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The Sims 3 and PortraitAI

gamerplaya94gamerplaya94 Posts: 103 Member
So I was on The Sims Reddit page earlier this week and I noticed that there was a small trend of simmers posting headshots of their Sims and how they would look if they were painted in a Renaissance-era art style with this website called So I took it upon myself to see how well my sims would translate into this.
Feel free to post your sim and how he/she would look as a 15th Century painting.

Disclaimer 1: If you try this yourself, make sure your sim has a neutral facial expression and that they're not wearing glasses.
Disclaimer 2: Currently, PortraitAI only seems to work with more Caucasian/European face structures. So if you have a sim with traditionally African, Asian, or other non-white features then you can expect them to come out looking a bit whiter.

Top to Bottom: Vito Forelli, Tiffany Richmond, Eric Andrews, Leslie Garner, Alberto Fernandez, Arturo Valdez, and Martha Forelli


Link to the Reddit thread that started it all!
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