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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    My Sims got engaged

    Got Married

    and went on a Honeymoon in Sulani with the two toddlers


    He got the inheritance phone call and since I was planning to marry them soon anyway...
    I tried to throw a house party and get married/elope with their friends there. Unfortunately the party broke up just before I managed to get the Elope social to work :/ Oh well.
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    After their birthday, I gave Johnny and Emiliano a little makeover for their new stage in life. Currently, the two are working on starting a family together. They've got the surrogacy process started, but now they just need to wait. In the meanwhile, life continues.

    Johnny's in his home studio working on his third album. Riley decided she wanted to add some vocals to the song.

    On Friday night, Emiliano picked up his son and brought him home for the weekend.

    On Saturday morning, Johnny cooked some gummy bear pancakes for Jonathan. Johnny searched online for some fun recipes for kids and decided to give it a shot. Turns out, Jonathan really loved the pancakes and it's one of the things he looks forward to the most when he spends the weekends at his dads'. After breakfast, Johnny and Emiliano took Jonathan to a toddler playdate.

    On Sunday, Johnny and Emiliano brought Jonathan to the park in San Myshuno.

    Afterwards, they asked Jonathan what he wanted for dinner. He said, "Chicken nuggets and ice cream!" So the two dads found a little restaurant that had what he wanted.

    Unfortunately, Johnny woke up feeling a bit unwell. Last night's food didn't sit so well with him. Though, this moment inspired me to make Johnny lactose intolerant. Lactose Intolerance can sometimes develop later in life, so with Johnny getting older, he's going to need a new diet. I found a mod that will allow me to give him lactose intolerance as a reward trait so I don't have to take away one of his personality traits.

    While Johnny cleaned himself up, Emiliano sat down for breakfast with his son. The leftover gummy bear pancakes were surprisingly still good.

    After breakfast, Emiliano took some time to practice Spanish with his son. Emiliano is bilingual, and he believes this is a great bonding experience with his son.

    Johnny and Emiliano brought Jonathan home that night. Unfortunately, Emiliano and his ex can't ever have a normal conversation without finding something to argue about. This time, it was about the puppy Emiliano gave his son for Winterfest. Amber was against having the dog, and accused Emiliano of being irresponsible and inconsiderate. Rocky, the puppy Jonathan chose, was always a bit of a troublemaker. While Emiliano did spend some time training out some of Rocky's misbehaviors, apparently, it wasn't enough.

    Johnny managed to calm him down, but not after Emiliano snapped at him. He apologized, gave his son a big hug, and returned home.

    Before bed, they had a heart-to-heart about what was said that night.
    "Johnny, I'm so sorry. I--"
    "Hey, look at me. It's okay, baby. I know, right now, things are really stressful with you and Amber. You know I love you and I'll always be here for you."
  • Elizabeth was about to hit the top level of the writer career, she was pulling in 10,000 simoleons a day in royalties from her many bestsellers, and she'd been invited by the SimNational Bank to participate in their household funds investment program reserved for the bank's wealthy customers.

    But there was something missing in her life. Something to give it more meaning than mere finances. So she headed to Granite Falls for a few days to catch some fish, harvest the area's fall carrots—the same carrots best-known as a folk-medicine way to have sons, a fact not lost on Elizabeth's friends when they heard she was vacationing in the forest in the fall—and get away from the city for awhile.

    What the future held when she got home was anyone's guess, but the tea leaves were fairly easy to read.

    Meanwhile, this happened. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,337 Member
    edited September 2021
    Mason Lowe was angry. He looked like he wanted to murder someone. Because he has high maintenance trait he gets upset just about everything. Combined with hot headed trait (and also being a snob) it's a challenge to play with him and keep him happy.

    Time to do some yoga and meditation.

    He had a pedicure.

    Finally his anger was gone and he was feeling better. He went to a bar to have a drink.

    Mason is a freelance artist and he doesn't have money for a computer. He works in the library when he needs to use the computer,

    His job was to draw a portrait of a politician. He's not very good at his job yet. Also I don't think Bjorn Bjergsen is a politician. :D
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    It was Mother's Day in my game and my single Mama of three treated herself to a day at the spa. She certainly deserved it!

    Mother's Day. I have been egrecious in that I have not included this type of 'holiday'. :open_mouth:
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,473 Member
    For halloween I had Olivia and her mother dress up in a pair princess and queen sort of costume they had a good time but Olivia didn't have any friends to invite she did decide to try and befriend one of their trick or treaters though.
    This is Luz Ashby, I decided since my old uglacy is sort of dying, I have that glitch that removes people from the family tree and on short that's a lot of people that exist but don't.
    I made her self absorbed and high maintenance so she was very flustered by the sun...
    Ready to start making babies, since I plopped her in the same save it'll be a while longer for her to raise her kids to see what happens.
    First victim..he was so easy.

    This is why Ryu's dad doesn't like you I guess.
    I reinstalled mcc for now so I know she's expecting a daughter just like my last founder I hope she has some sons though....Caleb looks real disappointed to see what snack lives here.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
  • MyriadSimsMyriadSims Posts: 1,197 Member
    A sim insulted mine so i killed him and his entire family.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    calaprfy wrote: »
    My scientist sim died. But before he did, he kindly donated his cloning machine to the local museum, gifted his simrays to the kleptomaniacs and had a night of passion (and trying for a baby)...with an alien!

    The alien gave birth to triplets!
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,273 Member
    edited September 2021
    Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a deceased pet.
    When all you can do is just hug them.
    My sim self giving my deceased dog the biggest HUG!
    Bmso85's emporium - mysims4studios

  • Elizabeth got back from Granite Falls just in time for the Neighborhood Brawl, and she ran into Bob Monahan outside her apartment, a guy who looked like he could handle himself against a well-muscled spitfire girl. So she picked a fight with him.

    And as the fight broke up, both parties panting and worn out, she couldn't help was intoxicating.

    So she invited him back up to her apartment where one thing led to another and her very first woohoo was a wild, punch-drunk one-night stand...except neither of them were being careful about "safe woohoo".

    At the end of their bedroom romp, Elizabeth and Bob both realized that neither one of them wanted a long-term relationship, so when the pregnancy test came back as "eating for two", Elizabeth realized she was going to be just like her mother...a single mom raising a kid who would never know their father.

    "Oh well," Elizabeth said to herself as she munched on a carrot and turned on the alternative rock station. "Like mother, like least I've got plenty of money..." Then she patted her growing belly and said "you're in for a heck of a ride, kid."
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,473 Member
    Eric adores his daughter, they are expecting another baby cause I can't help myself.
    I grabbed a twin of don then deleted the original and moved him in with my new sim Zane who is an alien, I think they'll be cute together.

    After that I was looking at that Halloween pic I showed you and thinking Olivia is adorable but it's plain still I want kids to be able to wear make up and I went looking and found a mod they should really enable all the markings and such for kids so you can make even more unique families... Anyways I made some kids to try it out haven't uploaded them since they are modded but I'll have to give them to someone to raise.
    This is Miri.
    Jilly, I especially like make up for my aliens I put it in every outfit like it's a birthmark makes them stand out more.
    And Camilio cause who doesn't need a smug vampire brother, I guess technically I could see why they wouldn't want the scars for kids but you can use them however for everyone else and I want teeth for child vampires meh :|

    mmkay that's all.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
  • CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
    Last night, I set up the base game premades plus vampires to dance to Stayin' Alive. Fun times!
    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
  • MarkooshMarkoosh Posts: 108 Member
    edited September 2021
    Solo magic.

    Magic lesson. "Don't try at home yet."

    Student bad at following instructions.

    Lesson learned. I hope.
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    Johnny and Emiliano's best friend, David (who also happens to be engaged to Emiliano's ex), came by one night with bad news. Rocky, the dog Emiliano gifted to his son, was missing. He explained that when he came home from work, the kids were inside crying about Rocky running away. He had been searching all day for the missing dog, but had no luck. Johnny and Emiliano went to Brindleton Bay with Riley to help search for Rocky.

    Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm in Brindleton Bay and it made looking for Rocky even harder. David started panicking; he was worried about Rocky. Johnny calmed him down and the two continued searching for a bit longer.

    "Daddy, is Rocky going to come home? Why did he go? Did I do something wrong?"
    "No, sweetie! You didn't do anything wrong. I'm sure Rocky is out there right now trying to find his way back to you."
    "Mommy said he's not going to come back! She said she'll get me a new dog, but I don't want a new dog... I want Rocky!"

    He knew. He knew that she was responsible for Rocky disappearing. Also, Jonathan was so angry at his mother he literally bit her and she has a huge bite mark on her hand.

    They had no luck that night finding Rocky. David promised he would put out flyers, call the local shelter, and talk to neighbors. So, Johnny and Emiliano returned home. Upon their return, a paparazzi was waiting outside their home to take pictures. Emiliano, who was already angry, snapped and forcefully removed the paparazzi off his property.

    The following morning, Emiliano woke up to his name being in the headlines for attacking the paparazzi. This definitely wasn't going to help him win his custody battle for his son.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    @NightlyCoffee Oh, that's so sad in it's own right. Sad for the loss of the dog, but also very sad that Emiliano could lose the custody fight for his son. There are times I just don't like the Paparazzi!

    When Timing Is a Problem …

    Erik Cantrell recalled how he had to leave the set early because Kayleigh had gone into labor, with their first long-awaited child. Little Jamison decided to leave the womb when his father had one final scene to shoot. "I'm so sorry," he said, after the Director yelled "CUT" because a phone went off and could clearly be heard. Erik gave him his best pleading look, held up his phone and said, "My wife has gone into labor." The Director was very understanding and Erik barely took the time to remove the makeup from his face. He rushed out of the Studio and went home. Joey met him at the door. "Joe, how is she, how are they? Is it a boy, a girl? What?"
    "Mother and child are both fine," he said, in his best professional tone. "Congratulations, Daddy. You have a son."
    Erik went into the tiny nursery just off of the TV room upstairs. Gently, he cradled the newborn in his shaking arms. "Hi, Jamison, I'm your Daddy."

    Keeping busy, as Erik was wont to do, he continued to make albums, putting out his latest in the wee hours just before Church services. This made nineteen. He went to photoshoots, did bit parts in major films, too. Concerts were in demand. Plus, he put in for a part in a Detective series, which intrigued him.
    His live performance for the Music Awards, Best Song of the Year: Number four of five nominated songs, Sometimes, written and performed by Erik Cantrell
    During which he nearly brought the house down, the roar of the crowd was deafening. If that wasn't a clue … Erik refused to get himself hyped up. He knew his fans loved him, hence the resounding applause.
    Indeed he did win which stunned him all the more. Humbled, surprised, he thanked his God, his parents, his family, his understanding wife. He kept his acceptance short and sweet. Upon his return home, he found his baby boy was fast asleep, but decided to sing a lullaby anyway, hoping the child would recognize his voice. "I know I'm gone a lot, but I hope you know how full you make my heart, my little son …"

    Several months later, Jamison managed to sit up on his own. Next thing his parents knew, the little tyke was crawling. The parents rushed to get their house 'baby-proofed' as the boy was a very curious child. Then he was cruising around the furniture. Not long afterward he got brave enough to let go of the footstool to which he clung. Suddenly, he was standing on his own. His first steps wouldn't be long in coming. Erik barely made it through the front door one evening when Kayleigh met him in the foyer. "He did it! Erik, he took his first steps today. He's walking!" She squealed.
    "Sorry, I missed it. I'm really beat," he said and walked upstairs, barely kissing his wife on the cheek.
    He was sitting on the edge of the bed when Kayleigh followed him up, a few minutes later. He seemed to be deep in thought.
    "Are you okay?" She asked.
    "Yeah, why wouldn't I be. I'm just really tired, is all."
    "I know you are. You just keep chasing after that brass ring, it has to be exhausting," she said. "I have some news … we're having another baby!"
    "That's great news! How long? When's the baby due, I mean."
    "Not long, with your schedule the days, weeks and months just go whizzing by."
    "I know, don't remind me. He's walking already and I don't think he really knows me. At all."

    Erik was surprised and pleased when the Agency told him he was accepted for a role, in the show he'd put in for. He was bypassed for the auditions, and made the Star, the Lead Detective. Stunned, he had only posited he'd like said role, but really would be happy with any part they deemed him fit for. Although he wondered, privately how long it would take until such a role would be his. Happy it was finally here, he decided to also go all-out and prove the Casting director right for selecting him.
    The day of the shoot arrived. Erik raced out of bed and once at the Studio, he introduced himself to the Company. He made certain to chat up his Co-Stars.
    After make-up and getting a fitting for the costume, Erik let the Director know he was ready to perform. This first scene had him a bit on edge, so he took a moment to focus himself before the scene was shot. He had to get rough with the suspect. This was disturbing, but he'd read the script and it made complete sense and wasn't just thrown in there for pure sensationalism.
    "And ACTION"
    Happily, it was also written in that the Detective would win the fight and the suspect would be placed behind bars.
    "A toast to Law and Order," Erik said, his glass raised.
    "To us, and to those who keep it," said his Co-Star.
    "You excite me when you get all By the Book."
    "Let's run away together …" This also made Erik a tad uncomfortable. He only ever dipped Kayleigh, after all.
    "And that's a WRAP. Good job, Everyone. Especially you, Erik. Let's give a round applause for our newest cast member. Erik, can I have a moment,"
    "Sure," he said. "You're what? That's great. Thank you! And goodnight!"

    The evening was very warm, as the summer drew near it's end. Erik was surprised to find Kayleigh up. Obviously, she'd gone for a swim. He smiled brightly at her. "I know that look, you have news," she said.
    "You'll never guess," he said, "I'm being put up for Best Actor!"
    "Oh, we have to document this moment," Kayleigh said.
    "Will a Selfie due?"
    "So, how long until you're set to launch?" He asked.
    "Want to feel the baby?"
    "Of course,"
    "Whoa, he's active, it's almost like there's two in there. Kayleigh?"
    "Boy or a girl — or both?"
    "Girls, we're having two girls!"
    "My Sweet, Sweet, darling wife."

    More to come. Thanks for reading!
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  • OOC post ahead:

    I've found a curiosity in my simworld lately—there is a gigantic gender imbalance. I've got tons of young adult women, whether someone's daughter born in-universe or a game-generated NPC to populate a dorm or a neighborhood or what-have-you. This wasn't actually my doing this time—I edit sims in CAS compulsively but I don't gender-flip them. That is to say, no matter how little a sim I've edited resembles their original NPC base, with body types, skin tones, facial structure, and even names edited, the men I edit stay men and the women I edit stay women. The gender imbalance is all the game's doing.

    There are so few eligible bachelors roundabout that there's a run on carrots at the supermarket and the alternative station on the radio is the highest-rated station in every media market.

    Elizabeth Wheatley just had a son she named Adam, and I'm thinking when he gets older he's going to find one of those many, many eligible bachelorettes (maybe more than one!) and raid his mom's carrot garden in Willow Creek.

    Break out the beer and turn on a ballgame, because my simworld's about to have a sausage party!
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
    My NBA site, Pace and Space
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    When Timing Is a Problem … Part TWO

    Erik Cantrell was grateful for his full schedule. Jamison was turning a year old just three days after the Starlight Accolades. Kayleigh was due just about any time, now. Again, he wondered just where he would be or what he would be doing when he got the call, hoping that this time, he could also be present.
    Erik got home from the photoshoot. He gave a concert, recorded more songs for another album, even shot the next scene in a major movie. The day was bright, hot and he decided to spend the last couple of hours before the Accolades Show was due to air, LIVE, to unwind. So, donning his swimsuit, he headed into his backyard.
    The water was deliciously chilly.
    Erik did what he always did when under a bit of stress, he flipped onto his back and just let the water carry him.
    After a time, he decided to do a bit of diving. Rarely did he have two whole hours to just chill.
    He climbed his way back to the top of his stone façade diving platform.
    Ready, he took a deep breath. "I'm on top of the world!" he shouted, as he leapt from the platform.

    Finally, the time came. All gussied up and ready, he kissed his wife, patted his son on the head. "Tune in, it's airing live," he said, as he left his home in Henford-on-Bagley.
    Almost too relaxed, Erik nearly nodded off when he finally heard the phrase, Best Actor. His category being the last of the show had come up. This time he was listed in the third slot. Not daring to breath, he startled when he heard "And the Starry goes to … Erik Cantrell!" Jumping up, he made it to the stage almost before the Host finished speaking.
    Then he stood for a moment to center himself. He was overwhelmed. He never expected to feel this kind of rush a second time, but here he stood, silent.
    Then he found his voice. "I don't have a speech prepared or anything. Honestly, this has taken me by surprise as much as you," he began.
    "I would like to thank several Sims for this honor. And believe me it's an honor."
    He cleared his voice before he went on. "Believe me, I didn't expect this. I want to thank my God, first of all and above all. My darling wife, who is far more patient than I deserve. The Casting Director, Ginny Tomlinson, who recommended me for this role. For the cast, the Director, Steve Hyatt, the crew, the make-up artist, the costume department. So, so very many involved in making this film. My baby son who decided to learn how to walk, without my help. For all who made this role possible. And I don't wish to forget the writer of the script. Pure genius."
    "My fans and all who went to see it. I love you, ALL. Thank you,"
    "thank you, thank you," he said, throwing kisses at the audience.
    "Uh-oh, there's the music. Goon night, Everybody!"
    With that, he left the stage.

    Erik arrived home at the end of the evening. Still in a daze over the win he never quite expected. Wanting isn't the same as having something Spock had once told him. So true.
    Finally, the reality sank in and he was quietly pleased.

    The next evening Erik's Charity Event was in full swing. He'd made the rounds, chatted, asked for donations. He was closing in on the goal when, sure enough, once again the Timing was off. Kayleigh went into labor! Cue the music, and Erik went into his pre-parental panic dance.
    After Kayleigh went upstairs, followed by Dr. Joe, thankfully, Erik peeked in on Jamison. "You're much too old to need a bottle at this hour, son. Did your Mama forget to feed you dinner or something? It's been a bit hectic today. Okay, I've got what you need. There you go, drink up."
    "You know I expect you to set an example. You're a big brother, now."

    All for now! Thanks for reading! :)

    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • DreamPrincessDreamPrincess Posts: 2,739 Member
    edited September 2021
    Wait, is this where everyone's been hiding?
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
  • lovespell79lovespell79 Posts: 7 New Member
    Not sure but my sims are talking in doubles. Iv updated twice and its still happening.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,352 Member
    edited September 2021
    Wait, is this where everyone's been hiding?


    my runaway teen, Nea, needs money badly.
    She is homeless (okay she is really living on an empty lot with that CoL lot trait, so hard to cook..
    She also cannot sell anything from her inventory. Only to those stalls at HoB or at flea market or paintings in flea or romance fest.
    Plopsy is allowed only for selling knitting, nothing more.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    Wait, is this where everyone's been hiding?

    Hiding in plains sight. I moved over here after my Main Save had to be restarted one too many times. The non-serial story seemed the better fit.
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @GalacticGal I love your story with Erik, and I love seeing his family grow. <3
    @Ellupelluellu When I do similar stories, I find the extra challenge of never selling things directly from my inventory so fun and more rewarding. It's one of the few times I get excited about the flea market in San Myshuno. Nea looks absolutely adorable, too!
    @ChuChuExpress Sharing my stories and characters makes me feel anxious because I'm always so worried people will hate it. So, I feel like the non-serial thread is less intimidating for me. I don't know, maybe I'm just overthinking it.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,667 Member
    Vlad came by just after midnight

    So my Sim (who happens to be interested in Vampire Lore thanks to CAS story) went to introduce herself.
    When she shared her melancholy thoughts, he hung his head in his hands {happened too fast for a pic}
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    @NRowe Vlad can sense your disappointment that he's not an alien. :D
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,578 Member
    @NightlyCoffee Thank you! I'm still having so much fun with him, too.
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
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