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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,917 Member
    @NightlyCoffee I love this story- your fellas are so cute with their blended family of kiddos :)
    While Emiliano was away filming another movie, Desirae would spend time in her father's recording studio while he worked on his upcoming album.

    Oh boy... how many retakes did poor Johnny have to do on account of toddler and dog noises??
    (or are toddler and dog part of the album?)
  • ArcaArca Posts: 152 Member
    I'm playing with Wolfgang Munch's family today. This guy has married Tina Peeper...well, I think most of you may know this lady
    I don't know why this guy has become a fat boy after marriage, like my dad
    Maybe because he is addicted with alcohol and video games XDDD

    Actually, Tina is not a bad mother. Although she is always punching her daughter's stuff toy, she is taking her 3 daughters very well
    I let her to be a FTM.

    Keeping house clean after handling 2 elder daughters to school

    Delia Munch, the elder daughter of Wolfgang and Tina

    Dion Munch, their second daughter

    Deborah Munch, their youngest daughter, still a toddler

    They are going to join the spicy festival with their cousins (Gunther Munch's children) today.

    Tried the curry...and mission failed XDDD


    Therefore, they just danced chatted and took photos there till 1:00am...

    and my time here is already 3:16am...time to sleep
    Good night ;)

  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @Arca It must have been love at first sight with Tina, you know, the first time she visited and peeped into his window. I love to think the kids talk fondly about their mother with others like, "Mom is so great and all, except sometimes she comes into my room when I'm sleeping and punches all my stuff animals... but otherwise, she's great!" The kids are all super cute, too!

    @mightysprite Thank you!

    At this point, Johnny's album might as well be called "Johnny Campbell: The Raw and Authentic Sounds of Fatherhood"

    Featuring the hit singles:

    "Toddler Babbling Nonsense And Asking Why Repeatedly"

    "Toddler Ate A Crayon And Cries Because It Doesn't Taste Like Rainbows"

    "Dog In Heat Wailing Because Dad Keeps Forgetting To Take Her To The Vet"

    "Toddler Accidently Overheard An Inappropriate Word And Repeats It Because The Horrified Look On Dad's Face Makes Her Giggle"

    And lastly... "Toddler Cries Bloody Murder Because She Saw A Spider In The Studio But It Was Actually Just A Ball Of Dust"
  • ArcaArca Posts: 152 Member
    edited September 2021
    @Arca It must have been love at first sight with Tina, you know, the first time she visited and peeped into his window. I love to think the kids talk fondly about their mother with others like, "Mom is so great and all, except sometimes she comes into my room when I'm sleeping and punches all my stuff animals... but otherwise, she's great!" The kids are all super cute, too!

    Yes, you’re correct. Tina peeped into Wolfgang’s window when he was living alone at that time. I made him to talk with Tina and idk why they were both changing into flirting mood😅that’s why I made Tina to be his wife.

    Tina is having very good relationship with her 3DS (the name of her 3 daughters are starting with “D”. Therefore “3DS” XDDD). Especially little Deborah, in most of the time her 3 wants are relating to her mom🤣🤣
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    @NightlyCoffee LOL I love it! Thanks for my morning chuckle, I really, really needed it today.
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,337 Member
    It was a flea market day. Vertti spent the whole day playing basketball. Maybe I should get him a basketball hoop at home too.

    His mom and dad Varpu and Antti also played with him later.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    Absolutely nothing. I went to power up my game yesterday, and saw the Update Available. Tried to go Offline, since I already have blocked the auto-update, but it told me I couldn't do anything, and in fact, when I went through My Library and clicked on the game, which had a black cover on it, I was blocked from playing. So, I pulled my Mods folder and allowed the game to update. Gr. I was so off-guard, I forgot to copy my saves and Tray, before hand. :open_mouth: I did copy both afterwards. So, I decided to try to play my game. Erik had another acting gig, for which he had completed all of the daily tasks, it was just a matter of getting him down to the studio on the day and time of the shoot. Did I get a notice? No. Was I given a chance to Join? No. (Yes, I could click on him and send him to the Rabbit Hole, but I was looking for that next award.) Had this problem after the pre-Spa Day upgrade, too. I exited without saving. (No mods in place, had I saved, Erik would lose his now 21 albums and 7 written songs. NOT ON MY WATCH.) Sorry about shouting. I'm vexed. I did a game repair, as before and tried again. Still no notice he had an hour before work nor a chance to Join. Exited in the manner above. Both times, not Mods, just in case a Mod was interfering. Growl, growl, grumble, grumble. Did a Game Folder Refresh, which worked the last time I had this very same problem. Problem remains. I added just two mods back, MCCC and the Road to Fame, I need. Tried again, figuring if something went awry, I could try the copied, patched save to rescue Erik and his budding family. (I have the saved, pre-patch, copy of my Game Folder from 7 Sept. 2021, I could go back to Uni and start from there. But, Erik has won three Best Actor Accolades in a ROW. There is no guarantee this will happen again. In fact a couple of years ago when I first had him try the Acting Career, he only won one. That was it, so I pulled him from that career.

    If memory serves, I faced this same problem with it not working right off. The next day, my game was picture perfect as if the day before was merely a waking nightmare. :open_mouth: I do hope the game works today. And that I can Join Erik down at the studios to make sure he does the Risky version of the scene. I do believe this is key to his winning. But, we'll see. I'll just be happy to have it work and let things play out naturally. He'll either win again or he won't. Then I can decide if he should quit this 'secondary' job and just focus on his music and his family. I just want MY choice, please.

    And I really can't believe I'm over here ranting about the same thing again. On the one side the patches are cool, on the other side I hate patches!
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  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,659 Member
    @GalacticGal I hope it works smoothly for you today. If the game tries to force updates on me, I will momentarily turn off the wifi on my computer or go in airplane mode (I have a desktop so the airplane mode doesn't make sense but it works), and then I can run the game just fine.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    I'll have to keep that in mind before the next patch. Thanks for the tip. Today isn't going very well. I've just put out another plea for help.
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  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 703 Member
    One of Grim's daughters, Cybele, had her first dream home decorator client from h#ll. Getting likes and dislikes out of them was like pulling hens teeth, they argued with each other and were mean to her the whole time, and when she finally gave them exactly what they (eventually) asked for they refused to pay and sent her a nasty letter.

    So I sent her Dad and Brother around there to have some fun. :D

    Inferniate the place, while I casually read a book? Don't mind if I do. (spoiler cut for Grim out of uniform)

    Free plasma? Gee thanks for offering. :D

    Occult Simmer (All Occult All The Time)

    Female Simmer from Australia (she/her)

    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

  • ArcaArca Posts: 152 Member
    edited September 2021
    Still playing with Wolfgang Munch+Tina Peeping's family

    Why Wolfgang is not always showing in the screen captures? Because he is working in criminal career. He is working at night and sleeping in morning.

    Therefore, in most of time we can only see these 4 female in this apartment (yes I have moved them to San Myshuno)

    Going to the swimming pool with 3 daughters

    Sometimes, the girls will hang out with their cousins

    Delia, the eldest daughter of Wolfgang, is nearly to be a teen
    I have made her as preteen's body

    As a preteen, it's not strange to get interest in boys...
    The name of this boy is William, who is Delia's step-cousin = Gunther's stepson = Son of Gunther's wife with her ex-boyfriend (so complicated)

    William: Delia, how is your life in junior high school?
    Delia: (doki doki <3 )

    Don't you think that you're too small to date?

    Your mum may angry

    Tina: (not doing housework, not taking care of children, not buying me any gifts on the anniversary day...)

    It seems that she has not yet discovered XDDD
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @GalacticGal I'm sorry you're having issues with your game! I hope you can get everything working smoothly soon!
    @GrimlyFiendish That's honestly the best way to handle problem clients.

    Winter season was here, and Johnny and Emiliano planned something special for the season: a vacation in Mt. Komorebi for the family. They live in Del Sol Valley, and since it never snows, they thought maybe the kids would love to have a snowy Winterfest.
    But first... Emiliano took Riley to the vet to get her spayed.

    "Look, Riley, I know you have dreams of being the next Whitney Houston, but you know... I think we should be a bit realistic." Emiliano, why did you have to crush her dreams like that?

    On the way to pick up Jonathan from his mother's, Emiliano discovered Amber was having another baby. He tried to be nice and congratulate her, but she wasn't having any of it.

    After picking up Jonathan, the family left for Mt. Komorebi. They arrived late, but they had enough time to try to local restaurant for dinner.

    Bright and early the next morning, Jonathan and Desirae rushed outside to play in the snow.

    Johnny took Desirae sledding on the bunny slopes.

    Emiliano and Jonathan tried Ikayaki. Not sure if Jonathan really liked it, though.

    After, they went sledding on the bunny slopes. Except, Jonathan convinced his dad to go down the lane with the ramps. That ended well.

    "Hey dad, what's that over there?"
    "Huh? Where?"

    They checked out the Festival of Youth the next day. I didn't manage to get a good screenshot, but Jonathan played Voidcritter Hunt, but didn't find enough in time. They also tried some delicious crepes. It's a shame toddlers aren't able to eat crepes though, so Desirae was left out of most activities.

    After the festival ended, a karaoke contest started at the nearby bar. Jonathan entered and got a score of 3/100. He's going to need more practice. Johnny decided to do a little duet with his stepson.

    The next morning, Jonathan had some homework to do over vacation. Emiliano and Desirae gave him a little help.

    They packed a picnic basket and went for a hike on one of the trails in town.

    I thought there would be a picnic table around the top of the hiking trails, but unfortunately, there wasn't. They made their way back down and had a little picnic in the neighborhood square. It wasn't as peaceful as they hoped, but they still enjoyed their meal.

    Winterfest was finally here. They woke up early to decorate the tree and open presents. Afterwards, they had Winterfest dinner together.

    While Johnny and Emiliano baked some sugar cookies for the kids, Jonathan took his sister to the bunny slopes. He didn't really learn his lesson the first time with his dad, but he felt bad for scaring his little sister.

    It was nearing the end of their vacation. They decided to spend the morning after Winterfest skiing. That didn't end well for the boys, so afterwards, they visited the onsen to relax. That night, they had a hotpot meal for dinner.

    On the last day, Emiliano took Jonathan and Riley on a quick hike before checking out the Festival of Light.

    Desirae tried some delicious Taiyaki at the festival.

    They checked out the bonfire and fireworks, and wrote wishes together and hung them on the Tanabata tree.

    That was it; Their last moments in Mt. Komorebi. They had a lot of fun, and maybe they'll come back next Winterfest.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,337 Member
    edited September 2021
    Varpu treated one of her cats Alli at home. She has 6 cats, so it's a lot easier to treat them at home when they're sick instead of taking everyone to the vet. Alli is the first cat in my 100 cats challenge and she's already en elder.
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,655 Member
    One of Taku Akiyama's son's went rolling skating and then rode a bike all while wearing just a towel.


    Seems like a risky move there, bub.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,473 Member
    Bella's favorite may be Alex even if she's expecting another baby, or she's supposed to be I turned down the aging for this save.
    I love dressing up my aliens, now Juen here is for sure pregnant they are adults though so they don't have as much time to go I may cheat them potions of youth since they aren't human.
    I gave another make over to a Vlad that I uploaded some time ago now and I moved the new Johnny zest in with him, I think they look good together.
    After a long day cleaning the house and painting for her share of work in the family she just couldn't help herself, her son was not amused.
    At least he had his brother cheer him up after kids do get scared like the tots do hehe.
    After the kids were full and all their homework was done TJ decided he didn't want to just be the baby daddy anymore.
    She accepted his proposal it's been a while I may go looking for cc wedding dresses just for her.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
  • BlackkatnessBlackkatness Posts: 63 Member
    One of my Sims accidently killed her date with laughter, while they were on a date. He just suddenly walked away from his seat and croaked right there on the spot. I didn't even see it coming. All the Sims at the restaurant gathered around him and all cried. Then the Grim Reaper shows up. This is probably the most interesting way I've seen Sims died. Usually, It's fire or electrocution.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    Since an adult Sim can grow hysterical way too easily, when they have Toddlers, I have turned off emotional death via MCCC. The Toddlers' father, my Global Superstar, Rock Star, Best Actor, went hysterical at least twice very recently. I'm very glad I realized, in time, the first moment of his hysteria, that I needed to reset MCCC to block this kind of death. Else, I would have to start all over yet again! But, yeah, it is far more interesting a death than the most prevalent deaths in the game. and once EA tones it down a bit, I'll gladly take the block off of it.
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,337 Member
    edited September 2021
    Nelson and his wife Paulette had a romantic moment when they were vacationing in Mt. Komorebi.

    Their daughter Opal was excited to go snowboarding and she woke up early to eat breakfast.

    Opal spent the whole day snowboarding.

    Opal's parents joined her later, but her mom Paulette wasn't interested of skiing or snowboarding. She tried it and she hurt herself and decided to go have hot coffee instead of spending more time on the slopes.

    Opal and her dad Nelson stayed until it started getting dark and they got hungry. They ate before retruning back to the cabin.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 6,881 Member
    Not much happened. Got Simran to practice some yoga so she can increase her Wellness skill and be able to tend manicure chairs at the spa. :lol:


    On another note, they really need to add bikes for kids in the game. I took a family of three out to the skate rink in Finchwick and both parents rode their bikes there while the poor kid ran behind them. :neutral:
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 787 Member
    Today, I went to one of my saves with a plan to move two of my teens out of their houses. They were boyfriend and girlfriend, and going steady. I don't use cheats for that save, and neither one had enough money to move out together yet, so I plan to move them out together once they have enough money to combine to do so.
    Instead of working on the families to build up their funds, I decided to play another save file, which is a mix of fictional characters from books, movies, cartoons, etc. As well as my own Sims mixed in here and there. The first family I visited was the Helluva Boss family I downloaded from the Gallery. I made some changes to it, by making Millie and Blitzo brother and sister, so that the whole family was linked. I gave Millie and Moxxie a teen daughter named Minnie, so Loona wouldn't be the only teen in the household. Minnie is pretty much a goody-two-shoes, compared to Loona's temper.
    Last time I played them, Millie and Moxxie were expecting a child, and I got Millie to her final stage, before she had the baby. Before, Minnie and Loona meet Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts, which were Sims I downloaded from the Gallery as well. Riku and Loona didn't care for each other, and Sora ended up with a one-sided crush on Minnie. So, while waiting for Millie to give birth, I played the family. Sora invited Minnie to a dance that was happening at the ruins, and Minnie took Loona with her. Loona didn't want to be there, and Minnie tried to get an autograph from a celebrity, but was turned down each time. The celebrity wanted to dance, and not deal with fans. Loona fell asleep on one of the stone benches, and Sora had fallen asleep on the other one. Minnie was still around, and met Legolas. Legolas and is dad were random Sims that arrived to the party, and Minnie introduced herself to him. Legolas and his dad were also two Sims I downloaded from the Gallery, and are pretty much maxed out on everthing.
    Minnie introduced herself to Legolas, and offered him a rose. Legolas took the offered rose, and the two of them hit it off. Minnie flirted with him, and before the party ended, she shared her first kiss with him. They parted ways, but I had Minnie keep in contact with him. I had her, and her family to a spa, when the Romance festival popped up, and had her bring her family, as well as Legolas. The two continued to hit it off, and Minnie confessed her attraction to him. While with him, Sora called to invite her to the Romance festival, and arrived there shortly after the call. he waited for her at the entrance. Before he joined them, Minnie asked Legolas to be her boyfriend, and then promised herself to him. Sora arrived shortly after, but didn't see any of it. Loona flirted with a female sim, but the female sim left before she could do more, but they she did hit off with that sim.
    With Moxxie, Millie, and Blitzo, Moxxie got a job in the Entertainer career, while Blitzo went into a Criminal career. Blitzo spent his day teasing Moxxie, which made him angry, and the two are enemies at the moment. I sent Blitzo to the Romance festival to creata more mischief, but got distracted with Minnie.
    Millie ended up with a daughter named, which I named Molly.
    Also, after I wrote this, I went through my save files, and accidentally saved over this file with another one, I had looked away, and wasn't paying attention. Since it was on the PS4, and you have to pay for clod or ps plus to back up the saves, everything I did for today is gone now. So, I can redownload everyone, but all my progress went poof! So, yeah a good play session is now gone.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,337 Member
    edited September 2021
    Grant-Jarrett family celebrated New Year's Eve. It was almost midnight and they watched the countdown to midnight together.

    The next day was Nelson's birthday and his wife Paulette woke up in the morning to bake a cake for him.

    Nelson aged up to an adult and looked proud of it.

    Paulette grilled a dinner for her family.

    Paulette mentored Opal playing the piano.

    Opal's friend Evie Delgato came to visit her and they had a good time together.

    Opal and Evie became besties and Opal took a photo of them. :)
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    A little time has passed and Love Day has finally returned. Being a romantic sim, Love Day is one of Johnny's favorite holidays.

    On the morning of Love Day, Johnny woke up early and got himself and his daughter ready for the day. He had planned out the entire day. The first thing on the his list: a daddy-daughter date with Desirae.

    They went to a local bakery and florist shop to pick up a couple of items. Desirae browsed the sugary delights and picked out some berry macaroons. Johnny and Desirae then looked at the bouquets, and Desirae helped Johnny pick out the perfect arrangement for Emiliano: beautiful bouquet with pink roses and red snapdragons.

    A paparazzi named Dean Gulberry showed up to momentarily ruin their fun. He whipped out his camera and began calling to Johnny and Desirae.

    "Johnny! Johnny Campbell! Can you pose with you daughter? Your fans love seeing you with your daughter!"

    Johnny didn't appreciate the paparazzi shoving his camera in Desirae's face. He told the paparazzi to leave, and surprisingly, he left without a fuss.

    Johnny asked if she was okay, but Desirae wasn't bothered at all.

    "Are you okay, Desirae? He didn't bother you, did he?"
    "It's okay, daddy! I know how to pose for pictures!"
    "Is that so, baby girl?"
    "Mmmhmm. I can teach you! You just look at the camera and say, 'cheeeeeeeese!'"

    The next stop on Johnny's list: the toy store.

    Of course, another paparazzi was there, too. Once Johnny took care of the nuisance, Desirae chose a brand new toy: a talking purple llamacorn.

    It was time for a little snack. Johnny and Desirae sat on one of the benches outside, and they tried some berry macaroons they had bought at the bakery.

    The toy store also had a small playground. After their lunch, Johnny played with Desirae for a bit before heading home.

    Johnny surprised Emiliano with the flower arrangement he and Desirae bought.

    Then, they went to an ice cream parlor and Johnny treated Emiliano to his favorite food: chocolate ice cream. Of course, Johnny couldn't enjoy an ice cream cone since he suffers from lactose intolerance, but apparently, the root beer float was perfectly fine to drink.

    After the meal, they spent a couple of hours skating at a nearby rink.

    The last item on Johnny's list was a fun family movie night. When they arrived home, Johnny and Emiliano prepared some butter popcorn and found a cute children's movie they could all enjoy together. Apparently, Lost Dog's Journey Home is Riley's favorite movie.

    Desirae REALLY loved the berry macaroons. She announced to her dads that berry macaroons were her new favorite treat.
  • HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 291 Member
    I've made a family whose story is that the dad was a rock star in his youth, and now they're rapidly blowing through all their money. This is the first time I've actually played with a butler, and it's amazing. The dad, Stephon, asked her for a drink. She made it and proceeded to drink it herself; he totally forgot he had asked for one.


    The mom is an aspiring chef (late in life career change), and the son hates cooking. When they cook together, it looks like he specifically hates his mother's cooking.



    When the food didn't turn out well, he rang for some better, less burnt food.


    The butler's generally pretty self-sufficient (she hasn't died yet, so I'm assuming she's fine). Her sleep schedule is a bit out of whack though. The son is not impressed.


    The mom got asked to go hang out at a neighbor's house, so I had her drag the kids. The teenage son awkwardly standing off to the side while the grownups chat because he didn't like the teen his own age is peak realism for the Sims (as is the neighbor's little girls wanting to hang with the grownups).

  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,917 Member
    pretty cute, @NightlyCoffee , I gather little Desirae is going to be a star one day too hm?
    @HavenRose I love all those awkward moments XD If you want the butler to keep to a certain sleep schedule, one of the commands on the Butler... menu is "Go to Sleep". (Yes, she will go into her room and sleep in the assigned bed, not drop on the floor or whatever)
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,473 Member
    edited September 2021
    Don't mind me posting again, I had their wedding heh.
    So pretty I imagine they both got their hair relaxed for the day.
    It was a good time, it was past curfew but I didn't let them say anything to their boys since they were the only real guests, everyone else just showed up cause we can't have private venue parties.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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