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Couple of questions regarding Slice of Life

the1akbthe1akb Posts: 56 Member
Firstly, mod is awesome, does so much to add life into the game.

I do however, have a few questions about it that I hadn't been able to find definitive answers for:

1. The autonomy that comes with personalities, does that still fire if you have your options set to disable autonomy for selected Sim? I've had multiple instances in my game recently where my Sim goes off to do something, sometimes even abandoning their current task to do so - even though I have the option to disable autonomy on the selected Sim. I've gone through my mods and came to the conclusion it was probably SoL, although I haven't confirmed it yet.
2. Insecurities over body type. I've had two very slim and fit Sims get upset over being "chubby". Do all Sims regard themselves as this body type by default? I've seen both screenshots and vids of Sims worrying over being different types for but for some reason, MY Sims (ones that exercise regularly and look very thin) think they're the chubby body type. Is this normal behaviour?


  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,212 Member
    edited June 2020
    I don't know about question 1, but I can definitively say that there are different body types although I feel like it didn't always add up with the way they actually looked. I deleted the body type system because it annoyed me that other sims kept insulting mine over their body types and everyone would be either angry or sad all the time.
  • VaniliciousVanilicious Posts: 31 Member
    i don't know, i use SOL too, but i delete some fratures like personality (coz my sim become obsesive-compulsive), body types (coz have no sense a thin sim thinks is fat), and drunk system (coz havent sense only ONE drink make them drunk...)
    Is cool the mod let u pick what freatures you want in the game :)
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 2,015 Member
    Yeah, if a system is giving your gameplay trouble, you can just remove it. The only possible catch is that for some systems, you may like parts of it but not other parts, so you have to decide if you want to get rid of the parts you do like, or put up with the parts you don't.

    I'm finding myself asking that about the new visitor/NPC Interactions module, just because I have a lot of not-really holiday holidays (Summer break, Geek Con) and visitors keep wanting to come over to "celebrate" which breaks immersion for me far more than my actual played sims doing annoying things autonomously.
  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 24 Member
    I think body types are based on the body presets. I had a slim sim but if I take him into cas he has the fat dude preset....if I change him to the normal or muscled preset SOL changes its mind too.

    As for autonomy I've been noticing this too but I think it's more than just SOL, it's been happening to me a for a while. It's super annoying. Some of it I can tell what's happening: some kid has auto chosen play dolls with, or a pet's demanding to be patted or what ever...but then there's the completely wack times my sim walks to the other side of the lot to shake hands with another sim or sit in a chair for no reason and that's driving me crazy but I can't stop it. A lot of the time it doesn't even have a bubble for it. Also randomly my sims will want to do things that are just stupid and out of place and go start to do those things for no reason, like cooking. Some of them fit their personality type but some don't. Sometimes I think it's motivated by character values (my kid just non stop cleans the house and so does her dad, but her dad is ambitious while she's more of a nurturing homebody personality so it only makes sense for her not him). Is that the same thing you mean?
  • MinaiMinai Posts: 593 Member
    I also have a question about SOL
    Is there a package I can delete so I don't have to make my sims have to fill the needs for washing hands, drinking water or brushing teeth?
  • MVG181MVG181 Posts: 11 New Member
    I don't have answers for anything (sorry!!) but I do have a question:
    When I click "choose personality type" nothing seems to happen. My sims were assigned random personality types after a minute or two but I'm not sure if it was because I clicked that or because the time ran out. Their personalities don't fit them at all so I want to change them. How do I do this??
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