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Can you fix the pets disappearing problem, please?

KimmerKimmer Posts: 692 Member
edited June 14 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
I started a new save with an army dude who lives with his dog, Tank. Everything went well for few days, but then it happened... I was going to make him train the dog, but "poof", Tank disappeared and when I called him back he stayed for few seconds and disappeared again. I tried to have my Sim go jogging with him, but he disappeared again suddenly in the middle of it. Tank's little avatar is greyed out and it says that he's at the Landgraab residence. It seems that he lives in there now. What the plum?
I don't like killing Sims, but my Sim will end Landgraabs for stealing his dog. Same goes for any other Sim who tries the same thing.:rage:

I know I have to go to EA's bug forum and click "me too" and yes, I've done it already, but I really don't want to wait for God knows how many months until this bug gets fixed. Almost all my Sims have cats and/or dogs and I can't play my saves because of this bug. I don't want my Sims' pets to be stolen by Landgraabs or any other Sims.
I'm just begging you to fix this thing fast, my Sim pets are important to me. :(


  • asthehindasthehind Posts: 28 Member
    Agreed. The answers thread is now 23 pages long... And ETA would be nice, even if it just said 'we're not there yet'. No communication is frustrating.
  • shorty943pshorty943p Posts: 127 Member
    They made pets so bad that I, a dog lover and animal rescuer, CAN NOT PLAY that part of the game.
  • irishdragon7irishdragon7 Posts: 11 New Member
    To say I was disappointed in Pets is quite an understatement. I really want them to fix the appearance of the dachshund as it is so very, very wrong. I wish they could have just updated the sims 3 pets pack into sims 4. Then we would also have horses and be able to interact with wild animals. I created one family with a dog but the dog kept disappearing so I stopped even trying to use pets until they fix these problems.
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