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Tales of Camelot - 3.49: The Witch Hunter, Part III - Updated 27-11-2022


  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    edited July 2020
    @_sims_Yimi Oof what timing. Even your electricity wants to leave us all in suspense. Life has a sense of humor all right. :lol:
    Amg your banner is lovely!!!! I feel like I'm transported into their world just looking at it. Whats up with Uther?

    And omg the amount of work in your ballroom scene. I wouldn't be surprised if you took a long long nap after that scene. It definitely paid off. I loved every bit of it!

    And winning sim lottery is right! Everyone looks amazing. Please update your signatures so I can swoon at everyone :love:
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    The banner looks crazy good! 😍 I forgot to look at it last time.
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    _sims_Yimi wrote: »
    @ThePlumbob Arthur is ridiculously good-looking. And the game made him - I wanted to see what would happen if I left Uther and Ygraine's kids up to chance (y'know, besides controlling the gender). It feels like I won some kind of sim-lottery.

    Say whaaat!? That is amazing. Definitely won the sims genetics lottery there! Morgana is gorgeous and Arthur is distractingly handsome! <3
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    @_sims_Yimi Oof what timing. Even your electricity wants to leave us all in suspense. Life has a sense of humor all right. :lol:
    Amg your banner is lovely!!!! I feel like I'm transported into their world just looking at it. Whats up with Uther?

    And omg the amount of work in your ballroom scene. I wouldn't be surprised if you took a long long nap after that scene. It definitely paid off. I loved every bit of it!

    And winning sim lottery is right! Everyone looks amazing. Please update your signatures so I can swoon at everyone :love:

    It always waits for the worst possible timing, too. Last time was five minutes before a business meeting with our head office. The time before that was in the middle of a season finale! XD
    Nothing:s up with Uther... what are you talking about? He's totally okay:grimace:
    They kept autonomously changing back into pyjamas and normal clothes too, and one of the nobles just would not stop farting. Autonomy isn't even on. Oh, the sims.

    @Duvelina Thank you! :mrgreen:

    @ThePlumbob Cordelia and Dandy are eye candy too, you know :smiley: Cordelia has that classic beauty thing going on, and Dandy is just too darn adorable for this world.
  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    Excellent idea about the famine. Not only it shows that life in kingdom can be hard for everyone, but it also provides excuse for some character looking differently from what one would expect. Well, besides age of course.

    Good work designing characters. They resemble their younger selves quite a bit, which is neat touch.

    I question your decision to describe and show the clash between Arthur and Gawain. Perhaps a series of images showcasing parts of combat would do better to inflate imagination of the readers, allowing them to complete the fight in their own minds. Good one about the pebbles, though - I wonder if that particular comment will crop up again under more dramatic circumstances.

    Blooper: It is too obvious that Arthur's sword is sheathed upside down (Blade up). It would not be outside of realm of possibility for Arthur to hold it in his hand, beyond readers' view. Speaking of - next image. Where did the sword go? :-)

    Morgana looks just *MMMMM!* in red.

    That a nice comparison between two sequences. Different, yet the same. Two duels,aa one of steel and one of intrigue.

    Same image of Morgana 3 times. Intentional?

    A good chapter showing that our heroes have grown up and now playing adult games. Well done, looking forward to more.
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  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    @ArcherDK Thank you for your feedback!
    I tried it with just pictures, but it felt like something was missing and left me unsatisfied. It's a shame that I can't make sim-movies, because that's what it looked like in my head as I was writing the chapter.

    Haha, you caught me red-handed there. I guess it's the sim-version of having a microphone poking out in the corner.

    It was, though 3 times might have been 1 too many. The idea was the end of the first chapter with her being confident, and the second one with her being shaken - but with the same expression, as she has one heck of a poker face. Also, I just really liked that picture. :D

    I updated the cast page to reflect their current personalities and relationships. (Well, except for Merlin, for obvious reasons. :sweat_smile: )
  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    Amg! Did Morgana threaten Richard back with his brother’s life? Did King Uther do something to the brother? Is his brother dead or alive? What happened to MITHIAN?? Did something horrible happen to his brother which made Richard and Mithian that way? Is Richard violent to his own sister? A cliffhanger in part 1, now a mystery. :bawling:

    OOH! And your cast page has Merlin in it! No spoilers I see! However he turns out he'll look 1000% much better than slimy Richard for sure.

    Looks like I have a far better character to hate now in your story. I think I'm going to enjoy watching Uther destroy Richard. Hopefully it goes in that direction and not whatever tragedy you warned about (What's that? I have selective hearing.) :smiley:
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    I like mysteries. They're mysterious. :smirk: Joking aside, though, there's definitely something going on there. I plan on giving hints here and there as the chapters progress, so I wonder when you'll figure it out!

    Poor Richard. Having you for an enemy is not a good thing, not a good thing indeed. And he even has Uther beat? Holy cow, Richard really rubbed you the wrong way, huh? xD

    On a different note, I took pictures during their birthday party. There's no more spoilers now, so I want to share them here because it was hilarious. :D
    I had Gawain in the household to make sure he aged up too. Uther was off sulking in a corner somewhere, but Sarah made birthday cakes for all three of them. She stayed for the whole thing, too.

    Of course, most of them came out looking like fashion disasters :D especially Arthur, the poor dear.

    Arthur: Please fix this.
    I will, I will. Hang on. Gotta age up Gawain first.

    Arthur: No fair! Why does HE get to come out looking amazing?!

    There, all fixed! You happy now? I put your freckles back, too. The game keeps deleting them whenever people age up.
    Arthur: Much better. Oh, look. Even you ended up looking half-decent, sis.
    Morgana: Half-decent? I'll show you half-decent-

    *autonomously changes into formalwear*
    Morgana: I look majestic. Now take that back.
    Arthur, mildly impressed: fine, fine. Sheesh. I take it back.
    *cue Sarah squealing in the background*

    Also, nobody but Jammy (@ajamkeevin ) knows this, but Sarah is actually quite the diva off-camera. One of the first things she did when everyone was aged up and properly dressed was pose in a way that made it look like she was spilling wine all over Arthur's chest. :D She also keeps sneaking into Uther's bedchambers. I don't know why. The two of them have no relationship whatsoever.
  • ajamkeevinajamkeevin Posts: 278 Member
    Yessss, I love these pictures of the aging up party! It's awesome that you took them. Seeing Arthur looking absolutely miserable with his initial teenage look was hilarious, and he looks so great with his glow-up look. Morgana too, my goodness.... so beautiful! (Though that beanie/sport jacket lewk she was sporting initially was not... that good :tongue: The Sims always making aging up a chore with its questionable fashion choices!)

    And, of course, my favorite: Sarah. Girl has stolen my heart with her secret diva personality and her absolute beauty. Sarah! If you're looking for a commoner to time-travel and be your partner in diva antics, give good ol' ajmkv a call :wink:
  • lone_catlone_cat Posts: 417 Member
    Your pictures, as always, were stunning throughout. And I forgot to mention this in my WP comments, but wow, just wow, all the characters are gorgeous. Way better than I imagined. I love that Gawain still has a boyish innocence to him. And Morgana and Arthur inherited the genetic lottery, in the looks department.
    I love all the political intrigue that is being introduced through Morgana's viewpoint. She should be careful, I think Richard won't give in so easily. I have a feeling we'll see a lot more of him, and not in a good way. And I am curious who the mystery assassin might be, I have a theory, but I might be completely off base. I'll have to wait and see. :)
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Just casually lurking around in the hopes of a new chapter o:) Hopefully I can wish it into existence :D

    Lol those birthday images are classic sims madness :D
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    edited July 2020
    @ajamkeevin For real, though. I have never had a child>teen or teen>adult birthday that did NOT end with the sim looking horrific. I swear the game is doing it on purpose at this point.
    Sarah wants me to let you know that she is absolutely down for duo diva antics. She also wants to know which of your K&GI contestants would “diva it up” the best. xD

    @lone_cat Thank you! I tried really hard to make the ballroom scenes look as glamorous as possible, haha. I’m glad to see I succeeded! :mrgreen:
    You’re spot-on about Richard there. It’s a good example of winning a battle, but starting a war. I wonder what your theory is!

    @ThePlumbob Haha, hi Plumbob ^^ it’s about halfway done. A D&D weekend kind of drained all of my attention away, since as the DM I had to prepare a ton of things. Expect it somewhere over the next few days, as well as comments on your latest chapters. :blush:
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member
    Ah, you're a DM, that makes a lot of sense, no wonder you can weave these intricate storylines :) (I know very little about D&D but from the little I do know I'm sure it would be my cup of tea, I just don't know many people that play). And yay for a new chapter coming in the next few days! :)

  • mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    lol I got excited seeing all the activity here from my notification inbox. :bawling:

    But since we're on the subject of D&D, I'm intrigued but I have no idea what it is even after Yimi's patient explanation. It sounds totally out of whack and bizzare but totally fun! I'm definitely looking it up.
  • JestTruJestTru Posts: 1,730 Member
    Was scrolling for new stories to read and come across this one. Just finished reading all the chapters. Love it and cant wait for more.
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    @mercuryfoam I am so sorry :sweat_smile: Here, let me make it up to you.

    @ThePlumbob Hmm, I don't know if being a DM is helping me write, but writing has definitely helped me with being a DM!

    @AphoticLee Hello! Yay, new faces :mrgreen: I'm glad you like the story so far. It's a project of passion at this point, haha. Hopefully you'll continue enjoying it in the future!
  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    Knight is a title, usually of nobility. It would be more correct if it was "Men-at-arms in training), but that is of course a minor detail. Also - isn't Lancelot traditionally blond? I point this out because IMO Him and Gawain do not stand out too much compared to each other.

    I like the subtlety of introduction behind Lancelot's character. Really nice.

    I got to say I love that argument scene. Both sides have a point and both a perfectly valid and yet both are also wrong in some way.

    That is perfectly reasonable fighting scene. Maybe a few more wide shots would be nice.

    That llama sticks table, though..."Sticks" out, har har.

    Agravaine doesn't look too different from his younger self. At least I don't see it. Odd, but forgivable.

    Arthur's eyebrows almost disappear in bright lighting, giving him rather strange appearance.

    Comfy bed for a dungeon cell. :-) Also - Elyan is funny :-) I like this guy :-)

    I have to say that this entire sequence of Arthur and his men travelling and preparing to liberate the civilians is long enough to be a separate chapter. It just drags on too much. Otherwise it is a great chapter. Well done! :-)
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  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 7,017 Member
    edited July 2020
    @_sims_Yimi Your new banner is incredible!
    Okay finally had an opportunity to read. Ooo... I've got some thoughts.

    First, I have to compliment you on your mastery of images. I love all the close ups on faces. You really convey the emotions of the characters well. I absolutely love the sword fighting practice scene. I really wanted to know more about teen Gawain and Arthur. They grew up into attractive young men.

    Good friendships are few and far between in Sims stories, I feel. Everyone seems to focus on romance, which is fine, but it's nice to see developing and strong friendships. I really enjoy how the friendship between Arthur and Gawain feels natural and real.

    I also love how Morgana has grown obsessed with details and secrets. Her path to the dark side is set and still I adore her. I don't want to see her corrupted and yet I'm fascinated by her character setup.

    Okay, I had several crazy dark theories about the possible assassin. They are wild and out of left field so I thought it better to post here. :lol:

    Uther as the target makes the most sense leaving the crown prince vulnerable and perhaps forcing the princess into a marriage of convenience.

    Arthur as the crown prince would also be a likely target, but fairly predictable.

    ...Ag taking out his own neice as she has become a threat to his agenda and the kingdom... yeah, :sweat_smile: I don't see that happening.
    ...Merlin coming back and taking revenge on Uther to make things easier-ish for Morgana, unbeknownst to his friend, but that seems unlikely
    ...Morgana, in a shocking twist, setting up an assassin for one of her father's enemies and by default, her enemy, or...
    ...Morgana setting up the assassin for her own father to establish a coup, and seize more power for herself and her brother and poor Gawain gets caught in the crossfires (I kinda like this one but it is by far the darkest). :naughty:

    I know... my mind goes to crazy places. Haha! Just wanted to state my insane ideas before continuing to read the next chapters. I'm loving this story. :heart::heart:
    ...a little bit mystery... a little bit magic... a little here... a little there... welcome to my whimsical writing world.
    Livin' A Simmin' Life's Stories
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,781 Member
    As much as I enjoyed the recent chapter, it seemed to drag on a little. You're still a great storyteller!
  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 7,017 Member
    Okay I'm all caught up.
    I can see what others are saying about the chapter being long but I'm one to talk. Haha. I didn't mind it and I felt compelled to read through it. The middle part was where I was most antsy to see what worked happen. I could have seen it perhaps being 2 parts but that's ok.

    I'm not sure I would like Lancelot as a blonde. ArcherDK mentioned that above. I like the juxtaposition next to Arthur if you're sticking with the traditional story. I'm glad to see you finally introduced Lancelot.

    Also I'm assuming that as the crown prince Arthur can knight whomever he wants someday as the future king, even a commoner. At least that's my understanding of old European politics. So the "knights" title didn't bother me.

    I do have to say that was a pretty comfy bed Gawain was sitting on in his cell, but it wasn't enough to pull me out of the story. Nobody better bust up this cinnamon roll!

    And I hope beyond all belief that the attractive (dare I say... s.exy) woodsman/druid? at the end is grownup Merlin. :blush::love:

    Quick question. How old are Arthur, his men, and Morgana supposed to be? I feel like you mentioned somewhere that this next part would have them as teenagers. They certainly seem like late teens/ young adults. But I know in olden days, teens would have adult responsibilities.
    ...a little bit mystery... a little bit magic... a little here... a little there... welcome to my whimsical writing world.
    Livin' A Simmin' Life's Stories
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    edited July 2020
    @ArcherDK Thank you for your feedback! ^^
    He is! I tried making Lancelot blonde, but that look REALLY doesn’t work for him, and I like his face too much to change it now. Plus, this way, he’s a very clear contrast to Arthur, where otherwise he’d end up looking too similar. Interesting how you compare him to Gawain – I was so focused on making sure he and Arthur did not look too alike that I hadn’t even considered the cinnamon roll.

    YES, that llama table! I was super stoked after finding a piece of cc called “medieval game table”, so I put it in the game, and directed townies to play it, aaaaaaaand… it was just a normal game of llama sticks. To say my disappointment was immeasurable is understating it. I put the picture in out of spite, haha.

    Agravaine actually has a-
    Agravaine: “Don’t you say it! Don’t you dare! WATCHER!”
    -bald spot on his head now, as well as wrinkles in his forehead and cheeks. The hat does way too good a job at covering it up for him. xD

    Haha, I hadn’t thought twice about the bed in that cell. Let’s say it were the nicer cells, where they put nobles and people they know are buddies with the Crown Prince. *quickly goes off to find prison cc*

    Thank you for pointing that out! I’ve been experimenting with chapter length, to see at what point it’s too short and when it gets too long. I think I have an idea of what to stick with in future chapters!

    @AdamsEve1231 Haha, welcome back! I’m glad you enjoyed your catching-up session.
    They sure did. Gawain was CAS-made, but Morgana and Arthur were the equivalent of winning the sim-lottery.

    True! The poses you can find online reflect this, too. Soooooo many couple’s poses, and so few friendship poses. Especially for men. So far I’ve only found two, and one of them was still intended to be a man and two women instead of three guy friends. If you happen to know a few good ones, I’d really appreciate it!

    Oooooh I really like that last option. It’s without a doubt the darkest one, but holy cow, the drama that would bring. If Gawain got hurt because of it, she’d never forgive herself.

    @DeafSimmer Thank you for reading!
    I appreciate you pointing that out =) This one was an experiment to see how many words is best. I’ll keep it in mind for future chapters!

    @AdamsEve1231 Oh, hi again! xD
    Lancelot was a hideous child. For some reason the game insisted on showing his teeth through his lips as a toddler and child. I could NOT get rid of it. xD Don’t tell anyone, but I kept his sim-self locked in the basement with video games until it was time to turn them all into teenagers. XD

    S.exy woodsman. Now there’s an image. He’s missing the axe and the checkered shirt, though.

    In my head (and this is a rough estimation), Arthur is 17 and Morgana is 16. They were 11/12 and 13 in the child chapters, with Arthur about a day away from his teenager birthday. Mind you, both of them were considered mature from age 14 and onwards, so they’ve been “adults” for a while now. Camelot sims in my mind grow up very quickly and do not live all that long, unless they have a very good life as a noble.
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  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 1,130 Member
    Different jaw line + longer hair than Arthur's would make enough difference. Maybe I'm wrong - I;m always wrong unless proven otherwise, but still.

    Yeah, it's just one of this things. Disappointment and frustration.

    A short, graying beard would be a lot more noticeable. As a priest (Among other things) it would be reasonable for him to have it. And before you say "It would make him too similar to Uther" - Uther is not there.

    No bed at all? It is a punishment, after all.
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  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 7,017 Member
    @_sims_Yimi just had to reply to this one part of your comment.
    S.exy woodsman. Now there’s an image. He’s missing the axe and the checkered shirt, though.

    Haha. What can I say? I'm attracted to a man with a good beard. Maybe even a bit of a wild beard. My husband kind of fits that vibe though. :lol:
    ...a little bit mystery... a little bit magic... a little here... a little there... welcome to my whimsical writing world.
    Livin' A Simmin' Life's Stories
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    I missed that you had a new chapter at first because I skim-read your reply to mercuryfoam, haha. I'm here now though.
    I see what you mean with Lancelot looking a lot like Arthur if he would have had blond hair. His face does look pretty familiar! Handsome though. I also noticed you're using the regular townies for your story. I think I spotted Sofia Bjergsen, Nancy Landgraab and Katrina Caliente. 😂 I do think it's interesting that you commented people didn't get very old, except for the nobility. What about that old man who told Morgana about May Day?

    Arthur being exasperated at Elyan's and Gawain's antics made me giggle. Gawain should temper down. He's lucky Arthur is his friend. He wouldn't get away scot-free otherwise.

    The picture of the dragon in front of the moon is beautiful. 😍 There is an actual dragon though?! How ominous.

    Who is the guy at the end? Oh no, it's over. Maybe I'm just in a reading mood today, but I honestly didn't mind the length of the chapter. It didn't drag for me and I was engaged the entire time. As always, excited for more.
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,584 Member
    Same, honestly. I don't mind someone that can handle an axe, either. :D
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