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What kind of simmer are you and what inspires you when you play?



  • PaikallinenPaikallinen Posts: 13 New Member
    I am basically gameplay focused. My usual saves follow a pattern: I start with a founder, then possibly have a spouse from the town or already made (some rare occasions I have no spouse at all) and then that founder will have kids and they will have kids etc. Well usually only just one kid. I am interested in genetics, but before the Random Genetics mod (although I haven't really tested it yet) I was almost never statisfied with genetics of the kid(s) being almost clones no matter what (Nraas advanced genetics just didn't help at all), so I used Nraas MC play with genetics until I get kid that is a good blend.

    I always plan on making one sim focus on something gameplay related, like a job, skill, life state or lifetimewant. What I choose to focus can be a thing that I have still not tried, or something I want to experience again or is something that I really like. Like for example, at least some point in my saves there will be a gardener, cook, explorer and sim who will advance getting all gems in large skull cuts (not usually at the same time). I usually plan what I am going to do next a generation ahead, that's why I have only one kid most of the time, since the next gen will be prepared for the plan from birth. The only reason I would have another kid, is because I actually want to do something else instead (which can happen when I plan something months ahead, but have a urge to do something else instead but plan is already on motion).

    I usually play only one save at a time, if I create a new save I usually don't go back to old ones, and only play one family in the world. I have tried rotational play, but I didn't like since I didn't have enough energy to style them all to be unique and I had hard time to get attached to all of them.

    Styling my sims is important to me. I am less of a builder and decorator though, although my worlds need to be up to my standard with community lot types and then I usually need to change stuff around.
  • McToshMcTosh Posts: 434 Member
    i play with just the one sim. whenever she gets married or have a boyfriend move in i use MC to make him an NPC, he goes about living his own life still. i don't control any other sim under any circumstances, i just let nraas SP do its thing :)

    when she becomes an elder i 'retire' her (use MC to make her an NPC, let her live out the rest of her days autonomously) and then 'take over' whoever is either a teen or a young adult and give them the best story-driven life i can all over again :)
    ingame: commandermctosh feel free to add ;D
  • EldraiEldrai Posts: 17 Member
    I always tend to start out with a founder, a YA (usually female) and try a legacy. Despite playing for years the furthest I've got with that is my current legacy, whose 4th generation are children/toddlers right now. I definitely like challenges - legacy, ISBI, DITFT.
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