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Humorous Anecdotes

I often used to post in a similar thread, but before somebody blasts me for necro-posting, I'll start anew. Did something funny happen in your game today. Tell everybody about it.

I'm running an over-stuffed household, with three different couple adventuring in three different countries. My China couple had a errand to run before leaving. While I was waiting for that to finish, one of the Egyptian couple was offered the 'opportunity' to take a photo of "The Dragon Cave". This was about half an hour, Sims time, before departing. I added her to the travel group, when the time came. As soon as He returned, he got this message: "John Simian cannot complete the opportunity The Dragon Cave because one of the targets is no longer available." This is less than a Sims hour after the offer was made. I can see it when an adventurer returns to a partially finished quest and the one who offered has passed away (they age while we are away) but THIS was ridiculous. At least he found 2 Zodiac Animals while digging around waiting to come home with the rest.


  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 580 Member
    There's a recent thread for posting funny screenshots, not stories though necessarily, if that helps. https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/856672/funny-sims-3-screenshots#latest
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    My dog just had 4 puppies. How sweet. She had to go upstairs to have them for some reason. Of course the puppies can't go down the stairs. I sent a sim home to pick each one up, carry them downstairs, and put them down. He kept wanting to put them down at the top of the stairs for some reason. It took forever.

    I have one child about to age up and she has an "After School Reward Ceremony". There are three other teen and two more children. I'm collecting everybody near the school so they will be able to attend the ceremony. Four friends came home with them today. Except, they didn't come home with the friends. The friends came to a nearly empty house with only the one sim moving puppies about, 4 puppies and two adult dogs. Once Dad was finished ferrying the puppies downstairs, he headed off to the Ceremony.

    The friends seemed to like the puppies (not enough to take them home with them), picked them up and carried them around. All four puppies ended up back upstairs. ARRRGHH!!! :)

    p.s. - the maid won't leave the chew toys out. I've pulled them out three times today.
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    I have two Sims who joined the Law Enforcement career path. SHE joined one day before he did. SHE has been getting most of the opportunities for "Improved career performance" and "Improved relationship with boss". He was just promoted to Lieutenant while She remains a Patrol Officer. Is it me, or is this wrong?
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  • MadDoctor61MadDoctor61 Posts: 269 Member
    My Sim started the adventure "Tombs: When Not to Raid" where you get Singed, Soaked and Cursed. He made it through Abu Simbel on the last trip, but neither of the Mummies there cursed him. No problem, there are a bunch more inside the Sphinx. He had the wish to master athletic, so he jogged up there to complete it, then did a lap around the Sphinx, because he didn't quite finish. He was up to level 6 Martial Arts as well. He defeated all the Mummies in the Violet Dive Well room. I didn't want him to. He needed to get Cursed. He and his partner have already finished the "Trapped Basement", and "Tomb of the Rock". I think I'm out of Mummies. This trip is almost over. His sister just picked up the "Dragon Cave Keystone". Maybe he can get cursed in China.

  • carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 324 Member
    You should cheat his skills back down to low if you want him to get Cursed. Once he's in the higher athletic skills, it's much less likely that the sim will get cursed. If it helps, you don't need that Opportunity at all if you're simply looking for all the relics and special items associated with World Adventures.
  • BlondePumpkinBlondePumpkin Posts: 91 Member
    Apparently the sims in my town have a thing for throwing up on dates. The townie my sim was dating went to the summer festival with her and after a hot dog eating contest I went to interact with him. He was in the bathroom throwing up. My sim rolled a wish to propose to him. As part of that date, I had them go to the fall festival because the weather was finally nice. After going through the spooky house my sim threw up. The best part was, she was next to another sim who was thoroughly grossed out.
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    I had a teen who asked someone on a date after school. I gave him some introductory interactions to start with. While I was checking out what was happening with the rest of my overstuffed household, he decided to go home. I cycled back to him on his way home and sent him back to the date, who, thankfully was still there. As soon as they started interacting again, a nearby Sim was visited by the Grim Reaper. Yes, they died and everybody around the lot was in mourning mode. By then it was too late to continue, so I ended the date and sent him home. Apparently, it was a 'Great Date'. No romantic interactions because he didn't have time to do so. Go figure.
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