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hi everyone,today i take telemarketingstation's TS1 version
originally it's a skill object in TSO,i has converted codes make it can running on The Sims 1
graphic script convert by peter9g
bhav convert&modify&porting by me
animations&accessories convert by peter9g
fx sound &simlish recorded from The Sims Online client by me
hit hot hsm files written by me
this objects used generic_fm_smartlists in sound system,this very hard to crack,now i can make custom trax files
copyright by Maxis/EA,free download and clone
enjoy :)
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  • SulSulSulSulsimsSulSulSulSulsims Posts: 1 New Member
    Its not working for me... cant extract the zip...
  • zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
    Its not working for me... cant extract the zip...
    do you use winrar?

  • YadaScYadaSc Posts: 3 New Member
    https://beta.freeso.org/ It's TSO back again and it's free to play. Register and download the game. Also https://www.tsomania.net/ Happy simming.. The Sims Online/ FreeSO
  • NyosimNyosim Posts: 816 Member
    This is absolutely incredible! Have you made any other conversions available?
  • zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
    edited February 2021
    yes,i will share them later
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