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Build Newcrest Challenge - The Crowe Legacy (Updated 16/Sep/20)

miwa09miwa09 Posts: 347 Member
Hi! I've been documenting my Build Newcrest -family, the Crowes, and writing a story based on what happens in my game! If you want to see what happens and if my sims have success with their ambitions and goals, feel free to check it out!


Gen 1:
1.1 Welcome to Newcrest, Trisha Crowe!
1.2 The Mayor of Newcrest
1.3 Strange Plants
1.4 Crazy for Parenthood
1.5 Monsterbusters
1.6 Little Pirates
1.7 Family Vacation
1.8 The Big Sims' Club

If you read and leave a comment, I'll be thankful!

For now I'll be updating in irregular schedule, but I may set a regular one later on! I try to post a chapter once or twice a week though.
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