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New vampire died from sun

How do you play with new vampires? I was a bit sad when mine died after being a top toddler and an A student. I looked away a few min at the spice festival and she died from the sun. Do we have to stay in the vampire world to avoid this? How do you play with vampires? I'd be happy to hear your suggestions :)


  • simm621simm621 Posts: 966 Member
    edited June 2020
    Keep them out of the sun unless they have an umbrella. I usually keep my vampires indoors until they have reached master vampire and can get full sun resistance or if it's cloudy or raining. I have to keep them occupied with indoor things or they do get stupid and go outside though.
    Gallery ID: wiccanwonder
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 937 Member
    Thank you :) I'm glad to know it's possible to get full sun resistance eventually.
  • simm621simm621 Posts: 966 Member
    You need 15 pts and it unlocks once you reach master vampire :)
    Gallery ID: wiccanwonder
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,505 Member
    If you have Seasons they can be out on cloudy days too. Partially cloudy still burns, but not sure if it's slower.
  • Kita5399Kita5399 Posts: 1,698 Member
    I don’t know if you use mods, but there is one that disables the sun in forgotten hollow. I like to have them working on ranking up all night, and send them to their coffin during the day. A basement full of activities helps too, I find they are less likely to wander outside on their own that way (or at least I’m more likely to notice since it takes them longer to go upstairs to leave).
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 937 Member
    Thanks for the tips :)
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