 'mistakes' from imjur and for a little while the pictures remained in my thread. Today, they aren't there so I just removed them from the thread, too. Later on, I hope to add some pictures of the inside.


Side View:


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