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mods and cc not working

So I have a few download mods and cas cc that's does show up even tho I have both script mod and cc allowed in my settings. Especially swimwear cc. No matter which one I download they wouldn't show up. And my First Love mod also isn't there. Both cc and mods are showing up on the CC list when I login tho


  • ZaszZasz Posts: 651 Member
    edited June 15
    I have a similar problem.
    My sim still has CC but they are just not showing up in CAS. But not for all sims. So far its limited to one sim who coincidently had a problem with another mod (online learning system) which other households dont have an issue with.
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  • EmpressEllieEmpressEllie Posts: 15 Member
    I'm not sure about the mods but too fix the swimwear cc you can download sims 4 studios (or if you already have it) once it opens at the top there is a tab labeled Content Management click on that and then select Batch Fixes and then CAS and there are two different ones to fix swimwear so hopefully that helps!
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