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TS3 Launcher:Origin Update few months ago-now get error at launch re: Update/Game fully updated

I've been trying to get answers for this problem for a few months - on EAs forum, as well as through EA Help Chat - and they don't respond on the former and they haven't much of a clue about alot of things on the latter!

An Origin update about 3 months ago, give or take, "broke" the way TS3 launches. Now, when I choose "Play", I get an error screen to either "Update" or "Play Without Updating". Now, TS3 is a pretty old game and no longer has updates so this is all very confusing. I bought my PC in Sept and installed ALL of the TS3 packs through Origin, including it being updated. I've played it since then without having a problem. Until the Origin update a few months ago.

I can still play the game. If I choose "Play Without Updating", I can still play the game. (If I choose "Update", nothing happens. Literally.) The point is that this isn't supposed to be happening and any anomalies worry me for future problems. So, like I said, I've been trying to get EA to help me and they won't (Forums) and can't (India Help Desk).

I should also mention why I'm further concerned because, in this last Origin update, suddenly every old game that I've gotten from Origin for free has now begun showing an "Update Available" arrow on the game icons. Sounds familiar because they are really old games that do not have updates, even as it tells me I need to update. I foolishly went ahead and clicked to update Bejeweled and, while it went through the motions, I know it could not have possibly updated. What it did do, however, is delete my ID and all of my progress. (I'd actually finished the regular game and was several levels into the challenges. Now gone. As well as my profile.)

I have done a hard uninstall/reinstall in every month because Origin updates are generally a nightmare. But this hasn't fixed the TS3 launch error. I did another hard uninstall/reinstall yesterday. When I went back into Origin, the "Update Available" icon is not only still on those old games, it's back on Bejeweled and Peggle (I also tried to update it with my ID and progress being deleted there, too)! After I'd already "updated". Something weird and concerning going on and, like I said, no one responds on the EA Community Forum and the EA Help chat said that it's weird and to do a clean boot. Pointless but I guess it got me off the line without their having to fix this.

I'm considering uninstalling/reinstalling TS3 but with the Origin errors, I'm concerned that it will be a lot of time and trouble and nothing will be fixed.

I'm just hoping that if I ask enough times, I'll be able to find someone who either has some assistance to offer or at least has had the same thing happen to them. Thx to anyone willing to try and help.

*P.S. I have screen shots but it doesn't seem like I can add them here.
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