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Welcome to Gavreel - The Creator Challenge

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Hello and welcome to my run through of the creator challenge! I will update my story as I go along here with as much information as possible. Right now, I can't upload photos but I will be taking plenty of pictures as I go along and will update them when I can.

Just a note - this is a test run as much as it is just a regular play through as I wanted to share it before I forgot it!

You can find all the rules to the challenge here:

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Authors Notes:

- I have decided to nuke Windenburg and have that as my new world
- I left the Bluffs and Ancient Ruins in Windenburg untouched as I can't change them at all.
- The Von Haunt Estate, as you can't change what it is used for either either has become the Town Hall. It is STILL a "Chalet Garden" I just plan on rebuilding it as a town hall when I get to that stage.

- My home base is the Von-Windenburg Estate
- The Mitchell Family live on the Lighthouse Lot

- - -
Addressing Issues:

#1 - I am aware you can't change world names or if you can I haven't figure out how. If you can't, you'll have to use your imagination.
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    Journal Entry #1 - Moving In

    Dear Journal,

    For many millenia I have watched the world grow and evolve. I've seen civilisations fall and new ones rise in their place. There's just one small problem with this. There is a lot of destruction left in it's path and many innocent people suffer. I have set out to make it my mission to make a world where this doesn't happen. A world that I will walk through amongst my people to make sure it does happen. I have so much to do that my mind can't handle it all and so I decided to write you! My loyal journal, you're going to go through this journey with me through all the ups and downs.

    When I came to this world I, of course, couldn't show my true identity. So with a lot of time and patience I've mastered disguises for us both. I look just like any other human that walks this world. Anyway, I better get to work if I want to make a good start.

    There's a small island just off from where I set up base, they call it the bluffs and whilst some of the views there leave a lot to be desired, I'm using that as a plaza for my world. Any important events will be thrown here.

    At the insistence of the higher ups though I've brought a lovely couple along with me and set them up in a quaint little house. Autumn and Reuben Mitchell will be the Adam and Eve of my world, but hopefully they won't be tricked into unleashing the evils into the world. They seem excited to help me and so we'll see if they can help me out here and there. Maybe even they can scout out other potential people that we bring to our home. We'll have to wait and see.

    Anyway, I stole a few moments to start keeping you updated, now I need to finish getting the Mitchell's settled and set up my own home. I'll fill you in soon, with pictures when I get them.

    Wish me luck.
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    List of citizens:

    Autumn Mitchell - Big Happy Family - Cheerful, Family-Orientated, Straight Edge (WW trait)
    Reuben Mitchell - Successful Lineage - Family-Orientated, Good, Straight Edge (WW trait)
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    Journal Entry #2 - Summer Season

    Dear Journal,

    It's been two weeks since I set my roots down and we've toughed out spring. I know that sounds silly but there was a lot of snow this spring and living in a tent doesn't exactly provide you with a lot of warmth. I had the campfire but it wasn't much good when I retired each night.

    I've decided not to work with the people yet, not until I know I've managed to get a grip on their mannerisms. It's a lot harder than you think. So all I do is work for myself. I fish and I garden. It's hard work and I'm always exhausted but it's fun. I find that my hands are never idol. I wake up at about six every morning and I don't go to bed until as late as midnight sometimes!

    You wouldn't think it but I earn a comfortable amount of money for what I do and so I managed to finally upgrade from living in a tent into a small wooden cabin. It's small and isn't exactly pretty but it keeps me safe from the rain and snow and I even have a bed now! Nothing fancy because I'm having to build stuff with what I can from around me but it's something at least.

    I haven't seen Autumn or Reuben at all. They seem to keep to themselves but I don't mind. The world is still in one piece so they're obviously doing what I wanted them to do - to just live their lives and help me.

    I built four bee hives too which are great so I'm getting honey and managing to sell that to people in the other worlds and I've managed to bond with the bees so you could almost say they're organic in quality! I still get stung... a lot but it's better than being stung if I went anywhere near them, even if I wasn't interacting with them.

    Anyway, it's summer now that means new plants, new weather and new fish! I better get back to work. I can already see a bit of difference, the grass is starting to turn green and the sky isn't always an awful grey colour. It's funny how my actions affect things in that way but you know what if it means I can build a new world then I'm not complaining.

    Bye for now!
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