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Do you organize your Mod folder?

Do you organize your mod folder?

I was complaining to my friend about how I lost some of my CC because I didn't properly back it up when I decided to download a new Mod folder organizer today.

She seemed very confused, and apparently, some people don't organize it and "just put it in the folder" because "that's what the folder itself is for, its a waste of time" and "[shes] not going to look at my Mods folder and say 'oo, this could use some cleaning up"

So, how about you? Do you have a Mods folder organizer? Why or why not?


  • joleacojoleaco Posts: 2,212 Member
    When I started off with mods/cc, I initally just threw stuff in the folder together, but very quickly saw how this could get way out of control.

    My mods folder now has over 20 sub-folders inside sorting everything by either creator or category (or both). It makes it way easier to find items if something is causing a problem or requires an update.
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,673 Member
    My mods folder is somewhat sorted, but I actually regret sorting it! It makes it harder for me to tell when I have duplicate cc items. And I just use the Sims 4 Tray Importer when I need to remove items from my game.
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,771 Member
    Yes of course
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  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,701 Member
    I didn't at first, but now I do..
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 488 Member
    I definitely organise my mod folder. Though I think my organisation is not as meticulous as I'd like it to be. I have 12.9GB cc/mods with only 59 folders.
  • sennawalessennawales Posts: 165 Member
    I stick to the one folder deep rule, even for things that probably don't need to. Larger collections have their own folders with the creators' names, others are categorised into script mods, CC items, CAS, skins, and so on.
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 5,993 Member
    I would go crazy if I didn't have them sorted.
  • allisonwonderlandallisonwonderland Posts: 8 New Member
    Mine are somewhat sorted just with the creator's name in the title. But I thought you couldn't make subfolders to further organize mods?
    For example: Mods > Creator or type (build, gameplay, cc, etc.) > and then the mods.
  • WatermelonBombWatermelonBomb Posts: 19 Member
    I wasnt even sure if the mods would still work if in a subfolder, but now that I know I def will be organizing them
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,325 Member
    Yup! That way, for updates, I can easily remove mods that are broken and keep in the ones that aren't. I have a different folder for each mod I use.
  • allisonwonderlandallisonwonderland Posts: 8 New Member
    Ohh, I guess CC and mods without ts4script files can be placed in multiple subfolders deep? Great to know!
  • somewhsomesomewhsome Posts: 180 Member
    Yup! That way, for updates, I can easily remove mods that are broken and keep in the ones that aren't. I have a different folder for each mod I use.

    Same. For me it's the easiest way: folders are sorted in alphabetical order and it's convenient, and when I want to see what was updated and what was not, I sort folders by date.
    CC is sorted by categories (hair, makeup, etc), but I don't have a lot of it.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 663 Member
    I don't get why you wouldn't organize your mods folder. The only time I didn't was when I just started out playing with mods in TS2. But I learned my lesson there. It's a pain to find what's broken in a folder with no subfolders and hundreds, if not thousands of files.
  • KolikokolitkaKolikokolitka Posts: 159 Member
    Of course I do, I have these folders in my mods folder:
    - hair
    - clothing, shoes and accessories
    - CAS mods (like background etc.)
    - CAS CC (other than hair, clothing, shoes and accessories)
    - pet mods
    other mods I usually keep in their folder from creator and have it in the main mods folder (like MCCC, map overrides etc.)
    I do not use build CC
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  • AlunnyAlunny Posts: 18 New Member
    If you don't have your folder organised you're asking for trouble. It's extremely difficult to update mods in a messy folder but so easy to handle it if you have things organised. It's so much easier to go through organised mod folders and look up each mod to update than it is to have to crawl through piles of mods in a single unorganised folder that you've forgotten you even have...that's asking for a broken game and a corrupted save file.

    My folder is organised mostly as CAS/Build and then game Mods. If I have a problem in my game I can immediately remove all my mods to ensure it doesn't happen without mods, then add all my CAS/build stuff back in to verify it's not that (which most of the time it's not that). Then I can slowly folder by folder add the other mods in until I find the problem folder or folders. Then it's a matter of adding mods in those folders back one at a time until I find the culprits. It's much more targeted than doing half of my mods folder at a time and guessing my way through piles to find problems. I had an error yesterday that was telling me it was about careers but I have no custom careers. It turned out it was a faster writing mod, it took me 1 folder to find the issue and literally it was the first mod I added back so it was 2 game loads. If I 50/50'd the entire folder it would have been dozens of game loads before I found that one mod causing this error.

    Here's how I organise mine if anyone's interested: https://imgur.com/a/KscKhsv

    I do have 2 folders for mod authors specifically, Bienchen and LMS and that's because it's just easier when I download a tonne from them and I only put LMS's small mods into that folder because they come in a pack so it's easier to update them there - I put all her other mods into the other folders. It's much easier to find the dress or lipstick or tattoo or floor covering or feature or tweak I'm looking for when it's all in an expected place.

    When it comes to tweaks/hacks and new features it's easy to know what's what as well. If it's an existing feature that's been changed it's a tweak (like changing all beds to be same quality, or whim/pregnacy etc overhauls) . If it's a new ability based on an old feature it's probably a hack (or that's what I call it: examples include teens going to uni if they max out their grades, bugfixes, adding stuff to be buyable from pc, overhauls). If it's something new added in it's a new feature (like MCCC, Slice of Life, Better Schools, new spells, transfer inventory, hirable dog walker).

    I further split things up/out of tweaks and hacks into other folders like Speed Ups (faster writing, painting, fishing) and my retail mods as well because they get lost in the tweaks folders as I have so many. If I notice a theme in my tweaks folder I make a sub folder to separate it out. Just after uploading pics I added a tweak mod that gave all bars the same quality so I moved the bed one and the bar one into a new folder called "Tweaks Quality Overhauls" and now I don't have to scroll through so much in my tweaks folder. Before I had MCCC I had an autonomy folder but now I have MCCC I don't need ANY autonomy mods so that's fabulous and saves me a LOT of time!

    I've never used a mod organiser. To be honest I don't trust them. But you have got to have some form of organisation because just dumping files into the mods folder is the worst idea ever. Just remember you can't put script files in too deep a folder. I have a rule mine are no more than 1 down so many of mine are in the base folder as you can see.
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