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Is It Possible to Add Dystopian Features to Other Worlds?

Hi everyone! I really like the new feature in the Eco Living EP for TS4 that adds pollution to their worlds and it's giving me ideas! I know that TS3 has the dystopian version of Oasis Landing. Is it possible to add those dystopian features to other worlds? Because now I really would like to turn Bridgeport (or another TS3 city) into a cyberpunk world like Blade Runner (non-supernatural) or Shadowrun (supernatural).

I have a vampire detective for Bridgeport and giving the city a more dystopian cyberpunk environment would make the story even better!

I'm also thinking about another angels and demons story in Bridgeport too.

I would also like to add the dystopian features to Roseward, to make it ever MORE bleak for my zombie apocalypse challenges!

Please let me know how to do this if it's possible!

I'm home!

Our House - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


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