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Tidel Family - ISBI Challenge

MintyMangoMintyMango Posts: 38 Member
Hi Everyone!
After I deleted the save file my first attempt for the ISBI challenge (you can find the rules here) I decided to restart it with a brand new family.


I restart the challenge with Astra Tidell an alien sim who was a random sim created with the CAS story. She is an ambitious, bookworm, cheerful sim whose aspiration is the serial romantic one. I didn't really play with an alien before so this is exciting for me.
Actually I started the challenge a month ago I just totally forgot to share it here so you can read the first 11 chapters right now :) (I working with pretty short chapters but this will change in the future). I hope you will like it!

Generation 1:
Chapter 1: Let's get started
Chapter 2: Surprises
Chapter 3: New Bundle of Joy
Chapter 4: Don Lothario
Chapter 5: Strawberry Cake
Chapter 6: Lothario Again
Chapter 7 - Memphis' first day
Chapter 8 - Birth and Birthday
Chapter 9 - Demon Eyes
Chapter 10 - Death in the Pool
Chapter 10 - Venus, please no!
Chapter 12 - Venus' Suffering
Chapter 13 - The bush
Chapter 14 - Venus strikes again
Generation 2 Heir Poll
Chapter 15 - Astra Rocking it
Chapter 16 - Preparing for a new beginning
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