September 24 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!


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Modelling has been done over and over, and I adore creative contests. I am a little bit of an artist at heart. I love all things creative, and i definitely love pushing mine, and watching other push theirs to make something far more prettier than a sim in a picture ... but to make a work of art in the process. This contest is called I AM TREE. Every round you will be something... and you will have to showcase your creative interpretation of this thing that i set for you each round. You will be judged on yours models beauty, your creativity, and how charismatic you are with your presentation. There will be no eliminations whatsoever, you are free to stay through to the end for a cumulative winner. The winners will be announced every round, but cumulative scores will be posted right at the end when a winner is determined.

I'm your host, Jojo. Come and join in with all the fun! I hope i can run this for you again if you guys enjoy it.


♥ Follow Sims 4 Community Forum and Contest Rules.
♥ No more than 2 adult Female Sims per person.
♥ No fantasy models (no zombies, vampires, aliens, fairies etc.)
♥ All contestants must be of your own creation.
♥ Sims 3 and 4 okay
♥ Photo shopping will be required for all rounds.
♥ Be sure to add your models names when posting your entries, it makes it easier for us judges to recognise who you are.
♥ BE NICE! Nasty people, or fighting will not be tolerated.
♥ You can use contestants that have appeared before in other contests.
♥ Rounds will be 5-7 days (depending on the number of pics required for the tasks).
♥ Judging usually takes 1-3 days.
♥ Photo shopping is allowed and in most cases necessary.
♥ No Face plastering and photo shopping clothes onto your sim unless i call for it in the duration of this competition.
♥ Any size Sim is welcome


♥ This contest is judged by a judging panel, and you may receive comments depending on time etc
♥ Expect to receive comments that tell you how they see the picture. Honest, but constructive.
♥ I AM TREE is judged by round, but there will not be eliminations. All scores are cumulative and a final tally will be posted at the end.
♥ Extensions are available to anyone during the round. And each round will go for one week ...
♥ There will only be a few judges, myself and two other people.

Here Is Our Judging Panel!

1. xjojox
2. Spudders
3. Sdtfm
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