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The best career? (opinions)

LoanetLoanet Posts: 3,672 Member
There are a lot of great careers in Sims 4, and the higher you get, the more you earn. But in my opinion it's not just about the daily wage. Don't forget the skills your Sim will inevitably hone while prepping - a writer will make royalties from books as they advance their writing - every day, not just days you work - and a Social Media person will make a fortune if they buy a drone and video themselves boosting skills. You're earning money by earning money!

Then there's becoming an artist. You paint. You sell. You earn fame. With high-quality paintings, you can decorate your house on the cheap!

On the other hand some of the gifts for promotions are great - the best computers are gifts for high promotions, which are ultimately sickeningly expensive to buy.

So, in your opinion, what's the best career?
Just because I bought most of the Packs at full price doesn't mean I don't know when I'm being ripped off, especially now that I can't buy Bundles.


  • CaprianaBCaprianaB Posts: 456 Member
    I don't know about the best career, but I love the scientist career from GTW. Cloning, the sim Ray, and being able to fix electronics much quicker is very appealing to me.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 3,076 Member
    I made a scientist on a whim then for a long time I had no idea what to do with him. Then he started dreaming up inventions and invented the sim ray gun which enabled him to replace his old fridge with a new, better quality one at no cost. Personally I prefer the freelance type careers that allow sims to work when they can/want to or they need money.
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,452 Member
    I think the Scientist career but I haven't tried the other two GTW careers yet. I think anything I can come along with is great, honestly.
  • mattiemayhemmattiemayhem Posts: 47 Member
    I really really enjoyed the police career at first but all the active careers get super boring after a while. i enjoy playing with storylines and challenges, so careers like the criminal career are fun to try and work through
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,835 Member
    I enjoy the Scientist and the Vet the most :).
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  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,473 Member
    I like playing the doctor career from GTW. It is my favorite of the three that came with that pack.
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  • BadAlphaSinBadAlphaSin Posts: 1 New Member
    I really like either the freelancer career when I want a stay-at-home parent but their still making money. Or I also really like the conservationist career, because I’m a mature lover in real life and all of my sims that I make have the love outdoors trait. That’s just me though. :)
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 433 Member
    edited May 2020
    Engineer. Mainly because it's what I enjoy doing personally (though I'm taking accounting--better job opportunities here in the sticks). I simply enjoy the fact that making gadgets is part of the job. Scientist is a close second. Mainly due to all the gadgets that can be made in it.

    Due to the game's rating and the whole idea behind the Sims, we can't have severe, time-sensitive trauma/injuries, Sims dying if something isn't done, or chronic diseases, which takes all the realism out of the doctor career. It feels like it might as well be the "doctor's office" career; given all Sims who show up presenting illness are nothing more than minorly ill. I don't see why injuries can't be added to mix things up. Same with the police career and anything other than presumed robberies. Violent crime doesn't do well with the whole Sims series either.
  • OsnsnapitzharleyyOsnsnapitzharleyy Posts: 13 New Member
    I like doing the vet career, or owning a restaurant, store, or cafe.
  • j1z1j1z1 Posts: 311 Member
    I kind of really enjoy the odd jobs.

    But I've had tons of fun with the interrogations from the cop career.

    And the acting career.
  • wylmite1986wylmite1986 Posts: 1,167 Member
    For like actual get to work careers, I'd go with Doctor, Detective or Vet. Ok Vet isn't really a career but I say it is basically. I just feel like those are the most involved and have your Sim do a lot of stuff. Yeah it can be repetitive but that doesn't but me too much. My sim currently is actually going to university to be a Dr.
  • rottmeisterrottmeister Posts: 192 Member
    The one that pays the most 👌

    Interactive career wise I'd say Doctor. It's different every day. There's emergency cases. Great unlockable content. Scientist has probably even better unlockables, but I don't find that career too enjoyable to play through.

    Owning a business yourself can be really fun too.
  • Lorna08Lorna08 Posts: 98 Member
    edited May 2020
    I have to admit I never get far in careers. Lately I've enjoyed playing Freelancer jobs. I have a freelance graphic artist who works on his tablet and a freelancer writer who works on her computer. I will say going to set for a gig as an actor is really cool but I haven't played my Get Famous save file much yet - it's buggy.
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  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,978 Member
  • PotterheadSimPotterheadSim Posts: 320 Member
    I love to play as a writer or a painter the most.
  • AbraKadabraAbraKadabra Posts: 304 Member
    I love the gardening career that came with Seasons, especially the flower arranger branch.
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 3,672 Member
    I love the gardening career that came with Seasons, especially the flower arranger branch.

    Looks like the Eco lifestyle is going to be great for your gardening career.
    Just because I bought most of the Packs at full price doesn't mean I don't know when I'm being ripped off, especially now that I can't buy Bundles.
  • StarfreeStarfree Posts: 735 Member
    I like the scientist career for the inventions, serums & collectibles (including aliens :)). Also like the freelancer careers.
  • AnnLee87AnnLee87 Posts: 2,474 Member
    At the moment the gardening career is my favorite. My Sim went to Uni and can work from home now. He's a single dad with a huge garden and lab. He's level 8 botanist. My Sim before this was a floral designer and worked from home also. I love the work at home aspect but not the freelance careers. I don't like rejection and the respective actions of those careers.

    I also enjoyed the business career choosing the investor branch. They make a lot of money as an investor.

    Lastly, my go to careers before University were Secret Agent and Astronaut careers. I enjoyed both career branches in each. Going to Uni really helps with getting a advanced level high paying career.

    I don't care for the active careers because IMO they are very controlled, repetitious and mind numbing to me. I don't want to ask a coworker for a crystal when my Sim already has one in his pocket. It's mindless to me. When I played as a Scientist all I wanted to do is run around a collect things but the game as a different idea. That work space has a lot of collectibles. The lot is only available during work hours and does not allow time to go explore the area which I want to do as a player. This made the career really frustrating to me so I don't play active careers.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,341 Member
    I blend being an archaeologist and farmer. There is a handsome stipend for identifying objects for the organization that mails them in regularly and one can make a decent living from gardening - especially if dragon fruit are in the mix. I don't have seasons, so every few days another crop is ready for sale. This frees my sims up to pursue other things.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,904 Member
    I like the Freelancer career the best, it suits my playstyle the most and I really enjoy it.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,352 Member
    edited May 2020
    I really like the gardening career - I just love that my sims can do it from home and the daily tasks usually aren't too intense, so it's just a nice little career that works brilliantly with the botanist aspiration. I also like the scientist career, painting, the social media one, and I'm quite fond of having teachers in my game. :)
  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 3,672 Member
    edited May 2020
    In the comedian career my comedian jumped about five levels because of an Event. After a few days more, I quit the job to try out Social Influencer. My writer still hasn't hit level ten in her career but she's a world-famous author - I WANT THAT BOOK OF LIFE.

    Writing books at level 10 and uploading videos is putting about S10,000 into my pocket every DAY because I've written so many by now. The daily wage is peanuts but it doesn't matter any more... The main downer is that it's not what you'd call a thrilling career.
    Just because I bought most of the Packs at full price doesn't mean I don't know when I'm being ripped off, especially now that I can't buy Bundles.
  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    I really like Detective and Actor but active careers get bland for me after awhile. Also they hog a lot of gametime so I don’t get to do much with other Sims in the household. I have a lot of Lawyers, Chefs, Athletes, and Stylists in my towns.
  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 789 Member
    I have found that I really love the Acting career. However after university I found that Style Influencers make a lot of money. And all the Freelancers have been enjoyable, except writers because they don't get famous for their ghost writing...Clearly Get Famous and University are my faves packs so far...
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