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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 363 Member
    This evening I decided to go into my library and bring back an old friend--Nate Whiplash. I lost him in a save that went bad, but now he's back to terrorize the neighborhood. He's a very angry man, and he looks a lot like George LeBay from the Stephen King movie "Christine".

    I built him a house in Oasis Springs. Well, sort of--he only gets 2 walls and a ceiling, the rest is open-air. I gave him a fireplace for cold nights, he's gonna need it. I also gave him a big Blarffy bear, because for whatever reason, he loves pounding the heck out of that thing when he gets angry...which is often....
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 164 Member
    Didn't end up playing for very long, I mainly took screenshots of the extended family so I could make a family tree. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:

    Lola and Phoebe have bonded quite a bit. She loves hanging out in Phoebe's room while Phoebe plays with her tablet, and I also got this screenshot of her sitting on Phoebe's bed while she slept

    I may end up keeping Lola and giving Pepper away to one of Alice's brothers. Having four cats is a bit overwhelming, it's almost constant meowing.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 363 Member
    I had to add this last bit, because it's just too funny not to. I gave Nate a bee box, and moved it as close to the sidewalk as I could. He was out messing with it when Judith Ward stopped to chat. Nancy Landgraab went jogging by and then stopped a few feet away.

    I had him "disturb" the bees, and big swarms of them attacked both Judith and Nancy--they were freaking out! I'm sure they both got stung...
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 669 Member
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    It's the little things, honestly! Morgyn or my sim (can't remember which now) stopped and autonomously smooched the other in front of their three daughters and the little girls all went, "Eeeewwww!" I almost fell out of my chair laughing!
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,352 Member
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    My Sim, Rowan is an astronaut. Previously, she had built a rocketship, but then the game glitched and returned the rocketship to its original, unbuilt condition. I finally got around to having Rowan rebuild it.


    The very first time she flew it after rebuilding it, there was an incident. Here is the aftermath of her crash landing.


    So now she'll have to build the same rocketship a third time.

    Meanwhile, her sisters Carolyn and Holly were helping their half-siblings, alien-mermaid hybrids Kevin and Nora, with their school projects. Kevin was super into building a robot. Nora, not so much.


    Carolyn also decided to adopt a dog. I was very surprised that one of her adoption choices was to adopt a fox! She was obviously happy with her choice.


    Bob and Sylvia are the parents of Carolyn, Holly, Rowan, Kevin, and Nora. Sylvia is a secret agent. She was asked to travel to Batuu to use her secret agent-y wiles to help take out the First Order. She asked her brother David and her celebrity husband Bob to come with her. Apparently Bob's fame is interplanetary


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    Catzilla wrote: »
    @Busufu Beautiful images!
    Do you find it difficult wrangling two sims through a jungle adventure? I think I'll solo them from now on. My sim couple are a really close couple but I still had to wrangle the non-archaeologist sim when he'd try to wander off. They're also a chatty couple and that made the work go a lot slower. lol

    Thank you :).
    I have been with 8 Sims in the jungle before. That was difficult! :dizzy:
    With two, it's like a vacation.The two are supernaturals anyway and could move supernaturally. A real blessing when so much has to be covered on foot XD. They always had food, the bed (tent) and other necessary stuff in their inventory. So they could always fulfill their needs on spot. Unfortunately, even supernatural Sims are not spared from poisoning >:) XD.
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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,352 Member
    Bob and Sylvia made some progress with their mission, but Sylvia's brother David made a lot more progress as a smuggler. He clearly found his calling. He and Hondo are pretty much besties already. But David wishes he had spent more time studying programming instead of bubble blowing.


    I let Bob practice singing while David was working on one of his tasks. I came back to find this:


    The stormtroopers gave him lots of simoleons because they're such music fans.

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  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,681 Member
    I had to add this last bit, because it's just too funny not to. I gave Nate a bee box, and moved it as close to the sidewalk as I could. He was out messing with it when Judith Ward stopped to chat. Nancy Landgraab went jogging by and then stopped a few feet away.

    I had him "disturb" the bees, and big swarms of them attacked both Judith and Nancy--they were freaking out! I'm sure they both got stung...

    @Nate_Whiplash1 Mean sims autonomously disturb the bees, I believe. Just a tip for you.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 363 Member
    I'm back with Nate today, and apparently he doesn't like children. He was standing outside of a restaurant, talking to Octavia Bailey-Moon, and she had her child Orange with her--without me doing anything, he started screaming at the kid (I have no idea why).

    He also has an "atrocious" reputation now, despite the fact that I only brought him back yesterday.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 788 Member
    Jenny Landgraab.

    Grand daughter of Nancy and Geoffrey + Don Lothario and my sim Tessa.

    Jenny's parents are Malcolm Landgraab and Mona Lothario.

    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • foxybillyfoxybilly Posts: 70 Member
    Although I have been waylaid by a wedding in Selvadorado (or whatever its called!) My foster parents The Pancakes who I redesigned and renamed Elizabeth and Robert Pearson raised Lucas Munch from childhood (he really got on well with them even when I sent him back to live with his mum he kept turning up after school everyday so I let him stay and they 'adopted' him) they also fostered a teenage mums daughter called Leah, her mum later married and had another child with a ne'er do well (as we in the UK would call him)! So Leah was shunted back and forth and her foster care only overlapped with Lucas very briefly for a holiday in Selvadorado - so it wasn't weird when they met again at School as teens and became romantic and went to Uni together. I am in the process of sorting out their elopement at the villa in Selvawotsit with Elizabeth and Robert. Lucas's birth mother and brothers have not contacted him once since he was a child, and Leah's mother hasn't either. which is very strange as Elizabeth and Robert turn up at the kids house at least twice a day!! They will all sit and chat forever if I let them! Robert and Elizabeth have retired to Sulani and left Lucas and Leah their house (of course redesigned!) in Willow Creek.
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 164 Member
    The Greenwoods celebrated Winterfest!

    Alice decorated the tree, and Justin joined

    Present time!

    Took some pictures of the family in front of the tree. Here are a few of them:

    Later, Alice cooked a ham dinner for everyone

    Didn't play too much more after that because the twins are going to age up to children soon and I wasn't ready for that yet.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 363 Member
    So tonight I designed one more gentleman's club (probably my last), but this one has a different flavor. The other ones were large and somewhat posh, but this one is a real "hole in the wall" type establishment. It's built to look shabby, and it's very small--only 3 tables, 2 barstools, 3 chairs near the stage, and the boss doesn't even has his own office. I also gave it the "grody" trait, so people will get sick in it.

    I just had an idea. Instead of creating a new Sim to run the place, maybe I'll have Nate Whiplash buy it. I don't know though...that guy is a real psycho, and he might scare all of the customers away...
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 669 Member
    I just had an idea. Instead of creating a new Sim to run the place, maybe I'll have Nate Whiplash buy it. I don't know though...that guy is a real psycho, and he might scare all of the customers away...

    Nah, he'd be perfect for a dive club. Could be a front for a crime boss HQ and deals in hot/counterfeit bathroom fixtures (Or, given the current climate, a black market TP business)? ;)
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 363 Member
    edited September 18
    Haha, maybe so! It just so happens that I did have him buy the club--much to my surprise, he hasn't lost his temper yet!

    Oh, and wealthy, snobby Geoffrey Landgraab? He's my new janitor. His life has been reduced to cleaning toilets and taking out the trash.

    The "grody" trait worked, btw--Bob Pancakes ran to the bathroom and lost his lunch...

    EDIT; this is priceless. It's Winterfest, and the club is open...and who do you suppose sat down at the stage to watch? Good ol' Clement Frost. Now some kid isn't gonna get his new bike for Winterfest because Clement is busy watching the ladies...
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,352 Member
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    Today I played with one of my more challenging families. It is an eight-person household with two parents, two toddlers, and four elementary school children. Four of them, including both parents, have the Gloomy trait. I play them as vegan, so they don't get to fish for food or money, even though they live right next to a fishing spot. They live off the grid in Sulani and use no money cheats. Only Vincent has a job.

    Nadine read to both toddlers, Leela and Sky.


    Vincent spent some quality time with Fleet and Spring.


    Jude and Ophelia spent time together, as usual. In this picture, Vincent is looking on approvingly.


    Sky is a very talented sand sculptor.


    Fleet and Ophelia walked on water!


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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,308 Member
    Dirk is a Boss now and has tons of simoleans between his job and klepto trait. He also has a girlfriend, the military Gal that didn't get offended over his evil ways and just laughed when he pulled pranks on her. It's been more fun than I imagined playing a different kind of Sim than I normally would in the past. But, having said that, I've stopped playing with him, for now.

    I have a big problem with a little thing called restartistis. The Drifter challenge has been the only thing to help with that, but I still don't dare play with my Drifters. Still waiting for a patch to fix all the bugs that came in the pre-patch and EL pack, in particular the gardening bug. I'd be devastated if something borked my Drifters save file. o.O

    Anyway, so one of the symptoms of restartistis is to start a new save game whenever my current R2R Sims get to a point where I know they'll be able to easily reach the 'riches' part of the challenge. Once they have a fully furnished and landscaped house, a good amount of simoleans in household funds, they're done for me. I start getting that familiar itch to try something new with another R2R Sim. Sorry Dirk, maybe I'll play with you again one day, but probably not. *sigh*

    I've moved on to a new Sim, Lee Landry. Lee started out R2R, of course, on the Shipping Views lot in Evergreen Harbour. For this challenge, I decided he would furnish his home strictly with dumpster dive finds, fabrication and candle-making. I've played this way with the Eco pack numerous times now, and I always, always run into one very serious roadblock - finding a kitchen counter. Sims can find oodles of stoves, fridges, showers, sinks, toilets, plants, etc. But finding a kitchen counter that isn't burnt is very, very rare!

    A kitchen counter is a basic object all Sims need in order to cook anything. If they don't have one, they can't. Lee had been eating soybeans, quick meals and bar food for weeks. At one point I was so desperate for him to eat a 'real' meal, I had him travel to the park in San Myshuno and hire a caterer to cook for him. :D He started out in a 14 day season Summer and finally, finally found a useable kitchen counter on Day 11 of Winter. It took him 39 days of diving to find it and he had 100K in household funds when he did from repairing and selling dumpster dive finds. o.O

    Last night I built him a three story house with a pool, hot tub, workshop, and a green house. The thing is HUGE! At least by my standards, I normally build tiny one story houses for my Sims. :D It also has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is for a hoped for future child(ren). He's been abducted once already, so I'm hoping he will be again and maybe come back with a little alien bun in the oven! If that doesn't happen soon, he does have a few prospects in 'normal' Sims to have a child with to choose from if he so desires. We'll see...

    The house still needs a few tweaks and it's quite bare except for the necessities and plants, but it's pretty much complete and functional now. After he found the counter, I rationalized it would be okay to buy him another one, but only another of that exact kind of counter. So I did 'cheat' to buy him one more counter. Oh well... BTW, Plopsy sure has come in handy for him. He was able to purchase a couple Potion of Plentiful needs, some onesies, toys and a few hanging plants using that. Not sure if that would be considered cheating for an R2R Sim, but he did buy them fair and square anyway. *shrugs*

    Even after building that monster of a house for Lee, he still has over 50K in household funds. lol Sheesh! We need more expensive stuff to build and furnish in this game! So that's what's happened in my game up to early this morning. Here's a few candid screenshots of Lee and one of his current house.

    Sorry for the tl;dr novel of a post! o.O Good thing I only post in here once in a while eh? :D

    Happy Simming! <3
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    I decided to move my main sims son out and play as him and try a rags to riches story. Ironically the day I moved him and a tent into his new empty lot It was lottery day.. he won a cool million so I was able to build him a pretty large house and moved his parents back in with him into their new massive living space. His mother "Yuki Behr" was actually an imortal witch whom somehow died while being unplayed but, I was able to retrieve her gravestone and cook her up some ambrosia

  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,851 Member
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    hey I popped in game just for a quick bit I still have some plotting to do but I was in two saves, @AlwaysAsking you wanted to know who the blue haired sim was I'm surprised you couldn't tell I thought it was obvious but maybe because I did the makeover? Lol @Lyrie @mercuryfoam @Silverofdreams30

    Here's a quick one before I forget what happened, also cause I'm a pain I'll just say the first line is blue hair's so you can keep track.
    "Well you made it inside, what do you want?"

    He really didn't want to talk to Knox, or bother with any other man for as long as he lived, in fact women too mortals were nothing but trouble and he'd be bitter for the rest of his days if he had any say in it. It was much easier to handle.

    "Well...I know you have reason to hate me but I was hoping you could help me, well not me specifically but I'm here as a mouth piece I guess....well."

    He groaned in annoyance this was why he gave in, he sounded awful like he wasn't really sleeping or eating well, desperate and alone and though he was pretty sure he should be living for it he thought of feeling like that and he didn't want that for Knox. Which he really despised, cause it proved he still cared.

    "Out with it...I won't throw you out till I need to."

    "I just...Olive you can come in now."

    He tensed, who the fresh watcher in the sky was that?
    "daddy daddy there are some weirdos living here this lady wanted to talk to me, she said hey kid so I know it was me then she just looked at me until you called." he raised an eyebrow, he knew she wasn't in danger near him it was a simple fact still she wasn't wrong.

    "Well honey but not to worry...your dad's presence will keep you safe she probably knew that when she got close." still he'd get her a bat, and a taser....and a whip....with stones glued to it.


    "Want to run that by me again?" he growled.

    He sighed as he took a deep breath.

    "This, is why you left??"

    "Daddy?" Olive started, she wasn't lacking anything upstairs she learned young she was given to surrogates but everyone knew men and women had children she always wondered who her other real parent was but he never said a thing about them.

    "You know why honey, now we'll explain it to your dad okay?....Look, she just needs a place to stay to train...since I can't help her anymore is the point hate me later consider her now, the girls freaked when she burned down their house." it was on accident entirely she couldn't use magic, or so he thought one day she got a cold minor, no real issue she sneezed and very soon the house was engulfed in flames. Tina couldn't have given her back faster and warned Knox if he came anywhere near them she'd press charges against him and his demon child.
    "Morgyn're a sage you can look past our history.."

    "Not anymore."


    "I failed my test, because of you I was banned from the grounds a long time ago, and missed out on much more thanks to you...I'll take her in and make sure she's safe out here but you, you can leave."

    ".....But daddy..."

    "Shh honey, it's okay you'll...understand when you're older please for me do as your told, thank you Morgyn.." she went silent panicked he was leaving where would he go? Grandma didn't want either of them she was ashamed of him messing with magic while fighting her wife. She knew Knox didn't want her guilting Morgyn he made her promise she wouldn't she would be obedient just like he wanted even if she was frantic.

    "Just leave." he warned pinching the bridge of his nose, enough was enough and yet it couldn't be Olive was much too young.

    He left without a word, there were plenty of good park benches to choose from.

    Now then my uglacy I was waiting for gen 3 to be gen 4 so I got some closure for Lacy if you remember her husband left his large several generation family for her and she was not aware..
    "So you're just going to leave? Not talk to me at all as if our family doesn't matter?"

    "You're one to talk Cletus, a great-grandchild? Really? Adult children going without cause you abandoned them? That's not how my family operates!"

    "You came to me what was I supposed to do??"

    "Uh I don't know, tell me you were taken? know what I'm not doing this I won't be here I was almost sorry I cheated on you but apparently I was always the other woman hoping you'd choose me and never knew it, well you wanted to be on your own and I was just a stepping stone so here you go."
    "L..Lacy please, you're being unreasonable this has been our home for years..."

    "I don't care, the only arguable thing you brought to it that was good is our son and he couldn't even stay here he couldn't wait to go off and make a family of his own so I'm leaving you knowing he wont be here either."


    "I don't want to hear it, I'll send for my things." though she could really care less the sooner she was away from him with these years behind her the better. She knew she wasn't perfect but she also knew what he brought on himself and she wouldn't be his anchor he could deal with his nonsense on his own or die with it for company the choice was his she was going to be happy at least she knew Max was free.
    She was recieved warmly by her family's newest members and for her annoyance at the whole mess she hoped her mother wouldn't tear him down and up a few ways from Sunday..he was beneath her.
    Max is a little off but he's managing to hide it so far, that is since he was tossed aside by a family he was once convinced he hated his abandonment issues have peaked and he sometimes has a hard time watching her interacting with his son. Though he knows shes wants him the voices don't ease up on him least he's working on it.
    He has to be different no cones for him.
    She has eased into her life with Max it would seem.
    Their son was born I'll need to get mccc me thinks to fix relationships no one in this family doesn't know one another, she can't imagine just walking out of her kid's lives. Speaking of she has to go bother Elliot and his future husband as they are still not married if they have a cute baby the uglacy might end with them and I can do make overs we'll see.
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    She's good for you? Lol
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    Korgly wrote: »
    I decided to move my main sims son out and play as him and try a rags to riches story. Ironically the day I moved him and a tent into his new empty lot It was lottery day.. he won a cool million so I was able to build him a pretty large house and moved his parents back in with him into their new massive living space. His mother "Yuki Behr" was actually an imortal witch whom somehow died while being unplayed but, I was able to retrieve her gravestone and cook her up some ambrosia


    :joy::joy::joy: Well, that rags to riches story didn't take very long!
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    calaprfy wrote: »
    Jordan Knight, leader of the Chiefs of Mischief, has began an affair with a young woman in his club. At the latest gathering, he plied her with booze then whisked her off to the Ancient Ruins, Windenburg, to try for a baby in a bush.

    Now, Jordan lives in a mansion in Brindleton Bay only because he married lottery winner Robyn Landgraab (who was already rich!) and is an elder with his life bar nearing the end. So who is going to care for this new baby, if one is born? Will Robyn kick his cheating 🌺🌺🌺🌺 out? Did Jordan do this after discovering that Robyn had an affair ages ago with Ekram Elderberry?

    Update : Birth was twin boys! Jordan's crapping himself now! The good news is Gerry Daly, the latest lottery winner, has purchased a mansion in Willow Creek and has moved in with the twins' grandmother and mother. But will they befriend Jordan's daughter, Vanessa McManus, who also lives there?
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,279 Member
    The pizza parlor was quite crowded, the tables scarce when Erik entered. He quickly got in line and then recognized, he thought, the girl in front of him. "Hey, I know you, don't I?"
    She turned around. "Yeah, I've seen you at Youth Group at church. My name is Kayleigh Golden."
    "Mine's Erik Can—"
    "Erik Cantrell." She said with a beguiling smile.
    "Do you want to share a booth?"
    "Yeah, sure. Else we may never get served. Wow, it's busy in here. You would think a concert just let out or something."
    "Yeah, it did. Guilty as charged."
    "So, are you single?" Erik asked, as the two scooted into the corner booth. Kayleigh Golden was gorgeous, even with that rather puzzled look on her face. She hesitated for longer than Erik expected. She almost seemed confused by his question.
    "I just meant, are you going steady or anything." When she continued her silence, he quickly added, "You like guys, don't you?"
    That's when she blushed, violently. "Yeah, oh yeah. I'm that kind of single."
    "Is there some other kind of single? Now, I'm the one whose confused."
    "Yes, and no. It's just that I have an identical twin sister, and we have another sister. Together we're triplets. So, you see I'm not really single, in a manner of speaking."
    "There are three of you. All at once?"
    "Yeah, you could say the womb was rather crowded. We all came early. Regina came first, followed by my twin, Hayleigh and then me. I'm last. I'm always last." She glanced down at her hands for a moment. Then, as if she could feel his gaze, she glanced up at him. "What? Has my face broken out or something?"
    "No," Erik shook his head, grinning. "I'm sorry to make you feel insecure. I just can't fathom another Sim looking just like you. How does anyone tell you apart?"
    "I'll let you in on a secret. Hayleigh got very tired of being confused for me. So, she whacked her hair off. I mean she really let them do a chop-job on her. Oh, it's cute enough. But, I prefer long hair, don't you?"
    "I love long hair. Long blonde hair, especially. Just like yours."

    More to come. Thanks for reading! :)
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    Honestly, I can only post about half of my actual gameplay here--the rest would either violate the PG-rating of the forums, or would be seen as politically incorrect :p

    Given that I only play for laughs, I'll leave the rest open to imagination :)
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    While Erik was working his way up the celebrity ladder, he was becoming quite the hot commodity. He did shows, he did photoshoots. Every month another magazine boasted his face on the cover with an article inside full of interesting little tidbits about this up and coming star. Already, he was deemed a Proper Celebrity, with eight albums released. His music was played everywhere. His concerts attracting many fans of all ages.
    Erik was hot.
    But his older brother, Aaron, proved to be the one on fire.
    His efforts to extinguish himself proved almost fruitless. His father was quick to put out the final flames, to everyone's intense relief.

    Erik had just finished up with a photoshoot, taking place on the sidewalk outside of his home when Kayleigh came around the bend.
    "Kayleigh, wait up," Erik called. The teen turned her head and quickened her pace toward the Cantrell manor. She kept a hand up to her face, to keep him from seeing her.
    "Kayleigh, wait, have I done something to offend you? What's wrong?"
    "I'm here to see your sister. She told me she knew just what I needed." When she turned toward him, Erik saw the problem right away. He shrugged and smiled. For some reason he just didn't care. She was gorgeous despite the breakout.
    So much so, he found his self-control lacking. Suddenly, he leaned in and kissed her.
    That's when it dawned on him, he must be in love.

    A few days later Kayleigh was invited over to join in the Cantrell family celebration of Liberty Day. They divided into teams to play a rousing game of Water Balloons.
    "Interesting mask you have on there," Erik said.
    "It's the treatment your sister recommended."
    "I see, well, it's got a nice pattern to it."
    After several rounds and several misses, Erik leaned over and said, "You do realize the whole point is to smack your opponents with a balloon, right?"
    "Oh, is that so? I guess I just didn't understand the rules," She said, curtly.
    Finally, after Aaron moved to another team, Kayleigh let a balloon fly. She knocked Joey right off of his feet."
    "Score!" Erik cried out. "Now, that's the way to do it."

    All for now! Thanks for reading! :)
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    Today was another build (or renovation I guess). I wanted to create a house that was as ugly and tacky as possible, so I went to Willow Creek and made some changes to Crick Cabana.

    I found a paint color that looks just like Pepto Bismol pink, and then painted the exterior with it, along with all interior walls as well. I then put in pink tile, and used all pink appliances and furniture. There were a few items I couldn't find in pink, so I replaced them with purple. I finished it all off with lots and lots of overhead lighting, so that the pink will be really glaring.

    Now to create a suitable character to move in....
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