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The Creator Challenge

MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
Hi! So this is a fun little challenge I came up with whilst I was playing around and looking for various other challenges to do myself.
I'll be playing through by myself to see how it goes and will edit any errors or issues I may come across as I come across them.

Any questions feel free to ask and I'll reply as soon as possible. Bear in mind, it is still a work in progress and this is just the bare bones. I will edit it as I go along and to suit other expansions as they're released.

You can find my play through here:

The Creator Challenge

In this challenge you play God with one sim and one sim only, it is almost like Building Newcrest and Perfect Sim combined. You will need the following expansions to be able to play this to it’s full extent:
  • Discover University
  • Seasons
  • Get to Work
  • Get Together
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Parenthood
All the rest are optional but give you more things to work with!

You’re bored of not having much to do. You’ve watched from afar a world full of nature that has flourished and grown but it’s missing something. People. The last planets you overlooked that had people were all ruined by overpopulation and greed. Sims started to build things and the once lovely planet had become an eyesore with a mishmash of buildings and people. You’re not going to let this mistake happen this time. You’ll focus only on what you need to build a truly fruitful planet.

After a lot of thought, you send yourself and a handful of trusted people to this new world to live amongst the land and help it grow. It’s a lot to take on, but you’re determined to do everything it takes to make your people and future residents happy.

  1. Start out in any world you want but you must clear EVERYTHING from it and leave nothing but empty lots. This is your worlds, the other world have been destroyed in your sims opinion.
  2. Choose two lots, one for you and one for a sim to already be living there. This will be you ‘trusted follower(s)’ house
  3. You can add or build a new house every time you complete a stage. Each house must be in the same price range. This is to promote unity in the world you’ve created. You can choose to do whatever you want and as many rooms as you want, but they must all be in the same price range.
  4. You CAN use freerealestate on to move sims into each house, but then you must go into that household and make them have 20,000 simoleons to buy furniture etc.
  5. As your world grows, some people may automatically move in but you are also given the opportunity to go to other planets and hand select people you want to help inhabit and grow your planet.

  6. In options, if you choose to turn aging off. Turn it off for ONLY your sim, the rest of the world can age up themselves, including your children when they move out.
  7. Each part has a specific aspiration, job and skills that you must max out to move onto the next part of your grand plan. You can jump between certain aspirations but ONLY if they’re linked to what you’re working with. For example, if you choose freelance botanist, you can switch to any other nature aspiration as long as it doesn’t require you going to another world. These can be done AFTER you complete the challenge and are completely optional.
  8. You can choose either one career per stage or all of them. Personally I would suggest all of them one by one and have it that you can purchase furniture related to that job ONLY once you've maxed it out.
    Ex: When you max out tech guru you can buy computers
  9. You can travel to the other worlds but only at the weekends. If you work or you lose track then that's it you have to wait for the following weekend.
  10. No cheats are allowed, but certain mods are, only if they don’t affect the story you’re going to tell.

Starting Out
  • To start out, create a single sim, they can be any age you want but they must live alone and aging can be either long or off depending on the difficulty you want. Any future children you parent have can be aged through cheats but only at the age they would normally age up.
  • You can have any traits that you want, but they are final. You can’t swap and change to benefit your sim’s skill learning ability. You can change aspirations only AND only then. IF you wish you enter Create a sim (using CASfulleditmode) so that you get the perk specific to that aspiration. This is the ONLY exception.
  • Whenever you complete a stage, that unlocks “perks” for anyone who may inhabit your island. I’ll go into more depth with them in each stage.
  • Start out on any lot, this will be your home base for all the stages to come. So make it big and make it count. I’m going to have my character live on a separate island and have nothing built there until much later on.
  • To start with you can buy a tent, a cooler, campfire, grill and camping gear. You are not allowed a house yet. Your toilet will be the bush and you can choose a bath or shower that is functional off-the-grid as well as a sink that is also functional that way. If you choose to have a pet then you need items for them too. After that set your money to $0.
  • As your world grows and more becomes unlocked you can upgrade and improve your furniture as well as have a wider variety of options
  • Dress your sim in something to reflect that. Some neutral coloured clothes, maybe even rags. You can change your clothes later, but as your main focus will be getting on your knees and dirty you want to dress in such a way. You can change their clothing as the challenge progresses or if you get bored. It isn't a necessity to have specific clothes though.
  • If a stage in the aspirations requires you reaching a centre point in a specific career, skip this using cheats AFTER you’ve completed the rest.

Stage One – Nature
Your planet already has plenty of nature, but you want to organise it a bit more. You take inspiration from other planets and decide to build a beautiful park. But first you need lush green grass, soil full of nutrients, waters so clear that you can have an abundance of fish splashing around in your lakes, rivers and seas. So much to do, we better get started.

- - -
Aspirations: Angling Ace and Freelance Botanist, order is up to player
Career choices: Conservationist, Gardener, Diver, Fisherman OR earn only through your own catches and plants.
Skills to Max: Gardening, Fishing, Flower Arranging
- - -
Completion Perks:
- Build a park or place one from the library

Stage Two – Science
You’ve made a good start, nature is thriving and it’s certainly a much brighter and happier place to live. Now we should focus on essential amenities, water, gas and electric. This will all, of course be eco friendly so we don’t have any air pollution in our new haven.

- - -
Aspirations: Nerd Brain, Renaissance Sim
Career Choices: Tech Guru and one or all of the following: Scientist, Astronaut, Engineer, Culinary
Skills to Max: Handiness, Logic, Programming, Robotics, Rocket Science, Video Gaming
- - -
Completion Perks:
- Your sim can now use and upgrade any items that require, water, gas or electric
- When you max out Tech Guru you can unlock computers

Stage Three – Education
You want your people to be smart, you want them to excel in whatever they dream and in some cases this requires the need to learn. Learn to read, learn to write. You know how it is. So, you’re going to work on this. You have the luxury of having this knowledge already, you just need to work on it for the people.

- - -
Aspirations: Computer Whiz, The Curator, Academic
Career Choices:Education or Business and as a Babysitter
Skills to Max: Research and Debate
- - -
Completion Perks:
- Build a Museum and place any fossils, stones, metals and astronomy pictures in (no duplicates)

Note: This is the only aspiration where you can leave the world for multiple reasons, more than once per season as you have to for the Academic Aspiration

Stage Four – The Arts
Now you have the proper things in place to have your people know how to read and write, you should probably give them a little nudge with this. A library, a gallery and a museum may not be a bad idea. But you don’t want to give your people empty walls and shelves do you? Of course not! Time to get to work.

- - -
Aspirations: Bestselling Author, Musical Genius, Painter Extraordinaire, Master Actor/Actress
New Career Choices: Actor, Freelancer, Painter or Writer
Skills to Max: Acting, DJ Guitar, Painting, Piano, Singing, Violin, Writing
- - -
Completion Perks:
- Build a Gallery and add any masterpieces you make to it
- Build a Library and add your published books to it
- You can now start inviting people from other worlds to move into yours. To do this you must get a higher enough friendship with them that you unlock the ask to move in option. Then you can go to manage worlds and move them from their current world to a house in your world.

Stage Five – The People - Enrichment
Well, things are going well aren’t they? But now it’s time to add the reason you set out on this crazy mission. You need more houses, you need people and families but people won’t want to move to a world where they have no protection from the weather will they? You don’t want to discriminate though and you want everyone to have equal opportunity. That’s why you’re going to build houses that cost the same amount to buy. If the people who move in want to be materialistic that is fine, as long as it is in their walls only.

- - -
Aspirations: World Famous Celebrity, Master Actor/Actress, Joke Star, Master Chef, Master Mixologist
Note: You can start to throw dinner parties when you unlock that under Master Chef
Career Choices: Actor, Critic, Entertainer
Skills to Max: Baking, Comedy, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Dancing, Mixology
- - -
Completion Perks:
- Build a Club/Bar
- You can now start throwing social events
- You can take part in seasonal festivals and include others, not just alone now.

Stage Six – The People - The Law
You knew it would be a risk and that your world wouldn't be completely perfect. You've noticed that as more people are coming to your world crime is starting to raise. Your people also need a leader, someone they (and you) can trust to be in charge. That's why it's time we focused on preparing the legal side of things. Just to keep crime to a minimum or to cease completely if that were possible.

- - -
Aspirations: None specific, have fun with this one!
Career Choices: Politician, Detective, Law, Military, Secret Agent
Skills to Max: Charisma
Completion Perks:
- Build a Social club for children and teens, it'll keep future generations off the street and causing trouble
- Build a Town Hall - You can now use phone options such as adopt
- You can now purchase smoke alarms

Stage Seven – Health and Fitness
Sickness if running rampant in your world, it was unavoidable and expected but you want to provide suitable health care to make sure that people don’t die too long and to minimise the risks of losing what could be the next generations in your world. Medication is key. Doctors and Hospitals need to be built and so you set to work on that.

Aspirations: Bodybuilder
Career Choices: Doctor, Athlete, Lifeguard
Skills to Max: Fitness, Dancing
Completion Perks:
- Build a gym and pool
- You can now buy medicine

Stage Eight – Relationships
Ah how lovely. Your people are thriving! They’re happy and healthy and poverty is almost none existent! Good job! You’re already doing so much better than the other planets. But you’re missing out. You want to share happiness, holidays and love with that special someone. You’ve also been so busy that you haven’t thought much about going out there and socialising! You should work on those things. You’ve given your people this world, it wouldn’t be fair on you to miss out what it brings.

Aspirations: Soulmate, Friend of the World, Party Animal
Career Choices: Social Media or Style Influencer
Skills to Max: Media Production, Photography
Completion Perks:
- You can now start throwing events whenever you want on your home turf or communal areas in your world
- You can now start taking part in seasonal events and include others instead of doing it alone.

Stage Nine – Family
Finally, you think you’ve found that special someone. You don’t know what it was about them but the very thought of them makes your heart skip a beat and your head spin. You’ve done all that was needed for this world now it’s your time. It’s time to settle down with a family. Maybe as the world grows you might add a few more things for your people. But right now, it’s not a necessity. Just enjoy the moment, enjoy the people. Enjoy your life.

Aspirations: Big Happy Family, Successful Lineage, Super Parent
Career Choices: Anything self employed. You want to enjoy your time raising your family. Your partner can go out and work jobs though.
Skills to Max: Parenting
Completion Perks:

Now you have the choice to max out every other job skill and aspiration you haven't yet tackled. You can have fun knowing your world is thriving.

Feel free to share your stories of the challenge here! I will be posting my own attempt when it begins. I will try and add things as expansions are released that could enrich the story but for now this is what I have.

Please let me know what you think and any questions, just ask!
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  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,448 Member
    This challenge looks very interesting and I wish I could try it, but unfortunately, I don’t have Discover University installed because it triggers my anxiety.
  • MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
    Simtown15 wrote: »
    This challenge looks very interesting and I wish I could try it, but unfortunately, I don’t have Discover University installed because it triggers my anxiety.

    Well if you want you could ignore the things related to University which is the Academic aspiration, Research and Debate skill and the Robotics skill!

  • amchristianamchristian Posts: 1,224 Member
    This looks really interesting. I might have to try this challenge next. Thank you for taking the time to create this challenge and share it with everyone.
  • MizzTuraMizzTura Posts: 41 Member
    This looks really interesting. I might have to try this challenge next. Thank you for taking the time to create this challenge and share it with everyone.

    You'll have to let me know what you think! And link if you post a video or a thread about it :)
  • MageKnightEmolgaMageKnightEmolga Posts: 18 Member
    I'll have to give this a try! It'll be fun and a nice change of pace from what I normally do.
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