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What is your current household/family?



  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,156 Member
    Currently playing with this lovely cast of characters:


    I picked up Sims again after getting a challenge idea: Your founder is the Last Sim On Earth. Repopulate an empty world starting with a single sim, and without interacting with another living human in the process. So that means resurrect the dead, craft SimBots/Plumbots, befriend visiting aliens and mermaids, summon mummies... but no flirting with the pizza boy. There are no more pizza boys left.

    That there's my founder, Eva Arkwright, her mummy girlfriend Nosylla Nardonilla, their alien BFF Sezzad Uzopoc, and Buddy, the Best Stray Dog Ever.

    I'm on week 7 now, and in addition to them, my town now holds just four other sims (another alien, another mummy, and two ghosts), and I'm thiiiiiiis close to unlocking SimBots and adding them to the mix. It's proving to be an adventure!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,537 Member
    @VexingQuery I'm not fond of challenges myself, but you seem to have a very interesting household! :)
    Good luck with the challenge :)
  • Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,774 Member
    I'm playing a Supernatural couple. Of course. :mrgreen:



    Wow! Those werewolves are definitely modded. You can't get werewolves that look that good playing with the Sims 3 Supernatural without altering the game in some way.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    edited April 2
    Yes, they are modded - they are a CAS top and bottom by murfeelee. I'm not too impressed by the EA Werewolves (not scary enough for my liking). Though the way I play them the murfeelee CAS Werewolf is a state that they're in when they are fully enraged.

    I have made no claims to the contrary that my game is extensively modded. In fact, I'm not playing vanilla and haven't played vanilla since June of 2017 when I first started experimenting with mods and CC.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • GguyGguy Posts: 184 Member
    edited April 4
    Well, I'm currently playing as a businessman and night club owner called Cyrus Regan while i take a break from my usual household, the Birch family (currently consisting of two sisters with a very large age gap. The age gap existing cause one was born while the other one was in her young adult years)

    The Regan Family (Currently active)
    (Cyrus Regan)


    The Birch Family (Taking a little break from)
    (Crystal Birch)


    (Taylor Birch)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,537 Member
    @Gguy Thanks for sharing :) I hope you are having fun with Cyrus while you take a break from the Birch family :)
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,942 Member
    I brought back an oldie but goodie couple. Carson is no-longer Carson Covington, but Carson Lowell again! Annabeth is still(currently) 'Annabeth Jacobson', but that's going to change soon ;) I also added more stuff packs to my collection and brought back Annabeth's old outfit she originally had(minus her Outdoor Retreat shoes)

    I brought their original appearances- as far as hair and eye color goes- back since I did that for my sims 4 couple.

    My mom had bought me a $150 refillable paypal card, so I've been adding new packs to both my games. :)
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  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,165 Member
    Starting again with Zelor Zoltir and his two puppies (Seahorse and Lollipop). I have put my simself in the same world as I have an idea for a little story. They are in Bellatrix Island by @Rflong7. :)
    :) Smile!

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 504 Member
    My current Household is a couple named Branwen and Lear Molyneux. Branwen is a Gardener, Lear is an Athlete. No children yet
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
    No to European Super League
  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 334 Member
    I took some time off work because I've needed it and it's been nice to get some playtime in. Not really feeling like returning to the Young family just yet so I've given my oldest sim a makeover and brought him back for a fresh game. My household is small...for now.


    This is Oliver Fraunkenstein. Not to be confused with the dangerous and morally irresponsible Dr.Frankenstein, it's Fraunkenstein, totally different guy. Anyway, his lifetime wish is to become a monster maker. He is currently living in Moonlight Falls and is focused on gaining skill in Alchemy, Inventing, Logic, and Science. His traits are Bookworm, Daredevil, Eccentric, Gatherer, Unlucky.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,537 Member
    @Puddinroy Cute puppy names! Good luck with your story :)

    @Sleepstar I hope you have fun with Branwen and Lear :)

    @Satanu_Reeves Have fun during your time off work! :) The names being similar makes Oliver's LTW a must! :D
  • polrbearpolrbear Posts: 836 Member
    The dog's tongue is lookin' like a hotdog
    I play Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4, and The Urbz: Sims in the City on gamecube and ds.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,851 Member
    Hi @Mikezumi

    This is my random game save family


    The Finns, Felix is a future sim from Oasis Landing, he married my born in-game sim
    Liz after she divorced her current present husband, she has one son with the present ex-husband and two with her future husband.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,537 Member
    @polrbear Cute family! Dad stands out with his dark hair!

    Hi @Silverofdreams30 :) Lovely family :) I hope Liz is happy with her new husband :)
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,156 Member
    edited April 20
    @Satanu_Reeves I am glad to see a fellow Monster Maker.

    Best Lifetime Wish. Might I recommend an expedition to Al Simhara for a little bit of grave-robbing tomb diving?

    In other news... my monsters are making monsters! :o

    (His name is Basil)

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  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 334 Member
    edited April 20
    @VexingQuery I love Al Simhara, I visit every game. I've always wanted to summon a mummy, maybe I'll get to do that this game. What a lovely looking family you have.

    So far, Oliver has just been grinding away at the skills for his specific monster formula. Speaking of which, big news for the Fraunkenstein household...


    Oliver has cause to celebrate, he's become a brand new Monster Daddy! It's been a lot of work.


    First, he creates the heart of the beast from the hardest material he can find. The Pink Diamond :o Then, he twists a frightful skeleton of palladium and scrap. Oliver carefully arranges the diamond heart and life fruit for organs, giving his monster life.


    Even though Oliver's monster knew nothing of existence moments ago, he's somehow decided that his lifetime wish is to become a Super Spy. A little bit of personality programming is in order. Oliver's monster gains in his programming the Athletic, Brave, Charismatic, Schmoozer, and Unlucky traits and takes the name Baxter Fraunkenstein.


    For the next procedure, Oliver turns to ancient medicine. One dose of Potent Cure Elixir and one dose of Young Again Elixir will do.


    Oliver forgot to notify Baxter when he'd be ready to start but apparently evolution is now.

    Yes! Finally, Oliver's monster reached his final form. Gaze upon him peons, pearls in hand you can run but you cannot hide as you shriek and recoil in disgust at his...


    Monster 1/3

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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    In my alternate game - to which I'm NOT writing a story.

    This time Bebe hooks Haruo.
    L-R Haruo Chikamori, Adam Hart-Chikamori, Bebe Hart-Chikamori.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,156 Member
    edited 2:13AM
    Hoo boy, I have made the weirdest heckin family in the last few weeks, and I love it.

    Here's the whole gang, who now lives in two households. We have Eva (the sole human), her mechanical children Charlotte and Caleb, Eva's wife Nosylla (gold mummy), Nosylla's sister Saramesses (green mummy) and her husband Chathsshalam (white mummy), adopted nieces Jia (blue ghost) and Tabitha (orange ghost), and new plant-baby Basil. Along with Buddy, the Best Dog Ever, former wild horse Hazel (bay), and her foal Cupid (dark bay).


    All the sordid details of how this family came to be are (17 photos, plus bonus words!) behind the tag.
    First there was Eva. Lonely Eva Arkwright, who through some unnamed calamity became the last sim on earth. But she was determined not to stay that way. Her mission - and she chose to accept it - was to repopulate the world by any and all means available.


    But it was lonely work, and the solitude was crushing. One night, after a long day of tinkering at her scrap bench hoping to uncover the secrets to mechanical life, as she searched the sky trying to entice an alien visitor, a stray dog arrived on her porch. She quickly took him in, to ease her loneliness, and named him Buddy. Buddy is, like all dogs, the best dog ever.


    Then, Buddy made friends with a wild horse, and an indulgent Eva adopted her too. Enter Hazel.


    But animals, while great, aren't enough. Eva wants other people in her world. In her quest to rebuild a community - literally, if need be - she dug up and reassembled an ancient relic of forbidden power, and used it to breathe new life into the preserved remains of two long-dead Mummies, one of them being Nosylla Nardonilia.


    With whom Eva promptly fell madly in love.


    The feeling was mutual, and the wedding was a sweet sign that good things can still be found in the ruins of an apocalypse.


    But one companion is hardly enough. No. And with the help of some strange research found deep in an abandoned laboratory, weeks of tireless effort spent toiling in her workshop and scouring the land for raw materials, and with more than one near-fatal mishap, Eva learned the secrets of bringing life to machines.

    And thus came her mechanical children, Charlotte..


    and Caleb.


    Meanwhile, Hazel didn't stop visiting with her wild herd friends, and one night brought home a little surprise in the form of a foal named Cupid.


    Also meanwhile, Nosylla, fully on board with wanting to create a new world out of the dust of the old, set about resurrecting two more long-dead souls - her sister Saramesses, and her sister's lover Chathsshalam.

    (Okay Saramesses just happened to pop out with the same last name, so I used MasterController to make them related.)


    The reunited lovebirds had a problem, though: one is Nurturing, one is Family-oriented, but their bodies are withered and dead. It just wouldn't be right to doom them both to a long but childless existence together.


    But there is the abandoned lab, full of secrets. And the old ghost town they dwell in contains ruins full of graves. Some of those dead are children.


    And so, with a little grave-robbing and a lot of mad science, Eva brought Tabitha Wright and Jia Yin back from the netherworld, two darling girls who met a too-early end.


    Eva introduced the two little ghosts to to two Mummies who would love some children of their own. One adoption facilitated with MasterController later, and we have a second branch on the family tree.

    And, since little Jia loves horses, away with them goes Cupid (now fully grown).


    Speaking of labs, and children of their own, Nosylla, in her new life, has found much joy in gardening, as well as a fascination with the forbidden secrets lurking in the old abandoned science lab.


    These two loves combined into an exotic, experimental seed, carefully planted and tended.


    From which sprouted little Basil, her own green and leafy son.


    They aren't the only inhabitants of this little community, either. Where there was just one, there are now 21! The future is looking bright. And weird.
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,156 Member
    Also, @Satanu_Reeves , I love the idea of going back after the fact and human-ifying all these horrifying monsters (though I'm not sure if Baxter got much of an improvement in the face department! Sorry, dude! :D )

    I might do the same, one day. Perhaps one of the Arkwright descendants will develop a penchant for chucking elixirs around town.
  • Dystopian_OverladyDystopian_Overlady Posts: 17 New Member
    My current household is made up of six Sim ladies who have the task of keeping Simkind alive in a time of a highly screwed-up sex ratio (only 1 in 10 children is a girl).

    Their names are: Rosamunde, Prosperina, Noemi, Mignon, and Guinevere. Rosamunde is the only first-generation sims left, and her daughter is Guinevere. All the other girls are descendants of my first set of ladies. Currently, no of them is pregnant, but that is hopefully about to change soon >D
  • Satanu_ReevesSatanu_Reeves Posts: 334 Member
    @VexingQuery Really? I think he's alright. Good enough at least. I'm going to get him a little further in his career and then send him out into the world. See how story progression treats him. I'll need to build a new monster soon. Maybe in your story Alchemy could be an option for your monster sims that want children.

    I was going to create synth people for specific roles like opening a business, then programming and hiring them but since they are born with a life time wish that sort of threw a wrench in it. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe that I'd get to pick it like I do with kids. I know I can change the wish but I think I'm just going to go with it. My goals will change depending on what the monster was born wanting to do.
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,156 Member
    @Satanu_Reeves oh I was just joining in on the "omg so hideous!" joke. Baxter's a fine-lookin' monster with a little meat on his chassis.

    And yeah for purpose-built robotic servants, you need to venture into the future and build PlumBots. These scrappy SimBots have mind of their own.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 52 Member
    edited 2:25PM
    @VexingQuery That's great. I love weird families.

    I tend to jump between families a lot but I guess lately I have spent the most amount of time with the Wolf family. There's Harper and her risky woohoo incident son (Vladimir Schlick is the dad) who got hitched with his imaginary friend Hesper turned real and had a son + daughter. Then there are the other brother sister duo born from Harper's marriage to Oswald... which she then royally messed up thanks to her randomly kissing strangers and Oswald autonomously breaking up with her.

    So yes, this family has issues lol.


    But at least this brother sister duo is on great terms :)

    Back when things were... relatively normal.
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