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How to get Sims 2 back in my life? *Solved-Got Sims 2 back in my life*

SubtleSimmingSubtleSimming Posts: 196 Member
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So, I’m in a dilemma and I need help deciding-
Spend $30 for the Sims 2 Super Collection for my Mac which includes: base, seasons, nightlife, open for business, pets, bon voyage, university, happy holiday stuff, family fun stuff, and glamour life stuff.


Buy a cheap windows laptop to play MY sims 2 collection that I can’t play on my Mac which includes: base, nightlife, seasons, pets, open for business, bon voyage, university, freetime, apartment life, celebration stuff, ikea stuff, kitchen and bath stuff, glamour life stuff, teen style stuff, and h&m fashion stuff.

Edit: If we're going with the second option, what would be the best, preferably cheap laptop for running Sims 2?
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  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 173 Member
    I would go with option 2 I actually play on a Windows Desktop (hp all in one pavilion) it runs pretty good there. I haven't had any issues with it, depending on your budget once you look up the requirements to run the Sims 2 you can try a pawn shop (got my Hp from the pawn shop) it was for a reasonable price.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 533 Member
    Same here. I fortunately have the Ultimate Collection on Origin, but it runs very well on my $600 HP Pavillion x360 laptop that I got 2 years ago. The only problem I see you having is that laptops these days no longer have CD drives so if you do get the laptop, you will most likely have to also invest in an external CD drive to run the game.

    I am not sure about Macs but I think they may come with the Super Collection in the Mac App Store. You will have to look for that if you don't want physical CD's.
  • SubtleSimmingSubtleSimming Posts: 196 Member
    @Demery27 @EricasFreePlay Thank you guys for your feedback! I actually lucked out and my brother is letting me use his old HP laptop for the time being! I'll be keeping your responses in mind for when I'm ready to buy another one!
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 173 Member
    @SubtleSimming You're welcome
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