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What is your current household/family?

MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
There used to be a thread for this in General Discussion but, for the life of me, I cannot locate it. After @Ziristha mentioned the thread elsewhere, I decided to start one of my own. I love seeing other simmers' families and would very much enjoy seeing them together in one place :)

Looking forward to seeing pics and/or info about your current household/family :)

I'll start of by sharing pics of my current family.

I recently installed a new genetics mod and haven't been able to stop playing since! I started with two sims, Jason and Eddy. They had four kids: Jed, Jade, Edyson and Dyson. Jason and Eddy have now passed on and Edyson became heir. Edyson and his partner, Josh, had three kids (Jody, Dyson and Joey) and are about to become elders. Joey is 3rd gen. heir. He and his partner, Paul, are yet to have kids.






Family tree as of yesterday or day before.

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    Thanks @lisasc360 :) I am useless with the search function on the forum and I couldn't remember who started the thread so I could find it that way. Since it was an old thread and many of the images are now no longer working, a fresh start is probably not a bad thing.
  • ZiristhaZiristha Posts: 384 Member
    @Mikezumi thanks again for opening this thread :heart: , I too enjoy seeing other players' families a lot! And when I came back looking for the threads I usually post on and couldn't find the household thread I knew it'll be closed the moment I posted on it because of the forums rules, so I didn't even make an attempt :cry:

    So now that we're here... that's a beautiful family you have there! :wink: I'm honestly curious about how Jayden's offspring turns out even though he is not heir :lol: and what is this genetics mod you speak of by the way? I got curious :open_mouth:

    I was going to post screenshots of my household too but I realized I don't have updated pics of them (in the last couple of game days there were some birthdays, moving ins and a death :cold_sweat: ) so I'll be taking pics the next time I play :blush:
  • IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 5,946 Member
    Thank you @Mikezumi for starting this thread. I remember the other one, but it was long enough ago it might be considered necroposting to reopen it.

    My current household is two homeless teens.

    Alexis Harper


    Joe Diamond I don't know why he looks like he's pouting here, but I couldn't get a shot with him smiling. When I waited until he smiled, he moved his head so it was a bad angle, so I gave up on that.


    Their home lot is a 10x10 lot I tried to make look like an abandoned park. I put in the screens and kiosk to try to hide their mailbox and trash can so it would look more like a park, at least from the front.


  • Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,653 Member
    edited June 2020
    Only have a few pics otherwise i'd flood this post lol.
    Tori once met a man wearing a Llama costume called Wesley Leach and they fell in love, got married and had 5 children (1 adopted), The one i'm concentrating on atm is Mia.

    They had Mia after they married:


    Mia as a teen "trying on" prom dresses:

    Mia then decided to go to university after the family had a devestating loss in their family as her big brother Bray passed away and that's where she met Jeffrey Dean who was in the same classes as she was, after a lot of flirting and two terms of romance they dated and once Mia moved into her home that her parents had bought for her, She and Jeffrey got married in their backyard:

    And now she and Jeffrey have a baby girl called Maria:

    The family tree:

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  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 447 Member
    I have four families going at the moment, but recently I was playing The Molyneux Save.

    Saturn (Father; politician. Has a Wish to have five grandchildren locked in)
    Rhea (Mother, businesswoman. Completed her Lifetime Wish)
    Achilles (Eldest son. Works in the Athletic career. Married and currently unable to move out)
    Medea (Eldest daughter. Looking at future career. Has partner.)
    Ajax (Youngest son. Looking at future career. Has partner.)
    Daphne (Youngest daughter. Looking at future career. Has partner.)
    Patroclus (Father is Achilles, mother is named Katy. Child. Hoping to have a little brother or sister.)

    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus (Teen)
    Will be on hiatus sometime in 2021
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    @Ziristha You're welcome! I used to love posting updates of my family in that thread but took a long break where, although I was dabbling in the game, I was losing interest. When the Random Genetics mod came out all that changed but I couldn't find the thread. You're right that it could have been considered as necroposting so a new thread can't hurt because many of us love to talk about our families :) The mod blends the features of the parents rather than kids inheriting whole features from their parents.

    Thank you :) I am really loving this family <3 I will do a comparison pic of Jayden's family when the kids are YA but, for now, here's how they look as teens :)

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your family :) They looked really sweet and loving from what I saw in the Sim Dads and Their Kids thread :)

    @IreneSwift Thank you :) Sims can be frustrating to get pics of with all the idles they go through! Alexis and Joe look great! That's a clever way to play "homeless" sims. I have never tried it myself because I need my sims to have everything so they can get right into the baby making business! :D
    Looking forward to seeing future pics of your teens and their life :)

    @Kylieb191 What a lovely couple :) 5 kids!? You sound as bad as me although I am holding back in my current save :D
    Mia is a lovely looking girl :) I have always had a soft spot for Jeffrey. From memory, my sim had lovely children from him :)
    Congrats on the birth of Maria :)

    @Sleepstar You have great names for your family! Sounds like you have come a long way with their lives :) Do you have any pics you would like to share?

  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,153 Member
    @Mikezumi: Love your sims family. They all look great.

    @IreneSwift: Hello. Love your homeless teens.

    @Kylieb191: Cute kids.

    @Sleepstar: I like your sims names.

    @all: I will edit this when my pictures get uploaded to my album.
    :) Smile!

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 447 Member
    @Mikezumi Thank you. I haven't taken any recent pictures or shared any recently.
    @Puddinroy Thank you.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus (Teen)
    Will be on hiatus sometime in 2021
  • Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,653 Member
    Puddinroy wrote: »
    @Mikezumi: Love your sims family. They all look great.

    @IreneSwift: Hello. Love your homeless teens.

    @Kylieb191: Cute kids.

    @Sleepstar: I like your sims names.

    @all: I will edit this when my pictures get uploaded to my album.

    Thank you :) can't wait to see yours!
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  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,153 Member






    Zelor Zoltir

    :) Smile!

  • CororonCororon Posts: 3,550 Member
    My grandsim Josefin's family. Here's their latest official family portrait. I tried to make it "stiff, but not too stiff".


    I haven't been in the mood to play lately (the heat, health checkups, chasing mosquitos :lol: ).
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    @Puddinroy That's a very colourful household! I like it! :)

    @Cororon Josefin's family looks lovely :) It doesn't look too stiff and you have hit the nail on the head for an official family portrait :)
  • KNORearKNORear Posts: 422 Member
    edited June 2020
    Thanks for restarting this thread. No pics at the moment cause I’m on my phone, but This is my current household for the 1940s part of my Decades challenge:

    1.Dorinda Akers -she became a single mother of three boys after her husband “died” in WWII. Currently working towards the top of the medical career.

    2. Stanley, her oldest. He’s going to go to war Himself eventually, but for now he just became a teen and has several days at home before then.

    3. Larry, the middle child. Still a kid and very interested in science.

    4.Frank, the youngest. He’s a kid, but I haven’t decided what I want to do with him yet.

    I’ll have pictures of all of them tomorrow.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,318 Member
    edited June 2020
    Great thread idea. I have to come up with something regarding my main family whenever I get to actually play them again, but for now, I'll just post my current Oldie household in Pleasantview. As all kids are adopted and pretty much all of them at least slightly edited to some extent, there's no need for sibling comparisons.

    Four of the teens were adopted as babies, except Flavio, who is Oliver's IF. Enrico is Oliver's plantsim "son". Though there are no obvious genetics involved, Eliza and Holger looked pretty much identical (they were edited separately though) and based on some homeless or service sims, while Mirabelle still looked rather close, just with a different nose. I only later noticed that Oliver must be a Broke relative, given he looks rather similar to Brandi Broke's first genetic child that the game produced from the pregnancy she started out with, unlike her two older pre-made sons.

    Mirabelle is technically not part of the household anymore, as I married her off to Alexander Goth, with whom she lives now (they are still teens, but not that it matters). Herb didn't stop tearing into her because she had taken the neighbor girl's boyfriend, but hey, I needed that girl for Holger. There's a deceased vanilla Bella Goth in the family graveyard, so she has plenty of opportunities to genetically haunt her offspring for generations to come :lol: .
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    @Turjan Great looking family! I have only adopted kids in two saves because I was playing my elder SS. I had body swaps ready for the kids because the thought of getting kids I couldn't control the genetics of made me jumpy :D You did a great job editing the kids :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    There are a couple new additions and two of the kids on the fourth row are now teen!
  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,660 Member
    Hi!!! Let me show a bit of my sims. I'm currently with three saves, but I've been playing this family:

    50035478313_d8b87480e0_h.jpgFamilyPicture23-06-2020 by Marcos Da Silva, no Flickr

    I was playing with them last year (as a matter of fact, I play with them since 2014). This year, I decided to rename them all, so, the adults are Julieta and José Roberto Castro. Their kids are Thiago, João Paulo and Liliana. The dogs are Baloo (white) and Keka (black). They live in the bayou area of Twinbrook.

    I'll share the others as soon as I get nice family pictures for them. ;-)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    @thuggishsplicer Thanks for sharing your family :) They look lovely. Dad looks a little grumpy and I am sure mom is happy to have a little girl to dress up :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,519 Member
    There's a new addition to my active household, Lou :) He will be getting a sibling very soon! :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,743 Member
    edited June 2020
    IF...I can revive this "Selfacy" this will be the current state of the family tree with the Chikamori family.
    As you can see, I don't ditch the rest of the family members to the wayside, I shove them in the town and let them go about their family business. When I move worlds due to the game-lag, I take them all with me. Eventually, they may very well have to have a town of their own to settle down in and raise the rest of their family population because it will get to the point where they won't be able to live in a town that has other NPC sims (other than service sims).

    Here is the entire family history: The Chikamori Family Tree - a Confusing Tangle of Branches
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

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