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Tales of Camelot - 3.60: Reckoning - Updated 25-05-2023


  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,694 Member
    @Duvelina Hi, Duvie :mrgreen: we left a seat for you.
    That poor sap was only somewhere in his fifties. I didn't explicitly put it in the story (did hint at it) because it's not that relevant, but he actually died not long after Morgana's chapters. In my headcanon, they're lucky if they live to 60 years old.

    And yup, that was Sofia. She was legit working as a waitress there, and I liked it too much not to include it. MCC also gave her a flirtationship with Percival, but it's super one-sided (from his side). :D
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    Why were you apologising lol? That was amazing <3

    Ooof there's dragons in ToC??? I'm so excited to know what's next. Magic? War? Dragons? Merlin? Ah so much going on. That was an amazing chapter btw. Loved the brawl scene and the owl and the knights chilling around the campfire chatting like good friends. I'm so glad I read a second time because I'm so bad with names but I'm super clear now.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    That makes more sense! I was thinking forties young, not sixties.
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,695 Member
    After seeing those birthday pictures I really want Morgana, Arthur and Gawain to time-travel to modern times like that and see how they would do. My god, how funny that would be.
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  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    I missed that there was another chapter. Okay, now I'm all caught up again. :)
    I'll just add some of my own thoughts from the above comments. I think you made a good choice in giving Lancelot brown hair; it is a good contrast to Arthur. Maybe it's just me, but at first, I had trouble distinguishing who was Percival and who was Elyan. But now I think I got it, Elyan has black hair and a fuller beard than Percival. And I really like Lancelot's personality, he seems to be very level-headed and intelligent, which I think is a good balance to the other personalities. He's also a storyteller and I love a good storyteller character.

    I am almost certain the guy in the woods was Merlin. I hope so, I really want to meet Merlin and hear him impart his mystical wisdom, lol.

    And I agree with @AdamsEve1231 comment about friendships. I enjoy that this story focuses on non-romantic relationships. I do enjoy a healthy bromance in a story.
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Yay, I've had such a long and busy day at work today, this is the perfect treat today, thank you Yimi <3

    I have already left you quite the essay on your blog, so not sure if I have much to add here, apart from... why is everyone in this story so attractive? It's far too distracting :D:p
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Ok, one additional thought:
    I have no significant leanings on the hair debate. Call me hair colour-agnostic :p
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,694 Member

    Because I’m weird like that. I’m glad you liked it. <3 And yup, there are! In a super limited way via CC, but still. And it’s hilarious how everyone is so stoked to see Merlin! xD

    Challenge accepted.
    "What are those?!"

    "What is that?!"

    "What the hell are these?!"

    Challenge did not go too well. :D

    Haha, I love how this is becoming such a thing. And everyone seems to be in agreement about wanting Merlin to show up again. That’s some pressure right there. XD I haven't actually been thinking about romance all that much to begin with. It'll show up in due time, but it's fun to develop genuine friendships in the meantime.

    Haha, sorry I made them so distracting. But hey, you get the added benefit of Lancelot without a shirt on. :D
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    @_sims_Yimi rofl Arthur... 😂 thats epic
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    Arthur's mind is blown. Poor baby. Go back to your own time period. You won't like it here. 😂
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,248 Member
    Poor Arthur! :scream:
    .... the pictures of the time travel are indescribably funny .... especially his facial expressions :joy::lol::joy:

    I love reading your story and not least looking at your photos and their beautiful shaping :+1:<3
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,695 Member
    @_sims_Yimi You don’t want to know how hard I laughed at those pictures 😂😂😂😂 I was on the floor for 5 minutes straight
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  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 7,031 Member
    Arthur time traveling is pure gold! :D Somehow I think Morgana would fare better.
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  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Lols at the time travel! You never disappoint :D
  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    Haha! :D Poor Arthur is so confused. It's not so bad Arthur, at least there are still sweets to eat, lol.
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,694 Member
    Giant multi-story time travel crossover, anyone? :smirk:

    Dear LORD, the game did NOT want to work with me this chapter. Sorry if the pictures look a little odd, guys, but I just cannot be bothered to go through all that again. :D
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    You did an amazing job, Yimi! I didn't see anything odd and I have to commend you for posing that many people. It all looks very realistic and the pictures manage to tell the story in- and of itself once again. Great chapter.
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    Rofl HAHAHA. okayy I'm going to respond to your notes here, and your story on the blog. Notes first because I lol-ed so hard at
    the image of everyone breaking formation and being absolute d*cks, then Gawain answers for everyone's sin and gets struck by lightning. OK sue me slapstick humor gets to me I'm a sim*pleton! :joy:

    1. Ok first dumb question, do you have autonomy off so your characters don't randomly walk off? You probably do so ignore this.
    2. The full house mod allows you to have up to 24 people in your household. This will save your soul.
    3. The UI Cheat mod allows you to control time, weather and buff everyone's needs with a simple click of the UI. MCCC does all of this but trust me this will save your soul too. (and Gawain from further shock therapy.)

    ** The full house mod description sounds risky, but it actually isn't. I've gone against everything it advised against and still have my sims so don't worry about accidents. **
  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    Ah, a new chapter!
    I really liked the conflict in Arthur. On one hand, knight's code demands that they help the helpless, On the other hand, Law demands mages being put to the torch. really nicely shows that Arthurian knighthood ideals are just that - Ideals. Knights must also serve the law of their king. It ALSO doesn't help that Arthur owes his life to magic. Ideals and reality just don't get along.

    I also like the usage of Druid pacifism as both good and bad thing. They're pacifists and yet still are treated with distrust and rejection by mundane humans. Oh the other hand it is clear that their pacifist is biting them in hind quarters. Another Ideal that just doesn't work.

    Had Arthur and his men used lethal force, this standoff would not happen. Another ideal shattered. Oh keep going please! Me likey!

    And another one! One good deed does not erase years of prejudice and distrust! Oh this is GLORIOUS!

    And the best one is at the end. Crown Prince breaks laws of his own kingdom because it is a right thing to do and because he will PROBABLY get away wit it. A, say, random captain would NOT get away with it. Now Arthur needs to turn himself in for breaking the laws...oh wait, that will not happen!

    Overall, an EXCELLENT chapter. Loved it! Some images are a bit too dark, yes, but still it was really really good. Me likey!
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  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Can't even imagine how much work would have gone into executing that, but you pulled it off masterfully! The tension in the chapter was real, you could definitely feelmthe stakes. And the action portion was done super well, I didn't see anything odd.

    I'm glad about Arthur's decision. So young, and yet he's already surpassed his father in so many ways. And yay, Merlin's finally back!
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,694 Member
    @Duvelina Thank you! I’m glad that it looked realistic enough to be enjoyable =D I also greatly enjoyed setting the other soldiers on fire after picture taking was done. They had it coming for being total muppets during posing.

    @mercuryfoam Yup, that’s exactly what happened XD and poor Gawain was the one trying the hardest, too.
    1. I do, but sometimes they still don’t listen to me. Rebellion and mutiny galore in my game XD
    2. I have that one!
    3. Did not know about that one. I’ve been using MCC for the weather, but the change only lasts for so long before it reverts back to the original weather. Like, I’m trying to pose everyone for a starry sky, and halfway through the pictures, it reverts to cloudy grey again! *frustration*

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for pointing out that the pictures are still a little too dark. I'll see what I can do in the future! I brightened them with a program after picture taking this time around, maybe I can do that a little more. Or start floating invisible lights over their heads. Hmm.

    Thank you for reading! Arthur and Uther are very alike in many areas, just like Uther and Morgana. But Artur and Morgana both differ from their father in a few key things. One of them is compassion. Haha, I’m glad everyone is so happy with Merlin coming back! It was about time for more magic, methinks.
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,957 Member
    @_sims_Yimi 2.2
    This was an intense chapter. Oh, and the posing part... I know how that feels! Especially when trying to pose more than three sims - and sometimes the sims happen to be rebellious teenagers who just won't listen. The descriptions and screenshots are well-done.
  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    I can definitely commiserate on the whole posing big groups thing. It takes a long time to get everyone in position and posed, even with autonomy off and using MC Command Center (which is a major lifesaver, literally).
    There were so many hard decisions here, and I'm curious what the outcomes will be. Arthur going against his father's law and siding with the druids. He did the right thing, but it will have consequences. I think he will eventually lose the trust of Elyan and Percival, and potentially his father finding out. And Emrys using magic to do harm, even though he has vowed not to. Again it was justified, but also breaking a rule. His people saw this, and I'm not sure what their responses might be. I could see some dissension among them. Just my thoughts on it. It was another great chapter. :)
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,694 Member
    edited August 2020
    @DeafSimmer Thank you! And I know right?! Sometimes they just won’t do as you tell them, even with autonomy off and MCC pulling their strings and nothing else in the room to distract them. Have you ever legitimately gotten angry at one of your sims? I have that with Arthur all the time! xD

    @lone_cat Oh man, I cannot imagine life without MCC anymore. I just found out about MCC dresser half a month ago, and I cannot believe how big of a difference it makes to just be able to change clothes mid-pose. And move them around with TOOL. Mods are such lifesavers, no joke.
    Hard decisions make for the best chapters, in my opinion! =D And you’re right - it definitely will. One thing I do have to clear up – Emrys hasn’t sworn the druid oath. If he did, using magic against that soldier would have killed him. He just made Arthur & co believe that he did by being vague with words. He’s a sneaky one. XD

    I'm trying to do something new *cough* shamelessly copy @ThePlumbob 's awesome use of chapter pictures *cough* and post a picture as a link instead of how I normally announce a new chapter, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. How does this work? :sweat_smile:
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  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    edited August 2020
    Ooh, a new chapter?

    You just do it the same way you would insert a link with text, so you put in your image BBCode first, then highlight it, and then insert the hyperlink. Like this (obviously you'd need to remove the space between "u rl" and "i mg" for the below to actually work):

    [u rl=""][i mg][/img][/url]

    Edit: I think you've got an extra https: in your new chapter link above Yimi - it's a wee bit borked. I hate when the forums do that.
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