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THE BACHELOR 2020 - Who Is Our Bachelor?

xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,499 Member


Welcome to the Bachelor Season 1. Glad you come to take a peek into this Season. Are you a lonely lady that is looking for true love? Well this is your year! We have a gorgeous man who is looking to find his true love. You will find out who he is after the application round.

This contest will run closely like the real thing, and there will be a small amount of role playing involved (optional). Mainly just questions to answer. Nothing too in depth unless of course you want to. I have tried to arrange this contest around dates, and things you actually witness in the show. BUT this time you’re the story teller. So get out your formal dresses and get ready to accept his roses!


♥ Follow Sims 4 Community Forum and Contest Rules.
♥ I will encourage you to enter 1 OR 2 female bachelorette's
♥ No fantasy models (no zombies, vampires, aliens, fairies etc.)
♥ All contestants must be of your own creation.
♥ Sims 3 and 4 okay
♥ Photo shopping/GIMP will be required for all rounds.
♥ BE NICE! Nasty people, or fighting will not be tolerated.
♥ You can use other females that have appeared before in other contests.
♥ Rounds will be 5-7 days (depending on the number of pics required for the tasks).
♥ The selection process will take a day or two
♥ Photo shopping is allowed and in most cases necessary.
♥ In game background are acceptable
♥ You can edit the bachelor in your game with whatever clothing you want. Do not edit his facial features.
♥ No Face plastering and photo shopping clothes onto your sim unless i call for it in the duration of this competition.
♥ Any size Sim is welcome – The woman who wins the heart of the bachelor could be thin, plus sized, or anything in between.


♥ Extensions are available to anyone during the round. And each round will go for one week ... including a weekend.
♥ I plan to host this cycle loosely as possible because i have other commitments that i have to tend with.
♥ This is an elimination contest, the first elimination will be in round 2. Unfortunately the bachelor can’t choose them all.
♥ You are welcome to role play during the week with each other, since you live with each other in the house. Post up a small avatar of yourself and something you want to say to someone else if you wanna keep this contest interactive. You can also include our bachelor in your roleplays. Our bachelor will always chime in when needed.
♥ Make your bachelorette have a personality, is she a drama mamma, sweet and innocent, the sassy one, the obsessed one, which girl are you this season?
♥ There will be an additional “HOST” judge to help the bachelor on his journey. He will help judge the best dressed, the best looking, help bachelor with their overall thoughts on storytelling, creativity of dates and activities.


Our Host Is: Aston Sparks @TheLastStar
Aston will be helping Reuben along his journey scoring your story, roleplay, beauty, and fashion.
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