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Ava Sinclair Prequel, 2020

Hi everyone, it's Brandontaylor with a new story about a Sim I created named Ava Sinclair. I had another origin story for her about a year or so ago but my old laptop got to where it wouldn't handle the game anymore. Turns out it didn't meet the specs for the game either so I ended up quitting it. I lost the original save file, then I had to give up internet due to some personal reasons. Recently, I got internet back and I also got a gaming computer. I can now play Sims 3 again so I've been playing another family for a while. I just recently decided that I wanted to return to Ava as she was one of my favorite Sims of all time. Anyway, the first update will be posted shortly, hope you enjoy it.


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    Ava Sinclair came to Sunset Valley to get away from her evil mother and father. David and Elizabeth Sinclair were once rich but David liked to party and spend money foolishly. He worked for a young man named Robert Lancaster, a shrewd business man with an ego to match. David had set up a marriage between his boss and Ava but she didn't want anything to do with it. Her favorite uncle, John Sinclair, had helped her get away from his brother and sister-in-law so that Ava didn't have to marry the wicked man. He had given her money to purchase a house in a small oceanside town called Sunset Valley so she headed there at once. Her twin brother had already escaped a few years ago but she hadn't seen him since and could never seem to contact him. She just hoped that he was doing alright as well.

    The house was not much and Ava didn't really care for the color scheme but she didn't have much left after purchasing the house. She considered herself lucky that the old homeowners sold the furniture and books with the house. Ava hadn't really cooked at all when she was home as the family butler took care of that. "Why learn to cook when we got Albert to do that?" her mother once asked her. Ava didn't agree with that but now she was on her own and she couldn't afford a butler so it was time to learn the skill. She sat down on the couch and began to read the first couple of recipes. She sat there for a few hours when she heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be?, she thought.

    Apparently it was a couple members of the community who came to welcome her to Sunset Valley. They were Madison VanWatson and Dr. Jamie Jolina. "Hi, welcome to Sunset Valley!," Madison said as she shook Ava's hand. "I hope that you grow to love this place as much as I do." Jamie seemed nice, but she also seemed like she was rather bored with greeting new citizens. "Come inside, it's getting hot out here," Ava told them. She held the door open to let the two ladies in.

    Madison went directly to the bathroom while Jamie stayed to talk to Ava. "So you're a doctor, huh?" Ava asked Jamie. "Yep, one of several but Dr. Landgraab is our head doctor." Ava didn't have a family doctor so she asked Jamie if any doctor's were taking new patients. "I am but Dr. Landgraab pretty much takes care of the whole town. I'd be glad to schedule a checkup if you'd like." Ava smiled at Jamie. "Sure, just tell me when and I'll be there," she told her. They continued to talk for awhile before Jamie and Madison said goodbye. Ava's next order of business was to find a job. She didn't go to college and she had only worked one job in her teens so she hoped she could find something. Looking in the newspaper, she saw that the grocery store was hiring. "I guess I better go for an interview," Ava said to herself.

    Ava took a taxi to the grocery store when she noticed a man with a top hat and long hair. She knew this was Gunther Goth, a local celebrity whose family was known for its philanthropy and eccentricity. Ava was distantly related to Cornelia through the Crumplebottom side so she decided to say hello. "Mr. Goth, I'm Ava Sinclair. I'm a distant cousin of your wife, Cornelia," she said to him. Gunther's face broke out in a wide grin. "Ah, you're John Sinclair's niece, aren't you?" he asked. "Yeah, you know my uncle?" Gunther nodded his head. "John and I went to university together and we both were business majors. We actually planned on building a company together but things didn't work out. We're still good friends though. He called me to let me know you were coming." Ava was glad that John had contacted someone in Sunset Valley. It made her better to know Gunther was around. They talked some more until Gunther said he had to get back home. "Cornelia is making my favorite meal and she gets mad if it gets cold. You're welcome to visit anytime, Ava. Don't worry about calling, our door is always open to you." Ava gave her thanks and headed inside for her interview.

    Ava's interview went very well and she was hired on the spot. She would be in charge of the produce, checking the fruits and vegetables to see which ones were good, and which were bad. She left the store feeling much better than she did when she first arrived. She walked past a man with blonde hair, bordering on white, and wearing glasses. She didn't think nothing about it other than the fact he was kind of cute but she didn't know he would become a part of her life in a big way.

    ***Off to a great start! I've got some nice ideas for Ava as well as a few townies. I'll be using mods to get certain individuals together as well as letting them have babies. I'm including a spoiler so that I can mention the differences between the old prequel and the new one so far.
    1. The greeting party: In the original, Ava met Dustin Langerak, Monika Morris, and Gunther Goth at her house. This didn't happen in this version so that means we'll be heading in a new direction already. I wasn't going to cheat to have her show up so I'll have to figure out a new plotline for meeting Boyd.

    2. John Sinclair is staying as Ava's uncle this time around. The reason for this is mostly a personal choice.
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    Ava wasn't ready to go home so she went to the park in the center of town. She saw that a pregnant woman had dropped some money so she went to return it to her. "Excuse me, Mam? You dropped some money," Ava told her. The woman turned around and smiled. "Thank you so much, most people wouldn't return it," the woman said. Ava smiled back. "I never keep anything that isn't mine. I'm Ava Sinclair. I just moved to town," she said as she stuck her hand out. The woman shook her hand. "Hi, Ava. I'm Justine Keaton, I'm one of the local police officers here." She then motioned towards a man who was standing slightly behind her. "This is my husband Marty," she said. Marty smiled before kissing his wife on the cheek. "I'm going to cook up some hotdogs, sweetheart. It was nice to meet you Ava, you're welcome to eat with us. Ava and Justine continued to talk for a bit about their lives.

    Marty finished the hotdogs and called for Justine and Ava to come over. Ava was the only one to sit down though as Marty and Justine wandered off. "Eat what you want. We'll get some in a bit," Marty told her. Ava picked one up to take a bite but it didn't taste good to her. Must be cheap hotdogs, she thought as she choked it down. She finished it to be polite but didn't eat any more of them.

    Ava learned it was about to rain so she hailed a taxi back to her house. She was lucky that the taxi's were paid by the government so she got the ride for free. As soon as she got in the door, the rain began to pour. Her favorite thing to do when it rained was read a good book. She chose one of the ones in her bookshelf and sat down.

    That night, Ava went to bed feeling better than she had in a long while. "Hopefully I get a good nights sleep," she said to herself aloud. She pulled up the covers and shut off the lights, thus ending her first day in Sunset Valley.

    The next morning, Ava prepared a salad for breakfast before taking a bath. She then got dressed and ate her breakfast, deciding what to do for the day until work. She decided on going to the park again as the summer carnival just came to town.

    Ava knew from her childhood days that collecting certain flowers could make a person some money. She picked some of them up and made nearly $700. This will help out, she thought. I'm sure the grocery store doesn't pay to well.

    ***Small break to play another family. Will be returning to this save in a few days. Stay tuned!
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    ***Takes place directly after the last update.

    While Ava was still at the park Monday morning, her phone rang. "Hello, Ava Sinclair? Who's this?" Ava asked. "Hi, Miss Sinclair," said a female voice. "This is the Bridgeport Police Department calling in regards to your parents. Our officers have arrested your mother and father on multiple charges." Ava was shocked, she knew her parents weren't good people but she never thought they'd get arrested. "May I ask what for?," Ava asked the woman. "Yes, you may. Your parents were arrested for robbing a bank here in Bridgeport. As for your mother, she made a getaway and led our officers on a high speed chase for several minutes until we deployed spike strips. She wrecked but only has minor injuries and will be fine. Ava shook her head, still not believing her parents would do something like that. Then a thought occurred to her, what about Robert? "Was Robert Lancaster arrested as well?" she asked. The officer told her that Robert hadn't been seen for a while and she also questioned why Ava suspected him of anything. "Oh, it's nothing, I just know he's my father's boss." They talked a bit more before hanging up. Wow, I'm actually free from my parents, she thought. Now I will be safe and not have to worry about anything.

    Ava was so happy about her parents being off her back so she decided to try skating. She wasn't very good at keeping her balance but she never did fall. David and Elizabeth never let her skate as they didn't want her to break anything. "You know how much hospital visits cost? No way are we allowing you to skate and break something," her mother told her then. Ava didn't realize that it wasn't that they cared about her, it was all about the money. The only thing that seemed to bother her was that Robert hadn't been seen. Hopefully he had disappeared for good and wouldn't be a problem for her.

    She noticed a man was watching her from the side of the skating rink so she went over to him. "Looks like you're getting the hang of those skates," the man said. Ava laughed and stuck out her hand. "Thanks. I'm Ava Sinclair, by the way," she told him. He took her hand and smiled at her, causing butterflies in her stomach. "Leighton Sekemoto. I grew up here so I know you are new," he said. Ava only nodded, she was too distracted by his good looks but she quickly recovered. "Yeah, I just moved here yesterday actually. Your town is really nice," she said. "It may look nice," Leighton said, "but there are some things you just can't see unless you've lived here a while." Now Ava was intrigued, what kind of secrets did Sunset Valley hide? She decided not to ask that and their conversation then turned to the places Ava should visit. Ava and Leighton had a nice conversation but Ava looked at her phone and realized she needed to head home. "It was so nice to meet you, Leighton," she told him. "I'd stay to talk longer but I have to work tonight." Leighton asked for her phone number before she left and she gave it to him in hopes he'd call her sometime. He waved goodbye to her as she hailed a taxi to take her home.

    Ava was not a great cook at all so she couldn't really make much for lunch. She'd gotten good enough to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so she decided to make some for now and later. She sat down to eat her lunch, thinking about the way Leighton smiled at her. She hadn't really had many boyfriends as her parents tried to set her up with Robert as soon as she turned 16. Because of that, she sometimes fell for men who might not be the best for her. Leighton seemed nice but she really didn't know him that well, yet she was already thinking she'd like to date him. (She has the flirty trait which I think would make her flirt with any guy she found attractive but since she doesn't have commitment issues, she'd at least be committed.)

    Ava bought a new shower with her flower money then went to work after the plumbers installed it. She hailed another free taxi and went to the store. The next few hours were spent sorting fruits and vegetables and helping customers find the perfect produce. Her fellow employee, Gus Hart, wasn't much help so she had to learn it herself.

    Sunset Valley is full of a variety of different Sims and most of it's citizens at least have seen each other, even if they don't know each other. Gobias Koffi was approached by Ethan Bunch made faces at him. Gobias played along with the oldest Bunch boy.

    But then when Ethan tried to talk to him, Gobias didn't want anything else to do with him and walked away.

    The Wainwrights were also spotted around town. Those of you who know Ava know there will be a connection there soon enough.

    Ava had just got off work when she was approached by an older gentleman. "Excuse me, Miss? Are your steaks still on sale?," he asked her. Ava shrugged her shoulders. "I work in the produce section so I really don't know. I wish I could help you." "That is alright, thanks for helping. I'm Boyd Wainwright," he said, offering his hand to her. "Ava Sinclair," she said as she shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you Ava, I won't keep you as I know you are probably tired." Boyd took his leave and once again, Ava was falling in love with a guy.

    Not too far away, Susan Wainwright was saying hello to Bessie Clavell. The Clavell's were friends with her parents so she always talked to them for a minute or two. Ava had already headed home and Boyd was sitting on a bench not too far away when the sky got darker. All of a sudden, a huge ball of fire lit up the sky and was headed straight toward Susan and Bessie. Boyd ran as fast as he could, trying to push his wife to safety. Unfortunately, he was too late as a meteor crashed, landing straight on top of Susan.

    ***And that is where we leave things. It was a bit hard setting this part up but I had an ulterior motive for the meteor. Ava won't end up with Boyd for a while as this prequel will differ from the one from last year. I think we may explore a Leighton and Ava romance to set things up on how her and Boyd get together. I believe that Boyd would never cheat on Susan like he did in the old story so this is a way to remove her from the equation.
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    Not too far away, Susan Wainwright was saying hello to Bessie Clavell. The Clavell's were friends with her parents so she always talked to them for a minute or two. Ava had already headed home and Boyd was sitting on a bench not too far away when the sky got darker. All of a sudden, a huge ball of fire lit up the sky and was headed straight toward Susan and Bessie. Boyd ran as fast as he could, trying to push his wife to safety. Unfortunately, he was too late as a meteor crashed, landing straight on top of Susan.

    ***And that is where we leave things. It was a bit hard setting this part up but I had an ulterior motive for the meteor. Ava won't end up with Boyd for a while as this prequel will differ from the one from last year. I think we may explore a Leighton and Ava romance to set things up on how her and Boyd get together. I believe that Boyd would never cheat on Susan like he did in the old story so this is a way to remove her from the equation.

    Harsh. But interesting; looking forward to seeing more.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,380 Member
    @ZhakiraP That's one way to get her out of the way, lol

    @Nitroglycol I know, I'm mean to Sims when I need to be, lol. Stay tuned!
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    Working on an update although it won’t be posted for a couple days.
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    After a good nights sleep, Ava got up and prepared a salad for breakfast. Better not try waffles yet, I don't want to burn the house down, she thought to herself. When she had finished, she put the leftover salad in the refrigerator before sitting down to eat. Since she was new to town, she hadn't made any friends yet so no one had told her anything about the meteors that hit last night.

    Ava was just doing her dishes up when someone rang her doorbell. She was still in her PJ's but the person at the door wouldn't give up on the doorbell. "I can't believe I have to go interview this woman over her parents imprisonment," Fiona McIrish though as she rang the doorbell again. "After spending all night talking to witnesses about the meteor storm, this is the last thing I want to do."

    Ava answered the door to see an older woman wearing a trench coat and hat and her first thought was that the woman was a detective from the SVPD. "Hello, I'm Fiona McIrish with the Sunset Valley Times and I'd like to ask you about your parents imprisonment," the woman said with her hand out. Ava didn't want to be rude so she shook Fiona's hand. "It's nice to meet you, Ms. McIrish. Please, come on in," Ava said to her. The two women went inside and Ava gestured to a chair in the living room. "I'll be just a minute, let me put some clothes on." Ava went to her bedroom and Fiona sat down. It's been awhile since I've been inside this house, Fiona thought. She used to live in the neighborhood back when she first moved to Sunset Valley with her daughter River, who was only a baby then. She was brought out of these thoughts when Ava came out and sat on the couch. "What do you want to know, Ms. McIrish?" Ava asked. "How about we start with your feelings? How did you feel when your mother and father were sentenced to prison?" Ava had to think that one through. How did she feel? Certainly she was happy they couldn't bother her but they were her parents. "I don't really know, to be truthful," she told Fiona. "My parents weren't really the best parents, it's hard to know how to feel. Fiona felt a little sympathy for her, she'd seen her fair share of bad parents. Fiona continued to ask Ava questions, some were a bit too nosy and Ava started to get angry. "Enough questions, Fiona," she said, now using Fiona's first name. "I can see now it was a mistake letting you interview me. I want you to leave and don't quote me either!" Fiona left and Ava slammed the door behind her before sinking to the floor with a sigh.

    A few hours later, Ava felt much better so she read one of the books the old owners left in the bookshelf. It was an older title but she was really enjoying it. She still hadn't heard about the meteor strike and it'd be a few hours more before she'd learn about it. Before long, it was time for her to get ready for work at the grocery store. She liked the job so far but the pay wasn't good at all. Her real goal in life was to join the political career. However, she needed to take some more charisma classes before City Hall would even think of hiring her, then she'd have to wait for an opening.

    By the time Ava went to work, there were still meteors left over from the previous night. "What happened here? she asked her coworker Gus Hart as they entered the store. Gus looked at her incredulously. "You don't know what happened? There was a meteor strike! It was all over the news this morning!" Ava was shocked. "A meteor shower? But wouldn't NASA have known and given us warning?" Gus shook his head. "NASA had no idea we were going to have a meteor shower. Personally, I think the aliens from Sixam did this. They have the power to bring meteors down." Ava rolled her eyes at this, everyone at the grocery store knew Gus was a conspiracy theorist. Ava didn't comment and went to clock in. What Gus said next made Ava stop in her tracks. "The sad part is, Susan Wainwright had one land on her. Shame, she and Boyd were about the only people in this town who could've proved the aliens exist." Ava grabbed Gus's arm when he tried to leave and he turned to her in surprise. "Gus! You can't just say someone got hit by a meteor and walk away!" Gus felt a bit ashamed by his behavior. "Sorry, Ava. I should have mentioned that a bit earlier." Ava couldn't process this. She'd just met Boyd yesterday and he introduced her to Susan. The news almost made her cry but she knew she'd have to suppress her feelings until work was over.

    After 3 hours of work, Ava clocked out and exited the store. She came upon a few small fragments that were left from the meteor shower and a few tears rolled down her face as she thought about Susan. She wiped them away with her index finger before going to Central Park. The festival was still open so she got her something to eat before heading home. That night, Ava cried herself to sleep over the loss of Susan Wainwright.
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    ***New Update Coming Tomorrow***

    Sorry for the month delay, just got busy with other saves and real life. Not a lot is happening in the new update but it does show a few things that further the story.
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    While Ava was sleeping, a zombie appeared to try to eat someones brains. Unfortunately, no one was outside so Ava's lonely mushroom got attacked.

    Ava woke up feeling much better than the night before. She didn't know why she was so upset last night over Susan Wainwrights death but she just felt bad for Boyd and Blair. Ava got a plate of autumn salad from the fridge for breakfast as she planned her morning out.

    The first thing on Ava's list was to take care of her one plant so she went outside only to discover what the zombie did. "Stupid raccoons!", Ava mumbled as she tossed it in the garbage. She didn't know that zombies existed so she figured it had to be some kind of animal. She went inside to wash her hands, then grabbed her gym bag and headed out the door.

    Ava went into the changing room to put on her gym clothes before heading upstairs to the equipment. Wow, I figured there'd be someone hear, she thought as she got on the treadmill. She started off slowly before upping the speed a bit. Luckily no one was there because she tripped a couple of times before she decided to give up for now. Just as she was leaving, Jamie Jolina showed up so Ava gave her a quick wave before heading over to the park.

    Ava was surprised by how many flowers there were in the park. She had been told that you could see them for a little extra cash so she spent some time collecting as many as possible.

    She was just about ready to leave for home when she saw her acquaintance, Leighton Sekemoto, show up. She decided to go over and say hello and see his cute little boy, Sam. "Hello, Leighton," she said, giving him a warm smile. Leighton looked up to see Ava and he smiled back. "Hey, how are you? It's Ava, right?" Ava nodded her head before turning her attention to Sam. "Well hello, cutie. Are you being a good boy for Daddy?" she asked. Sam looked at her before burying his head in his father's chest. "He's just a little bit shy," Leighton told her. "I've been trying to get him to socialize with others but I haven't had luck so far." He put Sam down so he could play nearby then continued his conversation with Ava. Soon they were talking about their favorite things and Leighton told her all about the great pancakes at the diner. "And they make them so big, they barely fit on the plate!" he said excitedly. "That sounds a bit too much for me but I'll definitely try them sometime." Then Leighton got an idea. "Hey, why don't we go to breakfast together this weekend?" he asked. Ava's eyes lit up at the suggestion as she had a small crush on Leighton to begin with. "I'd love to! How about we try for Saturday? Sunday would work too but I can't wait to try the pancakes." So Leighton and Ava agreed to meet at Hogan's Saturday morning. Ava gave him a hug and got ready to head home. But yet again, someone caught her eye and her mind went back to the conversation with Gus Hart about his theory on Susan's death.

    "Sir, sir?" Ava said as she rushed over to an elderly man. "Yes?" the man said as he turned to face her. "I'm Ava Sinclair and I was just wanting a moment of your time." she told him. The man shook her hand and introduced himself as Buster Clavell. "So what did you want, Ms. Sinclair?" Ava then asked him about the meteor's that hit the shopping center. She had read in the paper how Buster had been there and had witnessed the whole thing. "It was terrible, the darn thing just fell on top of ol' Susan." he said. "Of course, maybe if she and her husband weren't doing all those weird science experiments, maybe this wouldn't have happened." Ava was a bit surprised by this, she knew the Wainwrights were scientists but she didn't know how they could cause a meteor storm. "What do you mean, Mr. Clavell? You think Susan brought a meteor down on herself?" Buster shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I don't know if it's possible but who knows in this town. If Gus Hart is to be believed, it was aliens or Bigfoot. Gus is a little strange though, so I wouldn't take anything he says seriously. He keeps going on about being abducted by them or something." Ava kind of agree with Buster, although she liked Gus and thought he had a good sense of humor. "Well, Mr. Clavell, thank you for your time. I didn't mean to question you to death, I know the reporters did that." Buster rolled his eyes at the comment. "Yeah, Fiona wouldn't leave me alone about it. Anyway, I really need to go. My wife is waiting for me at the grocery store."

    Ava got ready for work then headed to the grocery store. She happened to notice Boyd Wainwright sitting on a bench near the site of Susan's tragic death. "Why, Susan? Why'd you have to leave me?" he cried as he looked to the sky. The citizens of Sunset Valley felt bad for him but they ignored him as they really didn't know what to do. Ava felt sorrow for him, she knew his heart must be broken. She rushed into work as it was a bit too much to bear, seeing him so grief stricken. Ava sorted more produce and by the time she had finished work, her boss promoted her to a Blue Light Specialist! With the money she earned, she bought a used car and went home.

    ***A few things connect to the previous updates. First of all, Ava had met Leighton on one of her first days. They had attraction so I decided they'll be together for a bit. Boyd is too upset right now and I need him and Ava to grow closer before anything happens there. Next, Buster gave a different reason for the meteor shower. He thinks the Wainwrights were doing experiments that caused it. They were up to some secretive things but they may or may not be the actual cause. Think of them more as targets, if anything. There will be an update or two before Leighton and Ava's first date but I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. How will Yumi feel about Ava and will Sam get over his shyness? We'll find out soon enough.
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    The following morning, Ava got up and ate her breakfast like she usually does then she did her dishes up. I wish I could afford a dishwasher, she thought. I'll be glad when I can get my charisma courses finished so I can work at City Hall. She'd been contemplating quitting her part time job at the grocery store as there were new jobs opening up in town that she'd qualify for, at least until she got hired at City Hall.

    Living with her parents, Ava didn't have to cook as the hired staff took care of that but living on her own made her realize how badly her skills were lacking. As such, she'd bought a recipe book the previous day and had just now found time to learn the recipe. She just hoped she didn't mess it up when she tried to cook it tomorrow.

    She decided to get out for a while as the weather was perfect for a stroll through the park. She was happy to see her good friend Leighton Sekemoto and decided to talk to him. "Are we still on for Saturday night?" he asked Ava. "Of course, I've been looking forward to it." This time, Sam didn't hide his head and instead looked at her with curiosity. "See, she's not going to hurt you," Leighton told him. Leighton couldn't stay very long as he had work but he hugged Ava goodbye before he left and she kissed Sam on his cheek.

    Ava decided to get some fishing in. For some reason, the old owners of her house left a fishing pole there and it was in surprisingly good condition. Unfortunately, the fish she caught only gained her $15. "Forget this, I'm going home," she mumbled under her breath. She decided to take a nap before she went to work because she thought she'd be too tired before she got off work,

    Ava left for work and spent most of the time there putting tags on the shelves. She got of work and ate her supper that consisted of yogurt, her autumn salad had wilted too much and she was too tried to try the ratatouille recipe tonight.

    ***I know I didn't put much into this update but nothing much really happened and the things I wanted to do need to happen later in the story. Once I get to the weekend, then Leighton will play a bit bigger part.
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