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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    Not sure but my sims are talking in doubles. Iv updated twice and its still happening.

    What do you mean by talking in doubles? Have you tried a Game Repair? If that doesn't fix things, do a Game Folder Refresh. Make a copy of your saves, Tray and Screenshots, then add _Old to your Sims 4 Folder and start your game. This will regenerate the Folder. Try a test Sim to see if the double talk persists, if not save and exit. The replace the new saves folder with your original one, and the Tray and screenshots and be certain to delete the localthumbcache.package, too. Best of luck!
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,352 Member
    @NightlyCoffee , thank you :) And indeed!! :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
    As a follow-up to the Stayin' Alive video, I got the Get Famous premades together to vogue. Izzy in particular is indeed very fabulous, he's rocking it.

    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

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  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 787 Member
    Today I didn't play too long, and it was a bit different then usual.
    I don't own Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, so I am playing the free trial for the limited time it is a available. Since it was a test run, I used a Sim I have called Yuki Snow. A bit a background for her is that I made an Elsa and downloaded a male Sim from the gallery as an experiment, and Yuki was the first one that popped up, and I thought she was a pretty good mix of her parents. I aged her up into an adult, and she is the Sim I use for a lot of experiments. She is a mother in three families that I made, one with her and Zuko, her and Mako, and her with Adrien Agreste. She was also moved in with one of my teens, and became his foster mother. Said teen was almost broke, so i moved her in to boost his income.
    Anyway, Yuki was used for the Eco Lifestyle, and the only thing I changed for her was her hair, and some of her outfits, especially her main one. I gave her the long hair with the feathers/streaks in it, and moved her into the nicer part of the town in the Eco Lifestyle world I moved her into a house, and had her explore the town. Nicer isn't better, though, because their was trash everywhere. She went into the bad areas, and did not like the pollution. it gave her a bad moodlet. I had her dumpster dive for stuff, which she also didn't like that much, but she was able to find stuff for the career I was going to give her. I gave her the Eco lifestyle career, and she had to interview people. I had her travel out of her world, and meet other Sims, like Don and Bella. She flirted with a librarian, and played on the computer. She also flirted with Don, and got her interviews. When she got home, she took five selfies, and she sold one. She also played on her phone, and posted on her simstragram. She went to work, and was pretty tense throughout the day. She came home, did her interviews again, ate, and went to bed. She went to work, and had another tense day. She got a promotion, and was currently building up both her skills when I stopped for the day.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,414 Member
    Cassandra Goth is in University and is studying spellcasting on the side.
    Problem is she can't have a cauldron in the dorm's attic because it's considered a stove.

    So she has to do it off campus.


    Sylvan Glade.



    With convenient access to the magical realm.

  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    That really is quite stunning @CK213
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    Not too much has happened lately. Emiliano has been dealing with a lot of issues, and with the Emotion Bomb celebrity quirk, it's been quite a challenge keeping him alive. Nonetheless, they have been enjoying sometime before the new baby arrives via surrogacy.

    Some random moments in their life:

    Johnny and Emiliano attended a movie premier at Studio PBP for Emiliano's latest summer blockbuster.

    The big Summer Blowout came around. Johnny and Emiliano threw a pool party at their mansion in Del Sol Valley. Emiliano grilled some delicious Latin food, and surprisingly, didn't drop it on the ground.

    Some cute moments during the pool party.

    Sometime later, the two met with a fashion designer to discuss a fun opportunity to work together. I'm not sure why, but Emiliano got up and decided to dance the Rumbasim.

    And then, Johnny got up and did it, too! I'm not going to lie, I was laughing at how random it was. I feel like their friends were like, "Hey, you guys know this is an Indian Restaurant and not Chippendales, right?"

    One night, Johnny was invited over to his friend's home and they had a little jam session together.

    Starlight Accolades was in town again, and Emiliano was nominated for an award. Randomly, some celebrities got into a fight during the ceremony. I guess there was a disagreement about who should have won a Starlight Accolade.

    Once things calmed down, the ceremony resumed and Emiliano won the award for Best Actor!

    "Baby boy, you okay back there?"
    "Yup! I'm good... totally didn't drop my strawberry in the chocolate...!"

    Emiliano spent an evening with his son, discussing the future baby on the way. He seemed to take it well, but hopefully, he doesn't feel like his dad is replacing him.

    Meanwhile, Johnny was inside playing dolls with David and his son.

    That's all, for now! I'm really excited for Johnny and Emiliano's baby coming. Storywise, the baby will be Johnny's biological child and possibly the heir (unless I decide to have more). I learned my lesson a long time ago about having too many kids. I love big families, but it's so hard to give each and every child their own storyline. I hate sidelining my characters, so I might just settle for quality and not quantity.
  • Adam Wheatley had his birthday and grew into a strapping young lad of a child, and his mom Elizabeth thought to herself "Maybe I should have another one-night stand with Bob. Haven't even seen him since the Neighborhood Brawl, don't know if he's alive or dead, but he sure did give me a good-lookin' kiddo."

    The Watcher clearly had plans for this boy...

    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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  • totasimstotasims Posts: 27 Member
    finally had my twin toddlers , but i'm too lazy to throw them a welcome party xD
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,473 Member
    I just think they are adorable in their little uniforms.
    Don isn't particularly happy to find his new roommate is an alien, especially now that he knows he's expecting his child. Seeing the bedroom Zane is preparing may or may not make him come around though.
    Morgyn is so full of himself, I decided that my sim that is currently responsible for two loveless families that she could feel something for him.
    I spent some time with the new pancakes, their daughter Nikita is a doll.
    And Lizzie is the type to take a photo of everything.
    I noticed it was cold so I had Bobby turn on the heater for her.
    Then he's the one to get sick...meh, I never noticed the green in the marks there..ew
    I don't know what it is every time I put mcc back in my game it sticks Vlad and Lilith together, so I had them take in my kids....and this is Jilly's reaction to just seeing her new foster mother.

    Camilio just rolls his eyes though he's delighted to know vampires took them.

    "Jill control yourself that's mother."

    Lilith would let it slide she helped Vlad set up their rooms, things are mostly peaceful all around.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
  • PlumbobCrossingPlumbobCrossing Posts: 8,450 Member
    @GalacticGal Haha I've only recently included it myself. I added some custom traditions to help make it more realistic. :)
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    John Lykke Jr. sold Agatha Crumplebottom an executive armchair. Something he hadn't stolen.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    When It Never Grows Old

    Erik Cantrell was very busy. In fact, he was busy nearly all of the time. Concerts, recording tracks for albums, packaging them into albums, releasing albums, all of which took hours to do. When he wasn't busy being a Mega Rock Star, he was starring in films. Photoshoots, since his image was desired as covers for the latest magazines. He couldn't walk into a store without his own image staring back at him from the magazine stacks. Suffice it to say, he now was a Simoleonaire. Sadly, he was only too aware that left the bulk of taking care of the household in Kayleigh's tender hands. He was in awe of her. Never once did he ever walk into a unclean home, the smell of freshly cooked food in the air from bread to cookies. Tidy. Everything was tidy. The children, fed, diapered, clean, well cared-for. The chicken coop and chickens, likewise. She even tended the garden he had started. She was amazing, in his eyes. Jamison, now a Toddler, Erik quickly learned, was one eager little Sim. Ready to take on the world.
    Shortly before Jamison turned one, the twins were born. Melody and Harmony.
    Inquisitive little guy, Erik worried that he might also be a dare-devil …wonder where he gets that from?
    He loved the chickens, too. Especially old Colonel Eggbert. Erik feared the rooster wasn't long for this world.
    Jamison liked the chicks, too. He was remarkably gentle with them, as if he understood they were just babies.
    One day, not long after he's taken Colonel Eggbert from their coop, Grimmie came for Hattie, too. Maybe chickens mated for life, too?
    Unfortunately, Erik wasn't there to help Jamison. Kayleigh found herself, trying to console the very fussy twins, and now Jamison, too.

    When Erik came back in from his concert, he found his family upstairs. He could sense by the mood something was off. "Erik," Kayleigh said, when he found her in the nursery. "H-a-t-t-i-e."
    "Oh, went to," he pointed upward, Kayleigh nodded. "He's inconsolable."
    "Jamison, Daddy's home."
    "I here," the tot said.
    "I understand we lost another friend today."
    It wasn't the right thing to say, Erik soon realized, as the boy burst into tears.
    "Son, it's okay. Really, I promise she's in good hands. And besides, now she's with the Colonel so it's okay, right? Come here."
    Thinking quickly, he scooped the child up and began a fierce game of Bear.
    Not long and Jamison was giggling wildly.
    "Okay, that's enough. We don't want you too wound up before bed."
    "Book, pwease."
    "Sure," Erik said, grabbing a book off of the shelf. "Let's go in here. I don't want to awaken the girls. Seems Mommy has them quiet at least for now."
    "Otay." Jamison climbed up on the bed meant for one of his sisters. Erik opened the book and began to read, using his actor's voice.
    It may have been too much, given the look on Jamison's little face. "But, I don't want dat big bad woff to bwow down dere house."
    "It's okay. We'll make sure they get a new house. Built strong just like this one."
    "Otay, pwomise?"
    "I promise."
    Taking him into his own room, Erik tucked him in for the night and stood there watching until the Tot was sound asleep.

    That coming week, Erik had the last few scenes to shoot in the movie, Apocalypse. which was Directed by Javier Dove, and as promised his people gave Erik a call to offer him the Lead. Erik Cantrell readily accepted. He genuinely liked working for Javier Dove. Much of his early work was with this Sim. Javier did promise him a meaty role. He had to believe this was it.
    One of the remaining scenes was a fight scene. Fighting scenes weren't his favorite.
    There was even a scene where Erik was given a chance to sing. He went all out Heavy Metal which really was just risky enough to fit the nature of the film.
    Then later on, a risky flirt scene:
    This odd-ball group of survivors lived in a makeshift compartment, they constructed from the parts of rockets and what was left of a building it had crashed into during the disaster. Not my idea of homey.
    But although Erik's character had found love, he'd also made a few enemies. One was very serious about wanting him out of the way. Erik found himself thrilled at the chance to portray a Death Scene. So, he chose the risky route and prayed it came off well.
    "My God my gut hurts. It hurts. Oh, I think I've been poisoned!"
    Ach, …
    Goodbye cruel world he thought to himself.
    And then he sidled over. It was brilliant.
    "And that's a WRAP, People! Nice work, everybody!"

    The movie was released in record time. Erik and Kayleigh grabbed a moment out to go see the premiere. They both agreed it was a terrific film. Weeks went by and the Box office take went through the roof. Erik busied himself with his other projects. He even bought a couple more chickens. A grown Hen and a grown Rooster. The chicks still had a ways to go. The price of eggs were on the high side. Time passed.

    After Church services one day, Erik was again on the go. Another concert, another part in a major film needed to be shot. When he finally returned home again, he seriously thought about going back down to Tayegeta Recording Studios to finish up another album. He had already finished the tracks, but they had to be organized and the order decided upon to turn them into a album. Erik was particular in what he wanted. Generally, it took hours. In glancing at his wrist watch, he realized if he left now, he could just make it to the Starlight Accolades. Call it nostalgia, something compelled him to go. "Honey, I'll be back later. I'm going to Del Sol Valley to the BPB Studios."
    "The Starlight Accolades? Thanks, I nearly forgot they were on. I love watching. Maybe when they pan the audience, I'll catch a glimpse of you."
    "Yeah, maybe." He smiled.
    As he noticed before there was a certain electricity in the air for this event. All the tension, all of the aspirations of the Nominees. Erik took a seat and waited for the show to begin. Again, he found himself nearly drifting off to sleep when he startled to, hearing his name. "Wh-what?" He glanced at Dirk Dreamer in the chair next to him, the one shaking him awake. "Hey, Man, you just won for Best Actor. I think I hate you."
    Erik stood up, straightened his jacket and made his way to the microphone. When did I get nominated? Never even heard about it. What the heck?
    "I lost to a singer. I think I hate him.
    "Is this on? Hello?"
    "Wow, it's still just as heavy. Anyone else feel like it's a bit of Deja vu going on here? I have to say I really, really didn't expect this," he said and then began to chuckle. "No, really, I didn't even know I was a nominee. Seriously. When was I even nominated?"
    "I just want to say thank you to the Director, Javier Dove, who promised me ages ago he had the part for me. He gave me a chance and I'm truly grateful. To the cast and crew, my wife, my three kids. Everybody who worked so well together to make this film what it is. I could not have done it without all of you."
    "Oh, I think I'm giddy,"
    "Thank you, all of you!"
    "Thank you Most High God, this is for You."

    All for now! Thanks for reading! :)

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  • RumancekRumancek Posts: 558 Member
    It's a beautiful day in the neeeeighborhood
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    edited September 2021
    calaprfy wrote: »
    John Lykke Jr. sold Agatha Crumplebottom an executive armchair. Something he hadn't stolen.

    Well, that's good it wasn't stolen, because otherwise she would be an accessory-after-the-fact.
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  • MoonlightGrahamMoonlightGraham Posts: 862 Member
    edited September 2021
    Last night, I set up the base game premades plus vampires to dance to Stayin' Alive. Fun times!

    @CherryBerryCloud My daughter just watched this five times, gigglesquealing more each time. "I'm going to learn the choreography," she declared.

    *wonders if I should tell her about the Vogue video*
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  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    Lykke's Emporium now stocks Slimify serums. Is obesity getting you down? Come get slim at Lykke's Emporium today!
  • CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
    Last night, I set up the base game premades plus vampires to dance to Stayin' Alive. Fun times!

    @CherryBerryCloud My daughter just watched this five times, gigglesquealing more each time. "I'm going to learn the choreography," she declared.

    *wonders if I should tell her about the Vogue video*

    HA! Ok that is hilarious! The choreo is tough, but with time it's definitely doable! I've been trying it too and the jumping around and the quick hand/arm movements where they go left and right are tricky, but the popping is easy to start so yes, I believe she can do it! :D

    And of course, she must Vogue as well. B)
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  • RumancekRumancek Posts: 558 Member
    edited September 2021
    My sims had their first kiss in front of the falls. I had planned doing it when I came back from the temple but one of them was cursed and gross looking and I knew that would look bad in pics. Unfortunately it was raining in this one...but at least he wasn't green


    no they are not dressed for the jungle
    That an uppercase i at the end of my name, not an L! Do not @ me with the L.
  • CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
    Ok, ok, one more video for now. This one was fun to do. Thorne and Don look great!
    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,619 Member

    I am having so much fun. Have used a new piece of CC and it has been a great improvement to my game.

    Look! You can get the cliffs for rock climbing as CC. Now I have built a park on the huge 64x64 lot in BB so my sims can climb all year round in something other than snow.

    Everynow and then using the MOO-cheat is ok because it is just so much fun to have places that feel like it is fun to be outdoors.

    Have plans to make the next generation a climber so I want Torulf to get some climbing skills so he can take the kids there when they age up.
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    Baby is finally here! I know that there is a wonderful mod called WooHoo Wellness that could do surrogacy, but I didn't want the biological mother to be on the family tree, or Emiliano listed as a stepfather. So, I decided to hop into CAS and make Johnny able to become pregnant, then used MCCC to make a baby with Emiliano as the father. After that, I used MCCC to change the pregnancy phase into labor and...

    They had a baby girl! Welcome to the family, Desirae.

    They bought a cute little onesie for Desirae from Plopsy.

    One morning, Emiliano was rehearsing his new role in front of Desirae.

    "Baby boy, what are you doing?"
    "I got a new script today, and Desirae is helping me with my lines. Isn't that right, mi pequeña princesa?"

    The weekend came, and Emiliano picked up Jonathan to stay a couple of nights. Johnny made his usual gummy bear pancakes, but this time he remembered that he's now lactose intolerant.

    Jonathan took the news of his new sibling well, and seemed excited to have a little sister.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    edited September 2021
    When the Impossible Happens

    Shortly after their twins, Melody and Harmony, turned a year old, Kayleigh gave birth to their fourth child. Andrew was a healthy baby boy, but thankfully, more even tempered than his older sisters. He only seemed to cry when he needed a diaper change or was hungry, or bored. Kayleigh and Erik found themselves very relieved. Their girls were colicky, or something. Erik would crawl into bed at night and press his pillow over his ears, the crying was so bad, sometimes. The parents absolutely doted on their children, unable to grasp just why they were so very blessed. But grateful, all the same.

    Having won the Starlight Accolade for Best Actor, twice now, Erik found himself highly in demand. In fact, he turned down more parts than he accepted. In between he held concerts, music still being his first love. He struggled to squeeze in time at Tayegeta Studios, his record label, in order to record and mix albums. He was able to release his twentieth and twenty-first albums. Mostly, he stole the wee hours when his family was asleep. Those few hours before church on Sundays and any other time he could sneak off. When he was home, he strove to spend as much time with his children as he could, hoping to get to know them and for them to know him. Sometimes, he struggled with melancholy, as it seemed they were all growing up so quickly.
    Jamison, the eldest was almost three years old. He loved a good game of Bear.
    "Okay, Big Boy, it's your sister's turn."
    Harmony giggled as her daddy dumped her upside-down.
    Erik looked around for Melody, not wishing to leave her out of the fun. But when he picked her up, she clutched him extra hard. "You want to play Bear?.
    "Mommy says, no wuff house," she said resolutely.
    "Okay. No rough house."
    Then she hugged him extra hard. "I wuv you, Daddy."
    Erik chuckled, "I love you, too, Sweet Pea."

    The days grew into weeks, the weeks turned into months. Finally, midsummer was upon them. The family kept things low-key. They barbequed, Erik and Kayleigh each had a drink, or two. And as soon as the sun went down, Erik lit off the fireworks.
    While Kayleigh found herself in the Zone, street dancing, Erik set off the second round.

    One early afternoon when the couple returned home from services, Erik was able to convince Kayleigh to help him get ready for this latest part.
    He took the time to mentor her, as she was reluctant. "I need you, Kayleigh, won't you please help me? I can go find someone else, but this will allow us some time together."
    "Well, when you put it that way, okay."
    "I really don't understand why you hate this. You're really very good."
    "Yeah, it's surprising how I don't have diabetes, for all of the sugary-sweet words you fling in my direction."
    "Mom, when did you get here?"

    Shortly after their 'rehearsal' they decided to pack up the Toddlers and head to Bramblewood Forest. Erik should have known better, but for some reason, he thought the place remote enough they would be alone, except for a few neighbors.
    The family barely arrived when Erik was surrounded by Fans and Paparazzi, all vying for his attention. "Over here, Erik," "Can you give me an exclusive interview?" Erik, nearly in a panic realized Jamison was no longer holding onto his hand! "Kayleigh, have you got all of the kids?"
    "I have the girls," she hollered back.
    "Oh, God," Erik said and bounded off toward the large duck-laden pond. "Jamey — Jamison!"
    "Hey, Buddie, what are you doing?" Erik said.
    "You know this isn't the same as playing in the Kiddie pool at home, Little Guy," Erik said, keeping his voice even, while his stomach lurched about. "Gotcha, let's go have some lunch." He kissed the back of the boy's head.
    The crowd followed them over to a picnic table.
    Erik kept the three kids near him. Even when the crowd thinned out, he wasn't going to allow what could have been a tragedy.
    Thanking God, they went home shortly after they finished their lunch.

    Noon rolled around and Erik kissed his wife, hugged his children and ran out of the front door. He had to be down at Plumbob Studios to shoot some scenes for this latest movie. Life In the Wild West. It promised to be a block-buster.
    "Action!" Hollered the Director. Again it was Javier Dove.
    "Nellie Mae, you and your gang have done terrorized this town long enough. I'm runnin' you in. Now, git in there."
    Reluctantly, she went. And Erik slammed the door. The echo was a nice touch.
    "Ye best pray the Sheriff is on your side. We don't hold with yer antics in this town. Settin' fire to your neighbors' crops, stealin' stuff, too. Rustlin' cattle. Don't try to talk yer way out of it. That steer had the Cartwright brand on it. And you ain't no Cartwright."
    "But, what if I said I was reformed. I am — you know."
    The next scene they shot that day, was really the setup scene. Erik had to sing a ballad, all about the Town, it's people and life on the plains.
    Then he had to dance and make merry. Inclined as he was, he took the risky path. Mostly he had fun, and it showed.
    Lastly, he took up his guitar and played like there was no tomorrow.
    As much as Erik loved it, he hoped he wouldn't be type-cast from this point on. Somewhere in the 20th Century there was a Country singer turned actor they called the Singing Cowboy. Erik wasn't Country, he was Rock N' Roll with some Pop thrown in.

    As expected the movie made Box Office records. Not only was it up for Best Picture, but Javier Dove was nominated for Best Director. Erik also found himself blushing when his name was read over the TV. The Starlight Accolades was a big deal. Every time they came out, the news went live as the nominees were announced. Dirk Dreamer's name was announced, too.
    "You do realize that if you take this from me again, I will no longer be able to call you my friend," Dirk said.
    Erik coughed the tickle from his throat. "Oh, I thought you still hated me from last time. Nice to know we're still friends. Okay."
    "And the Starry goes to …"
    "Here it comes," Dirk said under his breath.
    "…Erik Cantrell!"
    "I knew it. Somehow, I just knew it. I hate you. No, I really do, Pal." Dirk shrugged and offered his hand. "Congratulations, man."
    Not worth losing a friend over … Can I decline?
    "First off, I thank my God."
    "I would also like to take a moment to congratulate the other four Sims up for this award. Each of your performances were first rate, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. So much so, I thought I wouldn't be standing here with this heavy thing in my hands, hoping I don't drop it. I admire each of you. Especially you, Dirk Dreamer. And for the record, you're still my friend."
    "I thank the very talented cast, the crew, Javier Dove for this part, my sweet wife and mother of my four kids for putting up with the long hours and for rehearsing with me, even though you don't enjoy it."
    'I have to say I'm a tad embarrassed. Is there a cap on how many of these a Sim can win?"
    "I'm honored and I am humbled for this recognition. Thank you."
    "Thank you, thank you."
    "Mom, Dad, this one is for you."

    All for now! Can't believe it, I really can't. Thanks for reading! :)

    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,689 Member
    Winter has arrived on the Weatherby farm!


    Maya loves playing in the snow almost as much as she loves playing with the chickens.


    Tahlia braves the cold to work on her next floral masterpiece!

    Time to build snow pals!


    And the season ended with the arrival of baby Bailey!


    Can't wait to see what spring has to offer!
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @GalacticGal Aw! The kids are really adorable! Erik and Kayleigh seem very happy with their big family. Congratulations to Erik on another Starlight Accolade win!
    @amber_ilumire The farm looks really nice in winter, especially with all that snow for the little one to play in. Your family is super cute, and congratulations on the newest member of the family!

    A little time has passed and Desirae, the newest member to Johnny and Emiliano's family, has outgrown the bassinet. She aged up with the charmer trait, which is quite fitting considering her biological father, Johnny, is a very warm and charismatic man. So far, she seems to thrive in the spotlight, so the two dads may have a future star on their hands.

    A birthday party was thrown to celebrate Desirae entering her toddler stage. Johnny and Emiliano invited all of their friends and family for the occasion. Desirae was eager to make as many friends as she could.

    Johnny encouraged his daughter to start practicing her words. So, they made a fun game out of it with flash cards. Desirae was catching on quickly.

    While Emiliano was away filming another movie, Desirae would spend time in her father's recording studio while he worked on his upcoming album. Riley was really determined to become a singer in her own right.

    It was Emiliano's son's birthday, and he could not believe how much time had passed since his son was born. To him, it just wasn't enough time; It felt like the children were growing up too quickly. Recently, the custody case for his son had finally concluded; It was decided that Jonathan would remain at home with his mother and spend the weekends with his father. It wasn't what Emiliano had hoped for, but in the end, it might work better for Jonathan.

    On the morning of Jonathan's birthday, Emiliano's younger brother stopped by to help prepare the birthday cake. Except, Antonio had no idea how to cook, but it's the thought that counts!

    After preparing the birthday cake, Emiliano and Antonio headed out to pick up Jonathan from his mother's. Desirae had asked if she could tag along, so the two brought the little toddler with them. Emiliano knocked on the door and went inside to get his son, while Antonio played outside in the autumn leaves with Desirae.

    For some unknown reason, Antonio had left his niece alone for a brief moment. A paparazzi had followed Emiliano, and he approached Desirae. Instead of being scared, she opened her arms to give the stranger a big hug. Emiliano had walked out from the house at that moment and was horrified by what he saw. He rushed over to her and fought off the paparazzi.

    The paparazzi's name was Dean Gullberry.

    I may be a 33 year old woman, but I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

    After returning home with the kids, Emiliano scolded his brother for leaving his daughter alone with the paparazzi. Antonio apologized, and he had promised he would keep a better eye on her next time. Before the birthday celebrations began, Emiliano took one last photo with his son as a toddler, and this time, Jonathan had a little sister to share photo time with.

    With his father's help, Jonathan blew out the candles on his birthday cake.

    I closed my eyes, I rolled the dice... 1, 2, 3... Music Lover? How perfect! With Johnny being a musician, I began imagining how much he could bond with his stepfather over music.

    The following morning, Emiliano helped his son with his homework while Johnny prepared breakfast.

    They sat down at the dining table and had breakfast together.

    After breakfast, Emiliano had some Spanish lessons with his son and daughter.

    "No, Jonathan. I'm NOT going to teach you curse words in Spanish, especially around your little sister."

    Some time afterwards, "someone" broke the dollhouse. Clearly, it wasn't Desirae... or so she told her dad.

    Before they brought Jonathan home to his mother, Emiliano and his son sat down and had a little heart-to-heart. Even though Jonathan was not going to be living with him, Emiliano promised his son that he would always be there for him.
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