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Get Famous Isn't Working!

So I'm having a huge problem with my get famous expansion. So, it used to be, that if my sim signed up for certain gigs and got the role, she wouldn't go to them(It was the making moosic one that wouldn't work). At the time it wasn't that big of a deal, because I just couldn't pick that gig, but she'd go to others with no issue. Now, it's a big problem, because she's not going to any of them. Like she would go to her auditions with no issue, but she wouldn't go to work.

Is anyone else having this problem?


  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 75 Member
    It's a bug with all Careers throughout the game right now, only thing you can do is Save before you start a Gig and if you don't go reload and start a new gig but the kids aren't even going to school for people, they definitely need to squeeze that in next months update.
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