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Play with Life; Play with Love - Virtual Sims Pride

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,766 EA Community Manager
Happy Pride Month, Simmers!

You might have seen it here already: this year we want to celebrate a Virtual Pride Parade with you!


I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see what you all have been creating for the occasion (details in the article), so here a thread for it :) Show your fellow Simmers your best Sims Pride looks (or links to the Gallery so we can take a look)!


  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,183 Member
    My lovely sims Caddie and Wren got married

    and I built an LGBTQI+ inclusive cafe for the English Simmer's pride month shell challenge....
    Gallery link: Spectrum Cafe
    Origin ID: Beckablitz
    Slideshow link: Spectrum Cafe slideshow

    Happy Pride month everyone :smiley:
  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 883 Member
    Origin ID:

    Households with "#simspride2020" tagged:
    Carina Reston
  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 1,760 Member
    Just a little pride flag made up of my Sims to add more color to this thread! :)

    If I just posted an outfit you like, I have good news - there is more where that came from!
    Twitter: NetzspannungTS

    we all try ...
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,990 Member
    I played a Victorian save last year, which included Anne Lister and her wife Ann Walker, who were depicted in the BBC TV show Gentleman Jack. I found an old picture of the 2 of them swimming in Selvadorada.


    I couldn't resist going back to the Victorian save to take a few more pictures of Anne and Ann.





    Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
  • NetzspannungNetzspannung Posts: 1,760 Member
    edited June 24
    I am just finalizing this household and already love these guys - Kyle & David. They're best friends, but I will see where this goes after I add them to my game. Kyle is wearing the new MAC make-up, some of the swatches look really good on male Sims.


    Gallery link: Best Friends
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    If I just posted an outfit you like, I have good news - there is more where that came from!
    Twitter: NetzspannungTS

    we all try ...
  • orangepeeelorangepeeel Posts: 5 New Member
    Still a new member so can't post screenshots yet :// but in my sim family I've got a trans girl sim! :) she's aging up into a teen soon and will be able to start physically transitioning then, v exciting (sidenote I'm so glad Sims 4 lets you make trans sims without any mods or cheats, it's so cool to be able to give yourself a little representation :) ) also she's got an older (teen) brother with a neurodivergent boyfriend (love mods lol) and they're adorable <33
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,990 Member
    Here's a couple of images of Princess Dacey Gardener with her fiancee, Bellenara Otherys, when they visited Granite Falls in honour of their engagement.



    I think they'll be getting married once the trip is over. I'm planning for them to "adopt" Mern, the love child of Dacey's niece Falyse. Well, he'll live with them and they will be his caregivers, so I'm counting that as adoption.
    Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,990 Member
    Dacey and Bellenara got married.

    Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,057 Member
    edited June 25
    Still a new member so can't post screenshots yet :// but in my sim family I've got a trans girl sim! :) she's aging up into a teen soon and will be able to start physically transitioning then, v exciting (sidenote I'm so glad Sims 4 lets you make trans sims without any mods or cheats, it's so cool to be able to give yourself a little representation :) ) also she's got an older (teen) brother with a neurodivergent boyfriend (love mods lol) and they're adorable <33

    I do a lot of intersex sims. More so lately. My go-to sim has a female frame but wears men's clothing and is very muscular and slender. I wish we had a more androgynous choice for body frame. because that would be perfect for my sim. It would give me a more intersex or true androgynous look that I truly would prefer for this particular sim. Maybe we'll get a 3rd body frame for sims 5 I truly hope so because we have 2 "sexes" and 2 body frames to chose from. I would love a 3rd option of Androgynous "sex" and androgynous body frame. Even if The Sims did an LBGTQ pack with tons of pride items for both build and buy and CAS and a 3rd Body frame and 3rd "sex". Have a world like Greenwich Villiage, Soho and San Fransico. I would be the first in line saying here is my money for a pack like that. I wouldn't even care how much it would be.
    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players. https://i.imgur.com/t48COW6.jpg[/img]
  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,766 EA Community Manager
    edited June 27
    Aww so :love: pictures! Thanks for sharing your Sims and stories - leaving a good bunch of ' <3 Awesome' reactions in this thread! :smiley:
  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 452 Member
    Ana's not letting a little sickness put her off getting married and Soibhan's a little overcome they actually got the first slice.


    Holly and Alice being all lovey dovey


    Origin/Gallery ID: WaytoomanyUIDs
  • RosysimmerRosysimmer Posts: 440 Member
    No screenshots, but I made myself as an adult married to a woman, and with the female gender 'choice' but with a male frame bc I'm trans irl. So e.
    The Great people who helped her escape never came back from the deep and dark forest.
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 569 Member

    :heart: Happy Pride Month, everyone! :heart:

    Iris (the ginger) with her two best friends, Sam and Seth. :smile:
  • Plankton027Plankton027 Posts: 36 Member
    I have never bee know to arrive early or on time but here are a married couple I made to celebrate Pride month now that its almost over.

    Samantha (Blonde) is an aspiring painter with dreams of owning her own gallery while Caroline (Brunette) is happiest curled up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of coffee.



    They can be found in my gallery (if this link works) under ♥Samantha and Caroline♥
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,604 Member
    Regan (pink hair) and Blue just got engaged in Selvadorada <3
    Regan is the vampire daughter of an alien and a vampire which is why her skin is purple and Blue is an alien with a human skintone created by @MaggieMarley

    And I have to include these two... Aaron (brown hair) and Morgan (redhead... yes, he's a genderbend of premade Morgan Fyres)
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
  • Flash5Flash5 Posts: 54 Member
    I'm afraid I can't work out how to post pics despite lots of people describing how!! (d'oh) so here's the link for my entry and the bio beneath! Happy Pride Everyone! x <3

    Sims Pride 2020 by @Flash5Carter1

    So its [email protected] time of year again throw 2 the wind your caution, get on all your gladdest rags & show the World you’re #AWESOME! And yes its true the celebrations have 2 be delayed-so while you wait 2 party-join this #VIRTUALPARADE! Black or White, Gay or Straight, Bi or Trans or Queer-all flavours of humanity are truly welcome here. Love is love, a force for good & there’s no need to hide-whoever your heart’s set upon, let it sing out with #PRIDE!
  • Plankton027Plankton027 Posts: 36 Member
    @Flash5 Love them, great addition
  • Plankton027Plankton027 Posts: 36 Member
    Thought I would add Leanna Haskell who I have just finished, Basegame girl can be found in my gallery under ♥♥Leanna♥♥



  • belleyabelleya Posts: 2 New Member
    If you're looking for some great wedding locations, here is a great list! It has different incredible wedding spots for your sims, and it hits on why each location is perfect in its own way. If you need somewhere beautiful for your sims' big day, check these out!
  • JessAlphaJessAlpha Posts: 10 New Member
    Love being able to to do this in game and seeing everyone's sims.
  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,018 Member
    edited June 29
    A fic-style Pride celebration! This is a side story for my Simstagram account for Caleb Vatore, living in San Myshuno with his sister Lilith and boyfriend Johnny Zest. They're all in their early-mid 20s (Caleb and Lilith were turned quite recently - only four years earlier, when they were nineteen). He's working as a Trend Setter (style columnist at Parasol magazine) and does social media, and he and Lilith have recently become close to Morgyn Ember (very close, in Lilith's case!).

    Unfortunately, I can't share the link to the account because of some adult content. Still, this post is forum-safe - enjoy!

    ('Overheard' format inspired by @sunblond , thank you!)

    Scenes from San Myshuno Pride 2018

    Saturday 30 June, 2018
    Myshuno Meadows, San Myshuno

    Excerpt from commencement speech by San Myshuno mayor, Maryam Asayli

    "This Pride, now more than ever, we remember and recognise the pioneers that lead to this moment. For those no longer with us, we remember their fight and applaud their courage. We acknowledge the bigotries of the past and the future they gave us. We recognise the struggles and sacrifices, and we grieve those taken from us too soon.

    For those here today, we welcome you and thank you for everything you've done, for every hard-fought right. We remember and acknowledge your struggles, and we hope you are able to celebrate today as your day, and our glorious rainbow community's day."

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...not my first Pride, but the sights and sounds strike me every time. Pride is an expression of the self, an opportunity to show the world who you are. This isn't a perfect world, and there can often be an undercurrent of fear in being yourself - even in San Myshuno, one of the most progressive cities in the United SimNation!

    Pride lets us be ourselves. For myself (bi trans man), my sister L (aromantic pansexual), my boyfriend J (gay), and our friend M (nonbinary pansexual), and for everyone around us, we can let our true colours fly.


    In this article, I'll be showing off the looks and stories that make our queer community amazing...

    Overheard, Brent Hecking

    "Mm-hmm, it'll be our third anniversary in September. Early fall in Brindleton Bay was just the most glorious time to have a wedding, you know? Oh, the colours! Oh haha, no, we don't really get confused. At home we mostly call each other Big B and Little B. Not that I'm that little, haha! I'd say I'm a solid Twunk, and Big B - Brant, I mean - is Otter leaning to Bear?"

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    "Polyamory is ethical non-monogamy," Eva describes, gesturing to herself and her three lovers - Jade, Marcus, and Paolo. "It's definitely not cheating! We all love each other, and we're the core of our polycule - a poly molecule - and then others can come and go as life goes on. The key is communication and trust and love!"


    Overheard, Paolo Rocca, Caleb Vatore, and Morgyn Ember

    PR: "...so yeah, we just kind of fell in together. Me and Eva started out in high school, then Jade showed up in our last year, then Marcus. I mean, you were nearly with us too, right, Caleb?"

    CV: "Right! Heh, I actually had my first time with Paolo and Eva!" (The sound of a high five between Paolo and Caleb.) "And we're still all friends, so it's pretty cool."

    ME: "Ah! It sounds like it was a good experience for you all..."


    Overheard, Lia Hauata, Morgyn Ember, Lilith Vatore, and Caleb Vatore

    LH: "Hey, Professor Ember! Wow, that is some outfit!"

    ME: "Ha, you should have seen some of the things I wore in the sixties. Lia, this is Lilith, a friend of mine. Lilith, Lia is one of my students at the Academie. She hails from Sulani."

    LV: "Hey, nice to meet you! You been to San My Pride before?"

    LH: "Mm-hmm, last year. Wouldn't miss it! Hey, can you take a picture of me and the professor?"

    LV: "Oh, sure!"

    CV: "Ooh, when you're done, can I borrow your flag for a hot second?"


    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    The concept of being queer isn't just for the four letters that make up 'LGBT', though. Over the years, the acronym has expanded as it's acknowledged those who have always been a part of the community, but who we've only relatively recently had the vocabulary to describe. Asexuals, for instance, were listed along with lesbians and bisexuals as early as 1970.

    "People claim that ace people are some modern phenomena and that calling ourselves queer is invading a space," says Yuki Behr (demiromantic, asexual, and genderqueer). "Which is totally fake, because we've literally always been here. Yeah, you might not have heard the words 'demiromantic' or 'genderqueer' being used in the earliest days of the queer rights movements, but we were still there. And so were the asexuals!"


    Overheard, Candy Behr and Lilith Vatore

    CB: "Heeeey, gorgeous! Looking hot!"

    LV: "Hey, Cands! You look great - you doing a set tonight?"

    CB: "I'm the headliner! Selfie and a kiss for old time's sake?"

    LV: "Ooh, let's see, do I really want to kiss a gorgeous woman... haha, c'mere!"


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...and public faces are becoming increasingly common amongst the community. While many of my readers know of my boyfriend J's wild success in the comedy industry, media personalities of all stripes (including some fetching rainbow ones!) are here to show their pride.

    While artists everywhere live in fear of critic Diego Lobo's sometimes-harsh eye, his boyfriend, stylist Izzy Fabulous, has no such issue.

    "Babe, he's a puppy at home," Izzy promises, eliciting a laugh from Diego.

    "Hey, hey, I have a reputation to keep!" he teases. "But really, I don't see it as any kind of conflict. As a critic, I share my true thoughts on people's works, whatever that may be. As a boyfriend, I share my true thoughts and feelings as well. The person you see before you is what you get!"


    Overheard, Oliana Ngata, Yasemin Tinker, Tane Ngata, and Olive Tinker

    ON: "Yeah. Flight wasn't too bad. Tane got a bit of a headache from the altitude changes, though, poor kiddo."

    YT: "Oooh. Our Olive is a pretty good traveller, but we were just coming by train. Evergreen Harbour is a bit easier to get to from here!"

    ON: "Man, right? Wouldn't give up the island for anything, but getting anywhere is a pain in the a-- hey, kids. Tane, you and Olive getting along?"

    TN: "Uh huh! We traded some Voidcritter cards!"

    OT: "Mm-hmm! I swapped my other Suintor for Arcticorn, now I have all the Water cards!"

    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    ...and while it can sometimes be intimidating to newcomers, being accompanied by more experienced friends can help smooth the way, as it is for sisters L and H (initials used by request).

    "My sister and I were raised in an emotionally abusive household," L explains steadily, and touches one of her butterfly earrings. "She wasn't allowed to express her gender, and I wasn't allowed to express my sexuality. So we're wearing these earrings to spread awareness for abuse survivors. I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for S."

    S, a three-times veteran of Pride at eighteen years of age, nods and squeezes L's hand. "They've both had to overcome a lot of bad stuff that's been kind of... internalised a bunch. L lives with me and [flatmate] C and we see H almost every day, and I'm just... super glad they're both starting to heal."

    H smiles carefully, brushing back her shoulder-length hair. "Being able to be ourselves is the most valuable thing. I've started going to culinary school, I can grow out my hair without being called slurs by our father and younger brother, I can present as femme as I want. It's been liberating."


    Overheard, Caleb Vatore and H Villareal

    CV: "So you're still working out a name?"

    HV: "Yeah. Nothing really feels right yet. I've been one thing for so long that it's just... this big mental adjustment."

    CV: "Watcher, yeah. I was lucky that I was pretty little when I transitioned. So like, I've been Caleb way longer than I ever was Rose. I can give you some resources, if you want?"

    HV: "Thanks. Next Upper Crusts meeting? Mila's been talking about this chocolate-hazelnut torte that I'm like, drooling over..."

    Overheard, Morgyn Ember, Cassandra Goth, and Johnny Zest

    ME: "Ah! Cassandra!"

    CG: "Hello, Morgyn! Wow, you look different."

    ME: "Haha, Lia said much the same thing. That's a wonderful dress! Johnny, this is Cassandra Goth, eldest daughter of my apprentice, Bella -"

    JZ: "Hey, we've met, I think! My Dad and your Mum were at a work thing and I babysat you and Sofia?"

    CG: "Oh, yes, I thought you looked familiar! And not just because of the TV!"

    JZ: "Nice. Small world."

    ME: "It is indeed. I've known Cassandra since she was born. Watcher, I've known her father since he was born..."

    JZ, laughing: "...Man, you're old."

    ME: "Mm-hmm! Cassandra, may I take a photograph? I want to see if I can work some inspiration from your outfit, I love the way that lace falls..."

    CG: "Of course! Also, when you see Mum, tell her that I got the Britechester information?"

    ME: "I will. Smile!"

    CG: "...Do I have to?"



    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    But not everyone goes for bright, dramatic displays - Pride doesn't mean going all-out just to be yourself. One more subdued couple are Ulrike Faust-Haas and Maaike Haas-Faust, a married couple who show up in (more or less) their regular clothes. While they do have small pride flags, they see them solely as accessories rather than entire identities.

    "We're Ulrike and Maaike, first and foremost," Ulrike explains. "Yes, I'm a bisexual trans woman. I'm also an artist, a goth, a former wild child, a perfectionist, a fan of Odder Things, indie music, and orange blossom tea, a wife, and a human!"


    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll


    Excerpt from Parasol magazine's Pride Sparkles in the Park by Caleb Vatore

    In the end, there's no one right way to celebrate Pride. You can bedeck yourself in glitter and sequins, put the 'loud' in 'loud and proud', or you can dress as you normally are. You can celebrate with lovers, spouses, friends, family. Party all night or go home to bed early.

    Pride is for everyone, for our entire glorious rainbow community. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual. Aspec people in every form. Trans or cis, binary or nonbinary, no gender, some genders, all the genders. Polyamorous or monogamous, first-timers or old hands, young and old, all races and colours, all lifestates, all faiths and creeds.

    Pride, in the end, is about us, and for us.

    Happy Pride, San Myshuno. Happy Pride, everyone.

    Overheard, Caleb Vatore and Johnny Zest

    CV: "Yeah, see you at home. Enjoy Candy's set! Tell her I say hi! [...] Looks like it's just you and me, huh?"

    JZ: "Yeah, haha. You okay with not going to watch the set?"

    CV: "Mm-hmm. I'm a bit socialed out."

    JZ: "Aww. Too socialed out for kisses?"

    CV: "Please. I'm never too socialised out for kisses. [...] Hey."

    JZ: "Mm?"

    CV: "Love you."

    JZ: "Love you too. [...] Happy Pride, Cay."

    CV: "Happy Pride, Johnny. Let's go home."

    Images from Caleb Vatore's photo roll

  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,766 EA Community Manager
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    Thanks everyone for sharing!! :smiley:

    Remember that today in The Sims Twitch channel EnglishSimmer will be hosting the Virtual Pride Parade!

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