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Things I want to see (Suggestions)

RavennaRavenna Posts: 57 Member
edited May 2020 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
I'm finally a member around here, so that means I can finally post a thread about everything I've been waiting for and wanting out of The Sims 4. I've had this game ever since it came out, even though at the time I was heavily into Sims 3, and when I first started playing the 4th I quickly ran out of things to do lol

That's okay though, because over the years there have been tons of additions (even though I think some of these things should've already been in the game). And looking back at Sims 3, I've yet to understand why the team hasn't taken more inspiration from content they've done in the past?

Like, in Sims 3, we have cars, we have Fae, Werewolves, Zombies, things that haven't even glanced Sims 4 yet, and they were super cool in Sims 3. Not only that, but we had a whole entire expansion where your choices in the present affected your descendants in the future. I really want to see this sort of stuff make a comeback in Sims 4, even if it happens to be on a smaller scale. Other smaller things I'd like to see are way more traits, turn-ons, turn-offs, and maybe even the star signs.

(This isn't an Eco Living complaint thread, I think the new expac looks cool lol)

I don't even need the open world, because I understand the engine has limitations, and that doing this in Sims 4, or even a future sims game, would likely melt the average person's computer (just look at how Sims 3 performs on normal hardware in 2020).

But these things aside, the one thing I've been wanting/needing the most in Sims 4, is a built-in story progression/automatic neighborhood management feature. This is integral to a Sims game, absolutely cannot play without it. Your played sims should not be making decisions without you, and NPC sims should be doing things on their own, including continuing their own bloodline and advancing their careers.

Yes, this is available in MCCC, but I would love to just have it built-in, so that I have one less mod to work around every single time it breaks. And yes, this is needed. I wholeheartedly feel like Sims 4 is completely unplayable without it. This isn't an insult to the team, but more just a strong suggestion I've been making for years, that I feel very strongly about.

The biggest problem, is that if you're a new Sims 4 player and you don't know about these mods, and you get real invested in your household, but then decide you want to make a new sim and move them in across the street (or a new world, or what-have-you)? Well guess what, the second you leave your original household, they'll go and ruin the relationships you've established, they'll get new jobs, and even die, all without your input. I remember the first time this happened before I discovered MCCC and I was so disappointed. This shouldn't be how the game works by default. I know there are other people who don't play rotationally, but even sticking to one household this is still so important. Because if all the NPC families who gravitate around you gradually disappear and vanish, and are just replaced by placeholders and random generated sims (who have terrible fashion sense, mind you), most people are going to notice. They're going to notice the world has no continuity and they're going to feel like the world their sims live in is actually pretty shallow.

And for all intents and purposes, without story prog/neighborhood management, it unfortunately is.

Your played sims should only be doing things and making decisions based on the player's decisions, and should never autonomously destroy everything you've been building yourself (unless it's included in the options menu as something a player can turn off/on, but I don't know why anyone would? lol). NPC/unplayed sims should act like they have lives and should not require your input to do something as simple as continuing their bloodline.

I can only repeat this so many times, but this is so goshdang important.

That said, I do love the Sims 4, and the entire franchise as a whole. And if Sims 4 is done soon and we see Sims 5, then I hope in the 5th we at least don't have to wait 6 years for all of the stuff we have in Sims 4 already lol

Edit: I left this thread and immediately found a newer sims player asking why their sims were making decisions without them right here.

Trust me, this is important lol
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  • JiminBaeJiminBae Posts: 4 New Member
    Ideas and things I would actually play

    1. A Werewolves Game Pack
    2. A Superhero/Villain Expansion Pack (Obviously this can stay in its own world kind of like Strangerville; that part I don’t mind)
    3. College Stuff Pack (clothes, traits, house stuff)
    4. Teen Stuff Pack (new traits, clothes, aspirations, hobbies)
    5. Bunk Beds
    6. KPOP Stuff Pack (could be added to Get Famous but obviously more to do with idol life and singing)
    7. Anime/Manga Stuff Pack (I just want to be a manga artist/writer and maybe get some cool anime merch)
    8. Another City Living Pack; maybe more like Seoul/London Combo because I love City Living but I feel like there could’ve been more added to it for example being able to buy and rent out buildings/apartments to other sims
  • JiminBaeJiminBae Posts: 4 New Member
    Oh, I forgot to mention I want to see another Halloween Stuff Pack but with the added Grim Reaper Career 💜
  • mattiemayhemmattiemayhem Posts: 47 Member
    you make a super good point op, i cant remember what its like playing without mccc, so I really can't make too much of a comparison anymore. but its so super important. i play with deep stories and i like the idea of connecting npcs and not having to control absolutely everyone so the place actually progresses together. im tired of single ugly townies moving into my old legacy homes and ruining the place!

    some things id love to see- at least opening the neighborhoods. i dont want open WORLDS i want open NEIGHBORHOODS. if i'm in my little home lot, and i wanna go to the lot Right Beside me, i dont want to uproot everything im doing on my lot currently. its annoying!

    another thing would be family expansions. i just got a mod that adds in the titles needed for family members like cousin, grandparent, nephew, etc. god i miss generations. you'd think as a life simulator you'd... I dunno, simulate life.

    one more thing that i miss thats super small and simple is SKETCHBOOKS. like proper sketchbooks that your sim can put paper in their inventory when they finish a drawing. and it doesnt have to be connected to a career! just let my artists explore other mediums of art! sculpting was a super fun thing to do in the sims 3!

    I dont play the sims 3 anymore because yes. it plowed through THREE of my computers and i dont like the sims 3 cas that much. i like the sims 4 cas and functionality but it has so much room to do incredible things.
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