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Game pack sale



  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 365 Member
    Looks like they're carrying on with the 50% off packs!

    Hopefully Vampires will be next as I really wanna buy that pack and to get it for that price would be amazing!
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  • CaprianaBCaprianaB Posts: 373 Member
    This gives me hope that Vampires and Strangerville will be too.

    Those are the only two I'm missing now.
  • jimbbqjimbbq Posts: 2,470 Member
    I want first pet at 50%
  • bixtersbixters Posts: 916 Member
    Spa Day is also 50% off at the moment.

    This gives me hope that Vampires and Strangerville will be too.

    @bixters now might be the time to look at RoM ;)

    Thanks for pointing that out! $10 is a good price for me. Thank you :)
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,753 Member
    Bummer, looks like the half price offers are done now & no Vampires or Strangerville :(
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  • fmilfmil Posts: 163 Member
    I was hoping for more sales! Oh well, hopefully a new wave will come soon enough.

  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 64 Member
    I'm waiting for the Vampires as well. Sooner or later it will be on sale.
  • danceswithchaosdanceswithchaos Posts: 81 Member
    Nooo! I missed RoM because I had computer issues. :( Oh well. I didn't "need" it but it will likely be a long time before it's 50% off again, as that rarely seems to happen for game packs. (sigh)
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