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We have adopted a bee! 🐝 (And it needs a name)

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)

Sul sul Simmers,

With The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle our Sims are empowered to make a difference in their virtual worlds. And as real life counterparts to our Sims, we have the power to impact the real world, too! One small step at a time.

With this idea in mind, we want to commemorate the release of Eco Lifestyle by adopting a Honeybee in the name of you all, the community here on The Sims forums.


This symbolic adoption will support the WWF organization in their efforts for the conservation of bees, which are an essential part within our ecosystem.

Now... our bee needs a name! Let's pick one together :smile: Vote for your favorite name below!

(Note that your votes in this poll will be added to the ones from Simmers across all the different language forums to get the final winning name, so we all can vote to choose the name of our bee together)

We have adopted a bee! 🐝 (And it needs a name) 784 votes

Akl500PcrocobauraBluegaylePoekie03Jeanbrackencat31KristinaNotsinglefemGalacticGalihavesorelegsnowJaseLadyInBlackNighteyesjgizmo22Cabelle1863EgoGame13DawnEnigma1simIrrevirreCelticgamer0jaletu2005 202 votes
Liberty Bee
redrogue60EuphorialQueennali272pepperjax1230tinahjalmarbandit5SsimgoddessMaMaTwinklebirdDec3338kashelle03Paigeisin5Jesskifruitsbasket101loubyloulougoodcakebaker62KaeChan2089XanaduroseSimSwim2lisasc360KLAlexis 70 votes
auroraael14Freckles1971vancanuckfan86geminiagrekfortiicmnfrshwindweaverJadeleineKita5399SuperSillySimGoth583IcewolfMistyLakeKHS12SimmervilleMzMonikkiwhitmartinezstoryyDarbiiRuesimsluvr90 215 votes
Beella Goth
Tootsyim1LeGardePourprerudy8292Sara1010Pcrazygrl32084Emily4331RealityArchitectsunhair2008IrishSimmer21sketchesIceyJaprilrosejeLlyBeAn1573MadameLeeBlkBarbiegalpekesimsZagatta7sims2freak737MartinvColorist40 297 votes


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