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Free Will off & Eco Lifestyle

Certain NAPs, when in effect, push my sims to perform actions like cooking, listening to music and mischief interactions. I do not complain about it happening too often, but about it happening at all.

Free Will off is our choice of game mode, like we choose difficulty level in other games. A tactics game doesn't just decide to activate autobattle, a shooter doesn't change my difficulty settings mid-game, therefore a Sims game should also respect my setting. Being forced to play in a mode I didn't select is seriously hampering my enjoyment of the game. EL could be my favorite EP, but as things are, I cannot use most of the NAPs.

Please remove autonomy from the NAP-induced actions for the active household (or give us a third autonomy setting, True Free Will Off)!
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  • asimbsimasimbsim Posts: 372 Member
    I totally agree! I have one sim who lived in a household that enacted the Exercise NAP. Free-will is off. Ever since then he's been cancelling all of my actions to stretch or do push ups. The NAP has been revoked AND he lives in a completely different neighbourhood, but he STILL keeps cancelling my actions to stretch and do push ups... It's soooo annoying! Cooking? Nope. Swimming? Nope. Bowling? Nope. Eating? Nope. Watch TV? Nope. Dance? Nope. Workout? Nope. Woohoo? Nope. Sleep? Nope... :s Every one he'll start doing it and the cancel it to stretch or do push ups, so I have to follow him around to cancel his push ups and re-request the original action.

    Was literally the only NAP I ever enacted, and I can't ever risk enacting another one if this is going to be the consequence - or something even more annoying! I'd add to your request, to be able to turn off NAP's and all of their consequences completely in game. I know you can turn off NPC voting, but I just want the whole thing gone from my game so it doesn't get worse! I thought the constant violins in University were annoying... :s
  • Mariejb87Mariejb87 Posts: 1 New Member
    This is also happening to my game. My sim stops doing what I ask and just go to do random things. Also in Sprucewood Square, outside the lot there is an outside trash can that is glitched with another outside bin. Very annoying since I can't fix it.
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