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What is your current household/family?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,683 Member
    Werewolf Legacy.

    Two more members joined the "wolfpack"
    Bebe Hart
    Phil Burrows

    And the two pack leaders:
    Haruo Chikamori
    River McIrish-Chikamori
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,683 Member
    edited July 25
    The CAS outfit allows me to turn them werewolf at any time when I need a ferocious looking, walks-upright and talks properly like a regular sim werewolf. However I can also put them in to that CAS outfit when they're also in werewolf form (the EA version) to make them even more ferocious looking than the EA version (which seems pretty comical). Although since Phil is insane. I'm considering letting him wear the CAS outfit all the time as a can't/doesn't want to go back to being in human form.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited July 25
    I lost Joey today :'( The girls had been at the pool for several hours and I clicked on "Go Home" just before it happened. If I'd have known I would have let them stay a little longer :(

    Along with the loss of Joey, there have been several birthdays in his family.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    Paul made it through another day :) I was praying the whole time Mona was having her birthday that he wouldn't be taken during it. I have had that happen and it's not fun!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    Paul is still alive and has lived longer than any of my previous sims in this save :) He looked dapper when he took the family to the Bistro for dinner :)

    Jed's family has produced the first 6th generation child :) Jed was the oldest spare from the second generation.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    I had just looked at the family tree of Marcus. He got a few more grandkids, and the fourth row will probably open up sometime soon.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 1,121 Member
    @Turjan Crazy family tree! So many kids. How did that happen? They all have different moms or are there multiples?
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan One sim and so many kids! I would be stressed trying to find partners for all of the offspring! :D
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    @Duvelina Both :smile: . Five are with his first wife, Jamie Jolina, another five with his second (and current), Morgana Wolff, including the last quadruplets. Three are cured plantsims, one a cured simbot (via elixirs or hospital). There's still a plumbot in the pic (that's how the game counts them). The others are by assorted other partners, with a few twins in the mix, but never more than one birth with each. That's why the name "Marcus" shows up that often in the "genetics" thread :lol:. And no, Jamie didn't divorce him - she cheated on him with Gobias Koffi, whom she married later. And none of the sims were partnered when the deed was done, which means there was never any drama as a result (I turned off the celebrity disgrace system though, because that one was silly).

    @Mikezumi Heh, now you know why my Sunset Valley is overflowing and why you read the name "Marcus" that often :wink: . Actually, I spent more time finding partners for all those single sims Marcus got kids with. The kids themselves are pretty good at finding their own. That's one advantage of the long lifespans, as there's no need for hurry.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,487 Member
    Brought back my sim Rebekah Avery- currently in game atm so no pics- and I always seem to gravitate toward Connor Frio for her😂
    Pics to come later ❤️
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 1,121 Member
    @Mikezumi I love seeing your family tree updates. It's so big!

    I'm currently playing Lucy Burb and Don Lothario. In case someone is not familiar, Don is a YA casanova and Lucy is a teen thug. Technically, they're both thugs which is how they became friends. Lucy had a falling-out with her parents so she moved in with her good friend Don who had his very own bachelor pad.

    Lucy is into botbuilding and she recently made her first plumbot, Gamma who is now a cleaner and cook. More plumbots are in the making and it seems fun to me to let Lucy eventually start her own Bot Emporium and sell her plumbots to the people of Pleasantview.

    Don quit his job as a doctor and is now wanting to become a firefighter. He has a hard time finding a job opening though (due to the job overhaul mod). Meanwhile he plays a lot of piano and hangs out with his kids next door. He's a great father (unexpectedly). His girlfriend Nina just broke up with him for a much older man, Herb Oldie who divorced Brandi Newbie for her. Karma hit them since they can't stop fighting ever since they started dating. No one breaks up with Don!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited July 28
    Thanks @Duvelina :) Good luck on the Bot Emporium, Lucy :)

    In my game, Jean aged up to teen and I think she turned out pretty :)
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    @Mikezumi Great family tree. That's 36 great-grandkids, starting with two people :smile: . It's really nice to see.

    It's a pity you cannot make a multi-tangled web with all the connected families. At least that would be something I'd like for my game.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    @Turjan One of the kids threw an extra into the mix by having twins but, otherwise, all were limited to two kids per family (as is the whole town). I have played saves where I didn't limit the number of births in inactive households and the great-grandkids would never have fit on to the page without looking like tiny dots ;)
    There's only a little tangling in my save so far because most of the descendants married outside of the blood line. It will get worse as the family fills the town but it's not really obvious on the family tree the game provides.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    There have been some birthdays in the fourth generation sims' families :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,683 Member my *ahem*...
    ...I decided to give Bebe what she wanted. :p

    and be nice about it... (plenty of room to run around in).

    instead of this:

    ...aren't I a nice Watcher? :mrgreen:
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,177 Member
    edited July 28
    3 (or 4) most educational household

    Frost & Snow - Nurse Jiangxue Han dating with her favorite rock musician Shuangjian Feng. Shuangjian is a drugster, Jiangxue works hard to help Shuangjian on drug rehabilitation. One day Shuangjian took a red liquid of unknown origin while OD'ing (can't spoil where it from). Then Shuangjian turned into vampire and transformed Jiangxue, they came to Bridgeport to find vampire and Shuangjian's former bandmate, Yin, who also turned into vampire.
    Sounds warm, doesn't it。
    Actually Jiangxue has a ex, Zhige Ling. Jiangxue was just a fan of another rock musician, Zhige, before she met Shuangjian. Jiangxue also used her position to give Zhige drugs. She used to be so corrupt. After Jiangxue met Shuangjian and also becomes a fan of him, Zhige started to jealous and suspicious. Jiangxue called Shuangjian's name while getting drunk during a make out, this caused them to quarrel, Zhige drove Jiangxue away.
    Then Zhige took too many drugs and alcohols
    and drowned in the bath

    Melancholy Blues - Suifeng Yu and Xiyan Lan are two energetic but weird youths. Xiyan is a 19 years old tough guy, Suifeng is older than him and unemployed. Their main source of income is Xiyan's illegal income.
    But why both they are fairy? Why do the two weirdos live in such a good house with such a low income?
    Actually Suifeng has a older brother, Lianhuan. He was an ambitious rock star and became a minor-famous celebrity in the circle young. One day he and Suifeng's car was chased by irrational fans. It caused a fatal crash. Lianhuan was dead. He only 27.
    Then Suifeng left a serious mental trauma. She always deliberately avoided the famous and hid in a town as a DJ in a club. As a result, she met Xiyan, a drummer in the bar next door. Xiyan is from a minority villages, he's so edgy and handsome... But he's a crazy klepto.
    They're like-mind, even eating habit and color match. After Xiyan had been fired because of stealing, He become a professional criminal. One day he drank a liquid that is said to be a million-year-old poisonous insect body fluid, then turned into fairy, he also gave Suifeng the rest. Xiyan decided to live in the same city with her band girl older sister, Xiwu. So they moved to Bridgeport, their house is so good because of Suifeng inherited part of her brother's estate.
    Lianhuan won't
    Let any irrational fans go

    Humanoids & Sha household - Humanoids household is composed of a transform human couple and a fairy; Sha household is composed of a human female rock musician and two fairies. All of them are escaped from a lab.
    The point is these 3 fairies:
    Napalm Molotov (from Humanoids) is fire-liked, he has fire color hair, eyes and wings. He's greedy, and afraid of water and loves the outdoors, he also a pyromaniac immune to fire. BTW he looks like young David Bowie
    Rifle Armalite (from Sha household) is wearing in jet black, has jet black hair. He's crazy... anyway not a normie. He can apprehend burglar, but he just a rock musician like his girlfriend Manzhu Sha.
    Explosive Hexogen (Same as Rifle) is full white. She just a lazy girl... But why she 's immune to fire? She even not fire-liked.
    Why they have so weird name? What're they?
    All of them were weapons. Yes. Weapons. No only animals can become fairies/elves/demons.
    They became fairies because of a accident in a secret lab. You may have guessed what they were before - Napalm was incendiary bomb, Rifle was automatic rifle, Explosive was plastic bomb. Napalm being greedy because of the people around him are like this. Rifle trends to weird because his owner Manzhu was a mad scientist at that time, she escaped the lab and becomes a musician. Explosive was dismantled before coming to the lab, so she can becomes a normal girl instead of being fiery like a bomb.
    Yes Manzhu dating with her gun
    And they can woohoo

    Maybe you understand the educational significance of these 3 (or 4) household
    The harm of substance abuse, sensible idolize, weapons are used by human
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,683 Member
    Oh...she most definitely is. ~smirk~ :mrgreen:
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    edited July 29
    Paul made it through the day and is currently 10 days over a full life bar :) My sims usually only live a day or two after their bars are full and the elder stage is only 18 days so that's a long life!
    Joe and Damien became adults while I played yesterday but both wanted another child so Joe is currently pregnant :)

    Edit to add: Paul's kids visited for the day. Opal monopolized his time (she always was the family talker) so I had them sing to shut her up :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    I won't be needing an heir vote for the 5th generation because I just discovered the boys are expecting another girl and they certainly won't be allowed any more children in case they have more! :confounded:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 48,907 Member
    The fair haired boy at the head of the table is Jean's future boyfriend :) They are only friends so far.

    Paul is chatting with his handsome grandson, Chaim, son of Opal :)
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