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Make steam overlay work in game

Can we have steam overlay working in the game? I want to take screenshots with F12 and upload them to my steam library.


  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,722 Member
    Disable origin overlay to enable steam overlay, some games somehow don't allow you have both.
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  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,499 Member
    edited May 2020
    izecson wrote: »
    Disable origin overlay to enable steam overlay, some games somehow don't allow you have both.

    I tried that, it still didn't work. The game's installed in Origin and added to steam as a non steam game. I don't see an option to install it in steam.

    Eta. I got it the overlay to show in game by making steam open origin and took a screenshot. I tried to up load it and I doesn't upload to my shared screenshots.

    Eta. I want to see if I finally have it figured out.
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 2,761 Member
    I thought you meant steam as in fog that sims can actually walk through. I was about to say yessssssss we need steam!!!😂😂😂
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,499 Member
    @Babykittyjade Lol, thanks for the laugh. :)
  • BotchedParrotBotchedParrot Posts: 9 New Member
    Funny thing, this used to work for me until about a couple weeks ago.

    I had a weird issue in game and solved the bug on my own, although by then I had reinstalled the game while troubleshooting. Without changing anything on Steam, the overlay eventually stopped working. I'm not even sure Cortex was doing anything as well because in fact, a persistent issue with starting up the game came up as well, that I have no idea why it is happening. The only way I can play the game is to pre-load the client (I used to just have to run the .exe directly so that automatically starts up the client and runs the game).

    I still can't run Steam with it, and that annoys me. The new update didn't change anything either.
  • BotchedParrotBotchedParrot Posts: 9 New Member
    NVM, it works now. I had to disable the Origin overlay. Never had to do that before. Must have been an update to the client that did it.
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