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Paradise Lost - An Interactive Challenge *24/05/2020*

QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
Hello everyone!

I love playing The Sims 4, I love challenges and I love to play them in an interactive way. There was a tv show called "Promis unter Palmen" (~ German for Celebrities in Paradise) and I thought this would be a great challenge idea for The Sims 4. And here it is!

Yes, rules are needed. The list is short but the few aspects on this list are very important so this challenge will work.

- Be active because the challenge depends on it. No answer to a PM after 24 hours causes you to be replaced by the last player who was evicted in
the round before.
- Do not talk about the challenge with other players outside this thread.
- Do not talk about our PMs on the thread.
- Be nice to each other. :)

- 8 sims: young adult to elder, no jobs, skills are ok, occults are ok.
- The first chapter will be a big party where the sims are introduced and where they meet each other for the first time.
- Several rounds. Each round will look like this:
-> I give you a task - probably a quiz - and the 2 best simmers are the 2 team captains. The winner of the task gets to be Team Captain 1.
-> The team captains vote their team on the thread. Example: Team Captain 1 votes Summer in their team; Team Captain 2 votes Bella in their
team and then we start again with Team Captain 1.
-> The teams compete in a challenge in game.
-> The team captain of the winning team picks 2 players from the loser team for the eviction ceremony but the team captain cannot be chosen.
-> Every player on the winning team (team captain included) votes one of these 2 players via PM.
-> The player with the most votes is evicted.
- The finale 3 have a different round. They will fight for themselves in the Finale. (still need to figure it the details)

Interactive Part
To spice this challenge up a bit there's more than just the tasks, challenges and voting. Just like in shows on tv there will be the life apart from the contest, the living together with total strangers, the inofficial important part.

And here is the players will interact in this part of the challenge:

- For each player and their sim I roll a dice 3 times. The results are PMed to the player.
- The following will ONLY take place in PMs and the players find out about the outcome in the chapters.
- Depending on the number on the dice, the player has to make choices for each round.
- First roll: Relationship --> Pick one of the other players to perform...
-> 1: Friendly interactions interactions
-> 2: Funny interactions
-> 3: Mischievious interactions
-> 4: Romantic interactions
-> 5: Mean interactions
-> 6: JOKER! Pick one of the 5 options.
- Second roll: Responsibilities --> Fullfill tasks to be a helpful part of the household.
-> 1: Choose a way to earn money without leaving the household lot (so no jobs but stuff like painting, collecting things, etc.).
-> 2: Prepare Breakfast and Dinner for the household.
-> 3: Clean the house.
-> 4: Mix drinks for the household.
-> 5: Be lazy.
-> 6: JOKER! Pick one of the 5 options.
- Third roll: Interview --> Each player gets to talk to the audience in a private room.
-> 1: Talk about yourself (your sim of course)
-> 2: Who do you see as loyal to you?
-> 3: Gossip about one of the other players (sims!)
-> 4: Complain about another player (sim!)
-> 5: Pick a sim your sim has a crush on.
-> 6: JOKER! Pick one of the 5 options.

If you want to enter a sim, please fill out this form and post it here on the thread. A picture would be nice but is not compulsory.

Gallery ID:
Sim's Name:
Marital Status: (single, in a relationship, married, widowed)
Dating: (male, female, both, none; anything else I have no idea of needs to be explained)
Age: (young adult to elder)
Form: (sim, alien, vampire, spellcaster, mermaid)
Character: (how does your sim behave? Additions to the traits)

Please only one sim and no CC.

I have all packs, so no limits.

The challenge takes place in Sulani. :p


1) Anne Toft by @MonaSolstraale

2) Griffin Calhoun-Fyres by @afai1261

3) Sailor Mann by @15aewar

4) Danny Hart by @TheYayToast

5) Hunter Andrews by @DeKay

6) Terrence Belle by @MaggieMarley

7) Locasta Spell by @pammiechick

8) Mitzi Kauffman by @RL

Current Quiz

Quiz 2: Geography

1: Name a country that starts with the letter D.
2: Name a country that ends in the letter L.
3: Name a European country that contains a double letter.
4: Name a US state that contains only 4 letters.
5: Name a four letter country that is not in Asia.

Please be fair and don't cheat :)


Welcome to Sulani!
1.1: Fishy Fish Fish
1.2: Easy Go Bye

Current Teams

Team Red
Team Captain: Griffin ( @afai1261 )
1) Terence
2) Hunter
3) Danny

Team Blue
Team Captain: Locasta ( @pammiechick )
1) Sailor
2) Anne
3) Mitzi

This is my first try at this and I have no idea if the setup is clear. If there are any questions, ask! It helps me define the setup :)
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  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,595 Member
    edited May 3
    Ooh this sounds intriguing!

    Gallery ID: afai1261
    Sim's Name: Griffin Calhoun-Fyres
    Marital Status: Single
    Dating: Female
    Age: YA
    Form: Human sim
    Traits: Hot Headed, Kleptomaniac, Loves Outdoors
    Character: While a bit of a hothead due to his bad upbringing and with more than a small tendency to steal things, Griffin has a heart of gold (or does he?) and can often be found fishing or doing lots of odd jobs for people around Sulani. While initially rather selfish, from years of living off the land (after running away from home) he's become much more selfless and is always willing to help people, but at what cost? Friendly and charismatic, Griffin may be a very valuable member of any team here, and his resourcefulness could prove quite useful.
    A romantic at heart, Griffin is also very charming and thoughtful. Just don't bring up his home life, or why he had to leave: that's sure to uncover some old wounds that he'd much rather keep hidden. He's a friendly guy, just with some demons he needs to take care of...

    Note: I did enter Griffin into a bachelorette challenge last year which is currently on hiatus, and he is the main sim I'm playing in my Runaway Teen challenge, which is also on hiatus (no surprises there). So he is up on the gallery with a hashtag for that bachelorette challenge:

    He does have skills - mischief 7, fishing 6, fitness 4 - and if you want his full backstory you can read it here: (His backstory does specifically pertain to his wanting to find someone to spend the rest of his life with however because of the nature of that challenge)

    I actually can't wait to see how this all goes down :smiley:
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
  • 15aewar15aewar Posts: 1,040 Member
    Gallery ID: 15aewar
    Sim's Name: Sailor Mann
    Marital Status: Single
    Dating: Male
    Age: Young Adult
    Form: Spellcaster
    Traits: Collector, Bookworm, Loves the Outdoors, Genius
    Character: Sailor Mann is the daughter of Gemma Charm and a fast-talking drifter with loose morals. Her twin sister was born with razor-sharp teeth. She rode off into the sunrise one day and was never seen again. Despite having a rough start (or maybe because of it,) Sailor has thrown herself into her craft.

    Because she is a Charm, she has the Ancient Bloodline trait. I think she also might have Top-Notch Toddler.
    Her father is actually an alternate-reality version of Turner Poole. I hope she's suitable for what you have in mind!
  • TheYayToastTheYayToast Posts: 1,307 Member
    This sounds awesome and interesting! I’m definitely intrigued. :D You always come up with interesting ideas, @Queenarella !

    @afai1261 I recognized Griffin right away! He’s so adorable.

    @15aewar She’s so pretty!
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @afai1261 I knew the name and the face were familiar! Thanks for Griffin :)

    @15aewar Sailor is perfect for this challenge! There's no wrong or right anyway ^^ I've never had a sim with the acient bloodline trait :o Thanks for her! :)

    @TheYayToast More like crazy ideas :p I hope it works out as I see it in my head tho... I reserved a spot for you as it sounds you want to enter a sim. Or did I interpret your comment wrong? :sweat_smile:

    And randomly tagging other simmers who I know like challenges :)

    @Karababy52 @kittymeow @MaggieMarley @VanPelt81 @DeKay @Skeilah @Pinmat135
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 61,063 Member
    Do we have to participate in the challenge as well, or we just send in our sims and you play them out in your game? I'm confused. If it's the latter, you can reserve a spot for me while I make a sim. :)
    My origin ID: DeKaythePUNK
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @DeKay I play your sims in my game. You will get PMs from me tho before I play the next round with the dice thing ^^ So you are part of it via PMs here on the forum. If that makes sense :sweat_smile:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,376 Member
    edited May 3
    This looks really fun. I have an idea of who might be fun to enter. I'm just worried I might not manage to respond to PMs in time. Will there need to be a lot of details in response to PMs?

    Also when do you need submissions by?
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @MaggieMarley Is it Vlad? :joy:

    I said 24 hours but maybe I'll give you more time to respond to a PM. The answers won't be too long.


    Every round starts with a short quiz here on the forum (not too long tho and maybe another task). You only need to send me the answers via PM.

    If you're a team captain you need to choose your team mates here on the the thread then :) If you're not a team captain then you don't need to do anything during that part ^^

    for the first dice you get a 2. This means your sim will perform funny interactions with another sim. You only have to tell me who the other sim should be.

    Second dice: you get a 4. You have to do nothing but I tell you your sim will mix drinks for the others.

    Third dice: 5, meaning your sim sits in the interview room and coos about another sim they have a crush on or would like to get to know more or stuff like that. You just need to tell me who that sim should be ^^

    For the eviction part:
    - if you're the team captain of the winning team you need to pick 2 players from the other team - not their team captain tho - to be voted on.
    - no matter if you're the team captain or not, when you're on the winning team you need to PM me who you vote out of those 2.

    I hope this makes it a bit clearer what your "tasks" will be :)

    I don't have a deadline yet. I only made up this challenge yesterday night :joy: I still need to think about the quizzes, challenges and build a nice house. :D So there's plenty of time left. I guess it won't start that soon anyway.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,376 Member
    Haha no not Vlad. I did wonder about entering Vladweena (his 100th baby) so that she gets a chance to be played (I will never play with her lol). There are also two girls who I like but I was going to enter one into your next bachelor challenge (in case if a male heir). Haven't decided which though.

    Reserve me a spot please, might be a few days before I submit a sim though :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @MaggieMarley No matter who you choose, I bet they're funny to play ^^

    No rush :)
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 61,063 Member
    DeKay I play your sims in my game. You will get PMs from me tho before I play the next round with the dice thing ^^ So you are part of it via PMs here on the forum. If that makes sense :sweat_smile:

    Ah, okay then. I'll join. Will make a sim now. :)
    My origin ID: DeKaythePUNK
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 61,063 Member
    Hold on, gotta update my game first. LOL.
    My origin ID: DeKaythePUNK
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 61,063 Member

    Gallery ID: DeKaythePUNK
    Sim's Name: Hunter Andrews
    Marital Status: Single
    Dating: No one
    Age: Young Adult
    Form: Human Sim
    Traits: Cat Lover, Goofball, Bro
    Character: Hunter loves acting tough around girls and acting like the toughest bro in his group of guy friends. He enjoys playing pranks on people in a playful way while always trying to lighten up the mood. In his free time, he loves gaming. He wishes to be a live streamer one day, but he is is rather insecure with his looks, especially his freckles and tend to be camera shy. He is a huge cat lover and loves giving stray cats big cuddles. All cats love him and he believes he's a cat whisperer.
    My origin ID: DeKaythePUNK
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @DeKay That's what you get for not playing for ages :p

    Hunter is great! Thank you :)
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,319 Member
    Oooh interesting. I'd like to enter :)
    I've lost track of everything lately, now I have more time. This sounds fun!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,491 Member
    Ohhhh, I'll join! I'll get someone finished up in a few hours! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @kittymeow I reserve a spot for you :)

    @pammiechick Ah, I just noticed I forgot to tag you :| So sorry! I reserve a spot for you :)

    All spots are full now! :)

    I already downloaded the ones I could find. @afai1261 I can't find Griffin. Does he have CC or something?
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    It will still take a while until the challenge starts but I already put the first quiz on the first page :) Please PM the answers to me. No rush tho!

    The two best answers will be team captains. B)

    @MonaSolstraale @afai1261 @15aewar @TheYayToast @DeKay @MaggieMarley @kittymeow @pammiechick
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,491 Member
    Thank you!!!

    I'll have my submission to you by tonight! <3<3<3
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,595 Member
    @Queenarella in his submission form there's a link to his online gallery page (under the Notes heading)
    I uploaded him ages ago but just say the word if you want me to upload him again or whatever. Just if you're looking for him, be prepared to scroll through my gallery for a while (he was uploaded to the gallery last July)

    Will get those quiz answers in sometime today (I'm not saying soon because it's only 4:50am here lol)
    |Origin ID: afai1261|
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,425 Member
    @pammiechick No rush :)

    @afai1261 I scrolled some time and my mouth dropped seeing all your stunning sims! I'll scroll further next time I open the game. I'm sure you don't need to upload Griffin again :)

    No rush with the quiz. It's probably way harder again than I thought :#
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,376 Member
    edited May 3
    I'm sorry if her bio is boring, but hopefully you can still do something with her.

    Gallery ID: thisisarealpainx
    Sim's Name: Blue Zulpo
    Marital Status: Single
    Dating: both
    Age: young adult
    Form: alien
    Traits: kleptomaniac, goofball, romantic
    Character: Blue is an alien with a bit of a difference: she is what you might call albino alien - unlike most other aliens, she does not have a colourful skin tone. She was born to two blue parents and all of her siblings are blue. Blue dreams of being blue like all of the rest of her family - she dresses mainly in blue clothes and even goes by the name 'Blue'. She prefers to be seen in her alien form, rather than her disguise.

    Blue never takes anything too seriously and loves to pull pranks. But she is also a romantic and hopes to find 'the one' soon. Oh and she has a bad habit of 'borrowing' things and never returning them... So maybe she and Griffin will get on @afai1261 ;)

    By the way, she has no CC (I don't have any CC in my game). I think her skin colour was the result of a glitch but it makes her interesting. I know you use a default replacement skin though so I hope that doesn't 'fix' the glitch.

    I'm curious to see if she can get a tan because I think aliens usually can't but she hasn't got an alien skin tone.

    ETA: I did upload her to the gallery but then I took her down because I wanted to change her t-shirt. Now I am trying to reupload her but the gallery is being weird and won't let me go online so I'll upload her tomorrow morning.
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  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 346 Member

    Gallery ID: MonaSolstraale
    Sim's Name: Anne Toft
    Marital Status: single
    Dating: male
    Age: young adult
    Form: sim
    Traits: romantic, music lover, dancing machine
    Character: I grew up with my dad. He is a big, warm bear and he has always given me a lot of freedom.
    My first memory of my father ... I see him staring out the window ...he hates being inside with no open sky above.
    We often went out into the wild where he could fish, or we did other fun things together.
    I have often wondered who my mother is. Over time, it has lost its importance.
    When I became a schoolgirl, we moved in a houseboat out of town. It was my dad's dream of a home.
    Here I could play my violin without bothering the neighbors ... and I love playing music. That is my biggest passion.
    Here I also got my sweet puppy Cupcake.
    When I was a teenager, my dad met a new woman and I now have two smaller siblings, Birk and Anemone.
    The houseboat got too small and we moved into a house in Brindleton Bay.
    Cupcake has died of old age and my family has got two new dogs.
    I and the violin have just moved to Windenburg and to tell it like it is .... I just hate it!
    Here is rain and thunder all the time and I only have my tent to spend the night in.
    Sulani sounds like it could be a place for me.
    I may not have understood that much of the challenge, but I assume I am learning along the way. My father has always taught me to accept what is to come

    I think it's a little difficult to describe my Sims in a foreign language, so I've added some pictures.
    I made the fisherman and his teenage daughter in 2017 and I have always loved Anne's very special appearance.

    I am Danish and I use Translate
    You are welcome to join our new Danish forum here:
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,065 Member
    Thanks for tagging me in your new challenge! I see it's full now so I won't get to enter for the maiden voyage. Oh well...I'll definitely keep an eye on it though to see how it goes for you. Looks like lots of fun.

    I probably wouldn't be able to enter anyway because of the PM timer. Yes, I don't work outside the home, but with the timezone difference and all the Honey Do projects we've been doing with Hubby home on layoff, I'd most likely miss the deadlines. Good luck and have fun to all those with contestants! :)
  • ThatPlumbobRobThatPlumbobRob Posts: 275 Member
    This looks super interesting! If you do have any people that drop out I would love to be on a reserve list :)

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